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My cousin has been talking about starting a commercial cleaning business for a while, and part of that is doing parking lot striping as an add on service. Naturally once you strip a parking lot or lay fresh blacktop, you need to redo the parking space stripes with fresh paint. (and I thought most people use these stencils for the space labels)

Well, it never occurred to me that it was this easy with the right machinery… that is until this video popped into my Facebook feed. Now I see how guys can re-stripe a parking lot super fast, although I’m sure running this machine is harder than it looked.

I wish I could find where I originally saw this, because I think they had some more info on the company who makes this type of machinery, but it seems pretty cool. I thought I would put this blog post out there and see if anyone has any experience doing a small service business like this, and I will keep adding cool side hustle ideas to the 23 small service business ideas anyone can start list.

Anyway, on to the point of this post… I think this could make an awesome side business for someone looking to start a small local service business you can do on the weekends for extra cash. Originally I was thinking about a gutter cleaning business, or some other type of service that has a very low startup cost (or at least, doesn’t require a lot of machinery or tolling to complete projects, saving on purchase or rental costs), even though I have experience wish a handyman side business… it requires quite a bit of tool diversity on hand in order to do certain repairs.

I see this as something you could implement as a side hustle while still working your 9 to 5, and actually grow it into a real business you can work full time. Heck, would you even need much more than a business line, some company cards or shirts, and a weekend equipment rental to get your first couple small jobs?

Update – one of the YouTube commenters posted about Graco Painting Products, and their line striping machinery. After checking out their website, it looks like they get even more fancy, with a fully laser integrated lot striper. (and here I thought this was a custom riding lawn mower or something when I first saw it LOL!)

What Do You Think!? Viable Side business or not??

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