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The thought of sitting at home and making money is something that has crossed each of our minds. What is better than turning all the spare time you have in the evenings and on holidays into money? The idea is truly enticing. Now, you can do just that.

Probably, one of the simplest ways to make money via the internet that does not require any experience nor any investment is to participate in paid surveys online.

There are several online survey companies out there that are legitimate and you can earn money by just offering your opinion on products, services and other aspects that intersect with our lives every day such as a new TV show or a particular product line, among other things.

Many companies today are investing plenty of dollars into online marketing research and they want to find out the nitty-gritty of the relationship you have with their products or services and the best part is that they will pay to know what you think.

Survey companies will pay you for taking surveys in the form of cash or other alternatives like reward points, gift cards, special deals or physical prizes.

How to Take Part in Online Surveys

When you register on an online survey website, you will be asked to fill out the details of your demographic profile and the products and services you use. This is necessary for the screening process, as the companies will send you surveys for which you qualify on basis of the information you provide about yourself. For instance, a survey about cigarettes has no relevance to you if you don’t smoke.

It is a good idea to sign up on multiple sites if you want to make a decent amount of money. Whenever there is a survey available on the basis of your profile, you will receive an email. Some companies may send you many surveys in a day, while some may send you a survey once a month.

Most companies will inform you in advance of how long it will take for you to respond to the survey. The more time it takes to fill out surveys, the more income and rewards you can get.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Online Survey Site

If you are planning to take up online surveys, then you should consider a few factors and evaluate the sites before joining them on the survey panel. Some of the factors you must assess are:


  • How accessible is the online survey site?
  • Can it be accessed on the computer via a regular browser or can it be accessed via your mobile phone?
  • Do you need to fill in a lot of information and does it have too many unnecessary login details?


How convenient is the site of the company and the convenience of the online survey from start to finish?


Time Spent

How much of your time is spent on the survey vis-à-vis the remuneration? You must not only evaluate how much you’re getting paid to answer the surveys but also the time you spend taking them.


  • How much of personal information do you need to give before you actually start answering surveys and make money?
  • How safe is your personal information?
  • Is it being shared with other companies and are you receiving a lot of unsolicited junk mails?

Pros and Cons of Online Survey Jobs

Advantages of Online Survey Jobs

  • You don’t require any special skills or specific educational background to take up online surveys. All you require is to understand some basic rules and elementary English to complete these surveys.
  • You don’t need to spend too much of time on online surveys. The surveys can be completed very quickly and you can earn quite a bit by filling out the surveys.
  • Online survey jobs don’t need you to sign contracts. All you need to do is fill in the registration form with information about yourself and you can start taking the surveys.
  • You can take up online survey jobs apart from your regular office work. You can do this when you are at home, in your free time. This allows you flexibility and is ideal for you if you are a stay-at-home mom or you are looking for some other source to supplement your regular income.
  • You can decide the number of hours you want to spend answering online surveys and the number of surveys you want to do. The best part of online surveys is the freedom and flexibility they offer.
  • You can join the online survey website for free. You can sign up, try the job and see if you like it. There is no risk in the job, as you don’t really have anything to lose.
  • You don’t have a set working time or any obligations to complete a particular number of surveys per month. You can choose to do how many ever surveys you like and decide the time you wish to dedicate to the job.

Drawbacks of Online Survey Jobs

  • As much as there are many pros of an online survey job, it has its disadvantages too.
  • There is a great chance of scams in the case of online survey jobs. The online survey company could scam you by getting you to pay some fees for registering yourself on the website and may not provide any surveys or opportunities to earn your money back.
  • Payments for the work done is received in modes other than cash. Many companies pay in the form of free gift cards, products, vouchers, participation in sweepstakes, etc. in exchange for the work you do for them. This may not all be bad, but if your objective is to earn money, then that will not be fulfilled by taking up the particular online survey job.
  • Just joining one online survey website is not sufficient. If you want to make a substantial amount of money, you must sign up on multiple sites.
  • Many companies that offer online surveys have location restrictions. Employment is usually only offered to you if you reside in certain countries like the US, UK, Australia and Canada.
  • Taking online surveys will allow you to earn part-time income. However, you won’t really become rich and affluent by taking up online surveys. It is just a means of earning additional money.
  • Many times, you will find that these online surveys can become monotonous and boring and you may find that sitting in front of your computer for several hours at a stretch may not be a very exciting prospect.
  • Signing up for online surveys on websites can make you a recipient of plenty of junk and spam mail. Also, if you join several websites, you will get plenty of emails and lots of messages from multiple websites every day.


How to Actually Make Money from Online Surveys

  • Signing up for and filling in just one survey is not really going to fetch you plenty of money. However, if you sign up for multiple surveys and answer quite a few of them every day, you can actually make a reasonable part-time income.
  • The idea is to check your email regularly, preferably every day and several times in a day and fill in the surveys as quickly as possible. Usually, the surveys that are higher-paying get filled up quite fast.
  • Sign up for many survey websites that offer money and check them out for a while. Then, find out the ones that pay the best and the ones that work for you.
  • Choose 3-5 top survey sites, stick with them and respond to the surveys from your chosen sites regularly.
  • Keep a track of the surveys you have responded to and the money you have made. Withdraw your cash as soon as the minimum cashout balance has been reached.


Types of Online Survey Payments


When you respond to surveys, do check out in what form you will be paid. Not all survey sites pay in cash. You can get paid via any of the following options:

  • Cash payment via PayPal or some other payment mode, direct deposit, check or prepaid debit card.
  • Reward point system that can be redeemed for cash.
  • Vouchers for your local grocery or department stores, retail brands or for any online store like Amazon, iTunes, etc.
  • Gift cards for any store like Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, movie and restaurant deals, etc.
  • Airline miles.
  • Entry into sweepstakes or some contest.
  • Donations to some charity.


Online Surveys That Pay Cash

Who doesn’t like to get paid instantaneously when you have put in the effort to earn it? There are many free survey websites that do pay by cash. Once you have responded to sufficient surveys to be eligible for payment by cash or gift card, you can request for it.

There are websites that pay “instantly”, which means that they will pay you via PayPal or a gift card within 24 hours of you making a request for payment and it will take you just a few seconds to redeem it.

However, these days, several online survey sites are opting to pay by modes other than cash and most of them are turning to payment by means of reward points.

How to Identify Legitimate Online Survey Websites


There are thousands of online survey websites out there. But, how do you know whether they are legitimate or not? You can get scammed very easily and to avoid this you must check the following things when you sign up on any online survey site.

Fee for Signing Up

Most scam survey sites ask for you to pay a fee to sign up. This is a bait as taking up surveys online is meant to pay you. Avoid paying any fees to join survey sites, as the ones charging any fees are usually unscrupulous scam sites.

Websites That Don’t Disclose Their Payment Methods

Avoid joining any websites that are secretive and do not disclose their payment methods.

High Minimum Cashout

Scam online survey websites usually set very high minimum cashout requirements that you cannot reach easily with the few number of surveys they provide. It is a good idea to avoid websites that have a minimum cashout of more than $30.

Proof of Payment

A legitimate website will have the proof of payments available on the internet, which you can find with a simple Google search. If you do not find any payment proof, this means either the site is fairly new or it is a scam site that does not pay.

Plenty of Bad Feedback and Complaints

If you find plenty of bad feedback about an online survey website, it is best to avoid it as these types of sites are usually scam sites and are out to cheat you.

Signs That an Online Survey Website Is Genuine


No Fees to Join

Online survey websites that are genuine are usually free to join and do not require you to pay any fee to join these sites. In fact, some sites may even offer you a signing bonus.

Proof of Payment

By just making a quick Google search, you can get the proofs of payments made by the online survey website. And, if there are several proofs available online, it means that the website is genuine and is paying its members regularly.


Forums are great ways to determine if the website is genuine or not and it is a likely sign that the online survey site is going to be in existence for long. You can contact the members on the forum for their feedback about the website easily. Scam websites usually will not have any forums that allow the members to interact with the fear of getting exposed.

Fan Page on Social Media

You can determine if the online survey site is genuine or not via their activities on social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, etc. These social websites allow you to make friends with other users of the survey websites and you can get their feedback about the website directly.

Tips to Keep Your Personal Information Safe

If you are keen on taking up online surveys, here are some tips that will not only keep your personal information safe, it will also help you make money by being on online survey panels:

  • Register only if the online survey website has a privacy policy on their website.
  • It is better to join online survey websites that have been approved by BBB, feature the WebTrust for Online Privacy Seal or have their privacy policies assessed by TRUSTe.
  • Beware of websites that ask you to receive information in exchange for special offers or rewards during registration. These sites may sell your personal information to other companies that will send you lots of junk and spam mails.
  • Set up a separate email account for online surveys. This will make life easier for you. You will be able to know how many surveys you have got and you can prevent spam and junk mail being sent to your regular personal email address if you sign up to a spam website by mistake.
  • Avoid registering yourself on sites that ask for personal details like your bank, credit card and family details, etc. A genuine online research company will never ask you for such details.
  • It is not really possible to get rich by taking online surveys. It will help you as an additional source of some decent income. So, beware of websites that promise you that you can “get rich quickly.”
  • Genuine online survey website invites will provide details of the kind of research being done, the length of the survey and your incentive for completing the survey. Never respond or click on survey invitations that feature advertisements to win cash, products, etc. These are most likely spam emails.
  • Some online survey websites may ask you to download some software onto your computer when you register. Avoid such websites and never download any software, as such software usually track your browsing habits and sends all your personal information to marketers. If you do identify that the marketing research firm that is asking you to download the software is legitimate, then it is probably safe to download it. However, do your homework on the authenticity of the website before you download anything on your computer.
  • Check for the company’s memberships with any reputable marketing associations like Council of American Survey Research Organization (CASRO) and American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR).

Marketing research companies are genuinely interested in your opinions and are ready to reward you with cash and prizes for sharing your views and thoughts. However, you must be cautious when registering with online survey websites and choose genuine and authentic websites and when you have found one that’s reputable, sit back and enjoy the rewards, while having lots of fun.

Top 5 Best Paid Online Survey Sites


Here is a list of the top 5 best paid online survey sites:


Swagbucks is one of the oldest and is among the well-known online survey companies. On Swagbucks you can earn money by completing surveys, trying products, playing games, watching videos and searching the web. Swagbucks has been around since 2005 and has around 13 million members. Swagbucks is extremely convenient and you can just log in at any time and start earning money.

Swagbucks rewards you with SBs for any activity on the website, which can then be exchanged for cash payments via PayPal and you can easily make up to $100-$500 in a month. Swagbucks also pays on time without defaulting on payments. You can also exchange your SBs for gift cards such as e-vouchers and vouchers for retailers, online retailers, online gaming, restaurants, etc. You can also participate in the Swagbucks sweepstakes for daily and weekly prizes.

Swagbucks is very transparent about how your information will be used and it does not contain any links to other external websites. When you register on Swagbucks, your mailbox does not get flooded with unnecessary spam and junk mails. The website’s minimalist design makes it very easy to navigate and the setup is very quick and seamless. Swagbucks is also available on iOS and Android platforms.


Ipsos i-Say

This is one of the largest online marketing research firms that have a solid reputation and a robust privacy policy as well. i-Say pays its members only for responding to and filling out online surveys. You can join the website very easily and the form is also quite easy to fill.

You can also access the i-Say website on your mobile phone through their app and the app alerts you when new paid surveys are available. You can fill out the surveys on your phone and also cashout from your phone as well.

While i-Say surveys are difficult to qualify for, the ones you do qualify for pay well for the time you spend responding to the survey.

The website has a very good privacy policy and explains very clearly how your information will be used.


Inbox Dollars

This website pays you for reading emails, playing games, searching the internet and shopping online, apart from responding to surveys. Inbox Dollars has been around for a very long time – since the year 2000 – and has around 17 million members.

When you sign up on Inbox Dollars, you get a signup bonus of $5 and you have plenty of offers that pay between $5-$50 on the site. You can easily earn around $100-$300 a month on Inbox Dollars if you perform the paid tasks on the website regularly and also take on the shopping offers.

The website is very safe and you can be assured that you will receive your payments promptly and that your information will be safe.


This website offers plenty of opportunities to earn money via shopping, playing games, reading emails, signing up for special offers, referring friends and also taking up surveys. MyPoints is backed by the same company that owns Swagbucks and is very reliable, reputed and has decent payout rates too.

Although you may not get very high paying survey offers on MyPoints, you can be assured that you will get paid for everything that you do.

Apart from cash as a payout option, MyPoints also offers other options for payout such as travel points and gift cards. MyPoints also offers the facility of earning cash back on some of the in-store purchases you make and also gives you an option of a bonus sign up for Amazon Prime.

The registration on MyPoints is very fast and you can begin taking surveys as soon as you sign up. The website is mobile-friendly and is also available as a mobile app. The website is very safe and does not send spam. However, MyPoints does have links to other websites.

Pinecone Research

This is one of the largest marketing and online research firms. Until 2013, Pinecone was a cash only site but changed over to the points system. You can complete surveys and take up the various other offers in exchange for points. You get $1 for every 100 points and most of the surveys offered by Pinecone pay around $3.

Signing up on Pinecone is simple, but it’s only via invitation. You can access the website through PCs and mobile phones as well. Pinecone takes the privacy of its members very seriously; never shares your personal information with others and never promotes or sells any products. They also do not allow any third-party marketing to you.

The Best Online Surveys That Will Pay You via PayPal


As you are aware, the payments for taking up online surveys can be got in many forms. Today, PayPal is becoming a very popular means by which people receive money from online survey sites.

If you are taking up online survey assignments and would like your payments via PayPal, here are 10 best online survey website you should consider.

  • Swagbucks
  • Rewardingways
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Survey Spot
  • Pinecone Research
  • iPoll
  • Ipsos i-Say
  • Paid Viewpoint
  • CashCrate
  • GlobalTestMarket


The Best Online Surveys That Will Pay You by Cash

The 10 best online survey companies that will pay you by cash for taking up online surveys are:

  • Pinecone Research
  • Toluna
  • Swagbucks
  • Vindale Research
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Global Test Market
  • My Survey
  • Survey Savvy
  • Survey Spot
  • Paid Viewpoint

Taking Online Surveys on Your Mobile Phone


And, if you thought that you can only take online surveys through your desktop or laptop, you will be rather surprised that you can do this regularly from your cell phone too. You don’t really have to take out the extra time to sit at your desk at home or at work to respond to a survey. You can do it even when you’re on the move and get paid, even from your mobile phone. This is probably the simplest way of earning cash whenever and wherever you are.

Companies That Offer Mobile-Based Surveys


Mobrog brings to you a very user-friendly online survey app, where you can respond to paid surveys on your smartphone. You can register on the Mobrog site and identify the paid surveys with the dollar icons.

The app also shows you the number of surveys that have been completed and the number that are still available. For instance, 800/1000 means that 800 surveys have been completed and there are still 200 surveys open for response. This will allow you to decide whether it’s worth participating in the survey or not.

Typically, the payout from Mobrog for its surveys is around $0.50-$3 per survey. The Mobrog online survey is available for Android, iPhone and Blackberry devices.

iPoll (i-Say Mobile)

This a very popular multi-functional mobile survey app that lets you take very short surveys “on the go.” iPoll is operated by the company SurveyHead. The app offers you cash and other rewards for completing various tasks like taking pictures, visiting specific stores, etc.

iPoll usually gives you a $5 signing bonus for signing up with them and most of the surveys consist of around 10 questions. iPoll has many modes of payouts and when your minimum earning reaches $15, you can opt for a cashout. iPoll also pays with reward points that can be redeemed for magazine subscriptions, gift cards and airline miles too.

Toluna Mobile

Toluna specializes in cell phone surveys and by participating in the online surveys, you can earn cash. You can also enter the monthly sweepstakes organized by Toluna for cash rewards and exciting prizes. Toluna is available as an Android as well as an iOS app.


This is a very popular online survey site that is available on the mobile platform too and it allows you to earn in many ways. You can earn points on Swagbucks by responding to polls and surveys, watching videos, shopping, searching the web, playing games, etc. You can also earn points by referring friends to the site.

The wonderful thing about Swagbucks is that it pays cash via Paypal and the minimum cashout amount is very low. You can also redeem your points for Amazon and Walmart gift cards. The Swagbucks app is available for download on Android and iOS.

Quick Thoughts

Available as an app for both Android and iOS, this app is quite straightforward and pays you to complete polls and surveys to accumulate points. The app will send you surveys according to your personal information and interests. However, you can take only up to a maximum of 5 surveys in a day on Quick Thoughts.

The app offers another way by which you can earn points. You can visit local stores and give your opinion on their products and services. The points that you earn can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards and the minimum amount for redemption is $10.

Online surveys are a wonderful way by which you can earn extra income in your spare time at home or on your mobile phone when you’re on the move. You don’t require any special skills, nor do you need to be specially trained to take up these surveys. All you need to do is give your honest opinion on things and get paid for your opinion. The best part is that this is a completely fun way to earn extra cash from the comfort of your laptop or mobile phone.




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