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Update Notes – 01/09/2019 – reached out again this year to see about getting a unit to test out. Heard back, but SaunRay is not interested in working with any outside distributors in the USA. No SaunaRay saunas available anywhere in Central Florida for me to try.  Unless I’m missing something, the SaunaRay heaters look identical to the Therasauna heaters, which I’ve already tested and we saw the magnetic field levels.  Sorry guys, looks like it’ll be a no-go on this one.

I’m interested in reviewing a SaunaRay ceramic infrared sauna out of Canada. The building biologist that did my assessment here in Orlando recommended them, saying she heard good things about the electric fields and body voltage levels in them… but had not personally used one herself. This kind of leaves me hanging, but I’d still like to include them in the emf test. I emailed the top 10 sauna companies in the world on 12/20/2017 with the exact same email to let them know what I’m doing, and to see if they’d like to participate. SaunaRay is on that list 🙂

Expected SaunaRay EMF Levels

From what I can tell in the photos, it looks like they use the same ceramic heaters from ME that Therasauna uses, which produce about 10-12 milliguass at the heater. From what I can deduce from afar, the fall off rate is usually pretty steep with these particular heating elements, and point of body contact for magnetic fields would be negligible at a reasonable distance I would expect.

If this assumption is accurate, and electric fields are shielded with a grounded heat shield, body voltage levels should be around 2-3 v (2,000 – 3,000 millivolts) or less by my calculations.   The spacing and heater layout in a SaunaRay is unique, and it appears they have intentionally placed the heaters away from vital parts of the body on purpose for this reason.

Again, all assumptions without testing it myself with my own meters. Still interested though…

Other SaunaRay Reviews

Several people have emailed me asking about SaunaRay saunas, to which I don’t really respond with much, because I haven’t used one myself. I can make some assumptions if the heaters are the same as what’s in the Therasauna I bought, but it’s speculation until you put some seat time in it.

JNH Saunas VS SaunaRay

Some blog commenters of mine have pointed out, that websites like Sauna Talk sort of recommend, but then don’t recommend SaunaRay, as a way to misdirect users to another brand.  I have to be honest here… those people have no idea what the fuck they’re doing.  (you can’t recommend a pile of shit sauna like a JNH Lifestyles, and then talk about how SaunaRay doesn’t offer documentation on this or that)  I mean come on, they may as well just be honest with you and tell you JNH Saunas are made out of cardboard… because that’s what it feels like!  (ask me how I know)

My SaunaRay Review Process Will Be

Magnetic Fields

Electric Fields

Body Voltage


Preheat Time

Time To Sweat

Contacted on 12/20/2017 with all the other saunas companies, to see about testing one of their saunas.

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  1. looking to purschase a infrared sauna either clearlight or sauna ray made in canada or radianthealth sauna where is radianthealthsaunas made? are they the lowest emf reading sauna you have tested? sauna ray heaters are made in japan medical grade carbon heaters confused .want a non toxic made low EMF rated sauna prefer if its made in USAorCANADA.Idont trust things made in china especially saunas


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