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I’ve been looking into other ways of building an alternative to infrared saunas, and came across some pretty cool outdoor sauna ideas. Ever since I started doing weekly infrared sauna treatments for heavy metal detox, I’ve been a little obsessed with getting a sauna in my house to save time commuting to and from the float tank place I go to. Originally I thought I’d just build a near infrared sauna on my back porch, but then I saw a few of these barrel saunas and the ole’ wheels started a turnin’… Boy, wouldn’t it be cool to have a backyard sauna shed outside? Oh wait, don’t you kind of need a big backyard for that!?!?!

I haven’t had a chance to update all the reviews, but I added a low emf outdoor infrared sauna page here.

Prefab Outdoor Sauna Kits For Sale

I went searching to see what the options were for a prefab outdoor sauna, but a lot of the options include cool looking shed or barrel type saunas, but not all are infrared and are finnish (steam) style saunas. For what I’m looking for (the best heavy metal detox sauna, for removing mercury after having my amalgam fillings removed), infrared is deeper penetrating and faster for that purpose… but you still might like some of these steam saunas for home use if you’re looking for more of a maintenance sauna schedule/usage.

Sunray Cayenne 4 Person Oudoor Sauna Shed

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Quick Specs:

  • Natural canadian hemlock wood
  • 8 ceramic infrared heaters
  • LCD control panel
  • Exterior lighting
  • Fm radio with CD player and MP3
  • Oxygen ionizer
  • Reading lamp
  • cup holders
  • rated at 2100 watts

I love the looks of this prefab shed sauna, especially since it has plenty of windows and you won’t feel so claustrophobic once inside like on some smaller models I’ve been in. However, I’m a little curious about the EMF ratings since they weren’t published on the Amazon listing. ETL/CSA certified is great, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s up to my standards, which are a bit below what OSHA considers sage milligaus levels for extended exposure of one hour or more.

Western Pacific – 3 Person Outdoor Sauna – Weather Resistant Red Cedar Wood , Shingle Roof, 110v, 7XL Carbon Fiber FIR FAR Infrared Heaters, MP3 / Auxiliary Input For Iphones & Ipods

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Quick Specs:

  • 3 PERSON *OUTDOOR* RED CEDAR SAUNA 110v – 20 Amps – 7 XL High Quality Carbon Fiber Far Infrared Heaters
  • Shingled Roof – Solid Canadian Waterproofed Red Cedar wood construction
  • Digital Control Panel; Inside – MP3 / Auxiliary Input for iPod, iPhone
  • Ionizer w/ Ozone Generator – Chromatherapy LED lights
  • Weather Sealed Tempered Partial Glass Door and 1 Glass Window

ALEKO 6 Person Canadian Hemlock Wood Outdoor Stone Finish Wet Dry Sauna with 6.0 KW ETL Electrical Heater

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Quick Specs:


  • May Improve your health by: Sleeping better at night, Stimulate blood circulation, Increase metabolism, Heal colds and flu, Relax tired muscles and joints and may Prevent heart disease.
  • Made of Hemlock Canadian wood. 6 Person outdoor sauna with front stone finish and outside lantern. CE and ETL approved certificate.
  • Includes: 6.0 KW ETL Approved Sauna Heater. Front Stone Finish. Inside Lamp and Outside Lantern. Bitumen Roof. Hydrothermograph. Tempered glass. Wooden bucket. Scoop. Wooden door handle. Stones.
  • May Reduce fat and keep fit, Relieve Muscle and Joint pain and Flush toxins from body.
  • Dimensions: 79 x 79 x 85 inches. The 6 person sauna room has 2 benches (levels).



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