Natural Calm Magnesium Review: Benefits & Side Effects

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Here in my Natural Calm magnesium review, I’ll cover a little of the pros and cons of calm magnesium, and why it has been one of my favorite magnesium supplements for a little under a year now. I like it a lot better than taking magnesium capsules, and feel that the absorption is better as a liquid than in pill form. I’m also comparing it to blended capsules of magnesium oxide, taurinate, and citrate, as well as magnesium oil.

Update – My Favorite Types Of Magnesium After Trying 6 Types/Brands

  • Best Magnesium For Sleep: Lifeflo
  • Best Oral Magnesium That Doesn’t Cause Loose Stool: Remag
  • Good Cheap Magnesium Tablets (just be careful with high doses… messes with your stomach): Now Foods
  • Time Released Magnesium: Jigsaw

Natural Calm Magnesium Supplement Benefits

I notice improved sleep and muscle recovery when I take magnesium, especially if I’m not juicing everyday or making kale shakes for breakfast like I should. Also alcohol is known to deplete magnesium and vitamin B rather rapidly, so if you’ve been partying a little too much and feeling shitty, you might try a little magnesium to bring those levels back up.

  • Stress relief
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Improve magnesium deficiency quickly
  • Restore natural levels from antibiotic use or poor diet (most SAD diets are devoid of magnesium in any easily absorb-able form)

Natural Calm Magnesium Powder Side Effects

I’ve been taking many different types of magnesium for quite some time (often in large quantities to test out my body), and the worst side effect I’ve experienced is loose stool. I feel Natural Calm Magnesium is very safe, but of course I must tell you about the listed medical side effects… It’s been reported that taking excess magnesium can cause serious side effects including:

  • Lower heart rate
  • Poor prescription drug interactions with certain medications
  • Diarrhea (this is true if you’re abusing it or intolerant to it, try magnesium oil or lotion instead if this is happening to you)

It is also possible that in the coming years, magnesium powders derived from magnesium citrate can contain more GMO’s, since that comes from corn. Natural Vitality, the company that makes Calm Magnesium, is a part of the non-GMO verified project though, so in my non-expert opinion it’s fine for now. The nice thing is their products are vegan, organic, and gluten free. If you’re sensitive to MSG, it may bother you, but I never had any issues with it and sleep like a baby. I would say that most people also don’t take Natural Calm forever though, typically to reestablish healthy levels for a little while (couple months), thereafter getting most of their magnesium directly from food or topical magnesium. I still enjoy my nightly drink concoction before bed though!

Other Natural Calm Magnesium Reviews And Benefits / Side Effects From Thousands Of People On Amazon

Natural Calm Magnesium Plus Calcium ReviewWith over 1,500 reviews on Amazon with 4.5 stars out of 5, I’m not the only one that loves this product! The other Natural Calm Magnesium reviews might give you more insight into other benefits for conditions I didn’t have too. I noticed many people reporting improved sleep just like me, but also many other improvements for common ailments and what they thought were diseases.

It turns out much of the US population is magnesium deficient these days, especially since the soil our crops are grown in doesn’t contain nearly the same amounts as it did 100 years ago. It would make sense that with all the pharmaceutical drugs people are on, that there is very HIGH probability that they have a calcium/magnesium imbalance. Check out some of these reports of health improvements here.

Does Natural Calm Magnesium Really Work?

Is this really a question? lol  Of course it works!  Is it going to miraculously raise your magnesium levels overnight if you are deficient? No, you need to take it for a little while in my opinion. Although there have been many reports of people feeling better within minutes of taking Natural Calm. Placebo? Maybe, maybe not. Some people have been eating McDonald’s and drinking sodas for over a decade, in which case their body is probably in desperate need of some magnesium supplementation.

My #1 Tip: Get The Natural Calm Plus Calcium! (but which flavor?)

My top tip is get the calm magnesium with calcium instead of worrying about the flavor so much. I now take the Plus Calcium version exclusively, but Amazon was out of stock at the time of the good flavor so I had to settle for regular. If they have it, get the raspberry lemon flavor, it’s the best one by far!

If you have to decide over getting a good flavor, and getting the plus calcium, go with the calcium. The absorption will be much better, and it’ll keep you balanced instead of taking too much magnesium causing a calcium imbalance. The added vitamin C and potassium also helps a little as well.

Natural Calm For Anxiety And Sleep

It’s funny, when I was feeling anxious a while back, I read all over the internet that anxiety can be caused my a magnesium deficiency. Of course I had to try it, it was only $20 bucks what did I have to lose right!

There are hundreds of reviews stating that for certain people anxiety lifts within minutes to a couple hours of taking calm magnesium. Personally I experienced more a cumulative relation effect, meaning, when I take magnesium every night before bed, I am more relaxed when I read and often go into what feels like a deeper sleep. Could it be placebo that I’m more relaxed, have less worrisome thoughts before bed, and in general have less anxiety? Sure it could! But it’s cheap, vegan, non GMO, and certainly beneficial after hard workouts! So despite the lack of me being a scientist, I still feel better on a magnesium regimen and recommend it to others.

Natural Calm Magnesium Review: The Verdict (is it the best type of magnesium compared to other brands?)


I would say it’s the best oral magnesium, but I still prefer to add some topical magnesium such as Ancient Minerals oil or lotion. My nightly ritual before bed, consists of adding C-Salts with Natural Calm Plus Calcium to wash down some Adrenal Health by Gaia Herbs. (I was taking Holy Basil and Ashwaghanda in separate pills until I found the Gaia herbs all mixed together) Then I put some Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion on my feet before I crawl into bed. I think this is the best of both worlds for magnesium absorption, since you get a one two punch of the different types, PLUS high grade vitamin C in liquid form.

For people with sensitive digestion or irritable bowel, Calm Magnesium may give you loose stool or at worse diarrhea. If this is the case, it won’t be the best form of magnesium for you, and I’d recommend you look into magnesium lotion. I like the Ancient Minerals magnesium oil that everyone recommends, but when you use it at night it makes your skin stick to the sheets. It also tends to dry out the skin much more so than the lotion, especially on tender areas that are recommended for maximum absorption. (inside the thighs, forearms, etc…)

In my opinion, the Ancient Mineral magnesium lotion is the best all around magnesium supplement, since anyone can use it and you don’t have to digest it at all being a topical lotion. (trans-dermal magnesium) But how much can you lather up!?!?! That’s why I still use both every night before bed, and I’m sleeping like a rock now.

Natural Calm Powder VS Magnesium Pills

Arguably there is magnesium powder in most capsules, but the dissolving period when you mix water with calm magnesium gets things going before you even drink it. In my opinion, that is superior to magnesium pills, even the blend of three types of magnesium in one that I tried. I also find that I have less loose stool with calm magnesium powder than I do with magnesium capsules. The absorption is still better with drinking calm magnesium.

Natural Calm Magnesium VS Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil

I started out with my first topical magnesium oil by Ancient Minerals. It works well, and I love the fact that you bypass the digestive system altogether, but using it everyday on the same areas of skin can make them dry and itchy. For this reason, I prefer Natural Calm over Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil… That is until I found magnesium lotion!

I learned about the lotion from Ben Greenfield, after asking how in the hell he sleeps at night with the oil on his skin! (it makes your skin stick to the sheets!!!) After trying the lotion out, I’ll never go back to the oil again. As an added benefit, it doesn’t irritate the skin like the oil does, and it’s much more comfortable to apply and sleep in.

When To Take Natural Calm Magnesium?

I take mine at night, but you can take it anytime of day. Most people feel more relaxed after taking magnesium, so it might not be the best idea to take it first thing in the morning unless you’re anxious or something. In addition to relaxing your muscles and prepping the body for sleep, magnesium is responsible for interacting and controlling many bodily systems including enzymatic release and the absorption of other vitamins, so it’s very important to have adequate amounts during sleep. (your restoration period)

Where To Buy Natural Calm Magnesium

I buy mine from Amazon, since they tend to have all the different flavors and types with added calcium. Of course it’s hard to beat the price on Amazon, and most of the time calm magnesium is a prime item too so free fast shipping to boot!


7 thoughts on “Natural Calm Magnesium Review: Benefits & Side Effects”

  1. I have been using Calm for 5 days I wake up with a headache and feel I have problem with my breathing . I was wondering if it is one of the side effect or could be something else. thanks

      • Hi, there. I was referred to this product by a friend. I finally got my shipment in yesterday and was eager to try it. I went by the advice on the bottle and split my portions up into 2-3 servings. So last night, I took a 1/4 tsp before bed. Immediately, i noticed my anxiety was heightening (could have totally been the foreign taste) but after 30 minutes my anxiety dissapeared. Never does that happen. So, I was shocked. Immediately after, i felt my legs and back (which are normally tense) go in a warm relaxing state. It was awesome. However; I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom (about 4 hours after taking) and I felt a little light headed. I was still tired from the Natural Calm so i just went to the bathroom and went right back to sleep. When i woke up the next morning, I found it harder to get out of bed. I was so tired. I slept well, but was definitely dragging this morning. Is this normal? I was a little stressed this morning, so instead of taking the 1/4 tsp as I did the night before, I took 1/8 tsp so I wouldn’t get so tired. So far, things are okay. Still tired/groggy but definitely more relaxed than a usual day without Natural Calm. My main question is is this tired feeling normal? My husband seems to think I may need to just get used to it, but i don’t know. If this is how I react to it, should it be more of nightly use? Just wanting advice. Thanks so much.

        • Hi Stephanie,

          Just one or two uses isn’t nearly enough to tell. I also need to update the article… I only take calcium with magnesium now, and believe cal mag formulas are better instead of isolating the supplements.

          Not sure which one you bought, but you might try the D3, calcium, and magnesium blend instead of straight magnesium.

  2. Hi there! Im a 37 year old male, who has had 18 back surgeries. I take 30mg Oxycodone 3x a day for 10 years, and of course it causes irregularities in going to the bathroom. I have been taking the Raspberry Lemonade Natural Calm for the last 7 years, 2 tablespoons at night in hot water. This product is wonderful for those experiencing constipation.

  3. My girlfriend told me about this product. I tried it and it was great but after a couple of days I would wake up in the middle of the night and I could not get back to sleep.I was told to take it at 5pm which I did but I was still waking up and not being able to fall asleep. I must say I did notice other changes in my body that were very positive. Has anyone ever experience this. Thank you.

  4. My chiropractor put me on this in 2008, hoping it would help with headaches. It did not help bc my headaches were not stress-related (I wound up having to have brain surgery). I was shocked at how good I felt, otherwise, & continue to use it daily. It helps my fibromyalgia pain, gives me energy, improves my mood, & keeps me as regular as clockwork. I’ve used it for 11 years & will continue.


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