Is There A Secret Truth? Allergies From Mercury Amalgam Fillings Since Childhood (along with anxiety, unexplained brain fog, and fatigue)

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This is the first time (6/6/17) I’m writing about this here on the blog, but over the course of the past year, I have been battling ongoing fatigue, anxiety, and brain fog. It has been debilitating in more ways than one, and has made it ultra hard to build this blog and couldn’t have come at a worse time. But, everything happens for a reason right? Perhaps it’ll turn out to be a great opportunity to help other people who may be struggling with the same things, once I get it all figured out.

**Important note – this is not a child friendly article, nor a good fit for overly the overly sensitive types. These points are a culmination of my life over the last year, which include all of the emotion, frustration, profanity, and rawness one would expect while enduring said circumstances. If you’re looking for something more politically correct, you might want to check out Curezone, or go read WebMD.

Can Mercury Amalgam Fillings Really Cause Allergies, Anxiety, Brain Fog, Fatigue, And High Blood Pressure???

So right off the bat, I want to say I am by no means an expert on any of this stuff, just a guy who got sick and tired of being miserable. As along time allergy sufferer to all things wheat (beer, certain breads, etc…), I got accustomed to having multiple sinus infections every year for the past few years. Two years ago, I also had a short period of time where I had high blood pressure, but was able to get it in check without medication. In hindsight, I wonder if it was even health related, or perhaps a reaction to ramping up taking NAC to help with allergies at the time. (before we even get to it, taking NAC without a mercury binding agent, can mobilize mercury WITHOUT expelling it properly)

So before I get ahead of myself here, the purpose of this article is to discuss the possibility of nasal related chronic infections, and seasonal and non seasonal allergies being influenced by mercury amalgam fillings. I never thought things would end up this way, but in less than 30 days, I have experienced an almost unbelievable 70% reduction in allergy symptoms. To keep the timeline in tact, my amalgam removal started on 5/2/17, and was completed on 5/3/17.

I want to put this out there to connect with others who may be able to verify the same series of events, and also to help anyone else who can’t figure out maybe why they’re having unexplained anxiety, brain fog, allergies, and more. Now keep in mind I’ve come an incredibly long way in my learning process over the last few months, but by no means am I a crazy advocate of all things holistic, even though it feels like things are beginning to head in that direction exclusively as this evolves. In fact, I thought all this mercury filling stuff was bullshit when I first came across it. But after suffering for months and months, and everything Western coming up good to go, one starts to wonder… and eventually will try anything to get well and get your life back.

Oh Come On Matt, People Have Had Metal Fillings For Years And Been Fine”!!!

I had a goal to start this blog 2 years ago and make six figures from anywhere in the world, and I was doing great… until my health began getting in the way. I always thought that my allergies were contributing to excess mucus all the time, which began post nasal drip, which would infect my throat, and make my lymph nodes in the neck swell up, which ultimately would make my sinuses unable to keep up with the drainage, and become infected over and over again… no matter how many times I took antibiotics. I’d feel great for two weeks, and then relapse with the exact same shit. Doctors were of no help other than to continue to prescribe steroid nasal sprays and decongestants… and blame seasonal allergies.

Eventually I kept researching all types of shit from way out in left field that can case allergies, since I’ve tried juicing, diet modifications, supplementation out the wazzoo, and on and on. Sure some of it offered some relief along the way, and I even got into really REALLY crazy shit like putting medical grade emergency room Iodine in a neti pot and snorting that daily. No dice.

I’ve bought infrared lamps to drown my sinus cavities in tissue penetrating heat to no avail.

I’ve been upside down in the shower standing on my head more times than I can count, trying to hit the sphenoid sinus cavity above the eyes with a daily sinus rinse.

I’ve taken enough NAC in a single day to stop 10 babies from dying of a Tylenol overdose. (*children specific)

I’ve oil pulled and put zylitol in places it was never intended to enter inside the human body.

I’ve snorted enough acidic lime curcumin juice and spicy oregano solutions to poison an anteater.

You getting the picture?

If it’s out there, I’ve tried it.

…And then one day, I just said fuck it, I’m getting the metal out of my mouth just to rule it out. Nothing else is working, and I have a gut feeling about this… (and it’s time to listen to it for once)

I didn’t bother with a hair test.

I didn’t go to any doctor to have an initial mercury load measured.

I researched a bit about mercury toxicity and educated myself on safe mercury removal via the IAOMT.

I went to a semi-holistic dentist and had my (3) mercury fillings removed.

That was 33 days ago, and the results have been almost jaw dropping. Literally.

It’s almost surreal, and I fear it’s premature to make any concrete judgements just yet. But something inside me feels different. I breathe like a normal person again. I can go in to a dusty environment and get stuffed up or sneeze momentarily, and then as soon as I leave it dissipates naturally on it’s own. That hasn’t happened in the past, especially dealing with foods I know trigger my allergies like beer.

Well, in the last 2 weeks, I’ve had beer (and even the wrong kind of beer that usually makes my nose run in less than 30 minutes like clockwork), and I’ve been fine. Maybe some light congestion the morning after sleeping, but nothing like before… when I say light, I mean barely noticeable.

What used to wreck my sleep, and leave me fucked up for days nasal wise, is now seemingly not an issue at all? WTF????

How are more people not talking about this?

And how the HELL are we still allowing this stuff to be put in children’s mouths, whether it’s confirmed toxic or not… this is enough for me to say, “HOLD THE FUCK ON SALLY… you ain’t goin’ near my kid with that shit.”

Now I don’t want you to think things are perfect…

Still battling fatigue and some anxiety, but allergies are almost non existent.

I don’t want you to think I’m saying everything is hunky dorey, because it’s not. But when you’re suffering long enough, ANY drastic relief in ANY symptoms is one hell of a noticeable effect.

Brain fog is still off and on, and I still wake up tired. But I have days now where I feel back to normal, and I have energy and think clearly… and best of all, I’m ambitious to tackle my projects again with clear creativity… something that has been hampering my progress for a long time now.

The days where I feel totally out of my mind, am unable to be present with other people, and my general train of thought entails self talk calibrated with: “what can I do today so I don’t feel like I’m dying anymore” are beginning to lessen at an exponential rate. (so thankful!!!!!!!!!!)

I also went to a functional medicine doctor last Friday, and did the full workup which I’ll get back in a few weeks to see where my levels are, if there are any mal-absorptions of other minerals (mercury can block magnesium and other minerals from being absorbed in the body, even if you’ve been supplementing with them for over a year like I have), complete blood work, hormone testing, and the motherfuckr gene included.

My research on chelation is starting to pay off, and I began a self prescribed light chelation protocol 1.5 weeks ago on my own. Good idea? Who knows, all I know is I’m tired of feeling like shit and letting this fuck my life up. No one is going to fix it for me, doctors will give you a clean bill of health and tell you to see a psychiatrist and that you have anxiety, so eventually you reach your whits end and what other choice do you have but to take matters into your own hands… right or wrong remains to be scene though, and I wouldn’t recommend trying certain things I’ve done just yet until I get some more data. (especially not on kids!)

But I know one thing for certain: by documenting this, I’ll make damn sure that no matter the outcome, someone else won’t have to suffer or wonder what to do when this is all said and done, nor wade through months and months of bullshit publications online that scare you half to death and extend your suffering.

Could It Really Be This Simple?

So I’m doing my best to distill the point in this article, but it’s just not going to happen. My brain has been flooded with more information than you can imagine, and I’ve watched more useless 25 minutes videos by people like Dr. Pompa on Youtube than I care to remember.

Bottom line, whether you believe in mercury toxicity or not, there is irrefutable evidence that mercury amalgam materials are harmful to the body, even if just disruptive. Will it kill you? Nope, highly unlikely, no matter what any quack-watch tries to scare you with. But who the hell wants to live the rest of their life miserable as hell? I know I don’t.

So here’s the deal. We know mercury can be, at the VERY LEAST, an irritant in or outside of the body, the skin, and especially to any soft tissues where it could be absorbed and transported. So I have a theory here, because many of our grandparents, mine included, had metal fillings in their mouths for over 50 years, and were just fine.

It is proven that the ability to handle toxic metals is different among individuals, just as some people die from peanuts and others eat them by the jarful and live to be 90.

Point being, if you have an irritant that is constantly leaking or off-gassing in the mouth, even in minute amounts, the body (including your sinuses) is working around the clock to eliminate that substance. In non medical terminology, that is a toxin to me.

We also know that simply having an infection in the mouth, non metallic related, can cause the immune system to run at below 90% 24/7. What does this mean? Well, to distill the complicated scientific research I’ve slogged through to the best of my ability, a lot of things actually.

First, blood flow to the sinuses is limited to begin with. If the immune system is constantly fighting a foreign substance in the mouth, lowering immunity overall, it would make sense why some people with allergies get sick A LOT more. And this isn’t even taking into account the fact that, having any metal leech into the sinus cavities from the mouth, and continue to spread, wouldn’t present a reactionary issue all on it’s own just from being present.

But what do I know, I’m just a redneck backwoods fucker, not a doctor. But I’ll tell you this: I’ll be damned if I ever listen to a western doctor or general practitioner about this ever again. There’s a reason they call it a “practice.” Straight outta college baby…  (surgery and emergency trauma? Hell yes, nothing better! Long term health and bodily systems? Fuck no!)

So what am I hinting at, in the least direct way possible, to get you to think outside the box here?

  • Heavy metals are known to irritate the nasal cavity linings
  • Mercury amalgams are known to have a lifespan
  • Off-gassing or “leaking” then becomes commonplace (I had my fillings for 22 years I estimate)
  • These toxic substances spread throughout the body, including into the brain, and cannot be removed without a binding agent, or YEARS of toxic free living with specific natural supplementation and optimal body/mind/emotion function. (meaning, post amalgam removal, living in the untouched amazon, eating a caveman diet 100% of the time, with zero emotional issues, perfect childhood without trauma. FML)
  • We know for a fact, that the ADA insists that amalgam fillings are within “safe levels” yet, other government organizations list toxic mercury contact almost 100 times LESS than the ADA – my copy
  • We know that there is an increasingly, ALARMINGLY HIGH number of kids being born autistic and having other mental or emotional disorders for no explainable reason by the medical community
  • We know that mercury from a mother’s fillings, DOES indeed pass the placental barrier, and that children have been reported as having heavy metal toxicity at less than 5 years of age
  • We know that mercury can hinder the absorption of the primary minerals in the body, and cause psychosis like clockwork if you were to get mercury poisoning as a mine worker
  • We know that the body clears mercury from the blood stream extremely quickly, and you would have to have a hair mineral analysis test, a mercury load test from an aggressive chelator to measure urine, stool, or hair spikes, or learn the counting rules to even know how mercury can hide in other parts of the body… rendering blood test indicating heavy metal toxicity extremely unreliable (which is why I believe so many people go diagnosed from their GP)

Should I stop there?

After-all, this article is just supposed to be about allergies primarily. But once you start digging in, you begin to see a picture taking shape that’s sort of hard to ignore. And you begin to realize how intertwined things are, more-so than we ever thought possible.

When I first started researching this, all I got were those horror stories of crazy WEBmd symptom diagnoses, that did nothing more than scared the shit out of me and made my anxiety even worse. Now I understand how mercury can create explainable visceral anxiety sensations on it’s own, which is different from a general anxiety generated from wondering why your brain isn’t working anymore and you wake up exhausted in a fog. But in the end, all of this comes together, and you start to see how one system affects the other.

I’d like to hear from you in the comments below if any of this resonates with you. I don’t want to make this article 5 times longer than this to discuss everything else I’ve learned about this process, but will do separate articles on chelation, safe amalgam removal, how to get rid of brain fog in the meantime, and the one that was hardest for me to deal with: anxiety.

Whether you do, or you do not have mercury toxicity, just know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope, even though I know it feels like there isn’t any left in the world sometimes… I know what it feels like, I’ve been there. It will get better, and there is a way… keep going.

Holy fuck man, how can the ADA be potentially ruining children’s lives simply because they don’t want to admit the true safe mercury levels

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Chelation Is A Whole Different Beast (but I’m writing a separate article on that)

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6 thoughts on “Is There A Secret Truth? Allergies From Mercury Amalgam Fillings Since Childhood (along with anxiety, unexplained brain fog, and fatigue)”

  1. Hi Matt,

    I’ve suffered from debilitating seasonal allergies for years. I got my 2 amalgam fillings out last month and so far, fingers crossed, I’ve had zero allergies this season. August is usually my worst month. I keep checking the high Pollen counts and waiting….but breathing well! I can’t believe it and hope it sticks! I’ve never felt this way in August in 20 years.

    • Hi Jeannie,

      I know amazing isn’t it! I’m going on 8 months now with no issues. Almost can’t believe the difference it makes, although I do wonder about an increase in body burden of metals for a short time. (working on infrared sauna and a little less harsh chelation protocol than Cutler’s)

      Still doing well/have any tips for mercury/metal detox? 🙂

  2. Hi Matt – Your experience sounds familiar to me. I had life long anxiety, but I dealt with it OK. In 2014 I found out I have very high lipoprotein (a), aka “lpa”, which is a real risk for cardiovascular disease (far more correlated than cholesterol). Anyway, high dose niacin was recommended by 2 doctors to lower the lpa. I researched it and found no negative information on the web about high dose niacin. Well, my anxiety was eliminated (which I liked) but gradually morphed into apathy (depression) over a period of about 6 months. Stopping niacin didn’t put me back to “normal”. I was desperate to figure out my problem and identified MTHFR and poor detox as a likely culprit. Additionally, I had worked at a lead smelter and was exposed to lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury in my 20’s. I also had 4 mercury amalgam fillings in my teens, which I had removed in 2016 (plus many other environmental exposures from growing up on a farm, hospitalizations, etc.). Like you, I could write volumes about how to get better, but I’ll finish with two ideas. 1) Niacin in flushing dosages should not be taken without binders if you think you’ve got heavy metals or other toxins, and 2) if you’ve got heavy metals you very likely have a variety or parasites from small to large (I did and possibly still do; still figuring this one out)…refer to Dietrich Klinghardt on the metals and parasites or many others who’ve written about it.

    • Great comment, thank you!

      When I wrote this article, I hadn’t experimented more with Niacin yet. You might be surprised at the results if you combine niacin with sauna therapy. Using the skin as an elimination pathway, greatly reduces the stress on your organs. It is slow, but it does work.

  3. I’ve been researching saunas recently after I had the opportunity to do (5) 30-minutes sessions while visiting my mom who had recently bought one with ceramic heating elements. The improvement in my state of mind was significant so I’m willing to invest several thousand dollars in a sauna. I believe a sauna will help with detox and heart disease risk for me (I actually had a zero calcium CT score, but only found out after taking the niacin – I believe Pauling therapy may have cleared my arteries or I never had any buildup to begin with) and my wife (she finally got scanned and has a score of ~90 – now after learning about emf’s I’m not too willing to get scanned any time soon). I also would like to get sustained energy back. One of the first websites I found while reviewing saunas from Costco was yours, so thank you for posting the videos about the high emf’s and the Evolve saunas with low emf.

    All of us that identify toxicity in ourselves seem to have different journeys. I was “happier” when I had the terrible anxiety and I was very energetic, but that energy came at the expense of my adrenals and thyroid so overall I’m glad I am now where I am. The depression induced by niacin releasing all of my toxic metals and chemicals was a terrible period in my life. It is amazing how I was able to cover up my horrible internal feelings so that nobody, not even my wife, really knew. She did notice that I laid around for a few years and all renovations on our home stopped…I couldn’t do anything but go to work and occasionally muster the energy to do the extra projects that simply had to be done. I credit my recovery thus far to identifying and dealing with a relatively minor MTHFR defect (A1298C), heavy metal detoxification, and improving gut health (I had/have chronic candida and other critters – mimosa pudica in Para1 was probably the biggest help). I might have improved sooner and easier (detox really sucks at times, especially in the beginning) if I had been aware of how beneficial infrared sauna can be. I am very hopeful that it will get me optimal health. My experience has been that I achieve improvements in health in steps (proverbial 2 forward and one back which often felt like one backward then 2 forward).

    Good luck to you and others that stumble across this website.

  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story and perspective. It’s also refreshing to hear it from someone who sounds (by my standards) normal, not a self congratulatory physician or someone who suffered for years, found a treatment that succeeded, and then must give all the glory to God.

    It’s hard not to become cynical when you’re stuck in what’s essentially a rabbit warren of chronic illness for years. So far I’ve been down the candida hole, the mold toxicity hole, the EMF hole, and the Lyme disease hole. Still sick as hell. I’m cautiously optimistic that this will be the last hole I dive into, as it’s possible, if not probable, the mouth full of metal I’ve been living with for decades made my body a toxic cesspool and held the door open for all my other issues. I’ll find out in three more weeks. Thanks again.


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