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Like you, I was looking for the safest infrared sauna back in 2017 when I had my merfcury fillings removed, and needed to detox safely from heavy metals. It’s not easy when you start calling these sauna companies, with them all telling you left and right “theirs is the best,” so-and-so’s brand doesn’t give you a complete detox,the next one isn’t the right emmisivity, etc… and on and on until you’re blue in the face.

By the end of the day, it’s like who in the heck do I believe!?!?!

You’d like to throw a couple of them through the window after they get going on those pushy sales tactics too… calling me every damn day wanting to see if I’ll buy. COME ON!!!

Anyway, I bought one sauna after the other, that turned out to be junk:

To make a long story short, I’ve tested over 11 infrared saunas now, and the brands I’m going to share with you below are the safest ones on the market.

Hopefully this will save someone else from having to go through what I went through, and stop these lying ass sleezy companies from lying to the public!

The 2 Safest Infrared Saunas On The Market In 2019 & Beyond

I have removed the old recommendations, and now defer to the Certified Sauna List for all super safe infrared saunas.

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