Infrared Saunas

Before you start shopping for your infrared sauna, let me share with you my story on how I got into infrared saunas, and why the particular sauna brands listed below are here.

When I first got my amalgam fillings removed, all my research showed that I would need to do chelation in order to remove heavy metals from years of having mercury in my mouth. But when my functional medicine doctor reviewed my labs, kidney and liver stress showed that to be a bad idea, so I began looking for other ways to detox. Infrared saunas were next on the list, and I didn’t know it at the time, but removing toxins through the skin is one of the least taxing ways to detox.

I began my search for an affordable infrared sauna to start my 30 day niacin detox protocol, but everywhere I looked infrared saunas were $5k – $6k dollars. I was prepared to pay that, but after speaking to sales associates over the phone from some of the most popular sauna companies on the market, it became clear that these people couldn’t be trusted. Every company was saying their sauna was the best, but in almost every case, I could find a youtube video that debunked their claims. The area of greatest concern, was specifically high EMF’s.

To make a long story short, most of the sauna companies out there that you see selling in Costco, Amazon, Home Depot, etc… are all imported from China (which isn’t always a bad thing btw), and typically operate under false marketing taking advantage of desperate people that are just trying to get well. Unfortunately the industry is unregulated, and I quickly found that most sauna companies will tell you whatever you want to hear just to make a sale. Their return policies protect them so much so, that they basically cover the cost of their sauna the moment you sign on the dotted line… even if you send it back. (they have so many contingencies in place like return shipping fees, restocking fees, and other bogus administration fees, that you’re the one left with a hole in your wallet, not them.)

This pissed me off enough to start testing saunas, and calling them out individually for bogus marketing claims. You’ll have to read through my individual reviews of different sauna brands, but to give you an example, Dynamic Saunas advertises “low emf” all over Amazon, so I bought in to their marketing hype. Low and behold, they turned out to be just that, all hype, with horrible EMF levels that are so high over the American and Swedish standard, it’s a wonder they’re still in business.

The saunas featured here in my store do not necessarily get shipped to you from me. I don’t stock saunas, nor do I ship them since they’re large freight items. I do however have a referral relationship with the companies that passed my emf tests, and the only way I could come up with to organize them all on my website here, was to put them in a store format so you could easily sift through all the categories.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just use the handy search feature in the top right corner of this screen, or check out my YouTube channel sauna playlist for more sauna reviews.

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