Spend a Relaxing Day at the Beach: Reviews of the 5 Best Beach Carts for Sand

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An idea of spending a relaxing day at the beach with the family sounds great. However, the prospect of lugging all the beach paraphernalia like your towels, water bottles, sunglasses, books, beach toys, umbrellas, food and other gear across the sand from the parking area where you plan to camp out can be quite cumbersome and tiring. This is where a beach cart can be a savior and a useful accessory.

Beach carts are quite different from carts used at home and are built to roll over the soft sand without sinking in. Nevertheless, when looking to buy a beach cart for all your accessories, you should consider one that is roomy and carry all your things at one go, it should have wheels that do not sink into the beach sand and the beach cart should be foldable for convenient transportation and storage. In this article, we have reviewed the features of some of the best beach carts that you can buy. But, before that, let’s take a look at some of the factors you should consider before buying a beach cart.


What to Look for When Buying a Beach Cart?


The key factor to consider when buying a beach cart is the size and type of wheels. The cart should have sufficiently large wheels because if the wheels are small, they will sink into the beach sand instead of rolling on top of it. The wheels should be durable and sturdy so that it does not crack or get chipped if it rolls over a rocky part of the beach and the wheels should also be able to withstand the weight of all the things you carry in the cart.



The size of the beach cart is an important factor to consider. You must be able to carry all your beach equipment with you comfortably without cramming the cart and without having to make multiple trips. A good way to determine the size of the cart you require is to measure the largest piece of equipment and check if the cart is able to hold the particular item, then it will easily be able to accommodate the rest of the smaller things.



A good beach cart should have a sturdy and strong handle because if you put in a lot of heavy things in the cart and want to pull it on the soft sand, the handle of the cart should be able to withstand this. It is a good idea to get a cart with a padded handle. A metal or a rubber handle may not be too comfortable to pull the cart with.



It is very important to buy a beach cart made of high-quality materials as you want your cart to last for a long time. If the cart is wooden, then check the kind of wood. It is better to select a hardwood instead of going in for a cart made of softwood. If the cart is made of metal, check the kind of metal used. For example, a cart made of steel will probably rust more quickly than the one made of aluminum. Many carts are made of fabric material. Although carts made of fabric are usually cheaper, they are not as durable as carts made of metal or wood.


So, if you want a cart that is durable as well as inexpensive, it is a good idea to select a cart made of a combination of metal and fabric. Another aspect to consider is the paint used on the beach cart. Whether the cart is made of metal or wood, a good paint job can help to protect the cart. A painted metal cart will last longer and will not rust or corrode easily and even a wooden cart will not rot very quickly despite being left out in the open.



Choose a cart that is beach-friendly. Several beach wagons or beach carts are made of mesh fabric that allow the beach sand to filter through it. Some carts have an open side or wicker design. Other carts are made of solid high-quality plastic that does not allow the sand to filter through but allows you to carry heavy equipment. So, you should decide on the kind of design that suits your preference and requirement.

Weight Capacity


Most of the beach carts have a specific loading capacity and loading it over this can increase the risk of breaking the cart. So, you should buy a beach cart depending on the weight of the items you think you will be transporting. If you will be using it to carry heavier items, then it is a good idea to buy a cart with a higher load capacity. There are carts available with a maximum weight capacity of 75, 100 and 150 lbs.



You should select a beach cart that has sides or rails to hold all your things securely so that they don’t fall out. Some carts also have removable rails so that you can carry some long or wide equipment. Check the quality of the rails by looking at the material and the gaps in the rails. If the gaps are too far apart, it may not be too great, as your things may fall out while you’re rolling the cart.



An important aspect of the beach cart is its portability. Select a cart that can be folded and will fit into your vehicle easily. It may be a good idea to measure the trunk of your car before you buy the cart to ensure that it will fit into it. The beach cart should be portable, easy to transport and store when not in use.


Reviews of the Top 5 Best Beach Carts for Sand on Amazon

BeachMall Super Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart


The BeachMall Super Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart is quite different compared to the other beach carts because of its unique design. The cart has a bar which you can use to hang your beach chairs and bring with you to the beach. The cart also has an umbrella holder built into the unit and a cooler that keeps your food and drinks cold.


The ultra-wide wheels of the BeachMall Beach Cart are designed to sit on the soft sand without sinking into it. The pivoting front wheel of the cart makes it very easy to maneuver the cart and the large wheels enhance the balance and support. The ergonomic handle allows you to push the cart effortlessly, as long as you remain under the 77-pound weight capacity of the cart. The cart is one of most well-built, durable and stable beach carts, which makes it long-lasting.


Features of the BeachMall Beach Cart

  • Durable
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Extra-wide wheels
  • Size: 37 (h) x 16 (w) x 8 (d) inches
  • Weight: 12.8 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 77 lbs


Pros and Cons of the BeachMall Beach Cart

  • The cart can carry four chairs all at once offering great convenience.
  • The cart has a cargo area for all your beach paraphernalia and a cooler to keep your food and drinks cold.
  • The extra-wide back wheels of the cart allow the cart to roll on the sand easily without sinking.
  • Cart can be folded conveniently and stored easily.
  • Falls into the medium-price category and therefore is a value-for-money buy.


  • The cart has the least storage and weight capacity compared to other models.
  • When you pack 4 chairs on the cart, it takes up most of the space that does not leave enough room for anything else.


Tommy Bahama Terrain Beach Cart with Wheels


The Tommy Bahama Terrain Beach Cart with Wheels is a nicely designed beach cart. The cart is mostly made of fabric but the frame is made of metal and the beach cart is available in blue and light blue colors. The powder-coated frame makes the beach cart extremely durable and the cushioned handle makes the grip highly comfortable.


The beach cart has plenty of storage space that lets you keep all your beach equipment. The cart also has an inbuilt cooler to keep your drinks and food cold. You can carry up to 4 chairs on the cart and it has an insulated cargo bag with side pockets that can be removed. The cart has 10-inch wheels that let you push it effortlessly. The best part in that the Tommy Bahama Terrain Beach Cart with Wheels is quite inexpensive which makes it an appealing buy.


Features of the Tommy Bahama Beach Cart

  • 15cc large storage compartment
  • 10-inch wheels
  • Powder-coated frame
  • Size: 32 x 19.3 x 5.2 in
  • Weight: 17.2 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 100 lbs


Pros and Cons of the Tommy Bahama Beach Cart

  • 15cc large storage space, allows storage of up to 4 chairs.
  • Convenient and easy to fold and store when not in use.
  • Powder-coated frame makes the cart very sturdy and durable.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Users may dislike the fabric component of the beach cart.
  • Smaller wheels in the front of the beach cart may get stuck in the sand.

Timber Ridge Folding Camping & Beach Wagon/Cart


If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable beach cart, then the Timber Ridge Folding Camping & Beach Wagon/Cart is ideal for you. The cart can be folded and stored or transported very easily.


The bottom of the cart is made of metal and fabric and the walls are quite sturdy and firm, which ensure that all the things in the cart are secure. The wheels of the cart are pretty large that makes the cart quite stable and allows you to roll it over the sand comfortably. The telescopic handle helps to control the wagon very easily.


The wagon is quite versatile and can be used both on the beach and in your garden. However, the Timber Ridge Folding Camping & Beach Wagon/Cart is quite expensive compared to the other models in the same category. If you take good care and maintain the cart properly, the portable design of the wagon ensures that it will last for a very long time.


Features of the Timber Ridge Folding Camping & Beach Wagon/Cart

  • 8-inch diameter wheels offer stability
  • Comes with a carry bag for easy transportation
  • Telescopic handle
  • Size: 35 x 19 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 28.8 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 150 lbs on hard surface and 110 lbs on sand


Pros and Cons of the Timber Ridge Folding Camping & Beach Wagon/Cart

  • High weight capacity allows you to store lots of things and you can carry heavier accessories too.
  • Sturdy steel frame makes the cart very durable.
  • Ergonomic handle makes the cart very easy to maneuver.
  • Unit does not require assembly.
  • Quite expensive compared to other models.
  • Users may dislike the amount of fabric used.


Rio Brands Ultra Wonder Wheeler Wide


The Rio Brands Ultra Wonder Wheeler Wide is an affordable beach cart. This durable cart allows you to carry all your equipment and items in a single trip. The cart is very versatile and is suitable for use on the beach and also for other purposes like outdoor tournaments, etc.


The extra-wide wheels make the cart extremely easy to maneuver and it can move easily on a variety of surfaces such as asphalt, sand, dirt or grass. The cart is equipped with two front wheels that facilitate effortless front movement.


The Rio Brands Ultra Wonder Wheeler Wide comes fully assembled, so you don’t have to waste your time putting it together. The cart also folds up very easily for easy storage and transportation.

Features of the Rio Brands Ultra Wonder Wheeler Wide

  • 10-inch diameter tread wheels
  • Can hold 4 beach chairs
  • Has a 48-quart cooler
  • Big mesh storage pouch
  • Umbrella holder at the side with a double boogie-board holder
  • Patented Wonder Wheelers
  • Imported
  • Weight Capacity: 100 lbs


Pros and Cons of the Rio Brands Ultra Wonder Wheeler Wide

  • Smooth and easy movement provided by the extra-large wheels.
  • Suited for all terrains.
  • Large storage capacity.
  • Extra-large front carrier compartment
  • Some users say that the wheel quality is poor.


Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding Beach Cart with Wheels


The Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding Beach Cart with Wheels is the best buy for you if you are looking for a wagon design beach cart and if your budget is fairly high. The beach cart is very lightweight yet it can carry quite a lot of weight. It can be easily folded and comfortably stored or transported.


The large wheels of the Mac Sports Cart let it be easily rolled over soft sand. In fact, this is one of the best carts that has been designed for use particularly on soft sand. The best part of the Mac Sports Beach Cart is that it is available in 2 colors, blue and black and you can choose the one that suits your personal preference.


Features of the Mac Sports Heavy Duty Beach Cart

  • Has 2 mesh cup holders
  • Painted steel frame design
  • Weight Capacity: 150 lbs
  • Folded Size: 31.5 x 21.4 x 9.7 inches

Pros and Cons of the Mac Sports Heavy Duty Beach Cart

  • Easy to fold, transport and store.
  • Side walls of the unit keeps all your things in place.
  • Adjustable handle that can be adjusted according to your comfort.
  • Durable.
  • Multipurpose cart can be used at home and on the beach.


  • Users may dislike a large amount of fabric in the beach cart.
  • Quite expensive compared to other models.


The best beach cart is one that is high-quality, stable, durable, portable and suitable for all terrains. A good cart will make your beach trip more enjoyable and less cumbersome as it will let you carry all your beach gear safely and conveniently. After evaluating all the characteristics and pros and cons of the various beach carts reviewed in this article, you will be all set to buy a good cart and go on your exciting beach picnic!


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