7 Logo Builders You Can Use to Make Your Own Awesome Logo for Your Company

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Humanity has made great leaps in the field of communication. The evolution has been so dramatic that the way messages were communicated to the masses just a few decades ago is unrecognizably different from the current age we’re living in. Just 15 years ago, nobody in advertising would have predicted that so much of our communication in the modern world would take place within the incredibly compact area of 4 to 5 inches. Now advertisers are running around trying to create an impact on our smartphones.

Given this limitation, creating an effective logo becomes all that more important for your brand’s growth. Whether you are an independent blogger looking for a wider audience or an e-commerce entrepreneur who is just starting out, you need to invest some time and thought into your logo.

Why Is a Logo Important?

A logo is the face of your brand. It is what identifies your brand from the thousands of other websites or products that consumers are bombarded with day in and out. It is your brand’s insignia – a symbol of what your product stands for. In today’s world of targeted advertising, a logo is an effective way to make a simple yet lasting imprint in the mind of your audience. Considering that a large portion of digital content is now created and consumed on smartphones, a logo becomes increasingly important since it creates an impact using the limited space available.

To truly understand the importance of a good logo, think of 4 brands whose logos you remember. Notice that you don’t simply remember what the logo looks like but also what it represents. There is a high probability that one of the logos that you immediately thought of were one of the Big Four: Apple, Nike, Coca Cola or McDonald’s. This isn’t by fluke or random chance: these brands spent a lot of time (and money) on conceptualizing and designing their logo.

7 Top Logo Building Tools

Thanks to the internet, now you can access the expertise of graphic designers and typographers in the form of amazing logo building tools. These tools can help you create your own logo without having to invest the big bucks that other powerful multinational corporations have at their disposal. Here’s a review of the 7 best logo builders there are that you can use for your brand.

Creative Market

Creative Market is essentially a bazaar of design assets created by over 25,000 designers around the world. If you’re building your brand’s website, constructing an e-commerce platform or sprucing up your blog, this is a great place to browse through and choose a wide variety of digital design elements, such as graphics, themes, fonts and so on. Creative Market has pre-designed logos as well. On their website, you can find these logos by clicking on the “Templates” tab on top. Their logo collection features over 49,000 different designs to choose from. Their designs are top-notch and unique. Often the disadvantage with online logo builders is that there’s a high chance that the logo you’ve created is similar to someone else’s. Given that the e-commerce market is exploding globally, it’s impossible to know if you’re infringing copyright laws in some part of the world with your logo design. With Creative Market, there’s no such worry. By paying as little as $5-$15, you are assured of an original logo. In case you want to customize the final logo, you will have to do that on Adobe Illustrator.

This image has been sourced from: https://creativemarket.com/

Hipster Logo Generator

Hipster Logo Generator has created a space for itself in the graphic design market by catering specifically to businesses aimed at the young and upworldly mobile. It’s seemingly simple design might be puzzling to some, but if you see logos for businesses aimed at this specific demographic, you will see that Hipster Logo Generator has caught the aesthetic pulse of this generation. The user-friendly generator allows you to play around with what might seem like a limited number of options. However, this is actually productive if you do not have prior experience in visual or digital communication. The low-resolution PNG file ultimately generated can be downloaded free of cost, but the high-resolution file that you can use anywhere costs just $10. Considering how important a good logo is to the visibility and success of your business, this seems like a good investment to make. A word of caution: this logo building tool might not be the best option if your business or website is aimed at a different demographic. This tool is essentially designed keeping hipsters and their visual tastes in mind.

This image has been sourced from: http://www.hipsterlogogenerator.com/

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is the perfect tool when you’re in a tight spot with respect to time and money. Its straightforward yet intuitive user interface guides you through the process of designing your logo. Using the tool is like sitting across a virtual graphic designer: before you begin, the tool asks you to describe your business and target audience. Going further, the tool asks you to choose the logo type, and asks you to choose which kind of font you would prefer. After you’ve registered with the site, the tool shows you a choice of six logos that it has generated. You will notice that all these logos are tailored to the description you had provided in the beginning and are based on the font style you had chosen. Their pricing model is also quite inexpensive: they have two models, one for $2.99 and the other, “Premium” model for $10.99, both charged on a monthly basis. Given the importance of creating an impactful vision for your brand, it is well worth investing the money which will achieve this end. However, this tool is also a good option for those who are running on a string budget. You can make unlimited revisions to the logo you choose out of the six that Tailor Brands generates. In addition to the high-resolution logo, you also get a custom-made design for your business cards, brand analytics, a landing page, seasonal logos and unlimited backup. All this is available in their basic $2.99 plan. There are several more features available in their Premium plan, including Facebook advertisements!

This image has been sourced from: https://www.tailorbrands.com/


SquareSpace is an online platform that is a graphic designer and IT operator all rolled in one. It caters to all digital needs of emerging entrepreneurs from website design, metrics, security and even customer support. It also specifically offers to design logos which can then be used by clients in different environments: on the website, on merchandise, business cards, presentations and so on. Its logo tool has a deceptively simple user interface but provides you with several options to tinker around with, including icon design, font style, background and foreground colours, and shading. You can easily spend your time designing your logo to the exact specifications you have in mind, with the pre-designed logos to help you sharpen your vision. One way to see the different ways in which your logo can be visualized is to work with different words that SquareSpace asks you for to describe your brand. The way it works is that SquareSpace asks you to describe your brand in one word and comes up with logo designs based on that. While this might seem simplistic, tinkering around with similar words will help you choose from a variety of logo designs.

This image has been sourced from: https://logo.squarespace.com/


If you’re not a graphic designer, you’ve still probably heard of Canva because of its popularity among people who can’t graphically design anything to save their lives. Canva is one of the most well-known tools on this list for this reason: it appeals hugely to people who’d like to design their own logo by experimenting with different elements of visual communication. If you don’t have a design background but like to tinker around with shapes and colors, Canva is the best logo building tool for you. The design process is fairly simple. Once you’ve created an account with Canva, you can choose from one of their several design templates to shape your logo. Canva then gives you the option of either uploading your own graphics and photographs to the logo template or choosing from its extensive library of graphics. The last step is performing some light housekeeping on the logo: adjusting the colours, font and image. It is at this step that you will experience for yourself as to why Canva is so popular with the non-designer crowd. The tool is designed in such a way that pretty much anyone – provided they give themselves the time to acclimatize themselves – can design a professional looking logo for their e-commerce platform or blog. While the free version of Canva is a shade better than most free logo builders, its paid version offers a host of meaty features that you wouldn’t want to miss out on, just for a little less than $13.

Image sourced from: https://www.canva.com


UCraft is another logo building tool which has been designed keeping in mind people who would like to design their logo but do not have the knowledge or expertise of a graphic designer, or the money to hire a good one.


If you’re looking for a simple logo maker, then Graphic Springs is an excellent choice. The logo making with this tool is quite a straightforward process. All you need to do is put in the name of your business and choose a graphic as your company logo. The best part about Graphic Springs is the customizations you can make. The tool allows you to move the logo graphic wherever you want to and also resize the logo, making use of the tool’s drag and drop options. You can also customize the fonts, colors, etc. Graphic Springs is an excellent logo making tool if you’re looking for greater control of your logo styling.

Logos are forever and so, when you conceptualize and create a logo for your business, be sure that you design one that lasts a lifetime and logo makers are a wonderful and easy way of designing a creative, yet professional logo which speaks volumes for your brand.

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