Professional Business Voicemail Greeting Ideas

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When you are a business owner, communication with your current and potential customers is extremely important. However, what if you are not available to take a call or your customers call you after business hours when your business is closed? At such times, having a proper voicemail greeting can create a positive and good impression on the caller. Having a customized voice message instead of a generic, automated one can go a long way in making your customers feel recognized and valued and this will also ensure that they will call again in the future.

Typically, faced with the challenges of managing a business, business owners often fail to pay attention to the importance of a voicemail greeting. The voicemail greeting should set the tone and the usability of the recorded greeting should be able to convert the customer instead of deterring them. So, it is extremely important that you have a voicemail greeting that is enticing and is attractive enough that encourages your callers and potential customers to leave a message.

Many times, as an owner of a business, you may not really like the sound of your own voice on the voicemail greeting and you may not really be sure about what you should say. You can decide to use the voice of anyone on your staff to record the voicemail greeting; however, this may not be as effective as hiring a voice-over professional to do the recording.

Benefits of a Professional Voicemail Greeting

Hiring a voice-over professional to record your voicemail greeting:

  • Can help to enhance the image of your business.
  • Enables your potential customers to navigate through the voicemail system very easily.
  • Can help you deliver your voicemail greeting in the most concise and clear manner to your customers that can help to define your customer service.
  • Is quite affordable.

Here are some main benefits of hiring a trained voice-over professional to record your voicemail greeting:

Trained Professionals

Trained voice-over professionals not only have an impressive voice, but they have excellent language skills. Not only are voice-over actors trained in voice acting, they have an excellent knowledge of grammar and also know the proper enunciation and pronunciation. For the recording to be perfect, you need someone with a lot of practice and training. Using an inexperienced person to record the voicemail greeting may label your business as being “amateurish.”

Technical Skills

A business voicemail greeting or message should be of a high-quality sound recording that sounds very clear and free of any background noise. This can only be achieved if the recording is done in a sound studio with high-quality recording equipment. A professional voice-over artist would either have access to a professional recording studio or own a home recording setup.

Understand Your Objective

A voice-over actor will not simply read from the script given to them. They study and understand the content in details so that they are able to deliver your message properly and also customize the tone of the message according to your requirement. For instance, if the objective is to sell your product or service, then the message can be in a more persuasive tone.

Getting a professional voice-over actor essentially means that you are getting a person with plenty of experience and one who has worked with many other successful businesses. They are able to understand your end objective and also know how to deliver the required results.

However, if you don’t want to go about the hassle of hiring a professional voice-over actor and spend money on hiring a studio and equipment for a professional voice recording, virtual phone services like Grasshopper have the option of their Voice Studio, which is a virtual phone system that has been designed for entrepreneurs to enable them to sound professional and stay connected as well.

Grasshopper Voice Studio

Now getting professional voicemail greetings for your business is very simple. You can simply do it by using Grasshopper’s Voice Studio. The Voice Studio offers a variety of voice talents and you can simply find the right voice to suit your business requirement. Grasshopper’s Voice Studio also offers the option of recording in different languages and can also produce top-quality on-hold commercials for your business.

For just $75 per voice recording, you can get a professional sounding voicemail greeting recorded using the Grasshopper Voice Studio. Once you place your order, Grasshopper’s Voice Studio will have the voicemail greeting recorded and delivered to you within 7 working days from the date of placing your order.

How to Write and Submit the Scripts on Voice Studio?

You can simply log in to your Grasshopper account and select the “Voice Studio” option. To open Voice Studio you must select the “Edit” option.

Choosing the Voice Actor

You can preview the various talents available and select the voice that you like the best.

Write Your Script

For each of the greetings you want to be recorded, write your script. You can write different scripts for the main greeting and for the different extensions i.e. the voicemail greeting, the transfer message and the name. You can save the script and add it to the order after completing each script. Once you have completed all your scripts, you can check out to complete your order and at this stage, you will be charged for your order.

And, if you cannot write your own scripts and require some help, for just $175, the Grasshopper team can both script your greeting and record it for you as well. And, the best part is that for customers who have opted for the Max Plan, this service is free.

You can also make use of a 3rd party option and use a crowdsourcing professional voicemail greeting provider such as Fiverr to record your voicemail greeting. Fiverr is flexible, fast and affordable and at just $5, you have the option of choosing between hundreds of professional voice-over actors who can record your script. You can also find professionals who can record voicemail greetings in various languages, accents, etc. at very affordable prices and deliver the recording within 3 working days or less.

Elements of a Good Business Voicemail Greeting

Typically, a good business voicemail greeting should comprise the following elements:

  • A warm greeting.
  • Your name, the name of your company and department name.
  • Make an apology for being unable to take the call.
  • Ask the caller to leave a message.
  • Let the caller know when to expect a return call.
  • Any person who the caller can contact for any assistance.
  • Avoid having a long greeting message and giving a lot of information.
  • Keep your voice message short, which is not longer than 20-25 seconds.

Some Voicemail Greetings

Often, business owners are not very sure about what their greeting voicemail should say. Here are some samples of business voicemail greetings:

“Hi. You have reached (your name). I am sorry that I’m not able to take your call right now. Please leave your name, number and your message and I will call you at the earliest. Thanks.”

“Hello. This is (your name). I am either busy on another call or away from my desk. Please leave your name and contact number and I will get back to you at the earliest. Thank you.”

“Hi. You have reached (your name). I will not be available in the office starting (date) to (date). You can leave a short message if you wish, after the beep or if you require immediate assistance, you can contact my assistant (name). Thank you.”

“Hi. You have reached (name of the business). We are closed currently. Our hours of operation are (time) (days). Please leave your message with your name and contact number and we’ll return your call as soon as we open. You can leave your message after the tone or press the (number key) for any other options. Thanks for calling (name of the business).”

“You have reached (name of the business). All our customer support executives are busy serving other customers. We will return your call within 1 business hour. Please leave your name, contact number and your message and we will call you back as soon our customer support executive is free. Thanks for calling and hope you have a great day.”

“Hi. Thanks for calling (name of your business). All our sales reps are busy with other customers and will return your call as soon as possible. If you want to check the status of your order or for pricing information, you can visit our website at (website address) or leave your name and contact number after the tone. To return to the main menu, please press (number to the main menu). Thanks for your patience.”

And, once you record your voicemail greeting, all you have to do is provide your message in an .mp3 or .mp4 format to your phone provider, who will upload the message.

Your voicemail greeting is very important and reflects the image of your company and can leave a lasting impression on your customers. So, it is extremely important that you have a voicemail greeting that shows that their call is very important to you and that you’re very serious about your business.

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