Stay at Home Jobs: Your Ultimate Guide

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If the thought of getting up every morning, getting dressed for work, rushing to office while having to beat the traffic fills you with dread, but at the same time you want to maintain a career of sorts, make money and stay at home with your kids, today, you have the option of considering a stay at home job.

Stay at home jobs are a fantastic way for you to take care of all your commitments at home, as well as in your career. And, stay at home jobs offer work flexibility, which is the key contributor to a great work-life balance.

Finding a stay at home job that pays very well may be a challenge for stay at home moms and dads; however, today, there are a huge range of such jobs available. So, irrespective of whether you’re looking for a stay at home job as a full-time career or an option to earn some extra income, there are plenty of jobs out there that you can consider.

Is a Stay at Home Job Right for You?

This is a very important aspect that you must address if you’re thinking about taking up a stay at home job. Here are a few more questions that you must answer. What kind of a job do you want to take up? What are your financial requirements that the job must meet? How many hours do you want to work? Should the job be a full-time or a part-time job? Do you need the benefits of a full-time job and health insurance?

Working from home has its perks for stay at home moms and dads and this gives you the flexibility of being with your family and caring for them. However, this flexibility is not without a cost and therefore, before you decide to work from home, you must consider the pros and cons of this.

Advantages of Stay at Home Jobs

No Commuting

This is probably the biggest plus, of not having to commute back and forth from work, which helps you save a lot of time and money. And, what’s more, your stress levels will also reduce.

More Flexibility

Stay at home jobs allow you greater flexibility and you can work during the hours when you’re most productive. You can wear whatever you want, even your pajamas while you work and the biggest advantage is that you can take leave or a vacation whenever you want, or simply take a break to pick your kid up from school.

Less Stressful

Working from home can be less stressful. You can control your stress levels better and if the work gets too hectic, you can simply take a break. Also, you may be a person who finds an office environment and interactions with your colleagues and boss very stressful. A stay at home job may be better for you and let you be more focused and productive without any distractions.

Save Money

Avoiding the long commute to work can save you a lot of money and, in addition, you can save money by writing off a part of your home office expenditure on taxes when you have a stay at home job.

Improve Your Work-Life Balance

The biggest problem that full-time office goers face is finding the right balance between their work and personal lives. Stay at home jobs make it much easier to maintain your work-life balance.


Disadvantages of Stay at Home Jobs

While stay at home jobs seem like the best deal, they come with their own share of drawbacks too:

Requires Self-Discipline

Getting up each day, focusing on your work and meeting deadlines requires plenty of motivation and self-discipline, especially when you are in your comfortable home environment.

Feel Isolated

While sometimes, the office chatter and social interaction can get tiring, while working from home, the lack of just this can be isolating. Working all day just staring at your computer screen can be rather lonely. Also, you may miss out on the collaboration, social bonds that form in the workplace, future opportunities and promotions, etc. And, in the long run, working alone at home can lead to workplace burnout.

Difficult to Shut Off

Stay at home jobs make it very difficult for you to distinguish between your work and personal life, which makes it hard to shut off and can result in you either overworking or not focusing on work enough.

Difficult to Form Relationships

When you don’t have face-to-face interactions with people, it becomes difficult to establish relationships with clients and other people. Also, when you work at an office, you have several opportunities to learn from your colleagues, peers, etc. However, stay at home jobs rob you of this opportunity and you have to make an extra effort to network and learn on your own.

Can Be Distracting

Stay at home jobs can become distracting if are multi-tasking and doing several other chores along with your job, such as taking care of your infant or attending to your child who is sick or at home on a school break, for instance. Even if you are extremely focused, such distractions can be quite challenging to your productivity.


So, it’s a good idea to evaluate the pros and cons of taking up a stay at home job before deciding to quit your full-time office job. And, if you’re wondering about the kind of jobs you can do from home, we have discussed a few popular ones that you can check out and earn while you stay at home.


Some Stay at Home Jobs

Virtual Assistant

Employing virtual assistants can help a business or an organization to save on employee hiring and training costs. A virtual assistant is essentially an employee or contractor who provides administrative services to any business remotely. The responsibilities of a virtual assistant can range from managing appointments, data entry, answering emails, bookkeeping, handling your social media, etc.


If you are organized, detail-oriented, people-oriented and can multitask, then the job of a virtual assistant will be perfect for you. The job of a virtual assistant pays around $10-$15 per hour.


You can look for virtual assistant jobs on sites like,, and

Customer Service

If you are good at speaking to people on the telephone and have plenty of patience to answer their queries, then a customer service job could be perfect for you. Today, there are several jobs available that involve answering sales and customer service calls where companies are on the lookout for workers who have excellent communication and computer skills, who can help customers to place an order, answer a query or resolve conflicts.


And, you can easily take up a customer service job from the comfort of your home. All you need for a customer service job is a high-speed internet and a mobile phone or a landline to receive calls. And, the best part is that the pay for a customer service job is quite good and you can easily make around $10-$18 per hour.

Not only are virtual customer service workers employed by online retailers, many companies run virtual call centers for many businesses.


Some companies who hire customer service representatives are: VIPdesk, LiveOps, Alpine Access, Convergys, Amazon and Sitel.



Transcription basically requires you to listen to audio files and type out what you hear and put it into a text form. Many companies do not require you to have any prior experience; however, you must have an excellent typing speed and your typing accuracy must be good. So, to get started with transcription, all you require is a computer with a keyboard.

Transcription jobs can involve transcribing medical dictation, college lectures, etc. and transcription jobs are production-based, which means that you are paid according to the number of audio minutes and not the time taken to type out the audio. You can work out your own schedules and the faster you can type, the more the money you can make in terms of the hourly income. As a transcriptionist, you can easily make up to $25 or more per hour.

Some of the companies that offer transcription work are, AccuTran Global,, TigerFish and GMR Transcription.

Chat Agent

If you don’t really like handling customer service by telephone, but don’t mind doing it via chat, then you could look at the job of a chat agent. Live customer chat is becoming a very popular option for customer service.

A chat agent provides solutions, answers customer queries and assists customers via live chat and as a chat agent, you need to be available readily to provide real-time help or solutions. And, as a chat agent, you must be able to handle customer queries professionally and concisely. You must also be able to type quickly and accurately if you want to do well as a chat agent. While 60 words/minute is a good speed, many companies only require a speed of around 30-40 words/minute.


Like other customer service jobs, the companies pay for the minutes that you are interacting with the customer and not for the hours that you are logged in. The average pay for a chat agent is around $10/hour.


Today, home-based chat agents are hired by several companies, including large organizations such as Apple, Uber, etc. You can check out some of these companies if you want to look at a career as a chat agent: Convergys, The Chat Shop, Televated and Live World.

Search Engine Evaluator

A very popular stay at home job currently is that of a search engine evaluator, also known as a web search evaluator. The job essentially involves evaluating the results produced by the search engine to determine if they are relevant to the term or not. Search engine evaluation is one of the ways by which search engines make sure that search queries produce accurate results.


The job of a search engine evaluator is a non-phone type of work and you do not require any special training for the job. All you need is a Windows PC and a high-speed internet connection. The job of a search engine evaluator is flexible and allows you to work according to the schedule you want and it pays around $13-$15 per hour.

The only issue with this job is that the work is not available readily, is difficult to come by and the jobs are usually around 10-25 hours in a week, which means that you cannot depend on it for a full-time income, but is still a good source of some extra income.


Some companies hiring search engine evaluators are Lionbridge, Leapforce, iSoftStone and Appen.



If you love writing and have the required skills to do it, then there are plenty of opportunities that you can explore as a freelance writer or blogger. To be a writer, you don’t really need a degree in English or journalism, you just need a reasonably good knowledge of grammar and good research skills.


Freelance writing or blogging can be quite rewarding both in terms of your creativity as well as the money you can make. But the important thing is to stay away from sites which offer articles for sale and pays you accordingly. There are thousands of publishing outlets and you can easily start the writing career you have always dreamed of, once you have your portfolio ready. And, the best part is that you can write or blog from wherever you want.


You can check out these companies for writing/blogging jobs Content Divas, ProBlogger, Text Broker and Wordgigs.


Community Moderator

As a community moderator, your job is to monitor posts on message boards, chat rooms websites, blogs, etc. on social media and networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, etc. You must also manage discussion boards and online community boards or pages.


As a moderator, you need to remove posts that have any offensive language or offensive content or posts that do not conform to the forum rules. You also need to settle any disputes and protect the reputation and brand of your client. To be a good community moderator, you need to enjoy spending time on social media sites, be familiar with the different social media sites and be fluent in the language relevant to the job.


Typically, companies hire people who have some experience in doing this kind of work. So, if you’re new to moderation, then you could gain experience by volunteering to moderate a company or individual’s social media such as their Facebook page or message board, etc. Community moderation usually pays around $8-$10 per hour and there is quite a lot of competition for moderation jobs.


Some companies hiring community moderators are: eModeration, ICUC, Live World, Ignite Social Media and Yelp.


Website and App Tester

The job of a website and app tester is to ensure that websites and apps are intuitive and are easy to navigate. You are provided with instructions on how to check the website which you must follow. Usually, you need to run a test to ensure that the website or app is working properly and it takes around 15 minutes for every test.


Once the test is done, you need to provide your feedback to the app developers and website owners. You will require a screen capture software and a microphone for the job of a web and app tester. And, usually, the job pays around $10-$15 for around 15-20 minutes of time you put in.


Since the competition for these jobs is very high, there are not too many jobs available and these jobs are usually distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis, so the money you make from being a web and app tester may not be too much and could probably be a source of some extra income. So, it’s a good idea to register with 10-15 different companies to make some decent money.


You could look at some of these companies for web and app testing options UserTesting, Enroll, UserFeel, Userlytics and Analysia.


Online Tutor

Online tutoring something that you can do very easily. Online tutoring is when any remedial or additional information is given on a particular subject by an informal professional. So, if you have some skills such as knowing a language well, playing a musical instrument or you have extensive knowledge in subjects such as math, history, science, etc., you can start tutoring online. To be an online tutor, you don’t require any specialized training.

Instead of teaching in a classroom, you impart the lessons via pre-recorded sessions or a live Skype session. And, to be able to do online tutoring, you require a high-speed internet connection and a computer with a webcam and a microphone. As an online tutor, you can easily earn between $15-$75 per hour.


These companies hire online tutors Tutor Vista,, Smart Thinking and Kaplan.


Graphic Designer

If you love art and have a good eye for creative things or have some formal training in graphic design, there is a huge demand for online graphic designers. Graphic design involves a whole gamut of things like designing advertising material such as posters, brochures, flyers, photo collages, invites, magazine/newspaper graphics, cover designs for ebooks and images for social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, or even creating a “Pin” (pin-worthy image) for Pinterest-focused blogs and the list just goes on.

You can do graphic design from home as a freelancer and there are many websites where you can find graphic designing work easily. Or, you have the option of working as a contractor or full-time employee with an agency. A great idea is to build a portfolio which can help you to get more work. You can also get work via referrals from your clients, colleagues and friends.


You can find graphic design work with websites like Upwork, 99 Designs, Twago and Etsy.

Filming and Posting How-To Videos

If you have some special skill, a hobby, you are good at some craft or you love beauty and fashion, whatever your interest may be, you can easily turn them into profits. All you have to do is sign up and create a free account on YouTube.


Then, using a digital camera or even your smartphone combined with easy-to-use software like Windows Movie Maker, you can create a video of you demonstrating your craft or a demonstration of how to use a beauty product. You then upload the video to YouTube and enroll in their partner program (once you qualify).


You can make money via the the number of views your video gets, click-throughs and through the advertisements placed by YouTube near your video or in it. The key to getting more hits and views for your video is to make it interesting and different from other videos on the same topic.

You can earn around $1-$2 for every 1,000 hits and the payment varies according to the number of people who click on your video. Usually, popular YouTube tutorial views range between 20,000-300,000 views or even higher.


English Trainer

Many students and professionals in several countries like Japan, France, Germany and Korea, look for English trainers so that they can learn and practice speaking the language. The training sessions usually focus on things such as corporate etiquette, how to conduct a meeting, professional conversation making, etc.


If you have good English speaking skills with basic computer knowledge and love chatting on the phone or online, then probably being an English trainer is a great job for you. Since you will be working with students and professionals from other countries, it would be a great plus if you are bilingual.

You will also require to have a computer with a microphone and webcam, and a high-speed internet connection. Usually these sessions take place over Skype or some other video chat option. However, you may sometimes have to work at night or accommodate other timings, as you will be working with students from various time zones. The work hours range between 20-35 per week.


Some companies that hire English Trainers are and ISUS.

Getting a stay at home job and staying with it successfully for a long time needs plenty of patience and perseverance. However, before you actually set out to take up a work from home job, it is a good idea to check out the top-rated businesses.


Unfortunately, today, there are plenty of scams going around, which do not offer legitimate jobs. So, before joining any company, do some research, find out about the company and if everything checks out, you’ve just landed yourself (assuming you make it through the interviews!) a dream stay at home job!

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