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If you’re looking for a good infrared sauna for your home, and maybe need to detox heavy metals like I did, or improve some other health condition like arthritis, fatigue, lyme, or one of the many other needs people often get relief from with regular sauna use, you’re in the right place. Many people have come across my sauna videos on YouTube, or my blog posts on sauna reviews. Many people I’ve spoken to over the phone, have asked how I got into this and what in the world ever lead me to start selling saunas in the first place. (I’m a web developer by trade, and had never sold a health product in my life prior to this experience)

So in this article, instead of doing just a sauna review, I’m going to tell you a bit of my story and how I got here, since so many people regularly ask over the phone…. and ultimately, how I came to start recommending Sun Stream Saunas, and then later selling them after getting to know the owner Kevin. (who is awesome btw! No high pressure sales, quality product at a more reasonable price, has worked with ceramic sauna companies in the past, etc…)

I’m a fickle person, and only like to deal with companies that I like and use myself, no matter how much they pay.

Thankfully, I don’t make a living selling saunas, and just do it because I like it and enjoy connecting with people. Maybe it’ll turn into more some day, but it feels good knowing my sauna recommendations aren’t for sale to the highest bidder like you find elsewhere.

Full Disclaimer:  I do sell saunas now, and I’m not holier than thou… I like to eat too, and enjoy not living in a cardboard box! 🙂

However, there will never be any pushy sales tactics used here, and I’m just a phone call away if you decide an infrared sauna is right for you, or have personal questions about saunas for your individual situation. I don’t charge for consultations, and regularly help people every single week just like you.

My Story: How I Even Came Across Sun Stream Saunas To Begin With

Probably like you, I was having a hard time finding good information online about infrared saunas that I could trust. I started out just going with whatever my functional medicine doctor recommended to me, which was a Sauna Space “near infrared” sauna way back in 2017 after my amalgam removal.

I would later find out that a heat lamp sauna, isn’t even a true near infrared sauna. And to make matters worse, the ones I built weren’t giving me the deep detox sweat I needed, to lessen the heavy metal load I had from 22 years of carrying around mercury fillings.

The Clearlight Rabbit Hole

Sure I started dong my sauna research like anyone, and that lead me to Clearlight saunas recommended by Ben Greenfield (who I strongly admire and respect still to this day).

Only trouble was, I got wrapped up in some Smart Detox With Niacin Sauna Facebook Group, owned by Bret Bouer. No problem I thought, I’ll see what other people’s results are, and get rolling with one of these things.

Sunlighten Saunas Are No Good?!?!

Well after seeing some constant bashing on Sunlighten Saunas, and any other sauna company that was posted in there like Therasauna, High Tech Health, etc… it became crystal clear to me that this sauna group owner had an agenda to sell Clearlight saunas, and Clearlight Saunas only.

Facebook Keyboard Warriors Acting Like Sauna Experts

I began questioning the information and the quality of knowledge of the people in the group, since most of them had only learned what they know from being in the group… which consisted mainly of Clearlight sauna owners, and almost all of them including the group owner, had barely personally been in 1 or 2 sauna brands their whole life.

And then things got worse, and the real truth about all this sauna business started to expose itself just a little bit.

I started getting private messages from other people in this sauna group, whose spidey senses were also going off too, that the only possible good sauna in the world, could be a Clearlight.

The War Between Sauna Salesman & Sauna Companies Trying To “1-UP” Each Other

From the second I heard the fallacy that the giant $23 million dollar sauna company (Sunlighten), was putting “toxic” bamboo fabric over their heaters from Bouer, or that no sauna could truly detoxify you if it wasn’t a “full spectrum” sauna (AKA, a Clearlight), I knew something wasn’t right with this picture.

But what exactly?  It’s so hard for a beginner to know who is telling the truth, or even know if someones knows what the fuck they’re talking about when it comes to EMF’s or not.

Let’s be real here… we’re busy, we’re going about our lives, we’ve got family and jobs or businesses to attend to, and the last thing we want to do at the end of the day, is listen to some idiot try and sell us on some $5,000.00 purchase decision, who doesn’t really know what the hell they’re talking about.

And so, we research, and research, and research some more!  The only trouble is, if you’re anything like me, I researched for 6 months before I bought anything. Some people put it off for YEARS!  And this is months or years, that we are not getting the healing benefits of infrared.

My point is, this is time we will never get back. Time we could be enjoying, feeling better, healing, etc…

Back to the sauna review nonsense you see online…

Now sure, it’s not a good idea to put any fabric over an infrared emitter like Sunlighten does, simply because it can block some of the infrared you’re trying to absorb… kind of counterproductive in my opinion. But to say that one of the top 3 largest sauna companies in the world, is intentionally trying to poison people with toxic heater covers, is a bit off the rocker don’t you think?

Fake Sauna Reviews

Then we’ve got the nonsense sauna “reviews” where people were simply making videos of the sauna website in the background, without ever even using the damn sauna. This made me super angry, because I was paying to use one of these saunas at a local spa at the time, and the information in the review was flat out false. (I knew it was, because I was sitting in the exact sauna that the person was “reviewing” with just using the company website as a reference.)

Obviously I don’t have to tell you, that there is a HUUUUUUUGE difference between using a sauna, and speculating what a sauna brand or model is like. And it was in that moment, that I knew I couldn’t trust any of these fools, and would have to buy whatever I thought might be okay to avoid getting taken for a ride.

And so I began buying a cheaper sauna, because I questioned spending almost $5,000.00 dollars on a “full spectrum” sauna, and whether or not I really needed to spend that much just to get the health benefits in my home.

Reputations Are For Sale In This Industry

What sealed the deal for me on Clearlight Saunas, and this whole full spectrum/sauna detox niacin facebook group, was when I got a private call from a lady who had purchased a Clearlight sauna from Brett Bouer of the Smart Detox Facebook Group.

She said she couldn’t really afford the price, and specifically asked about Sun Stream Saunas which were more affordable and within her budget… yet she was redirected yet again to buy a Clearlight for whatever bogus reason.

Turns out, Bouer and other sauna salesman, were ALSO authorized dealers for Sun Stream, but were simply not recommending them, even when it was a better fit for the customer.

Bottom line, putting profit over people never ends well… and that was the door that opened, to show me my way out of the limited thinking, that was short siding thousands of people.

Costco & Amazon Saunas Aren’t What They Seem

I would then go on to buy a $1,000.00 dollar sauna from Costco as my first real home sauna, which ended poorly with EMF levels of over 100 milliguass in them.I had bought into these sauna review sites with the top ten lists, and just bought one of the top rated based on reviews and popular models people seemed to like.

Dynamic Saunas Have 200X The EMF Levels Of Recognized Safety Limit

I had also seen many people post EMF review videos using their Trifield meters inside of saunas, but after spending over $1,000.00 dollars on EMF meters alone, and hiring an electrical engineer to teach me about them, I quickly found out that a Trifield meter is the worst way to test a sauna for EMF levels.

On top of that, all these companies posting 3rd party verified emf reports, are flat out being deceptive. You’re never going to get a true sense of how much emf a sauna has when you hang one of it’s heaters from a forklift.

JNH Saunas Can’t Even Heat A Cooked Egg If You Left In The Florida Sun On A Summer Day

Next up was Amazon, where I purchased a $2,500.00 sauna from JNH Lifestyles. This was indeed lower EMF, but still to this day I have no idea how it has so many 5 star reviews of people loving it… I would preheat it for an hour, then it in it for 45 minutes, and barely be sweating on my chest.

The only thing I can think of, is those people who bought it have no idea what a sauna is really supposed to be like, and think any sweating is good.

Sauna Companies Don’t Want To Be Compared With Each Other

I’ll spare you the details, but toward the end of 2017, this whole debacle inspired me to start testing saunas over the next several months, and ordering a bunch or going to health spas that had different brands and trying them out. I also tried reaching out directly to the top 11 sauna companies, including Clearlight first, Sunlighten, SaunaRay, Therasauna, Radiant Saunas, Rocky Mountain Saunas, Sauna Space, JNH Lifestyles, Golden Designs, High Tech Health, and Canadian Spa Company.

Only 3 companies responded, and most of my efforts so get a sauna test together fell on deaf ears. I did hear back from two additional companies the following month, but I had already pivoted and began buying my own stuff by then.

Carbon VS Ceramic Emitters

I would later learn the differences between ceramic emitters, the lumber used in saunas, the true nature of near infrared vs far infrared, and what really mattered in a good home sauna. (wattage per cubic foot, and infrared body coverage)

EMF Lies Using “3rd Party Verified Fake” EMF Reports As A Fallback

When it came time to discern whether or not a sauna was truly low emf or not, there is so much false information in the industry, you basically have to buy your own test equipment and stop listening to people in order to find out the truth. All these companies use these stupid third parties to “verify” their emf levels, which is a complete crock of shit. I don’t know about you, but no one is ever going to be helped by hanging an infrared emitter from a fucking forklift, I can assure you of that!

Trying To Find A Good, Low EMF, Infrared Sauna Without Plywood, With Good IR Coverage, Without Spending $7,000 Dollars, Is Like Looking For A Needle In A Haystack!

Then it was back to the drawing board, and after a lot of research and finding the good information on the nooks and crannies of the internet, I finally found a Canadian based company, that had more sauna experience than almost any other that I talked to.

Their background included working with SaunaTech, way back when Clearlight saunas used ceramic heating elements, which are very different from what you see today. That double decades of experience, led to the development of the Evolve 360 Sauna, which turned out to be exactly what I was looking for.

360 degrees of far infrared coverage, no bells and whistles, the ability to disable the Bluetooth/RF without disconnecting anything, and low EMF heaters… all for an affordable price, made it a winner for me.

I bought it on my own dime, even though by this time other sauna companies were offering to send me free saunas, and began experimenting with it over the next couple of months. Many people were asking me how it was going, and the natural opportunity to work with the owner of Sun Stream as a referral partner/dealer/whatever presented itself.

Together, I think I can help create a WIN WIN by leveraging my blog to help people find better quality saunas at more affordable prices, and help Sun Stream get some exposure in the United States and save people some money over more expensive brands.

To be continued…

But before we get

How Does Sun Stream Saunas Compare To Other Sauna Brands

Forget Full Spectrum, Go For Full Body Coverage

The Evolve 360 Sauna Models Have Complete Full Body Far Infrared Coverage

Chest Heaters, Calf Heaters, Foot Heaters, Back Heaters… How Could You NOT Get A Full Body Detoxifying Sweat?!?!?!

The Competition… Really Isn’t Competition At All

For The Money, You Will Not Find A Better Infrared Sauna On The Market Anywhere

You Can Compare Sauna Companies Till Your Blue In The Face
(and some slick sauna salesman might even sell you on some marketing gizmo like chromotherapy lights, near infrared, or full spectrum heaters)
Fact Is, Far Infrared Is The Real Workhorse In Any Good Infrared Sauna
(and the Evolve 360’s Gotta’ Whooooooole Lot Of It!)

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