RingCentral vs Google Voice: Which Phone System Works Best for Small Businesses

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As a small business owner, the phone system that you have for your business is an extremely important decision to make. When considering a phone service for your business, you must consider a service that is reliable, offers all the essential tools and features and has good customer support. An ideal business phone system must be easy to use, offer multiple plans and offer high uptime. In short, you need a phone system that can handle all the communication requirements of your business and also be cost effective.

In our article, we will be reviewing two popular phone service providers, RingCentral and Google Voice and see how they stack up against one another.

Update: I No Longer Use Google Voice For Anything (RingCentral Is Way Better)

With Google Voice, you can never add 800 numbers or toll free lines. With RingCentral, it’s a couple clicks of your mouse. The softphone app alone will save you hours of frustration, and let you take and make calls from anywhere in the world. RingCentral Office Plans are flexible for all businesses.


RingCentral is among the most popular communications service provider which offers complete VoIP-based solutions tailored to meet the requirements of today’s businesses. RingCentral has been offering affordable VoIP-based solutions via cloud-based communication systems since 2003. RingCentral Office offers varied features suitable for businesses such as unlimited calling, the option to customize your phone system as per your business’ requirements, etc. In addition, RingCentral is extremely easy to set up and maintain.

Why Should You Consider RingCentral?

RingCentral is among the best business phone service providers as it is a robust VoIP-based phone system for business of different sizes. RingCentral offers all kinds of features, calling, mobile, collaboration and tools that businesses would require from their phone system. And, since the phone system is cloud based, it does not require any installation of equipment and RingCentral will handle all the upgrades and maintenance of the system. And, for a complete phone system, you can add features such as virtual services, conference calling and contact center solutions.



RingCentral offers an excellent set of varied features and tools for businesses. The service offers over 50 features. RingCentral offers all standard calling features like caller ID, call screening, call logs, auto-receptionist, hold music, message alerts, call forwarding, call flip, one-touch calling, call recording, etc. It offers many voicemail options such as voicemail to email or text, visual voicemail, etc.


The RingCentral system can be integrated with many programs such as Dropbox, Google, Box, Microsoft, Desk.com, Salesforce, Zendesk, etc. It offers collaboration tools like video and audio conferencing, instant messaging, GLIP (a workspace where employees of the business can share files, communicate, assign tasks, etc.). The mobile app of RingCentral is available for both Android and iOS devices and allows employees to receive and make calls using their business lines, conference calls, send and receive texts and faxes, get notifications, etc.


RingCentral offers a softphone feature that allows employees to receive and make calls from their computers, laptops, etc. from the office or from any other place. The softphone can also be used for online faxing, conferencing and has other features such as listening to voice messages, recording calls, sending text-to-speech messages, etc.


If your business requires contact center services, then you can add features and tools like IVR, outbound dialing, call distributors, preview, predictive and progressive dialers, among others, to your RingCentral Office Plan. If your business requires a phone system but not a traditional system, then you can opt for RingCentral Professional that is a virtual service, which connects customers who call the business number to the mobile phone or home phone of the employee.


The company’s latest offering is RingCentral Meetings, which lets the businesses who do not want a phone system to access the collaboration tools and it offers the facility where you can have online meetings with around 100 participants and includes features such as HD video, team messaging, screen sharing, etc.


Apart from the business phone services, RingCentral has an excellent conference calling system, where each user has access to a conference bridge. You can host unlimited number of conference calls with around 1,000 participants.


Ease of Use

Since RingCentral is a cloud-based VoIP phone system; it does not require the installation of any equipment or wiring. All you require is a high-speed and stable internet connection that has the bandwidth to handle the number of business calls you expect to make and receive. RingCentral takes care of all the system upgrades and maintenance and it boasts of a 99.999% uptime, which makes it an extremely reliable and robust system. RingCentral has 17 data centers around the world, which are monitored 24×7.


You can port your existing number to RingCentral after you sign up for the services. The entire system can be controlled via the online portal and you can create your employee numbers, extensions, ring groups and assign your own personal settings.


Customer Support

You can contact RingCentral’s customer support by phone, live chat or email. And, users of RingCentral Office with more than 2 users get 24×7 support, while RingCentral Office and RingCentral Professional plan members having just a single user can get phone support from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 9 pm EST. The website of the company includes information such as videos, FAQs, webinars, whitepapers and case studies.


RingCentral Office Pricing

RingCentral Office has 4 pricing plans:


  • No. of Users: Upto 10
  • Cost: From $19.99/ user/ month
  • Video and Audio Meetings: 4 people/ meeting
  • Toll Free Minutes: 100



  • No. of Users: Unlimited
  • Cost: From $24.99/ user/ month
  • Video and Audio Meetings: 4 people/ meeting
  • Toll Free Minutes: 1,000
  • Includes all features of the Essentials Plan plus multi-level auto-attendant, internet fax and call logs.



  • No. of Users: Unlimited
  • Cost: From $34.99/ user/ month
  • Video and Audio Meetings: 100 people/ meeting
  • Toll Free Minutes: 2,500
  • Includes all features of the Standard Plan plus multi-site support, automatic call recording, single sign-on, voicemail to text, custom app development & deployment, integration with Zendesk, Desk.com and Salesforce.



  • No. of Users: Unlimited
  • Cost: From $49.99/ user/ month
  • Video and Audio Meetings: 200 people/ meeting
  • Toll Free Minutes: 10,000
  • Includes all features of the Premium Plan.


All the RingCentral Office plans include unlimited calls in the US and Canada, unlimited business SMS, mobile app access for Android and iOS devices, visual voicemail, HD voice, voicemail to email, instant messaging, file sharing, chat rooms, 24×7 customer support and integration with Google, Box, Okta and Microsoft. RingCentral offers all business users a 30-day free trial.


Google Voice

Brought to you by Google, Google Voice is a VoIP app that is free of cost and offers its users a phone number, features and tools that makes business communication more convenient on any type of mobile device. Getting Google Voice is extremely simple. All you need to do is either sign up for a free Google Voice account or download the app. Then, you need to select your phone number and you can make calls either free or at a low cost.


Google Voice can also be integrated with other Google platforms such as Gmail, voice and video calls on Hangouts, etc. While calling in the US and Canada is free via Google Voice, it offers inexpensive international calling, which makes Google Voice an extremely cost-effective way to make and receive calls from practically anywhere in the world.


Key Features of Google Voice for Business

  • You can protect your privacy by having a separate phone number for business on Google Voice.
  • The call forwarding feature allows you to manage your high business call volumes by offering the option of listing one business number. Also, the incoming calls are effectively and quickly re-routed to the appropriate team members. This is especially useful if your business happens in multiple locations.
  • All calls from known spammers are automatically blocked by Google Voice and are sent directly to voicemail. This allows your employees to work efficiently without having to deal with spam calls. Google Voice also has an option by which you can block unwanted numbers.
  • You can choose your phone number from the list of numbers provided by Google when setting up the Google Voice account. However, you may not find all area codes and you may have to select an area code which is not local to your business or the main area.
  • Google Voice offers voicemail to email transcription, where if a caller leaves a voicemail, the message is transcribed and sent to your email. This is especially beneficial if you travel a lot or work with a team which is dispersed. You can also route the messages to anyone else on your team if needed.


Pros and Cons of Google Voice for Your Business


  • Google Voice offers several features and tools free of cost, which are charged for by other VoIP providers.
  • The free service is extremely user and mobile friendly.
  • It integrates with several CRM solutions.
  • Google Voice allows you to handle high call volumes, thanks to the voicemail-to-email and call forwarding features.
  • Calling is free in the US and Canada and the international calling rates are competitive.



  • Personalized user support is extremely limited and you only have the Google forums, FAQs and self-help documentation for technical and other help.
  • The call quality of Google Voice depends on your location and device.
  • Usually, the Google Voice phone numbers are recycled and you may not get the area code or number you want.
  • If you delay slightly in picking up the call, it goes to voicemail.
  • To receive and make calls and use the other features of Google Voice, you must be signed into the Google account or the app must be running on your device.
  • There are no options for getting a toll-free or an 800 number and if you want one, then Google Voice may not be the right service for your business.
  • Except for Ooma, Google Voice does not support any other hardware and so if your business requires physical phones with number forwarding, then Google Voice will not work.


Which Is Better for Your Business – Ringcentral or Google Voice?

If you are looking for a reliable, yet affordable top-of-the-line VoIP phone system for your business that offers a wide range of calling, collaboration and mobile features and tools and is also extremely easy to install and use, then RingCentral is the best choice. RingCentral is used by more than 300,000 businesses across the globe and offers unmatched flexibility, reliability and value and is ideal for businesses of all sizes.


Google Voice, on the other hand, is suitable for startups, small businesses and consultants who work remotely or are always on the move. The biggest plus is that this is a free service and offers many features and tools that are charged by other VoIP providers. However, Google Voice may not be suitable for large organizations that have high call volumes and require complex customizations and they may not find Google Voice to be sufficiently robust.


So, depending on your business communication requirements, you can decide on whether RingCentral or Google Voice will be the best fit for your organization and can help you handle your business in an efficient and optimal manner.


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