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While this isn’t my first idea for a niche site case study, I stumbled onto an idea that gets me fired up about working on… And I think it’ll create a cool story for other people to learn from.

I’m going to Maine next month for a bit and I want to buy an ATV. The original brand I wanted from a dealership that qualified for a manufacturers rebate has already sold out, so I’m going to opt for a Polaris 570. (just another brand and model of ATV)

I thought, why not create a niche site dedicated to the topic/model, since I love it so much (atv’ing that is), and see if I can get it to pay for the four wheeler. I could pay cash for it, but I like the idea of creating a little asset that will pay for the financing and monthly payment all on it’s own. I qualify for decent financing terms since I rebuilt my credit, and the loan cost debt service is between $190 – $673.54 depending on which term chosen. While this probably won’t be the most lucrative endeavor I’ve ever chosen, I think it’ll create a neat story and it makes it fun for me to work on by doing it this way. (something that has been lacking as of late)

I have tons of ideas for customizing the Sportsman 570, and would like to write about my favorite accessories and bolt on aftermarket parts. I think this will make a decent niche site, and of course I’ll be making videos of the bike once I get up there.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Niche Selection

I didn’t really have to do much pondering on this front, I simply thought of something I wanted to buy, that I’m passionate about and that gets me excited, and decided to do a site around it. This will work for almost anything there is a market for, and of course has the potential to be much more (or much less) successful depending on the mass appeal.

For instance, if I would have chosen something that everyone buys like a curling iron, coffee maker, etc… There will be a lot more people interested in those topics, and thus far more earning potential. But I’m fine with a little hobby niche blog, and I think it’s cool to simply try and create a tiny asset that will pay for a toy.

Choosing A Domain Name

I didn’t waste much time here like I normally do, or even fire up any fancy research tools. My site isn’t about ATV’s in general, it’s about the model I’m buying, so it was relatively easy to know what domains would be a good fit.

Of course it’s an enthusiast website for the Polaris Sportsman 570 ATV, but you still can’t have company names or trademarks int he domain name, so I settled on The .com was taken by a dealership manager somewhere in the US (yes I did a quick search since .net is not my first choice), so I grabbed the .net.

To give you more ideas, any of these would have worked fine:


Setting Up The Site

I’m going to use WordPress for this site, and grabbed the domain name from Namesilo since I already have plenty of servers and hosting accounts setup. If you’re following this as a guide, and want to setup your first site, I would suggest you use Bluehost instead and follow this tutorial here.

I installed a free theme you can see here, and made a simple logo and added some color changes to match the actual color scheme of the four wheeler itself.

Getting In Compliance

Because I already know up front that I’m going to monetize with affiliate programs and ads, as opposed to turning this into another business that would have overhead and inventory, there’s a few things that need to be done right off the bat to be in compliance for that.

The site needed the following, as would yours:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms Of Service
  • Affiliate Disclaimers

I used a handy plugin to generate a lot of this, and then added my custom snippets to the pages after the fact. If you’re an Amazon affiliate, you always need this statement on your site: (change to is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Applying for Affiliate Programs

I’m already a member of most of these, but I plan to use several ad networks and affiliate programs to monetize this site. Most income will come from me reviewing products that I buy for the bike, ATV parts people are interested in, and any youtube videos I do for it.

I’ll use these for making money on parts people buy:

  • Amazon Associates
  • Flex Offers (they have the High Lifter aff program, which will allow me to earn commission on lift kits, mud tires, etc…)
  • Google Adsense (might ad this for re-targeting ads/Amazon product ads)

All of those are free to join, and you simply earn a commission for anything you refer, at no extra charge to the customer. So for instance, if someone buys a Sportsman 570 Exhaust like a Big Gun on Amazon from this page, then I might earn $25 bucks from that sale ($407.18 X .065% = $26.47)… But my commission comes out of Amazon’s cut, the customer pays the same sale price either way which is a win win. Pretty cool huh?

That example above is affiliate marketing in a nutshell. You refer a customer, the vendor pays you a commission on those sales, and now has a new customer for life. You’re the low man on the totem pole, and they’re willing to give you money in exchange for acquiring the customer, as a commission rate that’s cheaper than other forms of advertising. (essentially it’s cheaper to give you 6.5% of all sales, than it is for them to advertise in mass media to acquire that same customer. Plus, once you refer a customer, they then capture that customer’s information, and have the ability to send them future offers later on, which is a much higher lifetime value than the few bucks they pay you… that’s why they’re willing to part with their money in this way.)

Setting Up Ads

I setup Amazon’s native shopping ads which is simply copying and pasting some ad code on your site, and the ads automatically match the content on the page. So if the page is about Sportsman 570 Bumpers, you should be able to see bumpers for sale on Amazon automatically generated if you check the page.

This is all done through your Amazon Associates account I listed above, and you can see the ads types here.

Keyword Research

I didn’t do much keyword research like I normally would, simply because I know this industry and product type extremely well. I’m passionate about four wheelers, and have pretty much been riding my whole life, so I don’t really need a tool to know what to write about. (I’d suggest you pick something you know well also, if you’re replicating this process for yourself)

I did however plug in some keywords to these tools to see how much demand there is for things like accessories, snow plows, bumpers, and lift kits. Normally I want to be sure people were actually searching for these items, but in this case I already know they are from my experience with customizing quads… I just wanted to get an idea of what parts were most popular so I can write about them.

Content Ideas

Now that I know what people are interested in adding to their Sportsman 570’s from the keyword research above, it’s easy for me to come up with content ideas, especially since I’d like to add some of the same aftermarket accessories to my bike! Things like aftermarket rims and tires, graphics, and maybe even an exhaust.

There are several ways you can create content around parts or products, and the first is to buy the product yourself and do a review of it. While I do really well with this scenario (you can look back on my Amazon affiliate income in my income reports from reviewing the Merax Finiss: The Best Mountain Bike Under $200 Bucks), I don’t plan to make my Sportsman 570 a mud machine. I plan to use it for mostly trail riding, and don’t want snorkels and other monstrosities sticking out the front obstructing my view!

But that doesn’t mean other people don’t want to do that, and I CAN offer my opinion and expertise on aftermarket parts by picking out what I would buy if I were going to set the bike up like that. I could even create something like: The Ultimate Mud Guide For Your Sportsman 570.

You can replicate this with almost anything… From sewing machines, to hunting bows, it all works the same. What will make things much easier for you if you want to do this for yourself, is to choose something you know intimately, and either love or are really passionate about. Reason being, while you won’t get rich off of it your first go around, the information and process to create a site like this will just flow to you. You won’t have to learn much other than how to setup the site, and I can help you with that. Sharing it with your friends and family will probably get shared all on it’s own, and they will think it’s really cool that you’re creating something like this.

Writing Posts

What to actually write about?Well the best things to write about are what people are interested in. After all, the more people like a product or idea, the more success you’ll have in it being well received, shared, purchases, etc…

As I mentioned, I plan to write about the aftermarket parts I’d like to buy to customize by Sportsman 570, and also cover some other things that I probably won’t ever buy but are still useful. (like these super huge mud tires)

Sure there are things you can do to help your on page seo, but I wouldn’t worry too much other than having the following:

  • Make the title of your post the full keyword (example: Polaris Sportsman 570 Exhaust)
  • Check the title tag of your theme, if it’s wonky use the Yoast SEO plugin to fix it
  • Establish Sub heads so your article reads well (example: Polaris Sportsman 570 Snorkel Kits)
  • Use the TOC + plugin if you want to get a CTR boost in the serps
  • Image alt tags

All these things can help, but shouldn’t be your main focus. Focus on creating the best user experience for your visitors, and providing the best information possible. You can always go back and add this stuff in later, or learn about it if this is Greek to you. The main thing if you want to do this for yourself, is just get started.

Claiming Social Accounts

I’d like to create youtube videos riding my 570, and it’s always a good idea to illustrate different points via video if you can. Not a must, but I think a few youtube videos dedicated to this site and some riding trips I go on could be pretty cool to share.

I’m going to claim the following for future use:

  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook


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