Orlando FL Blogger Meetup Group (for blog owners)

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Do you own or run a blog in the Orlando area and would like to connect with like minded bloggers in Central Florida??

Me too! But having a hard time finding any good meetup groups focused on building an actual blog presence. (not the blog platform itself)

I found local meetup groups that focus on building out WordPress and what seems to be a defunct Winter Park Meetup Group, but not too interested in spending much time on coding or platform specifics.

Soooo, I’m going to put this blog post out there, and if you happen to come across it and would like to grab a coffee with like minded bloggers and talk shop, comment below and let’s get together at Starbucks or Credo and start our own…


4 thoughts on “Orlando FL Blogger Meetup Group (for blog owners)”

  1. Hi Matt!

    I found this post when I googled “Orlando blog group.”

    I’m a super newbie blogger, but I would like to connect with other bloggers in the area and share experiences and findings. You posted this a while ago, but I thought I’d reach out and see if you were still interested or if you’ve found anything like this since posting!

    I’d love to hear from you. Thank you for posting!

    Stevey at Bizzie-Body

    • Hey Stevey, yep still on for a meetup! I’m in Maine right now, so might be a little delayed, but will be back in Orlando the first week of November. There’s one other blogger that emailed me so far, and we’re talking about doing a bi-weekly or monthly meetup at Credo if we can get a few more interested parties… Should snowball from there. I can email you at the addy you left your comment with when we schedule the first one if you’d like?


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