Prynt: The Best Polaroid Smartphone Camera You’ve Never Heard Of

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Have you ever wanted to print pictures right from your smartphone just like your parents used to do with a Polaroid back in the day? Well now you can with Prynt, a unique smartphone case that lets you snap photos with your friends, and print them on demand… All without having to have a printer, go to a CVS or Walgreens, and no more transferring photos from your phone to your computer before being able to print them.


Inside Look At The Iphone Polaroid Camera

Prynt is a revolutionary new case for your smartphone, available for both Apple Iphones and Android phones such as the Samsungs, and allows you to easily and quickly print polaroid style photos on the go.

Out with your friends for dinner and don’t get together often? Snap photos like old times and pass them around! No more waiting for friends to share photos with you after they upload them to their computer weeks later… And the cool thing about Prynt, is it doesn’t require any ink cartridges – the printer paper refills contain all the ink right in the paper to make amazing prints on the fly!

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Print Pictures Directly From Your Phone

There is a cool feature most people don’t know about Prynt… When you save a photo that you want to print, you can also take a short video clip or wherever you are at that moment. When you can your print to a friend, they can unlock the hidden video clip, magically bringing your photo to life. Pretty cool.


Iphone Printer Phone Case

So how do they stuff all this technology in a little tiny phone case that slips over your iphone? Well the biggest advancement, is being able to include the ink technology in the paper, so it’s easy to get rid of the bulky ink storage cartridges. Next, you are limited to the paper size Prynt can print on (that’s a mouthful!), but the quality will look better than any photo booth you’ve ever used. Quickly and easily print pictures from your iphone as if you had your own mobile photo-booth you can take with you anywhere. Photobomb your friends, they’ll never expect you to produce a real life picture on the spot!

Prynt Kickstarter: How It All Started

The Prynt app got it’s start on Kickstarter, where almost 10k backers pledged over one million dollars to the picture app and printer case come to life. As the first ever instant camera phone case for smartphones, it’s pretty incredible to be able to plug in your phone, take a picture, and get a photo in seconds. Then you can also watch your photos come to life on the screen magically, which is super cool.

Prynt is currently compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, Iphone 6, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy S5.

Forbes: “Prynt is perfect for those of us that want to quickly frame a photo shortly after taking them — without having to worry about ordering copies online or printing them at a retail store.”

CNN: “The smartphone case that can print your selfies and cameras that fit just about anywhere was among the highlights from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.”

NBC: “It’s like Instagram, but in real life! This case turns your smartphone into a Polaroid-style camera that prints photos. Bonus: Those photos turn into augmented reality videos when viewed on the phone’s screen”

TechCrunch: “This is genius! It’s a Snapchat that you can hand off to someone and so much more.”

Slash Gear: “Prynt Case: Using their app, one can see those printed pictures come alive, giving it the Harry Potter universe’s living portrait feel.”

Engadget: “So what is the Prynt Case? Only the greatest thing to happen to mobile photography since Instagram”

Prynt Case Price On Amazon

You can purchase a Prynt phone case on Amazon right now for under $150 dollars. You get 10 prints (photo paper) included, and the refills are very affordable in the 2×3 size.

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If you happen to be looking for a good digital camera for larger photo sizes or even shooting video, here are 4 good camera options in several price ranges for sale on amazon.

Polaroid Camera For Iphone 6

Gone are the days of buying a Polaroid camera! Now you simply keep your smartphone with you, and attach this handy dandy printer phone case, and you’ll have your own polaroid photos in minutes.

The iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus (also S models) are the most popular supported devices at the moment, and allow friends to scan the photos you give them and unlock a hidden video that plays on their screen. Samsung Glaxy models are also supported, with more and more devices expected to come online in the near future.

Easy To Find Prynt Paper Refills

prynt-paper-refillsThinking what I though when I first saw it only came with 10 sheets of photo paper? It’s only $25 dollars for a 50 pack of refills, so that works out to about $.50 cents per photo which isn’t bad considering what it can do and the convenience.

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Cheap Polaroid Camera Without The Extra Bulk?

So what’s the verdict? Should you just buy a cheap polaroid instant camera instead, or is the Prynt going somewhere with bigger paper sizes, more convenience, and easier to use for non techies? It’s hard to say what the future will hold, but if they keep the current pace, we might see larger picture sizes in the near future if they can figure out how to print rolled paper without increasing the size of the size itself. I don’t know if that’s possible, but if you watch some of the techcrunch and unboxing video reviews, they might provide a little more insight into what’s next!

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