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This is a collection of rituals, routines, and techniques I’ve used to overcome problems in my own life, and I’d like to share them with you so you can expedite your timeline if you’re struggling with something similar. I will probably add topics that cover everything from health problems to making money, just as soon as I have time to write them all over the next several months. These originally started out as something I was going to call “Clever Methods,” some of which took YEARS of culmination to figure out and resolve, and I thought they might just be very very helpful for others, even if nothing more than inspiring.

I’m also recommending other people write about their life experience in their own way, so this will also serve to model how to do that for those of you who’d like to learn how to share what you know with the world… it’s easy really: Imagine yourself talking to a person that is suffering through what you went through years earlier. What are the most important things to tell them that will help them the fastest? How can you essentially become a braindump of information that will save them months or years of agony and idleness, allowing them to expedite their timeline to successfully reaching whatever outcome they desire, and do it much easier and quicker?