How To Setup Your Own Blog In 20 Minutes With No Computer Experience (in 3 easy steps)

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Are you ready to setup your own blog?!? Sweet! In this guide, I’m going to show you how easy it is to go from nothing to a live blog online in 20 minutes… And it doesn’t matter if you no coding or computer experience at all, anyone can do this!First I’ll explain what you need in order to have a live website, and give you an analogy of what each component means and why you need it. By the end of this article, you’ll have everything you need to setup your own blog website even with no computer or coding experience whatsoever!

What Do I Need To Set Up A Blog Website?

To have your own blog, you need three things:

  1. A domain name (your land)
    • Just like you can’t have a house if you don’t have a piece of land to build it on, your blog or website is the same. Your domain name is your land, except it only costs $10 per year instead of crazy county taxes 😉


  2. A blog hosting account (your utilities)
    • You can’t have lights in your house with electricity right? Well just like your home utilities, your blog has to have something to run on. Your blog hosting provider is the same as your utility provider, except it only costs $3.95 per month 😉


  3. A blog software cms (your house)
    • The structure of your building makes up the layout your house right? Your blogging software manages the layout, look, and feel of your blog, and gives you the ability to publish blog posts and web pages with no coding experience. Just like moving a wall to expand your master bath changes your home’s layout, your blog CMS lets you do that too! Except it happens with the click of the mouse instead of hiring expensive contractors, and we use a FREE open source blog software so it doesn’t cost anything! 😉

Now that you know what you need to setup your blog, and what each piece of the puzzle does, now we’ll get started creating your very own corner on the internet! For more advanced step by step video tutorials go here.

Step 1) Register Your Domain Name & Hosting

Time To Finish – 5 mins

You probably already have an idea for your domain name, we just have to see if it’s not taken and still available to register. We’re going to use the domain checker from Bluehost below since that’s where we’ll be getting our blog hosting from, and they have a promotion going on right now where you get your domain name for free if you sign up for 12 months or more of web hosting. Makes it easy peasy!

Enter in your desired domain name in the search box below, and click check availability…

Once you click the check availability button, a new browser tab will open and it will search the internet to see if the domain you enter is available to register. (give it a minute if it shows you the default homepage… it takes time to search millions of records for you)

If the domain you entered is not taken already, you’ll see a screen like this:


If it is taken, you’ll see a screen like this: (and you need to enter in another one of your ideas, or a variation like .net or .org)

blog-setup-domain-takenNext you need to enter in your account information, and select your plan details: (I’m going to help you with that)

bluehost-package-informationWhen selecting your package, as you can see they offer a bigger discount for the more months you signup for. Pick the option that suits you best.

Next there are a bunch of addons you don’t really need. I uncheck all of them except Domain Privacy Protection, which is something you may or may not want. I will show you how to backup your site for free instead of paying for it. The other add on options you don’t really need.

Enter in your payment information, check the terms of service box, and hit submit. It may prompt you on the next screen to add a username and password for your account. Make sure you write it down because you’re going to need it in a few minutes again.

In a few minutes you’ll get a confirmation email with your account details and login link. Click that and login to your account using the account details you just made note of above.

Your domain is now registered and hosting account is ready to go! Congrats! See you in the next step…

Step 2) Install Your Free Blog Software

Time To Finish – 10 mins

This is where it starts to get cool! We’re going to use a free blogging software called WordPress, which is what I use myself here on, and it’s the best free open source blogging software on the market today.

Once you’ve logged in to your new Bluehost account, you should be on the homepage of your control panel, but if not click the “cpanel” or Control Panel page in the top navigation bar.

You may have to scroll down just a bit to find the section called: WEBSITE or website builders

Find the icon that says “Install WordPress” and click on it: (here’s some pictures to give you a visual)


Next click install to start your blog software setup:


Next you’ll need to select your domain from the drop down box, and click Check Domain. The system will automatically configure it for you: (this is one of the major benefits of getting your domain at bluehost instead of somehwere else… in which case you’d have to learn how to do this manually)

9-Install WP

Next, make sure you check the box to “Show Advanced Options”

We want to change your Site Name, and copy down your password so you can login. Make sure the Admin Email is an email account you have access to right away in case you need to reset your password if you lose it.

10-WP Login

From here the system will do all the work and start installing everything!


Once complete, you’ll see a screen like this: (click on “View Credentials”)


Click on View one more time…


Click on the admin url to login to your brand new blog!


Enter in your login information with the username and password you set under “Show Advanced Options” above:


Once logged in, you should see the admin screen of your brand new blog!


Congrats! Your new blog website is live!!!  (go to your url to see your blog website live on the web! Don’t worry if it looks like a bland black and white page right now… we’re going to change that in 60 seconds in the next step)

Step 3) Customize Your Blog

Time To Finish – 5 mins

Customizing your new blog is super simple, even with no computer or coding experience whatsoever!

change-wordpress-theme-front-endIn your admin dashboard, navigate to the Appearance tab. Click on themes, and click on Add New at the top. This will bring up a menu that shows you literally thousands of free blog website templates you can choose from. Simply select one you like, and click on Install.

It’ll take you to an activation screen where you need to click activate to make that particular theme live. Once you do that, go to the front end of your site and see the new design! It’s Live!!


Congrats You’re Done! Enjoy Your New Blog Website!!

What To Do Next?

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