SOTA Bio Tuner: How Does This CES Device Really Work and Can It Really “Tune-Up” Your Brain?

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Developed by an accomplished physicist, The SOTA Bio Tuner is an electronic product that is being used as a device to promote relaxation since 1983. This easy-to-use CES (cranial electrotherapy stimulation) device produces harmonic frequencies that help in stress relief and promote overall health.

What Is CES and How Does It Help Brain Health?

CES or cranial electrotherapy stimulation, which is also known by several other names such as “transcranial electrotherapy”, “electrosleep” etc. is when a low-intensity microcurrent of less than 1 milliampere is sent to the brain. CES devices work non-invasively and are designed for use at home. The devices deliver electric current to the brain through a hand-held machine to electrodes which are attached behind or on your ears.

There are several research studies which suggest that CES can be used to effectively treat depression, anxiety and insomnia. It has also shown promise for the treatment of other conditions such as pain, fibromyalgia, ADHD and migraine or tension related headaches. CES may also help in the treatment of addictions to alcohol, prescription drugs and tobacco i.e. it may help to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal such as insomnia, depression and anxiety.


How Does the Bio Tuner Work?

The Bio Tuner produces an altered rectilinear waveform with more than 500 harmonic frequencies in each pulse, which helps to create a state of balance and restores the natural energies in the mind and body leading to complete relaxation and well-being. According to research, these energies could be linked to enhanced learning, memory, intelligence and creativity.


How Can the Bio Tuner Help?

The Bio Tuner is based on the technology which was developed in the 1950s in Russia and used as a sleeping aid. However, later it was discovered that not only did the brain tuner help with sleep, it also helped to increase alertness and reduce depression.


The CES technology works by using specific frequencies to stimulate the hypothalamus region of the brain, which brings the over-stimulated hypothalamus to a homeostasis level i.e. state of balance and no stress. When your brain is stimulated using the CES technology, it produces neurohormones that affect your emotions, mood and cognitive abilities.


And, the Bio Tuner which works on the CES technology can, in turn, affect your body temperature, blood pressure, electrolyte and fluid balance and body weight positively. The Bio Tuner essentially returns the body to the homeostasis state which is required for balance and overall good health.


SOTA Bio Tuner

The SOTA Bio Tuner delivers particular frequencies which together create a range of harmonic frequencies that help your body relax.


How to Use the SOTA Bio Tuner?

  • The ear clips provided with the Bio Tuner must be placed on each ear lobe, close to the jaw. The unit provides 6 comfort modes or settings.
  • Each cycle of the Bio Tuner is preset for 20 minutes.
  • You can use the device for 20-40 minutes or more i.e. 1-2 cycles or more.
  • You can use the device for up to 3 sessions in a day and space out the sessions throughout the day.
  • Usually, it takes around 30 days of using of the Bio Tuner to experience the benefits.

(You can watch the “How To” video or read the SOTA Product Manual or User Guide for more details on the usage.)


Features of the SOTA Bio Tuner

  • Quartz crystal frequency output control for highest accuracy
  • Base Frequency: 1000 Hz modulated by 111.11 Hz
  • Unit Output: Wide range of harmonic frequencies
  • In-built 20-minute digital timer
  • Settings or Modes: 6 (Mode 3 & 6 incorporate the Earth or Schuman frequency i.e. 7.83 Hz)
  • Audio alert at the end of the 20-minute session
  • Low battery alert light
  • Custom headset
  • Intuitive operation
  • Push-button switch to change output to the 6 different modes
  • LED light indicator for power, mode and circuit
  • Indicator for output signal circuit verification and headset
  • Works on a standard 9-volt alkaline battery
  • Lightweight unit
  • Works on advanced microcomputer
  • Works on proprietary SOTA software to deliver reliable and consistent output
  • SOTA Upgrade Program allows you to upgrade the current model to a new model at 50% discount.
  • CE Certified (European safety standard), RoHS Compliant (European standard that controls usage of 6 hazardous materials in electrical and electronic equipment)
  • Bio Tuner comes with 3-year warranty.
  • Bio Tuner comes along with a cord, a pair of ear clips, 2 pairs of conductive electrodes made of rubber, 1 armband with a clip, 9-volt alkaline battery, carrying case and a product manual.


The SOTA Bio Tuner offers 6 modes or comfort settings, which allows you to try out the various modes and decide what works best for you. And, it is recommended that you vary the modes periodically when you are using the Bio Tuner for an extended period of time. In all the modes, a base frequency of 1,000 Hz which is pulse-modulated by 111.11 Hz is existent. The guidelines for use are:

  • Mode 1: There is continuous output.
  • Mode 2: The output is a pulsed one. A frequency of 0.5 Hz modulates the output so that the relaxation is enhanced further.
  • Mode 3: The Earth frequency or Schuman frequency of 7.83 Hz modulates the output.

The modes 4 to 6 have the same outputs as 1 to 3; however, the pulse width is different. Using these modes can be helpful for people who are electro-sensitive since the shorter pulse width helps to reduce the intensity and the feeling is gentler.

The SOTA Bio Tuner offers 3 wellness programs:

Basic Wellness Program

The timer of the Bio Tuner is preset to 20 minutes per session and you can use the device up to 3 sessions in a day.

You can use the device daily and use it for a minimum of 2 sessions in a day for at least 4 weeks and then you can reduce the length of the sessions and number gradually.


Focused Wellness Program

The Bio Tuner can be used up to 3 sessions of 40 minutes in a day. Space out the sessions and allow time in between every session.

It is recommended that you vary the settings/modes from time to time.


Ongoing Wellness Program

Once you have completed the Basic Wellness Program or the Focused Wellness Program, you can use the Bio Tuner as and when you need to. You can repeat the above programs at any time you want.


Precautions for SOTA Bio Tuner Usage

It is recommended not to use the SOTA Bio Tuner in the following situations, as the safety of the device has not been explored:

  • If you are pregnant.
  • If you have an implanted device like a pacemaker, etc.
  • If you are driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery or equipment.
  • If you are near water.


You must not:

  • Increase the intensity of the Bio Tuner to the maximum level suddenly. To ensure your safety, the intensity of the device must be increased gradually until it is at a comfortable level.
  • Connect the cord of the Bio Tuner to a USB outlet like a power supply or a computer. You should not plug any USB connections into the device other than the cord specifically meant to connect the Bio Tuner.



  • While generally, the use of the Bio Tuner is considered safe, there may be situations where individuals may have reactions that are not foreseen.
  • If you suffer from a neurological condition, from seizures or you are on some psychiatric medications, then you must check with your doctor before using the SOTA Bio Tuner.
  • If you experience the start of tinnitus or worsening of tinnitus when you use the Bio Tuner, discontinue use and consult your doctor.
  • If you experience nerve pain or headaches while using the Bio Tuner, then discontinue use.


Some FAQs Answered

How can I get the maximum benefit from my SOTA Bio Tuner?

Creating a Routine

Regular use of the Bio Tuner is critical to getting the maximum benefits and it is best to use it every day for a minimum of 4 weeks. The ideal way is to include the device into your everyday routines such as when your going on your daily walk, when you’re watching TV, on your commute to and from work and even before going to bed. The unit is so small and portable, you can even take it along with you when you travel so that your routine remains uninterrupted.

Keep the Device Handy

Once you have learned how to include the Bio Tuner into your daily routine, keep the device and all the accessories in a place where you can see them i.e. your nightstand, your work desk, etc. so that you’ll be reminded to use it.

Always Be Prepared

Being prepared always can help to minimize any sort of disruptions in the routine of using the Bio Tuner. Keep extra rubber electrodes and batteries on hand. This can help you replace the battery if it is drained out or the rubber electrodes if they have lost their conductivity.

Maintain a Journal

The most important part of any wellness journey is keeping track of the successes and the failures and keeping a journal or diary of your experiences can benefit your overall wellness journey. And, when you look back on your journey, the changes that have occurred over time can be a great motivator for the journey ahead.

Should the Bio Tuner by turned on very high for it to be effective?

It is not necessary for the device to be turned up to the maximum level. The intensity switch must be turned only until you can feel the current and the intensity must be comfortable. With repeated use of the Bio Tuner, you may not feel the buzzing sensation as much.


As we have discussed, there are many benefits of using the Bio Tuner. Now, you can simply incorporate the SOTA Bio Tuner into your lifestyle and make it a part of your daily life and enjoy the relaxing benefits it has to offer.


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