The Lowest EMF Far Infrared Sauna Ever Made

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Looking for the absolute lowest EMF infrared sauna on the market today?  Tired of every sauna company telling you their sauna is “the best,” and assuring you their special heaters have ultra low emf?  You know your BS detector has been going off just like mine, especially when they talk to much you can’t even get a word in… and then they say, “Visa or Mastercard before the price goes up”!?!

Ahaha, yep, I’ve been down this road far too many times. Let me help you help yourself, and give you a quick education on what you should be looking for in a far infrared sauna with ultra low emf throughout. Check out the Sauna EMF Masterclass if you want to learn more about what’s important.

The #1 Rated – Lowest EMF Infrared Sauna On The Planet

Radiant Health Saunas has tested the best out of 12 sauna brands on the market that I’ve personally been in. You can see from my infrared sauna reviews, that I’m a huge fan of low emf saunas. It’s also been a huge frustration of mine, since so many companies lie about their emf levels. You never find out the truth until you plop down $5k on your credit card, get the sauna all set up in your house, and then test it yourself with an emf meter.

Hopefully my reviews will save some time and heartache that I went through on my sauna search.  The Radiant Health Saunas are the absolute lowest emf of any infrared saunas I’ve ever tested.

I’ve said that in the past too, even before I raised the EMF standards in 2019. This is by far, one of the lowest emf far infrared saunas you can buy.

What Makes It Lower EMF Than The Rest?

Most sauna companies are only testing for one thing: magnetic fields.

When most sauna companies say it is low emf, they mean it in a singular term, unless otherwise specified. However like I talk about in the Sauna EMF Masterclass, there are three types of EMF that can be present in any sauna, no matter the brand or type.

The Radiant Health Saunas have all types of EMF mitigated:

  • Electric fields mitigated
  • Magnetic fields mitigated
  • No RF radiation
  • And test the absolute lowest body voltage out of any infrared sauna I’ve been in my entire life.

Hardly any other sauna company comes close to these levels. There are a couple listed on the list of Certified Saunas page that are close, but this one is the absolute lowest.  Couple that with this being the easiest sauna I’ve ever put together, and we have a winner.

Build quality is top notch, no VOC’s, no foreign smells when you fire it up, and you have a great package that’s safe for the whole family.

Why Shouldn’t I Trust 3rd Party EMF Reports From Sauna Companies?

I can’t stand these EMF reports that ever sauna company uses to advertise their saunas.  You can’t take the sauna apart, send one of the heaters to a lab in another state, and call it tested.

Any time you alter the native environment of a sauna, it’s going to be different than what your body is subjected to NO MATTER WHAT!

Bottom line, if you don’t see a sauna company testing the ENTIRE sauna with it running, on live video, and showing you ALL 3 EMF levels, you’ll never know if it’s bullshit or not.

How Do I Know This Is Truly The Lowest EMF Far Infrared Sauna On The Market?

Because I have it in my house.

I also have multiple meters, that test everything under the sun. Double, triple checked.

This is by far the lowest emf infrared sauna I have tested out of 12 brands. It’s very unusual for a sauna to test low, be easy to put together, have great build quality, and not be the most expensive on the market. This is a win win win all across the board if you ask me!

Here’s the videos: (youtube is slow to upload, they’re coming…)

Radiant Health Sauna EMF Levels

Where To Buy This Ultra Low EMF Sauna For The Best Price?

Only buy direct, period. If you see a “Radiant Sauna” listed for sale on Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, etc… that is not this sauna. These Radiant Health Saunas are not sold on Amazon at all, only the knock-off brand. Make sure you stay FAR AWAY from the knock-off company, it was the worst sauna I have ever tested.

I have a deal worked out with the owner of the real Radiant Health Saunas, where Clever Leverage readers can get $500 off using this discount code: “matt-justice-500”

They do track referrals, so thank you to anyone who tells them I sent you!

You can order direct by calling 1-888-291-6544 or going to and tell them you want the “Matt Justice” pricing.

Please make sure you are not buying a Radiant Sauna from anywhere else than direct from Radiant Health listed above. If you do, it is most certainly a knock-off company like I bought the first time.


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