How to Start a Fashion Blog and Make Money from It

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First of all, there is no need to sugarcoat anything here by telling you that blogging is one of the easiest things that you can do, blogging is something that needs hard work and dedication. What you ought to understand is that if you have really decided to enter into the fashion blog, it is one of the many places that is very crowded and fully cramped with people. It is a niche that you literary have to struggle to find yourself room for breathing. It is not only in the fashion blogs but the same also goes for music blogs, traveling blogs for sports and probably sexy ones too. The kind and level of competition, as well as the noise, is one that never comes to an end.

With that being said, there is also good news and this is that most of the blogs about 95% of them really suck when it comes to content and giving the followers and readers the best experiences that they are looking for. This fact is something that presents with an opportunity to come up with something that is awesome and pretty much amazing to do. Be special when it comes to comparing you with other bloggers. What I can tell you is that to achieve the best you will always need some guts.

Tips for Successful Fashion Blogging

All it takes is making sure that you are different and stand out on top of being smart. With all this, you are halfway there to making it work out. one word of free advice to you, if there is no way that you are prepared to do all the above then it is high time that you just stop right there and stop wasting your precious time. Fashion blogging is the world that requires you to be highly competitive and creative in terms of capturing the attention and desires of your audiences.

Now that we have finally gotten over the scary learn –the- hard- way lesson part, we can then move onto the next and important part of the practical matters. This is knowing and understanding well how you can start your own fashion blog and most importantly make it one of the most awesome by following the following basic steps

What is your goal?

What is the sole purpose of you starting a fashion blog? This is a question that you should ask yourself the moment you have decided that you want to create a fashion blog. Ask yourself if in an ideal world fashion blogging would be your full-time job too. Do you just want to be sharing your kind of styles and new creations with your family and friends and nothing more? Either of the answers that you will have to those questions is not wrong. It will serve the purpose of guiding and directing you in every decision that you will be making in relation to your blog from this moment onward. The difference is how much effort you will need to put into it. For example, if you have decided that you want to be a professional fashion blogger then it will require you to put in much time and resources. Oftentimes you will also need to budget on starting a small business reason being that in the real sense, successful fashion blogging is all about being an entrepreneur.

Understand that you are a marketer first

Being a fashionista comes in second after being a marketer. There is a huge misconception that concerns the digital world marketing. People think that you can simply share what you have in the social media and after walking away you can come back later as an internet success. This is not the case in the real world but just a misconception otherwise there would be no tips on how to a successful fashion blog. As a matter of fact, there are also thousands of more than many creative which can be fashionable for example taking photos. People may share the photos and hope that they become professional bloggers but this is not the case. You will need to do more than just sharing of photos to become a success. What plays a bigger role is what you do when you are sitting behind your personal computer and writing as well as coming up with the perfect strategy to market your posts.

Time commitment

Successful blogging goes beyond just having a hobby and then expecting that you turn that hobby into a professional career. You will need a lot more than just that. I am talking a ton of practice for you. You will need a lot of time and unconditional commitment to come up with a quality post for your blog all the time. By all the time I mean multiple times per week. You will be required to serve as a web developer, to begin with; you can play the role of an assistant photographer and a social media manager too. You can be a publicist, lead generator, photo editor, review contracts, SEO expert and much more. The point that I am trying to cross to you is that it constitutes a lot of working but all is worth it. The work is completely necessary as well as 100 percent worth it when you are aiming to become a successful professional blogger.


At the least, you need to invest in photography. The professional photography is a new standard in the fashion blogging world even when it comes to amateur bloggers. What most people do not understand is that you do not need professional photographers to take your photos every time that you do a shoot. Take advantage of the people around you mom, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or even friends can do a couple of good jobs. You do not need some of the most expensive cameras so as to do this too. Just opt for something that will provide you with professional grade photos for your fashion blog. Utilize the various resources available such as YouTube videos as well as classes which will help you to learn easily on the ways that you can work a DSLR camera and how you can capture photos of professional quality.

Invest in your website

One thing is told is that if you are looking to start a fashion blog and make it turn out a success then the secret lies in your website. It all begins with your website as all the people will be responding to you through your website. You can tell when the visitors will want or not to stay on your blog within the first three seconds upon arrival depending on the kind of impression that they will form. People will most probably notice your blog if it is haphazardly designed. Mostly all the brands and affiliates will definitely not work with or are even less likely to work with those bloggers who have websites that are not easy to navigate. Your website should be user-friendly and one that is easy to navigate to all places. To avoid landing this kind of mistake you probably should take your precious time and do some basic research on the blog platforms. Examples of these blog platforms include, blogger and square space among much more. Take your time and come up with what will best suit you, then select a theme that you see fit with your taste, should be photo friendly and gives a professional impression.

Optimize your platform

And by this, I mean your entire platform. How exactly can you optimize how you use your entire platform then? It is simple, just ensure that the name that you are using for your blog or actual name should be the name for your Google+, integral handle, twitter handle, your blog’s URL, blog name and the Facebook page. It will help people to find your social media and blog as well with much ease as possible. You do not want to create the search engine nightmares to your followers, it will also reduce the number of people who have access to your social platforms and this comes as a disadvantage to you. The more consistent that you are the better it is both for you and your followers.

Social media usage

How exactly do you use your social media? At this point now you will definitely have to change the way that you use your social media if you want to be successful in the world of blogging. The moment that you decide that you are taking fashion blogging seriously then that is the time that you also have to transition how you approach the social media. It will require you to change from something that you do just for fun like in most instances, to one thing that can be a driver for the website traffic. You have to accept social media as one important part integrated with you each and every step of the way. All this will not lead you to your goals of professional fashion blogging if you do not come up with a well stated and discussed the theme, correct voice towards your audience and most importantly the type of audience that you are targeting among much more.

Find a community

It does not matter to what levels of professionalism that you will take your photography and website, the matter of the fact is that you will still need to be part of one or more online communities. They will serve to offer support to your posts and any related kind of social endeavors that you have cooking in the kitchen. Most of the bloggers will relate and support me when I say that Facebook groups mostly are a huge part of bloggers when it comes to marketing. They serve you and your audiences to comment, like as well as share your daily posts on any other social media that is available out there. People can also ask questions and request for your network feedback as well. Most importantly you will want to be involved with some of the local online groups or communities. The advantage that comes along with local online communities besides the fact that you can support each other online is the fact that you can have a chance to meet personally too. This can allow you to brainstorm through your work and ideas, plan collaborations and on top of it all develop a real friendship.

The art of being different

The more different you are from other bloggers the more the chances of success you have, therefore it goes by saying that being different is part of being alive in the fashion blogging. As much dramatic as it may sound, it is totally true and relevant as well. Trust me when I tell you that the moment your blog is the same as the other bloggers in fashion or even say sports, music or traveling then you have no chance of holding on for long without giving up. It will be a few weeks before you think of giving it up as soon as possible.

But when you know and understand why exactly you are fabulous and how you can stand out among the many people you are competing with, then work hard and smart and ensure that it becomes part of your initial brand. Let people see how different you are. Within no time you will realize success heading your way and fashion blogging will be even much more fun that you may know. You can decide to start by coming up with a cool name for your blog for example. You can as well come up with a better angle mostly a cool one as compared to others which you will blog about a particular topic. So how can you make your fashion blog different from all the other blogs?

Put your face on it, you are the one who is responsible for writing the articles that you post on your blog for your readers. Therefore put a face onto all that. It all goes without saying therefore that you are going to be a huge part of your blog. Therefore make sure that people will know where all that idea and amazing stuff is coming from.

Tell your story to many people like to relate and if they find that your story is similar to them or it inspires them then that is how you earn followers on your blog. Tell them the reason behind your writing this blog, convince them by showing why they should listen to you. Therefore always tell the story behind your driving power even if it is a really long story.

Strongly differentiated brand- you will have to come up with a name and logo design that is unique from all other brands. Do not copy others. Make sure that you think of something that is unique and captivating. You ought to understand that your brand is not just your mere logo; it is something that shows what you do. It is also what everyone will think about you when they see it. Therefore to make this much easier all you have to do is ensure that everything is connected including your name, design, logo, and style. This will work together in ensuring that your blog is different.

Take risks

Truth be told this is one of the hardest parts when it comes to blogging. You will need to take risks with the kind of content that you provide your followers and readers with. Understand that you will be writing a fashion blog for even more that tens of thousands of readers. You will, therefore, want to be completely different from everyone else. Talk about the things that matter to you. Avoid copying what others do or write about. Try and be original by being yourself and not trying to be like others that are where most people fail.

As we can see, all this can be summarized to one thing that you will really need to have a deep knowledge and understanding as to why it is that you want to do what you are doing. It all comes down to knowing what your motivations are even before you start your journey of being a professional fashion blogger.

Publish the best content

I mean, isn’t this what blogging is all about? Come up with the best content that your brain can actually think of and publish it. Your readers are always looking to learn new things so it is up to you to look at things with a different angle or perspective. Publishing a good content brings you success, it does not matter what mistakes you have made in the past be it the bad domain that you have chosen, or even if you have started on a free host. Publishing a good content will definitely open up doors for you and you will be heading on the correct path to success as a fashion blogger.

The best content is not concerned with how it looks say for example it might be in the form of YouTube videos, eBook or even a blog post, all that does not matter. A good content is solely that one which is able to change the life of other people. Let the content relate to the group or people that you are targeting. For example, if your target is all about slim women, let it then have something that will make someone who is slim feel better about herself for a day or so.

It is a big move and believes me if you make an impact on a person’s life in that moment that they are reading your blog, it is something that they will live to remember always because you have connected to them. A good content is mostly meant to solve problems aside from entertaining your audience. Therefore always ensure that you take as much time as possible to try and come up with the best content and ideas that you can possibly think of which will be helpful to other people. All this lands us to the next part where the question is how exactly can you publish the best content?

Plan-always ensure to make plans which are ahead of your blog’s strategy. You have to know what people will want and come up with something that pleases and benefits them. Think of something that the people might want to see now and in the coming days of the future as well. The best and easiest way to do this is just being up to date with the current stories and trends that relate to that area.

Be better- it is not exactly copying but seeing and learning what your competitors are doing and then coming up with a better plan than theirs. Follow what they are doing and use it as a stepping stone to be successful. You try to copy them to some point but make sure that you are always different. Ensure as well and emphasize on being unique.

Lots of writing

Well, you do want to get better each time that you write right? Then you have to know that Practice leads to perfection. How else can you get better at writing if you do not keep practicing? You will need to be writing a lot all the time. Try also and find a voice that captivates your readers and one that is appropriate to your themes. You can even be writing long blog posts but ensure to write something that gives out a lot of value to the people.

Evergreen content

Make a decision to always put the focus on the evergreen content. By this, I mean stuff that is useful and one which does not loose meaning. What you write should be something that is able to stay relevant to people forever and not just for a few weeks to come. Consider this as one of the most important points when you want to run a blog and a successful one in that case.

It is not easy to come up with the best content, it will drain your brain too if you are doing it right. As far as this goes, you just have to make an effort and make sure that you are more fabulous each time that you come up with something new for your fashion blog. This will get you the attention that you need and deserve from the people. It will take you a lot of time and research to write and edit as well as perfect your skills but with time and a lot of practice you will definitely get there.

Network, network, network

I have stressed on it and said it so many times so that you see the whole importance of it. You will need to make sure that you really network even if you have a very good content. Networking serves to give your readers as well as your fellow colleagues who are blogging a chance to know you and create good healthy relationships. This is what will fetch fame for you as you continue your quest of professional fashion blogging. To make networking easier the following is some of the few simple practices that you will need to be doing so as to make it a success

Make contact- you being a blogger you can as well help other bloggers that you have chosen by making comments around the contents that they publish on their blogs. In so doing you can also help them to get more comments from their readers and slowly you will be making friends. It is not strictly about exchanging personal contact but rather being connected in terms of the post and themes that you all deliver to your readers.

If you can also make to get another blogger to Skype with you will have managed to get a friend for life. It is one of the most fantastic ways that you can use of which most people do not put into maximum good use. This kind of physical contact can help you discuss a thing or even get professional advice at any particular time and in the middle of all that connects the both of you.

Spy on other bloggers

We all need a role model whom we look up to. Other people could help you come up with new ideas and new angles to address a particular topic or theme. Therefore it is a healthy thing to do when you spy on your fellow fashion bloggers. You can begin off by getting on Google+ communities or even twitter search as well then start by searching for those fashion bloggers who have been rated the best. Look at the work they do and how they relate with their readers. Simply get to know who is who and what exactly do they do. With that trust me you will be motivated to work hard and also will give you great angles and ideas to work your way up the fashion blog ladder too.

Content sharing

It will benefit you and the other bloggers if you start to share their content on your personal blog as well. When you do so make sure that they know that you have given them a mention. This step will go a long way to help you build positive and healthy relationships with them. You will find that they also like what you are doing as well and will start to share your content too with their readers. In so doing your post will be able to reach even an additional tens of thousands of readers. You can also try to establish relationships by learning on how to write emails. Write to some of them from time to time.

Start discussions

Believe me when I tell you most of the friends that most bloggers make are from online discussions, forums, and twitter and forum areas among much more. Wherever you can just try and start a discussion about a particular theme that you see fit and put it out there for discussion. Try and reply to other people’s comments and see also who are supporting you or are on your side.

Attend fashion shows and visit malls

Both attending fashion shows and surveying shopping malls will help you mostly when you want to come up with content for your daily post. Attend \a fashion show if it is possible as well because it is the platform where the latest trends and works of fashion designers are showcased. On top of it all, you will be able to interview the designers as well as make connections and friendships. This is what you clearly need for your blog. It will make it look lively and this brushing shoulder with such people also takes your reputation to a much higher level.

By hitting the mall, you will be able to come up with new stories to tell your readers like for example, you can tell them where it is that they can come across the most popular garments of a particularly well-known brand but which are affordable. Always ensure to take your camera with you when you are out shopping to document everything for your blog. By now you do understand the importance that graphics add to your posts and as a result helps the people reading the post to digest what they read.

How Can You Make Money as a Fashion Blogger

This is the age where most of the bloggers have crossed over from just running their own personal websites and have started earning money through them. As a blogger, you can now star in campaigns and commercials as well as on the covers of magazines. The good news is that now all the kinds of digital, as well as social media, is nowadays allowing you as a blogger to be successful in running your personal businesses.

You can use the digital media to help you convert sales of various brands. The more the web visits to a particular brand the more you can earn your money online. As a matter of fact, brands have begun to build more campaigns concerning influencers into their marketing budget. This is due to the fact that influencers and bloggers are driving more sales even much more as compared to the celebrities. This, as a result, provides you with a perfect chance to earn a good amount of profit through the various digital and social mediums. The following is some of the top ways that you can be able to earn money as a professional fashion blogger

Collaborations with brands

It is also referred to as advertorial at times. Most bloggers and influencers use this kind of method to earn an income for themselves. There are a couple of pretty good collaborations that are coming up from most bloggers today. Here in brand collaboration, a brand will pay you just to feature on your blog or your social media too. It depends on what the brand that you have collaborated with wants it done, for example, the collaboration can even be as simple as wearing a garment of a particular brand. It can also entail wearing a full fashion wear that they have produced. You can also have collaboration with the magazines where you can make your own commercial interpretations through editing their contents.

Product lines

Having established an audience, it is so obvious that the next step that you will require to take is to come up with a product that you will make them believe in. A product that is distinct and the one you think will suit your audience. You can create a hugely successful business just from the sale of your products online through the use of your fashion blog. It is a simple thing to do now that you have established an audience. The only thing left for you to do is to think of something that goes with your blog’s theme and convince your audience to buy. For example, you can be selling swim wears and work out shirts if your blog is all about fitness and health as related to fashion. Aside from creating your own product, if you do not have an idea of the product you can also do a collaboration with other existing brands for a certain percentage of their total income. It is not a pressure that you come up with your own product, you can book deals from all the other brands that are already in existence and benefit from your fashion blogging.

Affiliate marketing

The fact that you already have a website makes it possible for you to utilize the affiliate market and so are the shoppers. You can use the most commonly used sites by bloggers such as the shop style and the Reward style as well. They are the most commonly used platforms that you can also think of starting with. For example, you can reduce your work of being a shopping assistant to your readers through your blog. From your blog, you will be able to provide shopping assistance and with time you can even start having clients whom you give fashion advice. You can as well create a platform where you will be able to support the recommendations of clients to particular products or brands and earn a commission from these online stores. Most online stores do this kind of shopping where they will pay you a certain commission for any product of theirs that has been purchased through your lead as an influencer or a fashion blogger. The reader will not be charged any excess amount if they use the link that you have provided them with. It is something that is common to almost all the fashion blogs that you will read.

Marketing campaigns

As an influencer, market campaigns are going to become one of the bigger things and part of the total income that you will be generating as a professional fashion blogger. In this age, social media has overthrown the age where models were the only ones who were mostly featured in the campaigns of various brands. Brands are nowadays using the top most bloggers and influencers in selling their products. Therefore when you do a good job of having a larger audience who look up to your professional fashion advice, then it would not be long before a particular brand approaches you and asks you to market their brand to your readers. And this is how you will be earning you commissions each time you get a web visit to that brand through your blog.

Appearances and hosting

If a particular brand has liked what you are doing with the fashion trends and wants to take advantage of your blogger’s following, what they do is that they can help you or enlist you to host an event. If not so they can as well invite you to attend a particular event that they are hosting and in return, you will be required to mention or promote the event on social media. By so doing you will be inviting your followers who believe in you very much to attend that event. It comes as an advantage to them as the invitation will reach a large number of audience who are following you. Of then in this kind of promotion, you will be contracted by that brand and just by attending the event or mentioning it on your blog you will earn yourself quite a good amount of commission. This is just the same as that of celebrities where they are invited for runway shows or parties to increase the turn up of the people.

Creative service

The fact that you have made it being a fashion blogger will open more doors for you on how you can earn yourself money. Most bloggers have more to offer than just their pretty faces being seen and appearing in various events. You can as well offer some of your creative service skills to other places and earn good money with something that you love doing and also which you are used to doing. For instance, you can contribute your writing skills to various publications due to the fact that you have been writing many times for a long time. You definitely know how to reach the various audiences that you will be asked to do so. You also have the correct voice to capture the attention of various readers. The fact that you have been writing gives you an upper hand on various topics as you have the know-how of the different themes to be discussed in those publications.

Aside from that, you can as well lend your talent in photography to the various fashion brands and magazines too. This is how you become a professional photographer. With the skills that you learned by yourself or even been taught when taking photos for your blog, you can use them and earn money easily for yourself and at the same time run your blog? Many magazines and fashion brands prefer photographers from blogs whose photos is amazingly of high quality and one which captures the attention of the audience. Through fashion blogging, you will be able to tell a story to your readers through the kind of photographs that you provide them with. If it is your photos that captivate them then such magazines will need such photography skills that you have to help them reach the same audience that you have too. An example of such bloggers who contribute their skills and services and earn a living from is Zanita and Amanda Share forth who are professional photographers of magazines as well as Bryan Yambao and Susie Lau who are writers to a publication.


The business of social media and blogging acts as a good frontier both to the individual, brands and small businesses too. The fact that you have the know-how and from time to time find new knowledge then it will be only logic that you capitalize it with those people who need of which will come at a fee. Some of these individuals who will pay a fee to get such information will include brands among much more. By so doing you, therefore, are the perfect candidate to act as their consultant in the products that they come up with and produce.

Creating Your Account


This is the first thing that you will require to do. A theme will represent your blog, therefore, you will need to come up with something that will be different from everyone else. Ask yourself why people should come to your fashion blog despite the fact that there are a million of available fashion blogs on the internet. When you figure it out you will be able to stand out and be different and here you have already tackled the convincing part.


It is always recommended that you set up a self-hosted version of the word press if you are planning to take your fashion blog very seriously. For this to be possible you will, therefore, need to have your own hosting account. Bluehost as compared to others is one of the hosts that you can use for your site. It is mostly cheap and very reliable when it comes to hosting your site. As host, account serves as your reserved space only for you on the web. It has a function of housing your website and all your files. The most recommended method of paying for it is the starter plan you will pay for the Bluehost in one lump sum as compared to others which are done on a monthly basis. This kind of method will save you a considerable amount of cash.

You can get a domain name for free from Bluehost if you make a decision that you want to host with them. It will be helpful to you if you do not have a domain name already. During the period of signing up, you are also recommended to have the domain privacy protection an option which you will find in the package information settings. The domain privacy protection will allow you to hide your personal address as well as the phone number from access by the public. All the above can be summarized as follows in step form

1. Select your plan and then follow the instructions provided

2. Go to Bluehost and click the big green button which is the Get started button.

3. Select your domain name

4. Fill your account information

5. Set up a Bluehost account that has a secure password and then log in


You will be required to go through the process of installing WordPress after you have finished the registration of Bluehost. The software is free and it can go from the basics to custom as you want it. You will need this software in your day to day blogging experiences. Although it is free, the customizations as well as getting it to do what you want will come at a fee.

When you login into your Bluehost, you will come across a control panel on the navigation options. It is where you will be able to see a button with the option to install WordPress. After you have chosen to install, another page will come up where you will be required to install your WordPress too.

After all that you will receive a message notifying you that the installation has been completed and is successful. This will be followed by clicking on the credential box where you will be able to get all your details which will include the admin URL, USERNAME, and your PASSWORD. All these details can be changed to something that you can easily remember later on when you want. You will be requiring them when you want to log in for the first time so keep them safe.

To officially log into your blog which is now officially hosted live on the internet, you will be required to type your URL for you admin into the web browser. What will appear is a generic login screen which is where you will enter your credentials which in this case are the username and password that you were given from the previous step.


You will definitely need a theme for your blog. The theme is what represents your site design; this entails how your site looks and comes all together. At the beginning, you can start off with the basic WordPress theme which is available for you. There are a number of themes available for you which you can choose from. But in due time, the fact that you consider yourself a fashionista and so will your readers, you will definitely need to style it up a little bit.


the blogging community is one of the huge communities available, you can try and choose from any of the many available that will help you in being successful and achieving your goals of being a professional fashion blogger. You can try and start by joining the IFB Pro which also is a blogging community. It offers new bloggers great discounts on the various tools and products as well as also being ready to help you out and education on the how-to be off blogging.

Facebook also is one of the wonderful places that you can be able to connect with other people and share your daily or weekly content.


The good thing about blogging is that you do not need a ton of tools so as to have a successful blogging experience. As a matter of fact, all that you need is to be in possession of a Smartphone and a computer which are a must have. It will also be a good idea if you were to invest in a decent camera not as expensive as such. You just need a camera that will be able to produce photos of good quality and which are perfectly clear. Investing in your camera will help you as the quality of photos that you will be using on your blog will determine how both your readers as well as the potential readers perceive you and in that case the various brands that will want to work with you too down the road of fashion. It is completely up to you which camera brand that you prefer whether it is Sony, Nikon, or canon as long as the produce quality pictures.

What you ought to realize is that the lens is the one which is far much important than the camera body itself. You can, therefore, purchase you camera body separately and then buy the lens later separately too.

You will also need to have Photoshop to make your pictures and images more interesting and captivating. You can have access to some of the online free photo editing software such as the PicMonkey which really works great when it comes to these tasks. This is only in your beginning stages but as you continue you can activate to the Pro version which is a better version that is more affordable.



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