Blue Wave – Radiant Infrared Sauna Review: Price, EMF Levels, Buy it Or Not?

In this Radiant Sauna review, you’re about to find out why you really shouldn’t trust these sauna companies, and the sales people that work for them. Hell, you know how big Amazon is, and I’m absolutely FLOORED that Amazon lets Radiant Saunas market as an “ultra low emf” infrared sauna company. This is beyond theft and deception, it’s downright harmful to people. The toxic felt they place right on the ceramic infrared emitters, not to mention the glue that’s holding it on, is just the beginning. From the moment you walk through the glass door on this sauna, you’re already standing in over a 3 – 10 milliguass magnetic field which is totally insane being that you haven’t even taken a seat yet!  Stay far away from this one guys, it’s downright awful and should be pulled from the market altogether.  Here is the exact model I bought.

My Radiant Sauna Review: The Worst Sauna I’ve Ever Tested

Now I’m not one to make light of a situation like this normally, but this is so bad I can’t help myself.

The body will never shield magnetic fields, just like a wall won’t.  However, I can’t say I’ve ever sat inside an infrared sauna before, and had 15mg fields in the middle of the sauna when my body is between the meter and the source.  Iiiiiiiiiinteradesting you say…

I don’t know who in the hell came up with the idea to put poker card table felt on the front of a ceramic heater, but ceramic heaters are known to get pretty damn hot… this is the worst implementation of aesthetics I’ve ever seen in a sauna.

The glue this felt is held on with, the over-spray or disintegration you can see in the next photo… it just gets worse and worse the more I started digging…

The Radiant Sauna EMF Levels Are INSANELY!!! High

In case you’re not familiar with this meter, that’s 105.60 MILLIGUASS!!!!!!!! sitting on my shoulder pal!  You would have to be totally nuts to call this low emf.

Let me say that again… That reads ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE milliguass at my back.  (not right on the emitters)

This is worse than any other sauna I have ever been in, period.

I Don’t Know What Limit Sauna Companies Will Go To Lie To Consumers, But I Can’t Believe Amazon Isn’t Stepping In On This One

This is completely and utterly INSANE that Amazon let’s this company sell their saunas saying they utilize ultra low emf technology. I don’t know whether to laugh or just fly off the handle here…



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