Low Cost Affordable WordPress Hosting In 2021

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If you’re just starting out with your website or your blog, and you’re looking for the best cheap web host, you’re probably confused by all the options from different hosting companies out there. I’m going to help you understand the pros and cons of cheap web hosting, so you can decide which is the best host for you. Keep in mind I’ve used over 20 web hosting companies over the last 8 years, so my opinions might be a bit jaded based on my positive negative experiences. (but at least I can tell you which ones to avoid right?)

We’re going to assume that you’re a beginner blogger or website owner, and you’re looking for the best value in terms of reliability, cost, and speed. Your website load time matters, and it’s often very easy to find super cheap web hosting for your blog or website, but that comes at a cost: slow loading times. Of course we don’t want that, so we’ll do our best to avoid hosting companies that have a reputation for over selling their servers. (with the exception of Bluehost, which I still recommend because of their excellent phone support)

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That said, most people want to build their website on WordPress these days, so we’ll also make sure the hosting companies we go with support that CMS. (pretty standard these days really) Side note- if you need help setting up your first blog or website, I have a step by step tutorial for beginners here.

Does Low Cost WordPress Hosting Come With Terrible Support? Or Is It Still Reliable Managed Hosting?

Some cheap WordPress hosting companies offer dirt cheap plans, but they’re un-managed. If you’re a newbie, this will be a very bad idea since you can’t contact anyone for support when things go wrong. In addition to that, starting a new blog as a beginner is difficult enough as it is, no need to add more frustration to the process! (I wanted to throw my computer out the window when I tried to build my first website!)

So my recommendation, is to only look for managed hosting unless you’re very experienced. If you want to look at some advanced hosting companies I use, see this list. You definitely want managed hosting for WordPress for example, because if you have a problem that’s outside your capabilities to fix (say it gets hacked, code breaks, there’s a plugin conflict and you get locked out of your blog, and on and on….) you want some help from a food tech that can fix your site without losing all the hard work you’ve put into it. (they will know to backup everything before fooling with anything)

Will I Get The Best Managed WordPress Hosting Available For $3.95/mo?

No you won’t, but it’ll be good enough to get you going until you get some traffic to your blog.

You see, when you’re first starting out, it’s better to save your hard earned dollars and go with cheap web hosting than it is to dump tons of money on high quality web hosting when have hardly any traffic. Sure, your site will load like a lightning bolt, but who’s going to see it? 😉

When you’re ready to upgrade to better hosting, follow this tutorial right here to move to a more suitable high traffic host, such as Liquidweb.  (LiquidWeb is who I use here on CleverLeverage.com)  You’re not going to be on the same high end hardware like you would with other companies like Rackspace or Mediatemple, but if you’re just starting out the truth is you don’t need it right now… and that money you’re saving could be better spent on other tools to speed up your blogging success, like the ones I use here.

But you will still get all the best features you want as a bluehost-bannerbeginner when you go with Bluehost, like one click WordPress installations and management, easy to use DNS management so you’re not wasting hours and hours trying to figure out how to hook up your domain name to your hosting account to get yourself live online, and just overall an easier to use hosting system for beginners.

My #1 tip if your brand new, is to get your domain at Bluehost with your hosting package so you won’t have to struggle to setup your name servers and connect the two. If you want to see Bluehost reviews or how Bluehost compares to the competition, read: Blue VS The Top Web Hosting Companies.

Why Does Everyone And Their Mother Recommend So Many Companies In Their WordPress Hosting Reviews!?!?

It’s very confusing, I know.  Most bloggers recommend the hosting company they use themselves, or the one that earns them the highest commission, even if it’s a shit service. (like I wanted to do with Arvixe web hosting, but couldn’t because the service went to shit!) Once you’ve been on the receiving end of less than stellar hosting service, or had to deal with your website being down for days and days with nothing you can do about it, you realize how frustrating of an experience that can be.  There have been times in the past where I literally have wanted to break my computer because I was so frustrated with my web host, and I had no recourse or way to fix it at the time.  That’s why I feel so strongly about the important things in a host like phone support (you want to be able to call the company that hosts your blog if anything happens to it… and believe me, things do happen from time to time, it’s to be expected), easy to use control panels, and good video tutorials that can show you how to handle things step by step.

When you go with one of the hosting companies I use, you can rest assured I’ve called and dealt with every single one of them personally, that’s why they’re on the list.  If you’re a beginner, I recommend you go with Bluehost.  If you’re an intermediate webmaster or already have a little traffic, I recommend you go with Liquidweb.

Is Cheap Cloud Hosting For WordPress Worth It?

No it’s not truly in the cloud most of the time.  Most cheap WordPress hosting is semi cloud based hardware.  You shouldn’t expect most of the cheap hosting providers to deliver world class hardware though, after all there is no way in hell they could do that at any scale without charging you out the wazoo!

Which Cheap Hosts To Stay Away From At All Costs

On most of the price comparison websites, you’ll see hosting reviews or simply every company under the sun that does TV commercials listed in a nice little table for you to click on.  Trouble is, some of them will leave you high and dry (Go ahead, ASK ME HOW I KNOW!!!) with deleted websites/blogs without a backup to restore from, try to up sell you on a bunch of bullshit you don’t need (Hi GD ;), or simply have no business in the hosting game when they excel at something else entirely.  Of course these are my opinions after using over 30 web hosts over the last 8 years.  I’m sure some would disagree with me and that’s perfectly fine, but for me (or friends, family, or anyone I recommend something to!) the ship has sailed for these options.

Please don’t confuse that with completely disregarding these companies for other things however.  For instance, GoDaddy is still a decent domain registrar, I just don’t like their slow oversold shared hosting servers… and I don’t want to get emails everyday for some stupid upsell for my website that I don’t need (or can do for free with a plugin, like backups to dropbox)

My Quick List Of Cheap Hosting Companies NOT To Use Again

  • Godaddy – decent registrar, but poor host in my opinion. Very slow, a million upsells, hard to use control panel
  • Namecheap – great registrar, bad web host. Poor uptime, super slow and oversold servers in my experience
  • ASmallOrange – terrible uptime, even on could based web hosting packages. My sites were down for over 2 weeks and I had no idea even though my hosting package came with “monitoring.” I will never use them again, there’s no telling how much money they cost me during that time period.
  • 1And1 – Hate them all around. Would register domains there or use their hosting. Terrible renewal cancellation process that totally has you by the balls.
  • Hostgator – I used to recommend Hostgator, and I actually still have an account with them to this day. But they keep raising their pricing for basic shared hosting (now $11.99 per month), but the level of service has not increased. At that point, it’s better to go with LiquidWeb.

The Fastest WordPress Hosts Hands Down (But They Aren’t Cheap!)

If you need a faster host for your WordPress blog after you’ve got some traffic flowing, you probably aren’t looking for one of the budget plans listed above. You will want dedicated WordPress hosting with an optimized environment, including some form of server side caching, nginx, and 24/7 phone support. I’d go with the company I use for this site you’re on right now, Liquidweb WordPress Hosting.

Don’t start out with this though, it’s not necessary. Save your money to buy other things like I mentioned above, and wait until your blog or website makes some income to justify the expense.

The Bottom Line On Cheap WordPress Hosting For Your Blog (And What Company To Go With)

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