The 2 Best Nebulizers For Kids – That Can Eliminate Pediatric Infections Naturally

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If your child suffers from frequent bouts of chronic sinusitis or upper respiratory infections and you have to resort to several courses of antibiotics for the treatment, then you must be definitely aware of the ill effects of antibiotics on your child.

A course of antibiotics may resolve the sinus or respiratory tract infection for a few months, but when the infection recurs, you may have to use a different antibiotic, which also causes side effects. This is a never-ending vicious cycle, which occurs because new strains of microorganisms replace the old in the sinuses, which are more difficult to destroy with the antibiotics and each time, you have a new and tougher strain of pathogen to deal with.

In addition, antibiotics only kill the bacteria and do not eliminate fungal infections, which remain in the sinus or upper respiratory tract and keep multiplying. Also, the antibiotic only kills some of the bacteria and the ones that are not killed take over and start to thrive. [pullquote]Clever Tip:  one of the most important things to looks for in a children’s nebulizer, is the smaller mask or an attachment that they will use, and the solution you’re going to mix up.[/pullquote]

Further, the antibiotics that you take not only affect the sinus or the upper respiratory tract, but the entire body and frequent antibiotic use can cause intestinal issues, yeast infections and may even lead to antibiotic resistance in the long run.

So, to combat the problem of sinusitis and upper respiratory tract infections in your child, using an antibiotic is only a partial solution. You require a broad-spectrum antimicrobial that can tackle all types of bacteria, as well as the fungi, and this needs to be applied directly at the site of the infection. This is where pure colloidal silver comes in.

Colloidal Silver for Sinusitis

Colloidal silver has been found to be extremely effective for the treatment of sinusitis, colds, pneumonia and upper tract respiratory infections. The colloidal silver can be used directly in the nasal cavity by putting a few drops into the nasal cavity and tilting the head back to allow it to drain down the throat, it can be used in the form of a nasal spray, it can be inhaled by adding a few drops into a neti pot or the colloidal silver can be consumed orally.

However, the best way of administering the colloidal silver in the case of allergies or any other respiratory infections is when you breathe the silver directly into your lungs, which enables it to directly reach the pathogens causing the infection and it helps to destroy and eliminate the infection completely. And, the most effective way by which you can get the colloidal silver directly into your lungs is to inhale it by using a nebulizer.

In the case of acute sinusitis, the colloidal silver can be nebulized into the sinuses directly. When the colloidal silver is added to the nebulizer, the liquid silver is atomized and turns into a vapor that can be inhaled via your mouth or nose. And, in the case of sinusitis, inhaling the colloidal silver vapor through the nose is the most effective remedy as it helps to coat the cavities of the sinus and kill the pathogens.

Nebulization of colloidal silver is an excellent remedy for acute sinusitis, bronchitis, upper respiratory tract infections, colds, pneumonia, etc. not only for adults but for kids too that will allow you to completely avoid the use of antibiotics to resolve these problems.

What Is a Nebulizer and How Does It Work?

A nebulizer is basically a device that delivers the drug by converting the liquid medicine into a mist. This enables the medicine to be absorbed quickly and provide immediate relief from respiratory problems. The nebulizer makes use of compressed air or oxygen which vaporizes the liquid medicine into tiny droplets of aerosol, a mixture of liquid and gas particles.

A nebulizer machine has a base with an air compressor, a small container that contains the liquid medicine and a tube which connects the air compressor to the medicine container. The nebulizer has a mouthpiece or a mask that is fixed above the container with the liquid medicine which is used to inhale the mist. Nebulizers can be used by adults as well as kids and even infants to ease respiratory problems and some nebulizer models even have masks especially for kids and babies.


Types of Nebulizers

Nebulizer machines are available as battery-operated or electric versions. They are available in varied sizes — larger models that can be placed on your side table and plugged into an electric socket or smaller models that are portable. There are essentially three kinds of nebulizer machines:

Jet Nebulizers

These are very easy to use and make use of compressed air that turns the medicine into vapor form.

Ultrasonic Nebulizers

An ultrasonic nebulizer delivers the liquid drug by making use of high-frequency vibrations which converts the liquid medication into a vapor that can be inhaled.


Mesh Nebulizers

Mesh nebulizers feature a vibrating membrane that converts the liquid medication into a vapor form.


Typically, for sinus problems, people usually use squeeze spray bottles or pump spray bottles to dispense the medicines and use nebulizers to nebulize colloidal silver into the sinuses as a last resort, as nebulizers can be quite expensive and since they are medical devices, pharmacies or medical stores require a doctor’s prescription before selling you a nebulizer. However, today, you can buy a nebulizer easily from online on sites like Amazon which does not require a doctor’s prescription.


There is a wide range of nebulizer models available and we have reviewed some of the best nebulizers available on the market that can help you make the choice of the best one for you.

Reviews of the Best Nebulizers for Kids

Uniclife Compressor Kit Mist Inhaler

The Uniclife Mist Inhaler is an excellent device if you’re looking for a nebulizer to administer medicines to your child. The device is equipped with a compressor system which makes the administration of the drugs very easy and it converts the liquid medicines into a fine aerosol mist which your child can inhale very easily. The device can be operated easily with a single press button. All you have to do is plug in the device and the inhaler can also be used hands-free.


The inhaler comes with a tube that is around 7 feet and is sufficiently long. There are two masks in the kit, one for adults, one for kids and a mouthpiece. The masks are soft and pliable and they fit comfortably around the contours of your face. The tube, masks and mouthpiece can be washed and reused.

The device is equipped with two compartments for storage. You can use one to store the power cord, while the other compartment can accommodate all the other accessories which are inbuilt into the compressor which makes it an extremely convenient and space-saving option. The Uniclife Mist Inhaler is very quiet and does not make a lot of noise when in operation.


The inhaler is compact and portable, and has a handle which makes it extremely convenient to carry the device wherever you go. It also has a lid that enables it to keep the wire and all the parts of the inhaler neatly in place.


Not only is the Uniclife Mist Inhaler suitable for kids with respiratory problems, pulmonary diseases, asthma, etc., it can be used by adults too. The Uniclife Mist Inhaler comes along with an air tube, mouthpiece, five air filters, jet cap and an adult and a child mask, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Pros and Cons of the Uniclife Mist Inhaler

  • Quiet operation, produces only 65 decibels sound.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • One-button system that is very easy to operate.
  • Good pressure range of 36 PSI.
  • Latex-free.


  • Does not have impressive features for adult use.


Figerm Steam Compressor

If you are looking for a portable and inexpensive nebulizer, then the Figerm Steam Compressor is a great device to buy. The nebulizer comes with several accessories and is an excellent device for family use. The compressor is equipped with 5 filters and is great for use by both adults, as well as kids.


The compressor features a 60Hz and 120-volt input. The device is portable and has a handle, which makes it extremely easy to carry around. The compressor allows you to be organized and is also space saving. The inhaler comes with two masks, one for adults and one that is suitable for kids, and the masks can be washed and reused.


The compressor comes along with an air tube, two masks, a mouthpiece and five filters. The Figerm Steam Compressor is a reliable and efficient nebulizer and the affordable price makes this a great buy for your family.


Pros and Cons of the Figerm Steam Compressor

  • Latex-free.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Silent compared to other models in the same category.


  • Does not have an FDA approved stamp.


Compressor Machine Diffuser from Homevibes

If you’re on the lookout for a simple-to-use and efficient diffuser for family use, then you should definitely consider the Homevibes Compressor Machine Diffuser. The device converts liquid medicine into aerosol droplets that can be inhaled very easily.


The Homevibes Compressor Machine Diffuser is very easy to use and all you need to do is plug in the machine and it has a one-button operation. The device is also extremely easy to clean after use. The machine has three jet caps which are interchangeable that makes it very convenient for all the family members to use. The device comes with two masks, one for adults and one for kids. The Homevibes diffuser is lightweight and portable.


The Homevibes diffuser is ETL and FDA certified and the high-quality device comes along with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 60-day money back guarantee. So, if you need a reliable inhalation device for the treatment of your family’s respiratory ailments, then the Homevibes diffuser is a great buy.


Pros and Cons of the Homevibes Compressor Machine Diffuser

  • Easy to operate one-button operation.
  • ETL and FDA certified.
  • Portable and easy to move around.



  • Gets overheated when used for a long time.
  • Not ideal for heavy use.
  • Accessories not covered by the 1-year warranty.


Am Tech Vaporizer Compressor

The Am Tech Vaporizer is a compact inhaler but offers powerful performance just as large-sized nebulizers. The Am Tech Vaporizer is a useful device to have at home and is very beneficial for treating your kids or other family members if they are suffering from flu-like symptoms, asthma, etc.


The small, compact size of the nebulizer ensures that it does not occupy a lot of space and the machine is extremely convenient and easy to store. Weighing just around 3 lbs, the nebulizer is quite lightweight too and it is equipped with non-skid rubber pads that help it grip the surface firmly. The vaporizer comes along with a tube, a mask kit and an angled mouthpiece. The Am Tech Vaporizer has advanced features and the low price tag of the nebulizer makes it an excellent buy for your home.


Pros and Cons of the Am Tech Vaporizer Compressor

  • Compact and lightweight, the vaporizer does not occupy a lot of space.
  • Has non-skid rubber that offers improved surface grip.


  • The mist spray is quite heavy.
  • Instructions for use are not very clear.


The health of your loved ones is extremely important and if anyone in your family suffers from respiratory problems often such as bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma, etc., then it may be a good idea to invest in and buy a high-quality nebulizer that you can use for the treatment of such problems right in the convenience of your home. As we have already seen, using colloidal silver with nebulizers can provide great relief from illnesses such as pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitis, etc. However, there are many models of nebulizers available in the market, so it is a good idea to evaluate the features of the various nebulizers and also their pros and cons before deciding on the one that is best for your child and you.


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