Blue Wave – Radiant Infrared Sauna Review: Price, EMF Levels, Buy it Or Not?

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In this Radiant Sauna review, you’re about to find out why you really shouldn’t trust these sauna companies, and the sales people that work for them. Hell, you know how big Amazon is, and I’m absolutely FLOORED that Amazon lets Radiant Saunas market as an “ultra low emf” infrared sauna company. This is beyond theft and deception, it’s downright harmful to people. The toxic felt they place right on the ceramic infrared emitters, not to mention the glue that’s holding it on, is just the beginning. From the moment you walk through the glass door on this sauna, you’re already standing in over a 3 – 10 milliguass magnetic field which is totally insane being that you haven’t even taken a seat yet!  Stay far away from this one guys, it’s downright awful and should be pulled from the market altogether.  Here is the exact model I bought.

Update 03/03/19 – this Radiant Sauna from Amazon is a knock-off. I just bought the real Radiant Health Sauna… OMG tests amazing!

My Radiant Sauna Review: The Worst Sauna I’ve Ever Tested

Now I’m not one to make light of a situation like this normally, but this is so bad I can’t help myself.

The body will never shield magnetic fields, just like a wall won’t.  However, I can’t say I’ve ever sat inside an infrared sauna before, and had 15mg fields in the middle of the sauna when my body is between the meter and the source.  Iiiiiiiiiinteradesting you say…

I don’t know who in the hell came up with the idea to put poker card table felt on the front of a ceramic heater, but ceramic heaters are known to get pretty damn hot… this is the worst implementation of aesthetics I’ve ever seen in a sauna.

The glue this felt is held on with, the over-spray or disintegration you can see in the next photo… it just gets worse and worse the more I started digging…

The Radiant Sauna EMF Levels Are INSANELY!!! High

In case you’re not familiar with this meter, that’s 105.60 MILLIGUASS!!!!!!!! sitting on my shoulder pal!  You would have to be totally nuts to call this low emf.

Let me say that again… That reads ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE milliguass at my back.  (not right on the emitters)

This is worse than any other sauna I have ever been in, period.

I Don’t Know What Limit Sauna Companies Will Go To Lie To Consumers, But I Can’t Believe Amazon Isn’t Stepping In On This One

This is completely and utterly INSANE that Amazon let’s this company sell their saunas saying they utilize ultra low emf technology. I don’t know whether to laugh or just fly off the handle here…

Radiant Sauna Major Complaints

Ummm, where do I even start here?

This sauna should be used for firewood, how’s that?

From the second I put it together, the chemical smell that I can’t figure out where it’s coming from is a no go. Like I showed above, the felt or whatever that stuff if glued to the metal heater guards, is downright alarming for something that heats up to over 140 degrees.

The cabinet build quality actually had some niceties to it, such as a smartphone pocket above the radio housing, glass and door hinge hardware was good, and the overall build quality of the cabinet seemed above average.

But the EMF’s just killed it as soon as you opened the door. With over 100 mg magnetic fields in the seated position, this is a no brainer to get rid of immediately. Admittedly even my standard on what is an acceptable emf level in a sauna have become more lax over the last couple of months, but this sauna just takes the cake for everything you should NOT put in a sauna.

This is by far, the worst sauna I have ever tested in my entire life.

In case you’re wondering, I have nothing against this company, and I’m not the only one this is happening to either apparently:

Another example of a fellow customer having the same high emf readings

Conclusion: Do Not Buy A Radiant Sauna (ever)

If you can’t tell already, the pictures on Amazon do not reflect what the sauna actually looks like. I would have never bought a sauna that has felt glued to the heaters, and the reviews never once mentioned anything about some type of adhesive smell inside of it.

So I don’t know if the Amazon reviews are fake purchased, or just from people who have never been in a good sauna before. What I do know for sure after testing this thing firsthand, is that this is not a good sauna, and I wouldn’t put it in my house if they gave it to me for free.

I do not recommend this sauna in any way shape or form, and recommend you stay far far away from this company altogether. I’m sure they’re not bad people, and maybe even have good intentions… but this is more than just a small oversight that slipped through the cracks here.

This sauna is the epitome of everything people like Dr. Mercola and others warn about. It’s so bad, I wouldn’t have believed someone if they tried to tell me about it without seeing it with my own two eyes.

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12 thoughts on “Blue Wave – Radiant Infrared Sauna Review: Price, EMF Levels, Buy it Or Not?”

  1. In one of your reviews you sat Radient sauna is the worst you ever tried and in your 2/19 review you say radient is safe and you highly recommend it . Why the change

    • Hi Anthony,

      This was an oversight on my part in 2018, where I thought all Radiant Saunas were made by the same company after I bought the one from Amazon. That turned out not to be true, and I overlooked a very high quality sauna that is one of the best saunas I’ve ever tested (if not the best).

      Radiant Saunas on Amazon is made by Blue Wave/Golden Designs Inc., and is a knock-off radiant sauna. The real one is Radiant Health Saunas out of Canada. They do not sell on Amazon… totally different saunas, one copied the other’s name.

  2. Your blog has the best information about saunas on the entire internet. Thank you I was about to give up and not get a sauna at all now I am going to buy from Radient Health.
    Thanks again
    Tony Strusa

  3. Its almost as if they thought if they sprayed it red that it would have an “infra red” quality to it


  4. Hi Matt I made a huge mistake purchasing a portable sauna from this company in 2018 off Amazon, I’ve used many saunas at gyms in the past and after looking into the safety of infrared saunas I decided I’d try to get what appeared to be the highest quality (highest priced) portable infrared sauna on Amazon, unfortunately it was from this exact company. I sat in the Sauna for exactly 30 minutes and after I came out I noticed that I didn’t sweat at all and instead just had an odd sensitive feeling in my jaw, I went to bed that night and the next morning woke up with bright cobweb lines in my vision, ringing in my ears, and swelling down the side of my face, I’d never experienced these symptoms before, I tried calling the company after many emails which were not returned and when I reached them I was amazed when they somehow had no idea what number a safe EMF reading is!!! I contacted Amazon they took the sauna down for about 3 days and then magically it was up again, it doesn’t even seem that Amazon cares about this either. I’ve been going to the doctor trying to figure out what’s wrong with me ever since as the bright lines in my vision when I wake up have gotten worse and I’ve had a number of additional health issues that I’ve never had before the one day I used this horrible company’s product, the fact that they would sell this and lie to people is just pure evil…

    • Hi Edmund,

      Sorry you’re going through this. As much as I don’t care for this company or it’s high emf products, it’s unlikely that a single session sent you over the tipping point. It is possible with pre-existing conditions, just trying to get you out of the fear/negative repercussion mindset from using the product.

      Did you have prior mitochondrial dysfunction before starting sauna sessions? Without knowing any history, it’s hard to speculate. But I would recommend taking some Lion’s Mane for a couple weeks to help with repair, and alternating some bentonite clay capsules to grab some toxins that may be recirculating.

      Yeah that is normal unfortunately… products with bad reviews get relisted all the time, or just relabeled and pop up under a different brand name.

      But let’s focus on things that will help you. I would recommend starting with: sunlight, lions mane, bentonite, safe sauna, and vibe plate if there’s one nearby you can use.

  5. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your reply I greatly appreciate your help on this topic, before using the blue wave portable sauna last year I was in perfect health, the only health issue I’ve ever had before this was vertigo for a few months way back in 2010, so in terms of preexisting conditions I was pretty clear, also I made the mistake of cranking the sauna up to maximum strength which I never would have done had I realized how high the EMF readings were.

    I’ve been going to the doctor’s with increasing regularity over the last few months trying to find out what’s wrong, so far they haven’t been able to find anything, which sounds good but the symptoms I experience continue to persist/worsen especially with my eyes.

    Thank you for your suggestion on the lions mane and the bentonite clay I will be giving those a try this week, I’m very happy you are exposing this company for their lies so others don’t make the same mistake I did.


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