The Smart Meter Guard That Stops RF EMF Radiation In 30 Seconds Flat!

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I wanted to build a smart meter guard after finding out there were two (yes, dos!) smart meters right outside my office window, where I frequently work tirelessly around the clock to build this blog.After fiddling around with aluminum screen from Home Depot, trying to get 3M tape or duct tape to stick to the meter cover without drawing unwanted attention from the landlord, I decided to look around and see what the options were for pre made smart meter guards for emf shielding. I realize it’s a lot cheaper to build a DIY faraday type cage to block the EMF’s from your smart meter, but the fact is, we’re busy… and very often things fall by the wayside that we can’t see. For most people, I would imagine that making an EMF cover for their smart meter isn’t something that they rush home to build after work! 😉

In this article, I’ve listed some good options for those who want to get a turnkey smart meter emf shield, as well as some links to some other interesting findings I made after investing in two more emf meters. I don’t claim to be an expert on EMF mitigation, nor am I any type of building biologist or electrical engineer… just a guy who was suffering from chronic sinus infections and fatigue, found out about mercury amalgam filling turning you into a giant antenna if you work in an office near computers, and started experimenting with emf meters to find high EMF radiation points in my home i could mitigate for more restful sleep. If you have any questions or if I made a mistake somewhere, there is a comment system at the bottom of this page. I’d love to hear from you!

Summary Cliff Notes: The Best Smart Meter Guard & EMF Protection Materials For DIY Cages

  1. The Smart Meter Guard RF Radiation Shield Cover On Amazon
  2. Smart Meter Shield Kit – Assembly Required
  3. RF Shielding Fabric To Make DIY Faraday Cages For Your Smart Meter

Are You Worried About Smart Meters Emitting High RF Radiation During The Night?

I was concerned when I learned that smart meter don’t work the way we all think they do. In fact, a lot of their communication lies dormant until it’s time to “call home” as they say. Depending on the company and network, one smart meter can be sort of like a relay station as I understand it. The meters store data for power usage (and whatever else they’re collecting we don’t know about), and when it’s time to relay that information back to home base, one smart meter in particular spikes up to 10 times as much data for a period of time, normally known as pulsing.

Shielding Your Smart Meter Can Effectively Block Radiation During The Night When The Smart Meters “Pulse”
(they talk to each other, send data around midnight while you sleep, no one tests them at this hour, so we have no idea how high the emf spikes are)

This can be very different from what most people post in their YouTube videos measuring the emfs from smart meters. These calling home transmissions almost never happen during the day, and are astronomically more invasive than the levels you see measured during the daytime from what I can tell. Keep in mind, not every smart meter does this, and there’s usually only one “transmitter” meter out of a group of them. Hell, for all we know they could randomize them… it would be easy to do.

There Are Only Two Ways To Stop A Smart Meter From Transmitting

1) Unplug It

Calling the power company, and asking to pay their fee to get an analog meter installed is one option… usually a royal pain in the neck. 

2) Shield It

Shielding the emissions from yourself and neighbors is the other option.

This Smart Meter Cover Might Cost $100 Bucks, But All You Have To Do Is Screw On The Cover To Protect Your Family

The smart meter cover listed above in blue, is a little on the expensive side in my opinion. But not all of us have time to fool with making covers after a long day of work, and really need the benefits of having a cover installed. If this is you, this is a good option despite the price… I know many times we always SAY we’re going to do something, and then never get around to it. In this case, protecting your family from the pulsing that usually occurs during the night when the primary meter sends data to the mesh network, is more important than saving $100 dollars.

No Screwing Around With Duct Tape, Aluminum Screen Material, And Cutters Taking An Hour To Make A DIY Smart Meter Guard

If you have kids and you have a smart meter on your house (especially near their bedroom), do yourself a favor and just buy one of those covers listed above.


Are Smart Meters Bad?

A smart meter is new technology that allows your gas and electric readings to be sent electronically straight to your energy providers. These meters all have displays that can help you understand your energy consumption. They are becoming quite popular in other countries; however, it is a known fact that these kinds of devices emit electromagnetic frequencies, and these frequencies have been linked to several health complaints.

Common Smart Meter EMF Radiation Symptoms

The bad thing about new technology is that no one really knows what kind of health effects will come with using it. For example, in the early to mid 1900s, people often thought smoking cigarettes was actually beneficial to their health. It is a poor example, but these kinds of viewpoints are quite common with anything we haven’t really used for a while. Smart Meters are no exception, and many doctors have documented their consequences on our health.

In fact, EMF’s have been linked to causing sleep problems, heart problems, fatigue, and even balance problems. The list goes on and on, and we aren’t done there. As consumers of these devices you need to be aware what they are doing to you and the people around you. Electromagnetic field radiation has also been linked to different types of cancer and chronic sore throats. Imagine if you are a relatively healthy person and you kept constantly getting sick, and the doctors couldn’t figure out why this keeps happening to you. Imagine the fear that would ensue. What would be going through your mind if this became a common recurrence with no solution? EMF radiation is real, but don’t worry, you won’t have to through away all of your smart meters or cell phones, because there are solutions to help negate some of the harmful side effects while you are using these devices.

Smart Meter EMF Radiation Blockers & Guards

How To Block Smart Meter Radiation Transmission by 90% With A DIY Faraday Cage Or Screen Material

Build an Easy DIY Faraday Cage

Many of you are going to laugh at this solution, but it is proven to work. All you need for this project is one item, and believe it or not you probably already own this. Aluminum foil. Whenever you don’t want your device to emit EMF signals, just wrap it in aluminum foil, because this kind of foil prevents the EMF waves from escaping. If you felt like getting a little creative, then go to a store that sells small 2×4’s of wood and buy enough to create a square cage. Of course you will need to also have a hammer and nails ready, but these are easy to find products in case you don’t own them, so you shouldn’t have a problem building this. When you constructed a box like structure from the wood and nails, grab all of your electronic devices which includes your smart meters, cell phones etc., and drop them in and cover the structure entirely in the aluminum foil. Since foil is dirt cheap you should have no problem using a couple of sheets whenever you want to put your devices back into the cage. This can also help fight your addiction to electronics. I bet after a while you will even start using them less and less! If you aren’t all about being crafty, or just don’t have the time to build a cage like this, then head over to and check out their ready to buy EMF shields.

RF SHIELDED NICKEL-COPPER FABRIC | 42.5″ Wide X 1 Linear Foot Long RF Shielding Fabric for Smart Meters

Check Price

  • High performance shield fabric against microwave (RF) radiation
  • Excellent for blocking radiation from smart meters and other EMF sources
  • Flexible fabric can be used as drapes and wall covering
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Rip-Stop and light weight

However, before we start making comparisons and letting you know what we suggest, I have one more material that might better fit your needs if you have it laying around the house, or if you don’t mind going out to the store and grabbing it. I promise this isn’t aluminum foil. Can you see the devilish grin on my face right now? You can’t, but honestly it really works. Okay, enough funny business. The material you want to search out as an alternative to aluminum foil is any conductive metal material that could be used to surround your enclosure, but this material has to have contact with your devices. My suggestion would pick any screen material that is made from any conductive metal. You have quite a few options to choose from, so to make it easier on you we have provided you with the best choices pre made EMF smart meter protectors straight from Amazon.

Smart Meter Guard RF Radiation Shield Cover

Check Price On Amazon

  • Blocks smart meter radiation with the proven Faraday cage technology. Blocks over 98% of RF radiation emitting from smart meters.
  • Stainless steel mesh meter cover – Won’t deteriorate in UV exposure like plastic covers or polymer shields
  • Safe and easy installation – No assembly required – No drilling or ground wiring needed
  • Shields your entire home from RF radiation exposure danger
  • Fits all United States and Canada smart meters

Exterior Smart Meter Shield Kit

See Details

  • Highly effective in blocking RF radiation emitted from Smart Meters
  • It takes only seconds to install – refer to out pictures for installations steps
  • Can be installed on indoor & outdoor meters
  • Kit includes everything you need and requires no tools (except a scissors)
  • Made of Corrosion-immune, soft Stainless Steel Mesh with weather resistant, adhesive Velcro®-type hook and loop

Other EMF Blocking Devices You Might Be Interested In For Wifi & Cellular Signals

Wifi EMF Router Solutions


Cell Phone EMF Blocking Devices

If you are constantly sticking your cell phone up to your ear, or holding a smart reader to read energy use, then since not much is known about these frequencies, it is better to be safe than sorry. Protect yourself and your loved ones. EMF radiation from cell phone use has been linked to higher rates of brain cancer which is a terrible disease, so don’t become a statistic. Protecting yourself from this kind of radiation is very affordable and easy to do. Don’t make excuses, go get some! If you want a brand suggestion, then my pick would be the Hedron Life Source, and I know the price is kind of high, but it can fit on any device! The reviews are outstanding and their five year warranty is something you don’t see too often without having to pay extra for it, and with Hedron you won’t have to pay any extra for it!

Fusion Excel

If you took the giant leap to, then you can pick up a pack of six EMF shield protectors that fit small smart meters and cell phones only for $19.95. So instead of wasting a bunch of aluminum foil and dressing your devices in a space suit, you can dress your devices in a flashy EMF protector that will fit your devices just like a glove!

Hedron Life Source

If you don’t think the Fusion Excel will fit your device I bet the Hedron Life Source will. This product looks like a small square sticker that is waterproof and securely sticks on any device. You don’t have to have complete coverage of the device with this product and it is proven to block up to 97% EMF transmissions. The product also comes with a five year warranty and a sixty day money back guarantee. I love it when companies go the extra mile to prove to their customers that they are reliable. The company also wants their consumers to know one of these shields will protect you from the EMF radiation emitted from your device throughout the entirety of the device’s lifetime. This is a very compact shield, but if you are needing something to definitely fit your device it is worth every bit of fifty dollars. Yes, this product is a little more expensive than the fusion excel, but it will literally fit on anything and protect you from that harmful EMF radiation.



7 thoughts on “The Smart Meter Guard That Stops RF EMF Radiation In 30 Seconds Flat!”

  1. Hello I have EHS (electro hyperr sensitivity , now I was an al v\county RB in high school won the NJ golden gloves at 18 and had many in juries including torn ACL and nothing is more severe or painful then being assaulting by strong EMF, Yrs ago a neighbor moved in with a hidden stealth ham radio antenna inside a flagpole I couldn’t get off the couch for 3 months I had a sed rate which is inflammation of the blood higher then the emergency Dr ever saw in his life after 3 months of not moving i finally went yo ER room ,

    Anyway I live in NJ and they never had smart meters now new governor so new payoffs and suddenly these death rays and being permitted from what I hear these are not like having wifi (which I don’t have) or a cell phone these are equilvilant to 150 cell phones or wifi routers in the house and I’m tellin them I’m not going back to those 3 months I felt like i was dying with that stealth antenna next door

    Anyway at the very least they should have an opt out …Well I actually used some stuff to cover a cordless phone some mesh and nickle it helped but ultimately unplugging the thing worked best

    So im wondering is the smart meter similar cause if it did a decent ok job with a cordless phone it in my opinion wouldn’t do enough against something as powerful as a smart meter
    Well any how if you think that the guard work ill try if we get stuck with a smart meter but is there anyway to completely negate the meter maybe doubling or tripling up on the guard

    Thanks Derek

    • Hey Derek,

      I’ll have to make you a video for this, it’s a pretty complex topic. The long and short of it is, it depends if you’re in a stick frame house or not.

      If you’re in a single family home, put a giant padlock and notice on the meter box so they can’t switch it out without your consent. By law, the box itself, not the meter, belongs to you. Once it’s in though, it is considering tampering.

  2. Matt ,
    Thanks for the reply yes I’m in a stick frame house, heres the issue , I really don’t want to buy a house in NJ dsue to the high taxes , so right now only cause my father is in bad shape with pretty bad Alzheimers I feel horrible bout leaving so moved in with parents couple yrs ago , now my mother put him in a home during the week but he is home on weekends , so I live at my brothers during the week , long story but his job has him out of town during week so I stay there turn his wifi off and security system off all week then on weekends when he is back I go to my moms house to stay with father ,
    Both houses are reg stick frame houses.

    I don’t get people bowing down for this , Anybody doing any research knows the truth and the WHO listing RF as a class 2B Carcinogen should be enough to state to keep it off your house ,
    I know people get all upset over the kneeling of the flag but its kind of hypocritical to want me to stand for a flag cause it represents freedom then say too bad we are putting a device on your house that will inevitably make you leave your house , I’m pissed I’ve slept way too many nights in my car dealing with this sensitivity and I’m not going back to those days

    Yes if you can make a video on how to do it I appreciate it very much

    Thank You So much Derek

    PS , Are there any rights to keep them from doing it such as writing to CEO of electric comp with a Drs note , I heard somewhere that if you don’t tell them you do not consent they take it as you consent

    • If it’s the RF that is your main problem, the easiest thing you can do is get a faraday cage net for your bed. You can take it back and forth, it just hooks to the ceiling.

  3. hello Matt,
    We live in Walton County Florida. We have a smart meter on our home, my husband and I have hyper sensativity to the EMFs produced by this meter as well as health problems of which this meter is aggrevating for both of us. I called the electric company of which that we have the service with. I have explained that we have health problems that are being aggrevated by the meter as well as new problems that the meters are causing. I also told them that I do not want this meter on our home and that I want it removed and replaced with an old analog meter only to be told that I have to keep this meter. I told the electric company that they are in violation of my amendment right of freedom of choice only to be mocked and laughed at. When that I asked why they wouldn’t allow me to have an analog electric meter I was told “because then we won’t know what all your doing inside of your home”. It looks like that we would have a choice on what kind of a meter that we want on our home being that the customers of the electric company are supposedly a partner “part owner” in the co op. I feel as though they should be working for the customer and not going against the customers wishes and forcing the customer to have these smart meters. What should we do?

    • Hi Bettie,

      Usually you can pay a one time removal fee, and then an additional monthly fee for the analog. You might try the certified letter route if you’ve only had dealings over the phone:

      Other than getting it removed, are you certain it’s the meter causing you trouble? Generally the meter box provides enough rear facing protection from direct wall penetration. But they do cause dirty electricity, so it’s not clear to me which part of it might be contributing to your troubles.

      If it’s dirty electricity, a line meter and some filters will knock that down. You could also wrap the entire front of the meter with lead sheeting or some type of metallic casing… it an effort to overheat the meter and blow it up eventually. In the short term, it will stop it from transmitting, which at some point a tech will have to come out and replace it. With chains and things, you can make that hard to do without your consent, since the homeowner owns the box.

      Do you have any pictures of the situation?

  4. does the Smart Meter Cover RF Radiation Shield still allow the meter to do its job sending signals to the Utility company or will I get a visit from them because they’re not getting the info they need?


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