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Tired of sauna companies talking over your head, and not understanding all this EMF talk?  Not a good place to be in when you’re contemplating a $5,000.00 purchase decision on an infrared sauna… I know how you feel, because I too went through this.

I always told myself, if I get this figured out, and finally find a good solution for myself, I’m going to come back and blog about this so no one else has to go through the nonsense I went though trying to buy a home sauna to detox with. (what a nightmare!)

If you’ve called more than two sauna companies already, I’m sure you’ve heard what I encountered too:

  • “Our sauna is the best…”  (don’t they all say the same damn thing!?!?!)
  • “This sauna is the ONLY one on the market that gives you a complete detox…”
  • “Full spectrum blah blah blah, near infrared blah blah blah…”
  • “Heater emmisivity is CRUTIAL to get your infrared in the right wavelength…”

Can I stop there?

And if that’s not bad enough, calling me every damn day to see if I’m ready to buy, just made me want to never want to buy anything…

And so I waited, and waited, and waited… months went buy, and I never got a sauna. I thought to myself, why is this so difficult? Why do these sauna salespeople come off so sleazy like a used car salesman?

Something it’s right. I don’t know if I can trust them. All this EMF mumbo jumbo, it’s supposed to be low, that other competitor brand is supposedly HIGH… it gets to the point where it’s like: holy shit man, which way do you want me to jump!?!?!  I don’t even understand what language you’re speaking! lol

At the end of the day, all I wanted, all any of us want really, is a good, safe, reliable sauna that is totally safe for ourselves and family to use. We want to heal, improve out health, and maintin longevity for the long term. We don’t need to be getting zapped everyday in a hot box we place in our homes!

ENTER: The EMF Masterclass By Matt Justice

Never Again Will You Have To Worry About Understanding Sauna EMF

Never Again Will Any Sauna Company Be Able To Take Advantage Of You

And Best Of All – You’ll Be Able To Feel Confident In Any Sauna Purchase Decision You Make

Sauna EMF Masterclass Cliff Notes Summary

Short on time and don’t want to watch all the videos? The point is to illustrate the different types of EMF that can be present in any sauna, how to measure them, and what the result is on the body. Most people (and sauna companies) use the term “EMF” as a singular term. Fact is, there are 3 key things going on, and you should be aware of them before making a $5,000.00 purchase decision on a sauna.

(Intro) Video 1: Sauna EMF Masterclass Fundamentals

Why Am I Doing This?

  • every day in 2018, I would get calls from people saying “so and so company said this about their emf levels. Is this true?”
  • it’s very common for people to get confused by slick talking super aggressive salespeople, and end up buying an expensive sauna they regret later. No one wants to end up with expensive bonfire wood
  • this happened to me when I was trying to buy a sauna. Every sauna company would say theirs is the best, all of them said they had low emf saunas, hell even Costco & Amazon let vendors advertise their “low emf” saunas still to this day, which I bought, and they turned out to be sky high.
  • to correct bad information online. The worst example I’ve ever seen in my life about incorrect sauna emf levels, is from 2017 when a man from the Facebook Sauna Detox Group posted how great his sauna was, and how low the emf levels were in it from his Acousticom Meter. Bad news guys… an RF meter will never detect electric or magnetic fields, which is the type present in most saunas. People were out there basing a $5,000.00 purchase decision off of information like this.

Who Will It Help?

  • anyone who isn’t sure if a sauna is ultra low emf or not
  • anyone who wants to ensure they get a low emf sauna, but doesn’t have time or money to buy emf meters and test it themselves
  • anyone who wants to learn what matters most in a sauna regarding emf’s

How Will It Help you?

  • give you a better understanding of emf without taking months or years of buying emf meters and learning how to test
  • arm yourself with baseline knowledge to know if a sauna company is pulling the wool over your eyes or not
  • make sure you can make informed purchase decisions so you and your family are using safe saunas

Video 2: Sauna EMF Masterclass – The 3 Types Of EMF Potentially Present In Any Sauna You Should Be Aware Of

Magnetic Fields

Electric Fields

RF Radiation

Video 3: Sauna EMF Masterclass – How To Measure Each Type Of EMF

The Meters I Use And Why

Video 4: Sauna EMF Masterclass – How Sauna Companies Dupe You Into Believing Low EMF (when it’s not)

Pawning You Off On “Third Party EMF Reports” (which are bullshit)

Hiding Electric Fields Or Saying They Don’t Matter

Only Measuring The Heaters Outside The Sauna

Bonus: The 2 Questions No Sauna Salesperson Wants To Hear From You

  1. How many sauna brands have you personally used?
    • it is extremely common for a sauna sales person to be selling you a $5k item, but is not really experienced with saunas. Normally, they’ve only ever been in the brand they sell for (because the company gives them one), and one other brand aside from that.
    • The nonsense they’re telling you is made up most of the time… how in the heck could anyone know about other competing brands, if you’ve only ever been in two saunas you’re entire life?
    • ** I learned this the hard way, after those slimey bastards sold me a bunch of polished turds for thousands of dollars (my 11 different sauna reviews – hands on – live video)
  2. What is the body voltage measurement I would get if I were using one of your saunas?
    • It’s very easy to lie and produce deceptive emf “testing reports” performed by “third party” companies that you find in a lot of sauna company marketing material.
    • It is virtually impossible to get low body voltage readings in an infrared sauna if both magnetic and electric fields are not low.
    • Sure, slick sales people will try and say that doesn’t matter, but the fact is it’s important, and no fancy statement like “the World Health Organization offers no proof or study that indicate these emf levels are harmful.”  (meanwhile, itt’s widely known in the children’s autism community, that shutting off circuit breakers to your child’s bedroom at night, can eliminate electric fields, lower body voltage, and their symptoms often improve.)

Bonus #2: If I wanted To Trick You, This Is How I’d Do It (watch out for this in the future)

You’ll want to be mindful that after a few overseas companies see these videos, there may be attempts to fool the public going forward.  The easiest way to do that, is to show you partial screenshots of emf levels not on live video, and to continue to defer to third party emf reports.

Grounding Straps & Contact Body Voltage

My List Of Approved Safe Infrared Saunas (that I’ve personally tested and used myself)

Discount Coupon Codes For Clever Leverage Readers If You’re Interested In Buying One

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