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If you’re looking for a hypnotist to help you with a problem, and you live in the Orlando, FL area, you’re in the right place. For years, Daniel Olson of the Orlando Hypnosis Center, has helped me navigate numerous things that come up in all of our lives… from losing a loved one and managing stress better, to improving health and your business life, NLP and Hypnosis are very powerful tools to help you get back on track faster and easier than you can on your own. But maybe you’re like me, and a little stubborn, a bit skeptical, and often wonder if many of the things we read about are “hocus pocus”? I’ve found that this is not the case with these techniques, and part of it is having a really good practitioner that knows how to tap into exactly what you need individually. With over 35 years of experience, Daniel is the only hypnotherapist in Orlando that is able to eloquently blend NLP and hypnosis together, so you can learn to help yourself, be more successful, accomplish your goals, get over your insecurities, and ultimately live a happier life with less suffering.

My Orlando Hypnosis Center Review Summary

  • Super professional and discreet
  • 100% of service approach, whereby the only thing that matters is getting you closer to the results you desire
  • Very understanding of your situation without judgement, with the only focus being moving you toward your desired outcome
  • Compassionate, respects all people’s model of the world from all walks of life
  • A well that runs 30 years deep of wisdom, helping people create positive change in their lives

But I’m Scared To Go To A Hypnotist, Life Coach, Or Any Other “Manipulative” Sorcery

I get it.  I too, thought that the whole idea of hypnosis when I was first exposed to it back in 2006, was to “make you do something” like they portray in the stage hypnosis acts. This is nothing like that, no one is going to wave a clock in front of your face, and most importantly, a private hypnosis sessions IS NOT going to force you to do anything you do not already want to do.

Why Do I Think Daniel Is The Best Hypnosis Practitioner In Orlando?

I didn’t just pick his name out of hat you know! Oh hell no, this isn’t some top 10 list from Yelp or Thumbtack where they randomly display whoever pays them for advertising at the top, and call them “the best.”  Those websites are about as useful as an old Yellow Page salesman, that tries to tell you a $5,000.00 front page listing is going to explode your business…overnight.

Come on…

In all seriousness, you can accomplish some amazing things with hypnosis. The skill of the practitioner and knowing where to tap, makes all the difference in the world in your results.  This is why some people say they’ve tried hypnosis and not much happened… trouble is, most people don’t know a good hypnotist from a bad hypnotist, and may not have any experience with altered states to gauge the caliber of the experience.

Sure, I’ve heard of some other hypnotherapists in Central Florida being decent, but none that I would trust the success of my goals to, or that I would go down the rabbit hole of a complicated problem like anxiety or panic attacks with.

Let me put it another way…. Daniel is the only hypnotist in Orlando that I send my mother to.  (true story)

Why I Trust Sending My Family To Daniel And No One Else

And it’s not just me either, I’ve seen him help all sorts of people from all walks of life, with everything from test anxiety, losing weight, quitting smoking, and even business achievements and financial success.

Very often, it seems we are only one or two steps away from getting the results in life we want. Having an outside coach that can guide us to learn how to help ourselves better than we can do on our own, is damn near priceless.

Other Hypnotherapists In Orlando Offer Crazy Cheap Pricing… But Do They Get Results!?

Many hypnosis clinics are now offering hypnosis sessions with multiple “therapists.” But are these people really the same people with 30 years of experience like they say in their advertisements? Me thinks not…

Any shop that has multiple hypnosis practitioners, most likely is just selling to the highest bidder. What I mean is, you’re not getting the specialized care that comes from decades of experience, much like going to a doctor and expecting to see the doctor himself… but then get pawned off to a partner, nurse, or what have you.

This is why I’m so big on recommending you see someone who spends time with you personally, so you get quality help that doesn’t take months or years like some other hypnotists.

Not Your Average Hypnotherapist In The Orlando Area

A lot of people wonder if it’s worth traveling to see Daniel. The answer is a resounding YES!  People have flown in, and driven up from all over to work with Dan, because the travel time is less than taking longer with subpar local hypnotists in their home town.

By all means, if you’re in Central Florida, it’s definitely worth driving from Winter Park, Lake Mary, Dr. Phillips, Windermere, etc… You only cry once for quality.

Once you start getting the results you’ve always wanted in your life, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about here. Not to mention, this is the only hypnotherapy center in Orlando that I will send my own family to. I trust Daniel 100%, but that wasn’t built overnight… It’s been over 10 years now that I’ve been going to see him, and for different things over the years. It’s akin to that neighborhood handyman people learn to love… you hear from one neighbor that he fixed their garage door, then the other neighbor that he stopped their hot water heater from leaking… before you know it, you just know that the guy can fix about damn near anything. You have a problem, you call him, leave him a key, and it’s handled! Same deal here…

No it’s not a miracle in a box, but it’s the next best thing that can give you rock solid, actionable steps, to moving toward and achieving the outcome in your life you’re looking for.

Sure Hypnotists Aren’t Even Allowed To Call It “therapy”, But Even The Best Therapists/Psychologists/ Miss These Important Points (these are the same people who think EMDR is crazy!)

  • everyone runs a different program
  • checking your ego at the door is crucial
  • most therapists think it must be done their way
  • they make you relive trauma to supposedly get over the problem instead of just focusing on the solution
  • there is no reason to be in therapy for years, when you can get better faster results with hypnosis
  • many people simply have a block (ask me how I know!) that needs to be released, and things magically fall into place
  • but is it really hocus pocus? (here’s the truth)
  • making simple adjustments to your unconscious program, can produce massive positive changes in your life

Orlando Hypnosis Clinic Is NOT The Orlando Hypnosis Center

Don’t be fooled by the imitators… there is no one as good as Daniel. It may seem like I’m putting him on a pedestal, but you wouldn’t think that if you’d seen or heard some of the reviews from other hypnotherapists in the Orlando area over the years. Trouble is, places like Yelp intentionally filter your good reviews, in an effort to get you pay to remove bad reviews, so how in the hell can you even trust them anymore? It’s like buying bad products on Amazon nowadays… you think the damn thing is good because it has 4,000 5 star reviews, and then when it comes in you realize it’s a cheap piece of junk from China. Well, this is much the same… If I don’t make this review, the misinformation is going to keep running rampant!

Fake Hypnosis Reviews Create Unrealistic Expectations:

If you’re afraid of hypnosis or think it doesn’t work, do this:

  • realize real hypnosis is nothing like the bullshit you see on TV
  • know that stage hypnosis is not what you get when you come to a private session
  • understand that hypnosis cannot make you do anything you don’t want to do
  • feel comfortable knowing that hypnosis is likely the most relaxing thing you have evr experienced
  • Daniel is calm, professional, caring, and compassionate no matter what your problem is
  • last but not least… we’re all in trance all day anyway.

This big buildup that many people feel, thinking hypnosis is something unnatural is just a thought from misinformation. The truth is, we trance out and daydream all day long every day of the week. The problem is, sometimes we’re day-dreaming of unpleasant thoughts, that further us into the cycle of our problems. With a private hypnosis session, you’ll do a little chatting about what’s been going on with you lately, and what you’d like to achieve.

During your session, instead of possibly thinking of the negative, you will comfortably and easily drift off into your happy place, while Daniel gently guides your relaxation toward the direction you want in life. By him guiding you with pleasant tones of encouragement, your thoughts will easily stay in alignment with where you want to go, and you may even fall asleep that’s how relaxed you will be. You might even get an extra bonus treat, as he sometimes has super relaxing binaural beats playing in the background of the office, so your brain gets the maximum stress relief and re-syncing it needs all the way around.

Oh and how could I forget the trance chair! You know those most comfortable la-z-boy chairs grandfathers used to sit in? That’s what you’ll get to enjoy in the office… You can lie back if you like, put your feet up, or sit however you need to be most comfortable.

Even The Best Psychologist In Orlando Might Never Get The Results Daniel Gets (and I know firsthand!)

When I was a young boy, and my father moved to Central America, my mother did the best she knew how for me. Unfortunately, this included sending me to a traditional psychologist, in order to process some of the rebellion and hatred I had for school, as well as a few other personal things. Just as any parent would want the best for their children, we have all been taught that this is the right thing to do… Little did she know, psychologists work within a framework that is sometimes very limited, and often requires people to keep reliving an uncomfortable life circumstance over and over and over unnecessarily.

It’s actually quite insane if you think about it…. you have people who are trained to take you through this type of personal work, who don’t personally have their shit together either.  If you have ever had an friends that are a psychologist, especially women, they often lead lives that are in shambles, with unbalanced relationships and personal well being.

So tell me then, how are these people supposed to be able to guide you through a personal healing process, and stay within the legal framework they’re bound to?

Ahahaha, you’re right… they can’t.

How Counseling Can Keep You Stuck For YEARS, When Hypnosis Can Eliminate The Problem In A Matter Of Weeks (by focusing on the solution, instead of the problem like counselors do)

There’s a reason people stay in therapy for YEARS and never seem to truly improve their life. It’s because they are working against themselves in many circumstances, instead of learning how to work WITH yourself… big difference.

And the worst part, to me, is putting kids through hell that isn’t really necessary. There is a better way, and your child will thank you for the rest of his or her life! (it’s a scientific fact that kids are naturally going in and out of deep states of hypnosis on their own all day long… it’s our societal programming that ruins it, but thankfully skilled hypnosis practitioner can guide a child through a healing story, in a fun playful way that leaves them feeling good)

Do You Really Want To Go To A Hypnotist With Top Rated Reviews On Yelp, ThumbTack, Psychology Today (where you can just pay for placement?)

I’ve seen them… these companies regularly have these “top 10” lists that supposedly rank hypnotists in your local area, without ever even using them. Hell half the time, there is so much competitor sabotage going on, the negative and positive reviews are even real sometimes. (it’s simply the competitors either trying to build up or break down each other)

This is a real review, that you can’t buy.  Seriously, I’ve been a professional blogger for some time, and I would charge you over $2,500 dollars just for a sponsored post on my blog.  No local business is going to pay that, much less even know how to reach out to me about it.

Point being, I’ve been going to Daniel for over 10 years now, and he doesn’t even know I’m making this review. I don’t get anything out of this either, other than the satisfaction that I might be able to help just one person out, and help people avoid shyster hypnotists that haven’t honed their craft… just looking to take a quick buck off of people without proving good service and results.

I just want people to get the best results possible like I did, so they can lead more fulfilling lives and be happier.

Call Daniel At The Orlando Hypnosis Center Today
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