Is Stuffing Envelopes a Legitimate Way to Make Extra Money From Home?

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According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, just about 24 percent of all employees in the US did some or all of their work at home during the year 2015.

This is a dramatic rise from the last time the number of home workers in the US was surveyed, and it seems to be rising by the year.

With so many Americans starting to work at home, it makes sense that you would want to follow the wave and cut your daily commute out of your work life, but what is the best way to do it?

There are so many options when it comes to working from home that some of them are bound to be shady. You may be wondering if stuffing envelopes is a scam, and we’d say that it’s usually more than likely that it is.

Is Working From Home Stuffing Envelopes A Legit Way To Make Extra Money?

What is Stuffing Envelopes in the First Place?

When a company or individual attempts to rope you into an envelope stuffing scheme, you will often see a lot about how you can earn unprecedented amounts of money at home. This is usually one of the best lures for those who are looking for secure income (e.g., nearly everyone).

Envelope stuffing is usually advertised as filling envelopes with whatever you could imagine, including ads and periodicals, for a “small” fee, of course (which can range from 20 to 100 dollars). The people who run these scams will tell you that you will be earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars a day for stuffing envelopes.

In reality, you will not be stuffing envelopes, at least not in the way you expect to. The envelopes that you will be stuffing while doing this job will not contain simple ads for harmless products like you would expect.

This is because envelope stuffing is a self-propagating scam that will not earn you very much money. You may be wondering how this is the case, and it is really quite simple.

When you get paid to stuff envelopes, more often than not, you will be putting out ads for the very same scam that you are working for. You can see how this could quickly turn into a scam that gets way out of hand, especially since those who are being scammed are doing all of the work.

When a job seems too good to be true, it usually is. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you would not get paid to stuff envelopes in the first place.

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The Starter Kit Scam (just google “free startup kit” and you’ll see all the scams)

One of the most common ways that the envelope stuffing scam works is that the scammers agree to send you an envelope stuffing starter kit for an arbitrary price. Not too many people would pay 70 dollars for the privilege to stuff envelopes, but the inclusion of a starter kit makes it sound legitimate.

Keep in mind that this starter kit can contain anything, and upon further thought, what do you need to stuff envelopes anyway? Apart from the materials, which the company would have to send to you regardless, there are not many things that will be needed aside from envelopes and a pen.

It would make sense to need an envelope stuffing starter kit if they did not sell envelopes at any corner store or post office. You don’t need a starter kit to stuff envelopes because there is no way to make money stuffing envelopes in the first place.

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Why You Shouldn’t Expect to Get Paid Stuffing Envelopes

While it may seem like there are always envelopes that need to be stuffed, it just doesn’t make sense from a logistical point of view to sub-contract the stuffing of envelopes. Think about how long it would take for the required periodicals to make it to you before the intended customer.

If such a substantial number of companies used envelope stuffers, nothing would ever get to anyone on time, least of all ads that contain timed sales. It is also important to consider that people are not the most efficient way to stuff envelopes; it turns out that machines are.

If you run a business and you are looking to invest in a machine to stuff your envelopes, you will find some available for anywhere from 500 dollars to 1000 dollars, and even higher. Depending on the quality you are looking for, you can buy an envelope stuffing machine for a workable price.

If there are machines that can do the job of stuffing envelopes much more quickly and efficiently, why would a company need people to do that job for them? This is not even accounting for the fact that mail is an outdated method of both communication and advertising.

When was the last time you saw a mail ad that convinced you to buy something? Compare that to the last time you purchased something that was advertised on the internet. It has been proven that the internet is one of the leading causes for the gradual decline of postage.

The US Postal Service alone has seen severe cutbacks in the past decade or two since the internet grew larger. It would make sense to assume that these envelope stuffing schemes followed the gradual trend, but how could that be possible if there are still so many of them?

The answer is that it is not possible for this scam to be legitimate because it would simply not be profitable.

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Advantages of Working from Home

  • Save time and money by not having to commute every day.
  • You can be more comfortable while you work, as you are in your home.
  • Working from home is ideal for those with families, as they can still see them.
  • The pay is usually comparable to office jobs.
  • It is becoming more and more popular as time goes by.

If you are wondering why stuffing envelopes sounds so attractive to some people and why they fall for the scam, you will have to understand why people want to work from home.

There are so many reasons why you would want to work from your home, and most of them make regular work look like an endless slog in comparison.

Many people are under the mistaken impression that working from home reduces the amount of money you can make. This is, in fact, not the case, and it is often quite the opposite.

Working from home usually makes you a comparable amount as a standard office job when it comes to salary (as has been proven by the Bureau of Labor Statistics). This statistic, however, does not account for the amount of money that you will save on your commute.

The commute to work can cost you up to 19 dollars per day, which is over an hour of work for most people in America.

If you are looking to cut down on your costs, take a look at the things which are impacting you every day. When you decide to work from home, you cut out a significant expense.

What Are Some Legitimate Ways to Make Money From Home?

Now that you are disappointed by learning that envelope stuffing schemes do not work, you may be wondering what you can do to save money on your commute and work from home. There are plenty of options available for those who are enterprising and willing to take the plunge.

Over the course of this section, we are going to take a look at some of the best ways that you can make money from home, and none of them are scams.

While we will not promise you miracles, we will describe some reasonable income opportunities that can be exploited by working from your home.

Some of these opportunities are dependent on talent, so don’t expect money for nothing, but if you fit the bill, some of these jobs can seem like ideal opportunities.

Drop Shipping

This method is one which has revolutionized the small business industry, especially when it comes to manufacturing and production techniques.

For ages, small businesses have agonized over the difficulties involved in setting up production lines that are large enough to reach a decent number of customers.

If you are looking to start a business that is centered on manufacturing, you will want to look into drop shipping, which can help cut down your costs immensely.

First, let’s take a look at what drop shipping offers you. Drop shipping is a form of product shipping in which the retailer (you) does not stock the product in the first place.

Instead of stocking your own product, you will enter a partnership with a company that has the manufacturing capabilities to make your product.

When selling your chosen item, you will do most of the work when it comes to marketing, transaction, and sale, but the delivery will be fulfilled by the other company.

This method of delivery allows you to sell goods that you have neither the storage room or the manufacturing capabilities to sell. Since drop shipping is so advantageous for home businesses, most of them are taking advantage of it while the niche is still relatively fresh.

Become a Freelance Writer

One of the best ways to make money on the internet is by becoming a freelance writer.

Ask almost any writer who has worked online, and they will tell you that freelance writing is one of the easiest home jobs around. Unfortunately, it requires a bit of innate writing talent which is not quite common.

If you are a reasonably good writer, you should have no problem writing articles online, however, and making decent money at the same time.

You can get paid to write about any subject that your heart desires, and the best option is usually to go for something that you know well.

If you don’t know your chosen subject, your life will be incredibly difficult, but you will find money easy to come by if you opt for a profitable and relatively niche option.

You can write about anything ranging from vacuum cleaners to comedy, depending on your particular skill set.

A large part of being a freelance writer is having the necessary business skills to talk to clients and assess what they need before you deal with them.

If you understand your client’s needs, you will find it that much easier to give them the work that they want while simultaneously developing your reputation.

Run a Blog

Another great way to make money and to do something meaningful at the same time is to set up a blog where you discuss something that is important to you.

Any knowledge that you have amassed over the course of your life can end up being useful to another person, why not share it?

You may be wondering how you could make money by running a blog and writing about something that you know well.

Consider the number of advertisements that you could place on a blog that caters to enthusiasts for a particular niche. For every bit of ad engagement, you can make a reasonable amount of money.

Running your own blog also gives you the freedom to plan out the website in any way to see fit.

If you have creative talents, they could be put to use assembling the website, so it provides an excellent user experience. A good-looking site will encourage more web traffic, increasing your ad revenue.

Running your own blog is a great way to make money if you have enough visitors to make you a reasonable sum off of advertising revenue.

To ensure that you keep expanding, you will have to keep publishing new content, which is not always as easy as it sounds but bear with it, and you can make your blog much bigger.

Write an eBook

Writing ebooks has never before been so simple. Many programs promise to make it easier for aspiring writers to get published.

Many retailers are starting to encourage in-house writers by accepting submissions and publishing books that they deem worth the investment.

Companies that are already in the ebook industry are usually the best option if you are looking for one of these deals, as they will make the process go far more smoothly.

You may be wondering just how much money you can expect to make off of an ebook, and it all depends on the book itself.

As with any other similar creative endeavor, you will find that writing an ebook can be a hit or miss proposition that will not always promise to go smoothly.

If you want a way to make guaranteed money, we can ensure you that this usually not the route that you will want to take.

If you are a writer who is looking to get published, however, online publishing might just be your big break.

Unlike paper books, ebooks do not require significant capital to get produced in the first place, merely an idea and a publisher who is willing to cooperate.


We hope that we have been able to describe how and why envelope stuffing is a scam. The alternatives that we have proposed are some of the most reasonable legitimate options for those who want to make money from home.


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