Radiant Health Sauna Review – Best Sauna Ever Made?

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Radiant Health E2-H Model






Heat Up Time


Cost To Run





  • One of the lowest emf infrared saunas on the market today
  • Truly low voc (not just the "bottles of air" 3rd party voc test report)
  • Barely notice on your electric bill, low cost to run
  • Excellent size and value, good far infrared coverage for health improvements
  • The easiest infrared sauna on the market to put together and install


  • No in house financing
This Radiant Health Sauna review is going to blow your socks off if you’re looking for one of the lowest emf far infrared saunas on the planet!  Yes, it’s that good. This infrared sauna is one of the easiest saunas I’ve ever put together, and if you’ve seen all my infrared sauna reviews, you know I’m picky as hell.  Ultra low emf, electric and magnetic fields mitigated in this sauna, no RF radiation, simple to put together, good build quality, low VOC’s… we. have. a. winner.

Over a year ago, I bought a Radiant Sauna from Amazon. As you can see from my first Radiant Sauna Review, it turned out to be total trash, fit for a bonfire. Literally, just burn it. From then on, I discounted anything called “radiant” from that point forward. This turned out to be a mistake on my part, because right under my nose was the REAL RADIANT SAUNA, from the Canadian company Radiant Health Saunas. They’re not sold on Amazon like the knock-off brands, only direct. It’s unfortunate, because all this time, one of the best saunas in the world was hidden in plain sight from my oversight. And admittedly, I wasn’t willing to even look at another radiant sauna for over a year, after getting pissed off for wasting my time with returning the previous one, that had adhesives and high emf in it. It was only when I raised the EMF standards for 2019, and went back to the drawing board searching for companies who mitigate electric fields did I stumble upon this amazing sauna.

The real Radiant Health Saunas, are some of the best far infrared saunas ever made. I’ve been testing mine every day now, and it has lower emf than almost any other fir sauna on the market. You guys are going to love this sauna… anyone with EHS or that’s sensitive to EMF of all types, or has any chemical sensitivities will love the fact that this sauna comes with NONE OF THAT!

2021 Update:  there are several Radiant Health Sauna and “Radiant Sauna” knock-offs that have popped up this year. Below I have a video about it just to make sure I’m not misleading anyone. There are also sauna dealers making content about Radiant Health saunas that have never used one. Buyer beware about getting information from these salespeople.

Summary: Radiant Health Sauna Review Cliff Notes

  • One of the lowest far infrared saunas on the planet (might even be the #1 ultra low out of every brand on the market)
  • Has electric fields mitigated, not just magnetic like most sauna companies
  • ZERO RF radiation for sensitive folks (no bluetooth or wifi transmissions at all… a true healing sanctuary)
  • Low, low, low, low, body voltage (did I mention ultra low???)
  • Not much more expensive than most brands, and in some cases cheaper!
  • Note – the real Radiant Health Saunas are NOT sold on Amazon, Walmart.com, etc…
  • ** Buyer Beware of the knockoff Radiant Saunas I bought from Amazon here & here

All Clever Leverage readers can use discount code “matt-justice-500” for $500 off your sauna purchase

Only buy direct from: www.radianthealthsaunas.com

My direct contact: Randy Gomm (though any of the girls in the office can help you)

Direct phone number:  1-888-291-6544  (make sure you leave a message with your name and number if they’re on another call… sometimes the caller ID is not accurate to call you back)

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80 thoughts on “Radiant Health Sauna Review – Best Sauna Ever Made?”

  1. Me again. So great levels(low) of bad stuff – is there a way you can test the IR output and spectrum? i.e. does it have high levels of the good stuff?

    • Hi Jayson,

      Good question. I’ve been looking at spectrometers to take the testing to the next level, but it’s a little outside of my wheelhouse. Is there a meter you’d recommend that isn’t ungodly expensive?

      • Hi Matt,
        I have been watching your videos for hours/days/weeks to help me in purchasing a saunas. Thank you for the good information. I would like to know if the chromatic therapy lights emit significant amounts of EMF or radiation etc. levels? Thanks

  2. Thank You, kinda stumbled onto you first thing in my research, and it’s exactly what I needed to hear! It is always welcomed when others do the hard work and the rest of us soak in the knowledge, so I appreciate you! I will use your code and referral! Yahoo!

    • Hi Annie,

      You could try to search all of Craigslist, but it’s going to be a really tough find… I doubt anyone would want to get rid of their Radiant Health. You can find deals on other used saunas though if you’re on a super tight budget, you just have to really research the heck out of them if they’re older models (or compromise and get a less than ideal sauna for the time being).

  3. Hi there. This is Sarah again. I talked to you about follow Dr. Wilson’s protocol 2 days. So I like the building the box idea, however I don’t know if that would be enough sweating for me. You are right the Mylar enclosures with the 250 W lights are a total rip off! They are about 2,000. No way. Ugh. I am now thinking of buying a used thermal life far infrared sauna (brand radiant health). I know these are the only hypoallergenic brand out there on the market. I saw you did a review on radiant health saunas and the new ones are actually low emf. How about the radiant health saunas made in 2013? Good quality still? One of these are being sold for 1,500 on eBay which has only been slightly used. This looks like a great deal.

    If they aren’t low EMF that isn’t a deal breaker because I plan to pre-heat the sauna, turn it off and use the infrared 250 w philips bulbs for actual heating my body after preheating it. Dr. Wilson has an article on how to do this conversion (far infrared sauna conversion to the 250 w bulb sauna) and my boyfriend is pretty handy. I just want to be able to sweat more and I already sweat so minimally with just the 250 w bulbs. Preheating the sauna may give me more ability to sweat. Thoughts?? Again thanks so much. You have been extremely helpful and grateful for your work!

  4. Oh crap I meant high tech health for brand with the thermal life saunas rather than radiant health. Whoops! All the names sound the same. But I am looking at a a thermal life by high tech health from 2013. For 1,500. And then converting it by putting the 250 w bulbs inside per Dr. Wilson’s protocol! I hope the preheat in this sauna would help me sweat more than making a box alone. Thanks Sarah

    • Hi Sarah,

      It’s hard for me to understand what you’re saying here. The Thermal Life by High Tech Health is no longer made. Should be a fine cabinet, but I believe they did not mitigate electric fields back then, and the Thermal model was made by Health Mate. (don’t quote me on that… pretty sure it’s right though)

      The bulbs will work if you build an insulated enclosure like we talked about. No one on the market sells this though, you have to build it. (I mean build it like a studded wall, so there is an actual external insulated panel, on the outside of the radiant heat barrier.)

      Sure you could do that, but I’m not sure if I would pay that for a sauna that has been discontinued. Try to get one for less if you’re just using it for the enclosure. There should be some broken ones on craigslist for $500 bucks or so.

  5. This was very helpful. Thank you. Sorry for the confusion. I get it now. If we build a small box (my boyfriend can build it), then the infrared bulbs should be enough to heat it without the far infrared heat from a sauna. I will let you know how the final product turns out, my boyfriend is pretty handy so it should go well!! We will follow your advice + Dr. Wilson’s instructions.

    You are right it’s not worth it to buy one discontinued and not on the market. Also I would have to get a bigger sized sauna to fit the bulbs in if I wanted to use the far infrared. Not worth the cost. Thanks again! Enjoy the videos.

  6. Hi Matt! Im considering to buy the sauna you recommend but their website doesnt have a price, so where should i put the discount code?lol im sorry if its a dumb question.. i saw they sell it on amazon Radiant Saunas 2-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna with 6 Carbon Heaters, Chromotherapy Lighting, Oxygen Ionizer
    an its 1600$ so its cheaper than you mentioned, am I missing something? please any tip is appreciated! thank you for your review.

  7. Hi Matt;

    Thank-you for all the up front data gathering you do to help to make us all make an informed decision before buying an expensive product. You EMF readings in this regard are invaluable.

    Do you have any CHOH or TVOC readings from a Radiant Health Sauna ?

    I purchased a HTH TR-2 in early Apr’19 (as u know). i have used it roughly 43 hrs. Using a PCE RCM-15 meter (I’ve used 4 different meters), and with the door closed, the CHOH and TVOC levels still rise to more than 1000% above levels deemed safe by the California Office of Environmental Health. I’m expecting/hoping these levels drop soon, but meanwhile, 3 friends are wanting to purchase a FIR sauna.

    Thanks again for your efforts Matt.

    • Hey Bruce,

      Good question. I know they have a VOC report but I’m not sure if it’s what you’re looking for. I would call and talk to Randy, he won’t bullshit you whether it’s what you want or not.

      I’m not 100% on that, I don’t have that meter. A quick search on Amazon for “PCE RCM-15” draws a blank for me… as long as it’s not thousands of dollars, I can buy one and test it for you? (I have both the Radiant and HTH sitting in the other room unless someone buys them this weekend, happy to do whatever while they’re still here until the next batch comes in) I’ve been really hesitant to pick up any more of these and use it as gospel… there are a lot of reviews out there about them being inaccurate compared to a several thousand dollar meter.

      I know we chatted about this before, but I can’t remember… do you get the same levels whether you are personally in the sauna, as when you’re no one is in it? Just curious how much I contribute to it when I’m inside.

      P.S. – you might really like Dr. Klinghardt’s stuff on saunas. He believes that no one should ever use a sauna with the door closed and not rotating towels outside the sauna. He says severely toxic people off gas as they sweat it out, and is keen on removing situations where you can “re-breathe it”? This is outside of my wheelhouse to technically describe, but there are some long lectures on youtube that have good tidbits in the middle you might like/find relevant.

  8. Hi Matt;

    Thanks for the quick reply. I will indeed check with Randy.

    The other 3 meters I used were purchased from Amazon, but to improve consensus, I also bought the RCM-15 directly ($216 US) from the pce-instruments.com website. It’s German, but components may originate from anywhere. To me, it’s proven to be the most sensitive/consistently accurate thus far, though if I could find a professional meter that was less expensive than a compact car I’d buy it.

    Good point. I constantly check the levels when I’m inside, but I also check them while I’m outside (i.e. running the “cleansing cycles,” door closed). It does not take very long for the CHOH and TVOC levels to reach rather alarming levels with the door closed, with me outside. I do rotate the towels. In fact, I’m doing everything I can (e.g. wipe downs) to try to “tame” these levels as quickly as possible. But for now, I am resigned to opening the door about half the length of my thumb, and using an external fan (in addition to the roof fan) to exchange air. This means my sauna temps reach only to the high 120’s (F).
    I bring these readings up only to warn those that may not be aware that formaldehyde is a Group 1 (Carcinogenic to humans) toxin, as is benzene.
    Side note: The largest impact you will contribute to internal air quality while you are inside the sauna is due to flatulence, as it contains methane and other VOCs.

    I appreciate the heads-up on Dr. Klinghardt. I will investigate his findings/recommendations.

    Any findings you dig up are helpful. Thanks again Matt.

    • Ah I see what you’re doing. I have an idea for you, but I’ll have to shoot a video just for you to show it to you.

      I cut a hole in the roof of one of my saunas last year, and added a fresh air fan. With the door cracked, you can cycle the air pretty easily and still maintain good heat because it’s reversible. So most ceiling mounted fans are always exhaust, which pulls the heat right out making the sauna work super hard to maintain cabin temp. With this, you adjust the direction and speed, and bring in fresh air from the room at a higher rate than it can escape from the door.

      Might help, I don’t know…

      *Edit – now that I typed this out, I think you have a newer HTH with a fan built in. Disregard if so.

  9. Appreciate your thought process. You are correct, my HTH TR-2 is only 3 weeks old, and its fan is exhaust.
    It is a relatively cheap fan (I use several of them when I build my computers), so I could easily reverse it to draw in fresh air (rather than exhaust the heat), and I could also replace it with a higher CFM fan. Though reversing its flow would compete with the external fan at the door. Also, the off-gassing (i.e. toxic air buildup) correlates positively with temperature (as one would expect), so experiments would need to be run to optimize the arrangement..
    As I type this, I’m running another series of “cleansing” cycles (door nominally closed, opened periodically to vent), and the TVOC levels rise to off-scale at >16X safe levels, CHOH levels are >10X. Really hope these improve over time.
    I don’t want to be selfish and take-up any more space on your blog here. Thanks a bunch Matt.

  10. Wondering why far infrared users pre-heat the sauna. Don’t we benefit from the far infrared as the unit is heating; plus doesn’t the emitters shut off once the set temperature is reached diminishing the full value of the far infrared?

    • To increase the air temp int he cabin just a bit before hopping in. But you’re on to something here that I’ve been meaning to make a video about… I’ve changed the way I use my sauna a lot over the last year, I’ll make a video for you. Any other questions you want me to stick in there while I’m at it?

      Thanks Mike!

  11. Thanks Matt,

    I applaud you on your excellent reviews on the various far infrared saunas and the coherent way you articulate them.

    Keep up the good work.

    I allege that essentially all our health problems are a product of our daily unavoidable absorption of the numerous deadly toxins, lack of vital nutrients due to our poor diets, and the Electrical, Magnetic and Radio radiation fields that surround us.

    I am planning to purchase the 4 person Radiant Health Sauna in the near future to add to my Pulsed EMT Therapy.

    Thanks again.

    Mike (Aqua Hullic) Suzadail

  12. Hi Matt, Thinking of purchasing a Radiant Health 2 person sauna….. have you tested the Radiant Health sauna Carbon Fiber heater for toxicity….I think they are made overseas. Also, have you tested all material for the 2 person sauna for toxicity…Let me know.Thanks, Daryl

    • Hi Daryl,

      I don’t personally have equipment to test individual materials. They’re pretty honest about their VOC report though, and it’s not one of the types where a company ships off a bottle of air inside the sauna to test for VOC’s either… they’re using a fully assembled operational sauna for the VOC report.

  13. Hi Mike ;

    Any progress on measuring CHOH or TVOC in your Radiant Health Sauna ?
    The numbers Randy sent me are exceptional, so I just want to verify them.



  14. Hi Matt,

    Thank you so much for your vlog and reviews on Saunas. We want to purchase one as our youngest son has had Crohn’s disease for 10 years and has almost died a few times. I want to buy the best, but like you felt before, it’s very daunting and overwhelming because you read these sauna websites, and they all sound very convincing and it’s hard to make a wise decision. Thank you so much for all of the testing you have done and for sharing it with us! I’m so glad to hear that you’re feeling better now. One question: Have you ever looked into CelebrationSaunas.com? Their site looks very convincing, but as I said, they all do. I would love to hear what you have to say, and thank you again!

    • Hi Melanie,

      Yes I’ve done a few videos on those, but have never bought one. (nor will I ever without more evidence that they’re different than the Dynamic Sauna I bought from Costco)

      Those are Golden Designs saunas (it says it right on the website): “In 2007, Golden Designs started purchasing the Chinese factories that were constructing what would become our Maxxus Sauna line, our Dynamic Sauna Line and our Golden Designs sauna line.”

      Now these Celebration models might a different line or custom production run, I don’t know. But until I see live video of all (3) electric field levels, magnetic field levels, and body voltage levels, I would not put my own child in one of them.

      If you can get them to show you proof of everything and it’s what you’re looking for, buy it.

  15. Matt,

    Wanted to thank you for doing reviews. Being a thrifty kind of person, I would have bought one of the inexpensive models that I would have been very unhappy with. We ended up with a 2 person Radiant Health Sauna. They were running a $500 special at the time but only for another week (I hate sales pressure). I mentioned that I found their sauna review on your website and they said “Don’t worry about the week, we offer the Matt Justice $500 discount). I was still doing research on saunas and wasn’t ready to buy one yet.

    As you said in your review, the workmanship on the Radiant Health Sauna is top notch. I’m a woodworking enthusiast in my spare time and I was impressed on how well it was put together and how joints matched up.

    It took my wife and I an hour and a half to put it together. Definitely needed both of us to assemble it. Snapped together like a puzzle, only needed the provided Allen wrench to the door handle on and a step stool to make the wiring connections on top.

    The sauna was well wrapped and crated on a skid on Friday night. I ran the electric on Saturday morning and now have used it 4 times in 4 days. My wife and I use it separately, I like to warm up with the sauna, my wife likes to step in after it’s 130 degrees.

    Overall it’s too soon to feel any health benefits. So far it relaxes me, and my skin tingles after my session and a shower.

    Thanks again for all you reviews, they really helped on making a decision and saving me $500.


  16. Hi, I am ready to buy a one person Radiant Sauna after intense research and concern about EMFs. The only thing that I am not sure about is the maximum temp of 123 degrees, which seems rather low, so I am concerned about the amount of time I will have to stay in it to get a sweat on. I am using the sauna for health problems. Do you consider it effective in detoxing even though the highest temp is 123 degrees? And how long can you stay in it?

    • Hi Dania,

      I’m not sure who told you those max temperature figures, but they’re not accurate. The sauna is just getting started at 125 degrees F, and takes about 25 minutes to preheat to that temp from a dead cold start. Most people find between 130 – 140 F their comfort range. (my favorite for longer sessions is about 133 F)

      About an hour at lower temperatures, but it varies depending on your heat tolerance. I have some videos on it that you might like on YouTube.

  17. Hi Matt,
    My husband and I are sauna shopping, actually I’m doing the research and driving him crazy. Everytime I ” decide” a red light goes off. I was set on the Radient Health sauna but was talking with the salesperson, she said that the room it goes in needs to be at least 68-70 degrees or it won’t get up to temp, that we would need to put a space heater in the room to warm it up first. This doesn’t make sense to me, what are your thoughts. I did tell her the room ran 65-67 degrees.

    • Hi Jami,

      Yes if you put any infrared sauna in a cold environment, it’s going to be fighting the ambient temps in the space.

      It’s just like accelerating on the highway to pass someone… it takes considerably more to go from 50 – 120mph, compared to 75 – 120mph.

      It will still heat up, just takes longer and might not get to max temp. As for hard figures, which is what you need, I’ll be able to say in a couple of weeks. It’s 16 degrees here today, and several folks have asked for cold weather testing.

      • Hello, any more information on this cold testing aspect? I know this is an older post but I’ve posed the same question on at least 2 YouTube videos with no success in a reply. I was told the same and I need to see if I can leave it in a room that definitely won’t get to 68 in the colder months and how it affects performance. Either way I have to run Electrical but carving out a space for the 3 person corner by moving it inside is tough. Looking for some feedback, thank you.

        • Hi John,

          Emailed you, need more info. It really depends on which climate and how cold outdoors. For instance, when I use mine in Maine and it’s -10 F all night, if I forget the leave the heat on, the sauna struggles to reach temperature. (rightfully so 🙂

          Sauna companies just want to make sure the product performs well for you, so they’re cautious with cold climate applications. But there’s a little leeway there based on my own testing.

          • Matt, I checked all of my folders and didn’t see anything. I live in the Augusta, GA area. I’m looking to put it in a garage that is insulated but doesn’t have HVAC to it.

            I do have a covered back porch and instead of the Radiant health, I may get an outdoor rated one from clearlight and then heating shouldn’t be an issue.

  18. THANK YOU MATT!! I just spoke to Randy and purchased mine. I previously owned a Sunlighten (nothing wrong with it) and was about to buy another one until I read and watched your review of the Radiant Health. I name dropped that it was your review that solidified my decision. I will be watching your install video once it arrives.

  19. Hey Matt,

    I’m an FDN practitioner up in Calgary and have been researching IR saunas for months.I’ve been agonizing over finding the lowest and safe EMF combined with an efficacious sauna. I had to laugh because, my experience is EXACTLY what you’ve described- the sales people are typically terrible and it’s virtually impossible to get accurate answers to my questions.. Thank you SO MUCH for these reviews.. I spoke with Shannon today at Radiant Health and will be ordering mine tomorrow.. Are you really saying Radiant Health over Clearlight- which has been the gold standard???

    • Hi Lynne,

      Yep, depends on which Clearlight you’re talking about, but the Premier and Elite are as close to brother and sister as you could get… Radiant is just a bit cheaper, which makes is the best value out there.

  20. Matt

    Shannon and Randy terrific. Had my sauna for just over a month and use it daily. Even more opportunities with the virus floating around. Thanks much for your research and assembly video. It was all we needed to buy the RH and put the device together.

  21. Hey Matt!

    Thank you for your dedication to this topic, you have saved me many many hours of research.

    Could you by chance list your different levels of EMF readings for each model to compare side by side?

    You stated that Radiant Health has Zero presence of RF radiation, what levels did High Tech Health show?

    Also, do you recommend a specific heating source?

    • Hi Teah, they’re not in a spreadsheet, but you can watch the live video of whichever brand you’re interested in on CertifiedSaunas.com. Hardly any, you won’t find a sauna on the certified sauna list with significant rf… it’s one of the requirements. I’m not sure what you mean by source?

  22. Matt,

    Thanks for the great videos and hard work. Very close to pulling the trigger on a 1 person sauna from Radiant Health. I have been struggling with were to put it. Master bath has a free standing tub I would like to remove but with the tile work, plumbing, and electrical required I would probably have to sink $4K in cost just to get a sauna in. We have a spare bedroom but spouse is against putting it there for fear of odors for our guest. I can configure something for our garage which is pretty well insulated. I live in the pacific northwest so we don’t get very extreme temperatures on either end of the spectrums. Would this set up be a major non-starter in your mind? I realize the colder winter temps may lead to some elevation in electric needs and slightly lower temps but I am willing to accept this if overall my experience will be favorable. Thanks again.

    • Hi Mike,

      No it can work, you just can’t let the ambient temps get too low in there… it makes the sauna work twice as hard to get to operating temp.

      The spare bedroom would be best. As long as you’re not using it when guests are there, I wouldn’t be concerned with any odor. (I have them in my office, and use them…) Maybe even a corner sauna, since you can tuck it in the corner of a room, and still have quite a bit of usable space in a guest room.

  23. Matt,

    Would you say you are truly comfortable in any 1 person sauna you’ve tried? I’m 6’3″ former football player very broad shouldered. On paper, the specs make me think I can fit in the 1 person Radiant or Clearlight with clearance for both shoulders. Since you are smaller than me, what are your thoughts?

    • Hi John,

      No not really. Can I fit okay? Sure, just can’t turn sideways, and am limited on movement. A 2 person is perfect for me to use by myself… but I might be weird. (If I’m going to spend $3,200 on a 1 person sauna, I’d rather spend $500 bucks more and get the more comfortable one if I’m going to use it everyday for the next 15 years or until I sell it with the house)

      One hack you can do, is sit in a dining room chair, have a spouse or friend hold cardboard boxes around you at the exact dimensions of the model of sauna you’re looking at. You can get an idea of how much space you have inside like that.

  24. Hi Matt,
    I’m leaning towards the one person Radiant Health far infrared sauna after seeing your videos! Have you had any issues during the winter with the heating elements? I keep my bedroom (where the unit will be) cool 60..
    The sauna structure looks great quality..just hoping the heating/infrared elements are good as well.
    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Amy,

      Yes all the infrared saunas struggle at 60 and below… doesn’t matter the brand. At my Grandmother’s cabin in Maine, I can still get an okay sweat between 55F – 65F, but the sauna is definitely struggling to produce that. (and it take a WHILE to heat up)

      I’ve tried other brands in the same environment, makes no difference.

      I would recommend two things in this case: 1) get a steam sauna if you want super hot in the cold, or 2) make sure you go with a rectangular sauna, not a corner model. The smaller the better in my opinion, that way you keep the body saturation of infrared as close to the body as you can. (this will help keep you much hotter in cold temps, simply due to more infrared exposure, and less cubic footage)

  25. Hey Matt, I am considering a radiant health sauna, they said all the right things when I called, and it seems like the real deal, but I’m looking for some additional external validation. Know anywhere I can find existing owners who can vouch for it aside from yourself? FYI, I have found all your videos and site extremely helpful! just looking for one more data point for validation.
    Being that this is not something available on a site like amazon, it seems harder to find a repository of reviews and feedback.

    • Hi Dario,

      Sure there are tons, but people are usually pretty private… it’s not like I can give you their phone numbers and let you call them if you know what I mean. That said, I totally understand where you’re coming from… Personally, I hate putting up testimonials about me, I’m just not that kind of person. But I should probably do a better job of this just to make it easier to assess for folks like yourself.

      Let me see what I can screengrab for you. Do you have any particular areas of concern?

      Would you like to submit a testimonial after you get it and love it? (lol, kidding not kidding?) 😉

    • I’ve used a 2-person Radiant Health sauna for more than a year now, about 3-5 times per week, and I highly recommend the product. I don’t really want to publish my phone number here for all to see, but if Matt sets up something I’ll contribute.

  26. Matt,

    Had my Radiant Health 1 person sauna now for about a month. I love it. Very high quality. Really heats up well. I personally let it go for about 30 minutes to warm up and sit in the unit for 25 minutes for a really good sweat.

    Any suggestions on how to prop up an Ipad on the door outside so I don’t have to watch Netflix on the ipad as it sits on the floor? I looked at some suction cup shelf holders on Amazon. Any good tips would be great

  27. Im confused. Im looking for the radiant health sauna for 2 that i watched on one of your videos that you recommended. I cant seem to find it with heated tile floors and heated bench that you mentioned. Cant find where to buy and cant get any info. Can you help

  28. How do you listen to an iphone in the sauna? I understand there is the option to use an aux. chord in the radio, but I know you don’t want your phone to get so hot???? so if you have a long aux chord to put your phone outside the door, then there is a crack in the door because of the chord???? Or do you put it inside the trap door or does that get super hot too?
    Thanks for your reply?

    • Hi Jill,

      The aux cord routes out the roof. I just set my phone on a side table, along with sauna supplements, towels, etc…

      Let me see if I have a picture. (I need to make a video on just this, added to list)

  29. Hi Matt,
    I’m wondering about the top, where it looks like it is made of particle board. Do I need to be concerned about off-gassing of the roof?
    And also, I was was interested in putting it in my basement but it’s about 50 degrees in the winter down there…will that mean it will take forever for this sauna to heat up?

    • Hey Jill,

      Particle board!?! Jill, we need to make you an eye doctor appointment ASAP! 😉

      No you do not. There is a thin veneer on the exterior outer layer for the electronics cover, trap door, etc… but it is definitely not particle board. (there is also more than one roof… the inner cabin roof is solid Hemlock)

      It’s going to fight those temps for sure, would be better if it was slightly heated. I think I have some videos of the corner model at my Grandma’s cabin in Maine this last winter. When I forgot to turn the heat on, the sauna struggled to heat at 38F ambient room temp, and I wouldn’t recommend that.

      You CAN run it in the cold. Problem is, I don’t consider that reliable, and would hesitate to recommend that to you with confidence. I wouldn’t want to mislead you, or not meet your expectations. It really needs to be 65F and above to perform well.

  30. Matt, thanks for all your reviews. You seem to be the only person on the internet physically inside the majority of the sauna models you speak of. In fact, I have never seen anyone else online that has personally been inside as many saunas as you have on you live 30 for 30 videos? My question is, going into 2021, is there any sauna on the horizon that you are eyeing that will replace your Radiant Health? I see a lot of influencer hawking lots of products, but I find that what they use themselves at home to be the best gauge of what to buy. Thanks a lot – Cindy

    • Hey Cindy,

      Thanks I try to be in them as much as I can when filming. Nope, it’s still the best value going into 2021. Customers have zero issues, the staff is not pushy which is rare these days, and the saunas themselves are about as bulletproof as you can get.

  31. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you’ve devoted to testing and reviewing saunas! I’m thinking about pulling the trigger on a one person Radiant Health unit. Is it possible to disassemble later? I rent an apartment and move every year or two. Thanks again and best wishes.

    • Hi Abby,

      Yes definitely, I just moved another one. A few folks have requested videos of moving saunas and how to pack them in a Uhaul or for the moving company. I have this filmed, just need to get it edited and uploaded after the holidays. This will be available on YouTube after the first of the year… should help a lot.

  32. All I can say is shame on me in some other words I can’t use I brought a radiant 4 person sauna should have known it was to good to be true .I guess I’ve thrown 2500 away which would have been a nice payment on a half decent sauna ordered on 12/31/20 I wonder how it will cost to send back and restock price through I done my homework but I get more than a F did not order a radiant health sauna tear in my eyes and heart aching about now so now my BP is really up and this was suppose to help bring it down. Just ran across radiant health saunas not radiant saunas.ouch,ouch.

  33. Low EMF


    Low VOC


    Heat Up Time


    Cost To Run




    Hi Matt,

    This sauna world is very confusing and making my head spin. Can you help me make a decision. I’m looking for a 2 or 3 person model:
    -Low EMF
    -highest quality infrared lights
    -Low VOC
    -no particle board or plywood, bad glues
    -Heats up quick and is warm, floor heaters is a must- I have trouble sweating.
    -I’d like bluetooth so I can easily hook up my phone but if there’s a better model I can do without…

    Clearlight sauna – sanctuary/premier

    Sunlighten sauna – Signature

    Sun Stream


    • Hi Emily,

      I’m confused, this sauna hits all your focus points? You are on the page for the product I would recommend to you, based on the criteria you laid out and all brands mentioned…

  34. Hi Matt. I just ordered a 2 person Radiant Health Sauna. I can only put it in my garage. The sauna rep told me that during cold winter months I should use a space heater next to the sauna for better heat. Do you think it would be a good idea to put some kind of insulation material over it to help keep the heat in? Will it help?

    • Hi Alex,

      I didn’t catch where you are located? It really depends on what kind of winter we’re talking about here, but yes absolutely there are several ways to keep the heat performance… Give me some details, I can help you out…

  35. Hi Matt, I’ve enjoyed your reviews!
    I’d like to get the 3’x3′ one person sauna from Radiant Health
    since that’s all have room for (barely, actually).
    Because it’s so small there is no heater in the front since the space is taken up by the door. And since it’s so small, does one get more “bad” radiation sitting so close to the heaters? Thanks.

    • Hello, no the small ones work like gangbusters since the cubic footage is smaller, with good power still on tap. Sure that could be a problem in other saunas, but Radiant Health has taken care of both electric, magnetic, and rf in their saunas… not an issue.

  36. Hi,
    Looking at reviews as Radiant Health Sauna relate to Sunlighten from EMF standpoint. Review I saw of yours on a Sunlighten was on a rental unit that likely had thousands of hours on the heaters. On their site it looks like they recently done 3rd party testing on EMF levels and they are below .5mG. Have you tested Radiant Health after many hours of use? I am wondering if there is degradation of heaters over time and use and if it is across brands or just Sunlighten.

    • Hi Jonathan,

      Yes of course, along with feedback from hundreds of customers. It would be detrimental if not. Yes someone sent me a new video they made; very very well produced, yet still ignores electric fields and body voltage altogether. Excellent video production though!

      No that would defeat the whole purpose… a sauna that goes UP in emf emissions after reasonable usage? That would be a huge problem, albeit interesting idea.

      • Thank you for quick response. Actively looking to buy sauna and came across your information and found it enlightening. Thank you for the information.

  37. Hi Matt
    Thanks for all the information here. I have placed an order for an E-2H based on your positive review on here. They gaveme your discount, which is a plus, but being Canadian, my 500 isn’t worth as much as yours:( Downside is the 8-10 week wait time to get it, but that’s life right now it seems. Wasn’t sure where to say thanks to you, so just put it in here.

    • Hi Sven,

      In short I do not unless the company offers it. Although I have heard of customers facilitating their own shipping outside of the US on their own. Generally they purchase the sauna, have it sent to the warehouse of the international shipper, and they take it from there. I’ve never done it though, so I don’t have any firsthand tips.


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