Pre Built Sauna Kits VS DIY Sauna Builds

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When I first wanted a sauna, I thought the prices for pre built sauna kits were outrageous. I ended up building two different styles of near infrared sauna red light therapy arrays, and after seeing how much work it was, how long I procrastinated on making them, and that my deferred health improvements that are ultimately what suffered, I changed my opinion on the cost of saunas now. See when you waste months and years, thinking about building a sauna, or playing around with DIY sauna ideas, these are days and weeks you could have been using your pre built sauna kit, and already be seeing health improvements from it. When I wasted months and months trying to decide on which sauna to buy, instead of just putting five grand on a credit card and getting the best one I could afford at the time, I never realized that I was forfeiting health improvements, that would have made my life better much faster. I was worried about spending the money, but I didn’t realize that if I could have been relieved from the brain fog, the fatigue, the anxiety, I could have made more money, enjoyed life more, and I could have cared less about the $5k if I would’ve known I could get that so quickly with regular sauna use.

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