Why It’s Easier To Start A Niche Blog VS A Broad Topic Lifestyle Blog For Beginners

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If this is your first time starting a blog, you’ll likely be all over the place. I know I was! The main reason why it’s typically easier to start a niche blog vs. a broad topic lifestyle blog for beginners, is because you’ll only have to focus on one theme. By going niche, you have a core focus, and your site theme will revolve around one topic… which is much easier to learn how to produce content for, and it’ll be easier to monetize since you won’t have to worry about audience interest segregation.

However, what most bloggers won’t tell you, it that this is not necessarily better in the long run. Every expert on the planet practically says niche blogs are the way to go. Sure, if you have no experience, it absolutely is! But later on, you take what you learned to successfully apply in a small space, and duplicate it in a big space!

I would advise you, if you’ve never made a website before, to build a niche blog first, make it a success to learn the ropes, and then start a broad topic blog to go along with it. You’ll know exactly what to do by then, and you won’t get stuck on the common roadblocks when your content is less focused.

Niche Blog VS A General Blog – Which Is Better When Starting Out?

When you’re just starting out it can be kind of hard to get your bearings in the relatively new world of blogging. In my opinion there’s a lot of bad advice about whether or not to go niche on it vs broad categories of content for your lifestyle blog. It would be different if you had years of experience, and knew how to write posts from the very beginning that would get traction and gain notoriety for your blog. But the fact of the matter is, until you develop your writing style, and you figure out what works for you (because not everything works the same for everyone) it’s much easier to stick to one topic and here’s why:

I can show you a systematic process for coming up with a blog post ideas, targeting specific keywords that work well for your blog, and easy ways to monetize your blog from the very beginning. The trouble is, when you try to duplicate this across many topics or categories of content, it’s very easy to get stuck because you’re not focused on delivering value for one area of interest. And these hang ups can be simple things, like where to.place monetization banners, which type of content should you write on which day of the week, or even how do you mix in lifestyle blog post with my how to content?

If you compare this with blogging about only one topic when you’re starting out, it’ll be much much easier for a beginner blogger to stick to a consistent content production schedule, by niche’ing down the focus of the blog as a whole. I know a lot of people don’t like this, and I don’t personally either, but you have a lot higher chances of being successful when you’re making your first website if you stick to a common theme. This will do two things for you right off the bat: 1) it will eliminate analysis paralysis, and you will only have to focus on consistently producing content in one area, and it’s much easier to do keyword research and give your website a topical theme. The second thing sticking to a common theme for your blog will do for you is, allow you to follow a proven process where you can simply plug in your areas of expertise or interest, and allow you to push forward when you’re not getting results. (this is the common critical time when most beginning bloggers give up)

The Beginners Guide To Blog Content When You Don’t Know What To Write About

Let me give you an example of what I mean…

Let’s say you wanted to start a crafting blog, but mentally you have a few of the common hurdles most people have:

1) you’re not sure how to be a blogger
2) you don’t know what people are interested in
3) you’re not that good of a writer and don’t know how to write useful blog posts

Here’s 3 easy steps that I can show you how to learn in less than 20 minutes, that will give you a basic blueprint to overcome those hurdles immediately, and start producing content today!

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The first problem is you’re not sure how to be a blogger, but to be honest with you blogging or being a blogger is just a buzz term. You are simply a website owner and a content producer, and your job is to create entertaining or useful information that other people are either looking for, or need help with.

You may not know what people are interested in when it comes to crafting, other than the areas of crafting that you find joyful related to your DIY projects. But this is a very easy problem to solve, and I’m going to take you through a couple of steps that will show you exactly how to find out what people want to see when it comes to crafting. (if you’re not into crafting, just plugin in your industry term from here on out)

Use These Two Keyword Tools To Easily Generate Blog Content Ideas For Your Niche Blog

The first step is to get you familiar with a little bit of keyword research, so that you can develop an intuition for topical relevance. I use both free and paid tools to do this, but I’m going to show you both so it doesn’t require that you spend any money to get your crafting blog off the ground.

The first two we’re going to use is a free tool called KeywordTool.io, and a paid tool called Sem Rush which you can use to follow along for free if they still have a 14 day free trial.

Head over to KeywordTool.io, type in crafting into the search box ,and hit enter. Next it will return some results and you should see something like two separate tabs for keyword results and keyword questions. Click on the questions tab, and a ton of crafting crafting related questions should be generated for you.

The Easiest Blog Content Template To Use For Beginner Bloggers

What we’ve just uncovered is over a hundred exact blog post ideas where people are actively searching for information related to crafting, that you probably have experience or expertise with. You can easily provide useful information revolving around any number of these questions, and even group them together in Q&A posts. What you’ll do is take each one of these questions, and formulate it as the title of your blog post, and simply answer these based on your own experiences or preferences.

Cool right? Now replace crafting with your favorite brand of sewing machine, or any other machine you like to use. See all the questions? You probably can answer a bunch of them off the top of your head right? This is an easy way that anyone with zero blogging experience can use, to create endless amounts of useful crafting content for your blog.

Find Niche Blog Examples In Your Keyword Research To Use As Inspiration

Now head over to SEM Rush and type in “crafting” and hit enter. If you scroll down to the phrase match results, or look at the organic search results, you can see that the results for “crafting” is getting screwed by some type of gaming related Guild Wars or something like that. In order for this to work like the example above, we’re going to have to get a little bit more specific.

So let’s type in crafting projects, scroll down to phrase match keywords, and click on full report. Here you can see a list of popular craft projects that people search for, and you can click on the individual keyword itself like “DIY craft projects” and it will take you to the keyword overview. If you scroll down a little bit, and take a look at the organic search results, you can see some example blogs that are already ranking for this style of content. For example if you click on countryliving.com/diy-crafts/ url, you’ll be taken to a page that will show you the top organic keywords that this website’s particular page is ranking for. If you scroll through the list, you will find ideas you haven’t thought of before, but something you already know about or tried yourself. (perfect blog post ideas!)

The way that this is useful, is you have intelligent access to terms and keyword phrases that people in your industry are already using to find what they want. This makes it very easy for you to both create content for your blog that fits within the relevance of your niche, and is automatically optimized for traffic from your niche.

One way to make this even easier with SEM Rush, (as you probably already know of a crafting blog or two that you follow or know it’s somewhat successful already) is you take those blog URLs and type them into SEM Rush, and go to the organic keyword section or phrase overview. This will easily show you an endless amount of ideas, not to copy, but to use as inspiration for your future content you hadn’t previously thought of.

Eventually you’ll know your niche so well, that you won’t even need to use keyword tools at all. After a few months of running Google Analytics and Google Search Console, you’ll be able to detect and see in real time what your audience is searching for when they find your individual blog posts.

With the two tools I just showed you, it should be much easier for you to write useful blog posts within the common theme of your niche. It will also take the guesswork out of wondering what people want to see for your particular niche (on your blog!) in the beginning when you don’t have any traction, and provide a way for you to get good content ideas with little to no experience. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below!

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