Radiant Health Sauna Review – Best Sauna Ever Made?

This Radiant Health Sauna review is going to blow your socks off if you’re looking for one of the lowest emf far infrared saunas on the planet!  Yes, it’s that good. This infrared sauna is one of the easiest saunas I’ve ever put together, and if you’ve seen all my infrared sauna reviews, you know I’m picky as hell.  Ultra low emf, electric and magnetic fields mitigated in this sauna, no RF radiation, simple to put together, good build quality, low VOC’s… we. have. a. winner.

Over a year ago, I bought a Radiant Sauna from Amazon. As you can see from my first Radiant Sauna Review, it turned out to be total trash, fit for a bonfire. Literally, just burn it. From then on, I discounted anything called “radiant” from that point forward. This turned out to be a mistake on my part, because right under my nose was the REAL RADIANT SAUNA, from the Canadian company Radiant Health Saunas. They’re not sold on Amazon like the knock-off brands, only direct. It’s unfortunate, because all this time, one of the best saunas in the world was hidden in plain sight from my oversight. And admittedly, I wasn’t willing to even look at another radiant sauna for over a year, after getting pissed off for wasting my time with returning the previous one, that had adhesives and high emf in it. It was only when I raised the EMF standards for 2019, and went back to the drawing board searching for companies who mitigate electric fields did I stumble upon this amazing sauna.

The real Radiant Health Saunas, are some of the best far infrared saunas ever made. I’ve been testing mine every day now, and it has lower emf than almost any other fir sauna on the market. You guys are going to love this sauna… anyone with EHS or that’s sensitive to EMF of all types, or has any chemical sensitivities will love the fact that this sauna comes with NONE OF THAT!

Summary: Radiant Health Sauna Review Cliff Notes

  • One of the lowest far infrared saunas on the planet (might even be the #1 ultra low out of every brand on the market)
  • Has electric fields mitigated, not just magnetic like most sauna companies
  • ZERO RF radiation for sensitive folks (no bluetooth or wifi transmissions at all… a true healing sanctuary)
  • Low, low, low, low, body voltage (did I mention ultra low???)
  • Not much more expensive than most brands, and in some cases cheaper!
  • Note – the real Radiant Health Saunas are NOT sold on Amazon, Walmart.com, etc…
  • ** Buyer Beware of the knockoff Radiant Saunas I bought from Amazon here & here

All Clever Leverage readers can use discount code “matt-justice-500” for $500 off your sauna purchase

Only buy direct from: www.radianthealthsaunas.com

My direct contact: Randy Gomm

Direct phone number:  1-888-291-6544

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  1. Me again. So great levels(low) of bad stuff – is there a way you can test the IR output and spectrum? i.e. does it have high levels of the good stuff?

    • Hi Jayson,

      Good question. I’ve been looking at spectrometers to take the testing to the next level, but it’s a little outside of my wheelhouse. Is there a meter you’d recommend that isn’t ungodly expensive?

  2. Thank You, kinda stumbled onto you first thing in my research, and it’s exactly what I needed to hear! It is always welcomed when others do the hard work and the rest of us soak in the knowledge, so I appreciate you! I will use your code and referral! Yahoo!

  3. Hey Matt,

    My wife has stage 4 lung cancer showing in one lung. She had cancer before and this time she’s convinced she should go the alternative route. We’ve come across a number of different therapies we will be doing and infra red is one of them. I know heat is one thing, but I thought there was another benefit specifically attributed to the near infrared light. I know your not a doctor and all that (and we absolve you of any risk for your opinion), but can you shed some of your own light on the near vs far infra red choices we should be looking at?

    • Hi Steve,

      Sure… for heat therapy (hyperthermia) in an effort to thwart cancer, you’d want a far infrared sauna. However, there still might be some benefit for her using near infrared as an aside, but I’d go for a separate red light therapy device for that, so you can target the area directly if that’s what you’re going for.

      As a general rule, most full spectrum saunas don’t deliver all that much near infrared at an intensity you’d want because the NIR emitters are usually mounted at a distance greater than ideal… so when selecting a sauna for the purpose of inhibiting cancer, I normally focus on far infrared coverage.

      You can use a heat lamp bulb for spot treatment if budget is a concern, or use an LED red light therapy device at close range instead. I’ll be testing a few here shortly on the blog if you’re looking for something specific?

      I don’t know much about lung cancer specifically, but normally for most people fighting off disease we want to look at immediate lifestyle adjustments that help across the board no matter what it is:

      – sunlight exposure if in the north
      – grounding (if you live in a high rise like I did especially, feet on the grass # hours per day)
      – food, activity level, etc…
      – exposure to non native EMF (double check no cell towers on roof/nearby, develop sleep sanctuary, etc…)

  4. Thanks Matt,

    We do have a regular sauna and another heat generating device that fits over the torso. So as far as regular heat is concerned I think we have that covered. I suppose then we’re looking for your upcoming tests / recommendations for near (nir?) infra red devices (that at least cover the torso).

    For any other readers out there that are on a similar journey as ours. Here’s some extra (alternative) stuff we’ve uncovered:

    Yes, as you’ve stated Matt, lifestyle change is paramount. Diet/nutrition (go organic, free range, grass fed… stay far away from all processed foods, eat less meat, increase good fats – avocados, flax oil, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, nut & seeds, and stay away from simple sugars like bread past, potatoes… and of course sugar), and stress/emotional stuff are a couple things that keep coming up in my research. Other therapies that keep coming up that also can be done without a special clinic (and many thousands of dollars) include coffee enemas to flush out the liver (2-3 times a day for a cancer patient) infra red light treatments, heat therapy (hyperthermia) as well as cannabis oil if you can get it were you live. Another promising one is the Budwig protocol. Super easy and sounds real powerful, but beware… once you start this one you can’t stop or your cancer can come back with a vengeance and kill you. No little vacation breaks. (see: https://healthwyze.org/reports/190-the-true-budwig-protocol). Contrary to ‘the industry’, walks in the sun is also very important. Sound therapy also comes up quite a bit but I know little about megahertz reqd, etc.

    Big names to research that have some similarities in their scientific works include Dr Johanna Budwig, Dr Otto Warburg, and Dr Hulda Clark. They all point to parasites and toxins as our biggest culprits. We did have great (flippin amazing) success with Dr Clarks’ parasite and toxin flushing protocols many years ago, for various afflictions we had (4 family members did it) but today I’d suggest that Dr Budwig is the best route for our own current cancer challenge.

    Good luck to everyone out there.

    And also good on you Matt for putting this blog together for some much needed truth about infra red saunas (and some truth about amalgam fillings as well!)

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