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liquidweb-couponIf you’re looking for a dedicated server company that’s reliable and offers excellent 24/7 phone support, I highly recommend LiquidWeb Storm hosting. This is what I use for all my mission critical sites and projects, and this very site you’re reading right now is hosted on a Liquid Web Storm server.

I just got an email from them with a new coupon code for $80 off any new cloud hosting plan.

Coupon Code: FASTCLOUD80

So liquidweb just email me a new coupon code for $80 off any of their storm cloud dedicated servers. This is the exact hosting that I use here on Clever leverage and I wanted to take a second to talk about who this would be good for and when you should and shouldn’t upgrade your hosting this something that is as expensive as a dedicated server especially Cloud hosting


So I talked a lot about web hosting around here and most the time I’m recommending hosting plans packages and companies for beginners or people that don’t have a ton of traffic to Warrant the price of a dedicated server. I want to give you a little bit more information about the pros and the cons of a dedicated server and when you should really think about spending the money on something like this and when you shouldn’t. Because after all why spend your hard-earned dollars on high and hosting when you don’t really need it and when the circumstances we are not having it can actually cost you money


I also want to talk about why I have a dedicated server at liquid web and why it’s so important to me to spend at least $200 a month on a dedicated storm server in the cloud on their platform


Why you shouldn’t get liquidweb cloud hsosting or a dedicated server if you’re a beginner blogger


Let’s go over why you shouldn’t get a liquid web Cloud hosting or dedicated server if your beginning  blogger.  see when you’re just starting out there’s not a lot of traffic heading your site and if there’s not a lot of traffic heading your side there really isn’t a need to have a lot of Hardware resources available to serve up your web pages with a lot of connections or to support a lot of visitors. It’s probably going to take some time maybe 6 to 12 months normally for you did it for you to get enough traffic to Warrant upgrading to VPS web hosting or a dedicated server like liquid web storm cloud servers.  We’re just isn’t any reason for you to waste money on high and expensive servers if it’s not necessary and you can be saving that money or buying other software to really leverage your time and get more traction as a beginner blogger. There’s enough people out there trying to sell you a bunch of b******* that you don’t need and the last thing that you need is to be sold on web hosting that is just going to blow through your monthly website budget.

none the less I still want to go over what the pros and cons are of each and why I recommend liquid web regardless if you want a dedicated Cloud Server or if you want DPS or shared hosting


Why I invest in a dedicated server at Liquidweb even though it costs me over $200/mo


Want to talk about why I invest in liquor Webb dedicated servers and specifically why use Liquid web for all my mission-critical sites and projects including this one clever leverage .com. Back when I was a full-time affiliate I might be traveling or I might be out for the day or what-have-you it’s very very important to if you make money from your websites and that’s really good it’s very very important to have a company that you can call with text on standby 24/7 that can access your server and adjust settings or get you out of a bind if something goes haywire when you don’t have access to the internet for you don’t have a computer with you if you’re ever using paid traffic or even if you’re running offers and something needs to be changed you know within the hour it can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars to just let things go because as you know a website is a 24-hour salesman for you on the internet so if you run a business even a local service business and something is wrong with it not being able to fix it can cost you money it can cost you your company’s image and your service track record


So for me it’s always been a no-brainer to keep all my important websites and projects or any clients stuff on a local web server because I totally trust their support and I’ve always been available to me via phone or ticket support system. they’ve helped me out of more jams than I can count and have typically always been able to solve my technical problems that were above my head and a systems administrator was needed or a NOC Tech at the Datacenter was required. in my opinion liquid web is one of the best hosting companies on the face of the planet and I would highly recommend without hesitation any of their hosting packages to friends family and I use them myself I’ve been a customer for years and I will continue to be a customer for years.


The only reason I don’t recommend liquid web for beginners and I recommend blue host for those that are just starting their first blog or looking to bootstrap website project, is because blue host is about a third of the price at 395 a month compared to look at webs $15 a month shared hosting plan. The other benefit is for just 395 month blue host will give you a free domain name if you sign up for 6 months or more prepaid service see your annual cost for beginner is less than $50 a year to have a blog or website liquid would be about 3 times that price and while yes the service is better I don’t believe it’s really going to make a difference in the first 6 to 12 months of a beginner’s website career. During this time there’s usually a lot of learning that goes on in your building out your site or your blog and you have plenty of time to upgrade to higher-end hosting or a little bit more performance-oriented hosting for faster load times.


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The The LiquidWeb Dedicated Server Discount & Coupon Code


All right let’s get to the goodies they just emailed me the coupon code is fast Cloud 80 and that’s $80 off for any new Cloud hosting plan. Keep in mind these are there liquid web storm hosting dedicated servers in the cloud, and all that essentially is is there a virtual environment that allows you to pull up any package that you choose in less than an hour. if you want to sign up for a new account I would appreciate it if you use my affiliate link I do get credit I would look around for these referrals and it does help pay for my hosting and maybe even heard me affiliate commissions if we get enough people to sign up if you have any other questions please go over to the qotw page and submit your question and I’ll answer it next week


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