Ridgid VS Ryobi: How To Know Which Is Better For You

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You’ve seen the reviews of Ridgid VS Ryobi online, and you know as well as I do half of them are bullshit. Hell, most of the time they don’t even compare the same two tools!!! Like these idiots right here:

  • One is am impact gun, while the other is a belt clip mini screwdriver. Bitch please.

Do you guys even know how to use one of these fucking things?  Makes me wonder if the journalists who write some of this crap even know WHY you’d want a hammer drill at all, or what a tapcon is…

“oh isn’t that a screw for holding up heavy shelves”? Haha… eh, yeeeeeaaaah…. Sure is. 😉

Complete nonsense. Then unsuspecting homeowners come along that aren’t handy, and think all these items are created equal. Fact is, there is a HUUUUGE difference between contractor grade tools, and residential use stuff. Not to mention, you can’t ever compare an impact gun of one brand, to a handheld power screwdriver of another… And vice versa, Any contractor or handyman would know this, which is why you don’t see 12 volt cordless drills, compared to a 24 volt hammer drill. Apples to oranges people, come on!

Alright enough ranting, let’s get into which one is better and why…

Price VS Value: Ryobi Kills Ridgid Here

For the money, you will not beat this Ryobi kit right here. For a large assortment of tools, that will be used occassionaly for residential use, you simply cannot beat the overall cost.

If you were to buy all these tools in the Ridgid brand, you’d spend well over $1,000.00 bucks. However, the Ryobi stuff isn’t built the same as the Ridgid, which I’ll talk about in detail below in the next section. But for the average homeowner, this doesn’t matter at all. You’re not a contractor or handyman service professesional that’s going to be using this thing for 12 hours a day.

And to be perfectly up front with you, most of the batteries will wear out and quit holding a charge, before a homeowner can ever wear out the brushes in the motor of a Ryobi. You’d have to really be pounding on them day in and day out, or dropping it off a 20 foot ladder on the regular, to really warrant spending the extra money on a Ridgid in my opinion.

There is one exception. If you have a home shop, or a wood working studio or something like that, and are an avid tool collector that enjoys nice quality tools, it may be worth the extra money for you to go with something like this Makita kit, this Ridgid kit, or this Dewalt kit. The action and build quality IS better, but it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it or not.

For me personally, the way Ryobi has improve the One + Plus System, it is so versatile and affordable for my home tools, I think it’s the best value on the market today. Not to mention it’s SUPER NICE to be able to take a battery from my circular saw, and add a blower, air compressor, radio, etc… All without buying anything else. Very expandable, and the most flexible system on the market for homeowners.

Contractor Grade VS Homeowner Use: Ridgid Wins Here

If you’re running a handyman service, or working in the field everyday, there is no question that you shouldn’t be buying Ryobi tools. You can’t drop them off a rooftop, and expect the chuck to stay true and not become out of alignment. There’s just no way…

Ridgid makes a better chassis for the drill itself, without even getting into the internal components yet. You can pick it up and feel it in your hand, and immediately know the difference between the two. The Ryobi isn’t built with the same grade of plastic, nor does it have the beef when it comes to internal structural support for drop resistance like a Ridgid drill.

Like I always say, if you’re going to be using these things everyday, invest in good tools like this Ridgid kit here. If you’re just going to use it at home whenever you have a project, save your money and buy this Ryobi kit, because the batteries will wear out before you wear the tools out!

For contractors and service professionals, there is no question, Ridgid takes the cake for this purpose.

Best Value For The Money: The Ryobi Kit Is By Far The Best Buy For Home Use

As you can already tell by what I said above, the Ryobi kit is the most flexible and affordable power tool kit on the market for your dollar. Everyone I know personally who has one, is very happy with it. Even some remodeling guys that do light side work on the weekends are happy with it as well.

It’s hard to beat something that uses the same batteries and chargers for over 30 + tools! And the nicest thing is, you don’t have to buy them all at once, and can do what I did… Which is start out with this power kit here, and then added a jamb saw 6 months later when I needed it, all without breaking the bank or changing my charging setup.

You just buy the new tool, and it just works! Pretty cool.

Now I’m thinking of getting some gardening tools to add to the mix, since it’s so easy to plug and play. They’ve even got cool things like powered caulking guns, air compressors, and nail guns. (which I also own)

Oh and I just bought a cordless jigsaw to with it too! Now I can never go back to dealing with a corded jigsaw… ever!

Contractors: Go With Ridgid, Makita, Milwakuee, Or Dewalt

Homeowners: Go With This Ryobi Kit, It’s What I Personally Use At My House

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