Sunlighten Infrared Sauna Review – EMF Levels – M Pulse VS Signature – Max Detox Potential

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This won’t be like the other Sunlighten infrared sauna reviews you see online, in fact, I don’t think anyone has been in as many saunas as I have now, and personally tested them with a real set of EMF meters. (and no, I’m not talking about people running with Trifield meters from sauna groups, proclaiming some to be “low emf” when in fact, it’s ultra high!!). I’ve been paying to use a Sunlighten M Pulse at a local health spa, and started making review videos and testing the sauna out to see how it compares to other brands I have access to. I don’t think Sunlighten intended on the M Pulse being a low emf sauna, but after becoming aware of just how high some of these infrared sauna emf levels are that are imported from China (see my Dynamic sauna review for levels over 60 milliguass!!!), I thought it was important to go back and start testing all the ones I had used thus far.

Update – 02/10/19 – These are the 3 best sauna brands that tested the best

I haven’t posted the review videos yet of the Sunlighten, because I would also rather compare an apples to apples version like the low emf Signature line. If there is anything you want me to include in my review videos, comment at the end of this article and let me know exactly what you’d like to see before I shoot the last few!

I like the fact that Dr. Klinghardt endorses Sunlighten, and he has extensive research on how emf’s affect the body when trying to heal or maintain good health. I feel confident that he wouldn’t be recommending a product or a company that would in any way harm people, given the amount of effort he has put into his practice and researching different non native emf sources.

However, I don’t imagine he is able to spend the time that would be required to maintain a list of every new sauna model that comes out from every company each year. Point being, I doubt he recommends people hop in an M Pulse, whether it’s full spectrum near infrared led’s or not. Which is why I started testing them! I wanted to know for myself whether or not something was truly low emf, but sadly, I don’t currently have access to a Sunlighten Signature Model at this time.

Are Sunlighten Infrared Saunas Any Good?

Of all the saunas I’ve personally tried, Sunlighten has one of the best sauna cabinets and they are incredibly well made. The build quality and lumber used, is light years ahead of the cheap thin plywood cabinetry like you find on the China imported JNH Lifestyles saunas… they look like they were built with scrap wood, although you can’t tell this, since the pictures in the Amazon listing are 3d mockups generated from autocad, and you don’t realize it until after you buy it.

Sunlighten is nothing like that, and they use high quality materials that are built to last. From the second you tug on the glass door to enter, to using the slider on the roof vent, it’s abundantly clear this isn’t some cheap sauna from Costco like the Dynamic sauna I bought.

Sunlighten Complaints

Let’s address the elephant in the room head on… We see tons and tons of bullshit complaints on Rip Off Report, forums, and sauna groups, that often make it hard to discern between a legitimate complaint, and one from a competitor trying to make a dent in a more successful company.

Sunlighten being one the nations largest sauna companies, is bound to have a mishap here or there, just like we all do. We’ve got people running around sauna groups with Trifield meters, and absolutely no clue how to use them. This is evident on the daily in Breet Bouer’s sauna detox group, where Sunlighten is regularly bashed to hell and back, and “Clearlight” is the only sauna on the planet that ever possibly do you any good. (/end chuckle)

I don’t know about you, but any time someone tells me there is only one way to do something, alarm bells start going off. We see evidence every single day of people making things work in business, sports, and in life, in their own unique way. I’m immediately skeptical anytime someone tells me there is only **ONE** brand, product, ways, service, etc… to do something. There are always good options in life, and I think Sunlighten is going to be one of them.

I also think a lot of the complaints stem from M Pulse expectations, and some confusion between ultra low emf saunas, and high powered far infrared emissivity. As I mentioned, I have tested s Sunlighten M Pulse, and look forward to adding the Sunlighten Signature Model to the lineup for a true comparison.

Bogus Sunlighten Sauna EMF Reviews

One of the things that irks me, and consequently one of the very points that made me start testing saunas, are ridiculous “EMF Ratings” put out by people who have no idea what they’re talking about.

Now I don’t claim to be a sauna expert, an electrical engineer, or anything for that matter. I’m just a regular guy who was suffering from chronic sinus infections, fatigue, brain fog, and anxiety and have been searching for solutions. Once I realized heavy metal poisoning from the mercury amalgams I had can cause a lot of that, detox options led me to infrared saunas… since they’re one of the safest, least taxing ways to detox heavy metals without stressing the organs with chelation.

So why do EMF’s matter, and why am I so skeptical of all these idiots running around with Trifield meters doing sauna “reviews on emf levels.” Well, after I bought a Trifield, I could immediately tell it wasn’t the most calibrated tool I’d ever used, nor did it seem like you could stop it from being influenced by dirty electricity. The way it’s designed, just makes it unreliable for establishing exact EMF measurements, and you really need multiple meters to get a quality average reading.

Point being, I will now be testing these saunas myself, since after asking just a single question or two to the people who posted their “review videos” of the emf levels in their Sunlighten, they responded with: “my sunlighten read 7mg, which is higher than the 2mg safety limit, but I think if someone can tell me how to turn the Bluetooth off it would be lower.”

Hehe, for starters I knew they were full of shit simply based off of the fact that Bluetooth doesn’t impact magnetic fields, in any possible way. You also can’t shield magnetic fields like you can RF radiation, which on the contrary, is quite easy to shield.

And this isn’t the first time someone from one of these sauna groups has no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to EMF’s. Hell, even I misspeak, and confuse ELF measurements with VLF measurements sometimes when I’m trying to hold the camera, meters, and navigate inside the sauna. But in my case, at least you can physically see the meters, the settings, and know for yourself what the truth is even if I say the wrong thing but you see the right data on the screen!

Stay tuned for the EMF meter videos I have coming for YouTube as well… It should help anyone looking to buy one for their sauna testing much much easier. You should also know, that my EMF testing includes 4 emf meters minimum, so we can take an average of all, to get a better sense of what’s actually happening inside the sauna. No shaky cell phone videos, no false marketing claims by shady sauna companies importing from China with “zero emf” nonsense, etc…

My Sunlighten Infrared Sauna Review & EMF Test Comparison (from an actual user, not a malicious competitor posting false allegations!)

Sunlighten Price List

Sunlighten M Pulse EMF Levels

Sunlighten Signature (low emf) Ratings

Several people have asked me about Sunlight Saunas. I was confused way back when I first got into saunas. I didn’t realize that Sunlight Saunas rebranded to Sunlighten Saunas in 2009 I believe. To my knowledge, it is the same company. Several people have asked about the warranty claims, something to do with a warranty change during the rebrand and some complaints on BBB.  Guys I really don’t know, and it was 10 years ago now.  As far as I know, Sunlighten makes some of the best quality sauna cabinets in the industry.  I may not like the emf levels in an M Pulse model, but that is my personal choice centered around what are acceptable EMF levels to me for my own use.  I’m certain they didn’t get to be a giant sauna company by screwing people over, that’s for sure!
As for the questions about the guy making videos about Sunlighten Saunas putting “toxic” bamboo fabric over the heaters… Well for one, this guy makes videos about sauna brands sitting at his computer, and pulling up pictures of saunas from the website. (lol, seriously? Where do I even begin…)  I get in them and test them myself.  The guy also promote Clearlight saunas like a mofo, to the point where it’s like a cult.  Newsflash: Clearlight has fabric over the heaters too!  I don’t think a company that sells thousands of saunas per year, would intentionally put a toxic material in the sauna.  If they did, I can assure you you’d hear about it by now.  I would urge you to reconsider rash recommendations from people that you don’t see actually using the sauna they’re talking about. For example, you don’t see me talking about a Sunlighten Signature, because I’ve only used an M Pulse.  Even though my knowledge of the Signature is pretty significant, I don’t think it’s right to talk about things you’re not absolutely fluent in unless you say so right up front.Most of these sauna “reviewers” that are slandering the ever living shit out of Sunlighten, are usually just trying to garner attention toward a different brand they get paid to promote.  I’m not down with that.  The build quality is the best in the business.  Yes emf levels are above what I want for myself, but that’s my problem.  This stupid bullshit of scaring people into selling their Sunlighten sauna (that has been helping them improve I might add!!) and getting something else, is downright disgraceful.I want no part of that.  Please do not include me in comparison between these other people that sell saunas.  I was banned from your precious FB Sauna Detox Group With Niacin, specifically because I wouldn’t tolerate the nonsense.  I called out your man Bret Bouer, and he got his panties in a bunch and hit the eject button.  I was standing up for Sunlighten Saunas, even though I don’t sell them, and he couldn’t take it.  He knew these stupid fucking “The Truth About XX Brand Of Saunas…” videos he makes sitting in front of his computer are bullshit.No problem, that group is self serving for profit enterprise… not an unbiased group as it’s proclaimed. I do not wish to be associated with those people in any way.  My opinions on saunas are my own, and I strictly go by my own standards for myself.Please also keep in mind, things change.  I am constantly learning and evolving, and sauna companies improve their products year after too.  So don’t go nuts on me and try to nail me to the cross if I change my sauna recommendations years later.  Sometimes things change, learning and knowledge improves base don experience, sauna companies come out with new improvements, etc…I do the best that I can at the time.  If you notice, some of my sauna content is YEARS old.  Just because the date says the current year, it just means the page was last updated at that date…. Usually a link or something. (hover over the date to see the original published date)

Choosing the Best Sunlighten Infrared Sauna
High quality, residential saunas are a big investment, so it is important to know as much about the sauna technology as possible. Feeling informed almost always guarantees that you are happy with your decision. As such, we review Sunlighten saunas for their technology and ease of use in the household, in the hopes that you are able to make a good decision as to the best sauna for your needs.

Saunas for Health

Sweating is a natural way for the body to rid itself of toxins, and to balance hormones and bodily chemicals. Too much build-up of toxins in the body can lead to chronic disease and ailments, and even early death. Toxic build-up can show itself through unwanted weight, skin problems, unhealthy hair and nails, and illness. All of these symptoms are relatively commonplace today, due to the high levels of pollution in our environment, such as the water and the air. In addition, the food that we eat is full of toxins from pesticides, even organic food is a culprit, as our ecosystems are all interconnected.Alternative medicine has been on the rise, especially in combating some of the inherent toxic chemicals that accompany drugs. One such treatment for removing toxins is the sauna. Saunas induce sweat, which allows the body to naturally rid itself of these toxins, which leads to better health, more vitality, and even curing of illnesses.This being said, there are two main types of saunas: traditional and infrared. In studies done by researchers, the sweat composition varies. In traditional saunas, about 97% of the sweat is water, leaving just 3% for toxins. In infrared saunas, however, about 80-85% of the sweat is water, which means toxins make up between 15-20% of the sweat’s composition. Such toxins include sulfuric acid, sodium, heavy metals, ammonia, uric acid and other fat-soluble toxins. Sunlighten’s unique technology is the only sauna company known to increase the temperature of not just the surrounding air, but also the body’s core temperature by 2-3 degrees.

What makes Sunlighten so special?

Sunlighten is a well-reputed name across the different health and beauty industries, including the medical community. It is ranked the #1 doctor and consumer recommended brand, as the medical-grade saunas are backed by clinical studies, which have proven to be 95-99% effective.In raising the body’s core temperature, the Sunlighten saunas allow the body to detoxify on a cellular level. This detoxification is important to strengthening the immune system, and aids the body in proper digestion of food. Sunlighten describes their saunas as comfortable, gentle, and soothing, unlike the harsher temperatures of traditional saunas. This relaxing environment is said to assist in the following:
  • Weight loss
  • Pain relief
  • Blood pressure reduction
  • Improved circulation
  • Skin purification
  • Wound healing
  • Cell health
  • Muscle recovery
  • Immunity
At the same time that the toxins are being released, chemical changes also occur in the body that support the above-mentioned health benefits. For instance, calories are burned, and the heart beats faster, which improves circulation. Improved circulation brings more oxygen to places in need, such as to wounds and muscles. Sunlighten’s unique active ingredient is Solocarbon®, which is what sets it apart from all other sauna technologies.

The Sunlighten Company

Sunlighten originally started in 1999 and was called Sunlight Sauanas. It is family owned. Jason founded Sunlight Saunas after his personal journey towards better health. Infrared therapy helped him overcome about a decade of illness. When Jason’s sister, Connie, and her husband Aaron, saw how Jason transformed his health, they both left their pharmaceutical roles to join the company. As such, they contribute their past industry’s expertise, and their personal drive towards technological innovation, to the Sunlighten company. Sunlight Saunas became Sunlighten in 2009.

Comparing Sunlighten Saunas

Sunlighten has three residential sauanas currently on the market: mPulse 3-in-1® Infrared, Signature® Far Infrared, and Solo System®.The mPulse 3-in-1® Infrared sauna is clinically backed, and the only line of Solocarbon® infrared saunas with full-spectrum (near, mid, or far) infrared technology. There are five models available, and they all come with customizable heaters, a LCD touch-screen control panel, and seven preset health programs:
  • Detoxification
  • Anti-Aging
  • Weight Loss
  • Custom
  • Relaxation
  • Cardiovascular
  • Pain Relief
The infrared spectrums are appropriate for cultivating several certain several health benefits. Near infrared, which is the shortest, helps in cell renewal, such as wound and tissue healing. Mid infrared can penetrate deeper into the body, which helps to speedily heal inflammation at its source. Finally, far infrared, which is the longest wavelength, can reach the deepest parts of the body, right to where the toxins are stored. The LCD control panel allows users to easily access the preset programs, or to design their own, play music, and make adjustments to settings.The Signature® Far Infrared sauna are considered to be the safest and most effective far infrared saunas on the market. They utilize the patented Solocarbon infrared technology, and have clinically-backed studies for lowering blood pressure, aiding in weight loss, and increasing the core body temperature. There are four models currently available, and each model features Solocarbon® infrared heaters, ultra-low EMF technology, and a patented Magne-Seal™ assembly.The Solocarbon® infrared heaters creates practically zero electromagnetic fields (EMF). The heat-sealed panels means no glue or wires, which means no gases get released. In addition, there are plenty of options to choose from, including the
  • Acoustic Resonance Therapy for deeper relaxation
  • Soft Lighting with Chromotherapy
A good high infrared heater is one that has a high infrared emissive rating, which means the heat is being emitted efficiently.The Solo System® sauna is a portable system using the Solocarbon® technology and ultra-low EMF technology. It comes as a pad, dome, or full system infrared sauna, and each design features a modern bamboo carbon exterior and zone-based heater controls.A unique feature of the portable sauna is the chromotherapy lighting, which is an ancient healing method. The technology is a combination of light and color therapy that works together to improve health and harmony. Different heating zones allow users to customize the temperature. Each heater acts separately, so the upper, middle, and lower domes can each be adjusted according to comfort.The set includes an easily portable, safe, and highly effective dome and pad, which makes it an optimal choice to bring anywhere in the house, or on vacation.

Getting Clear on Terminology

We have thrown out a lot of terms that we are now about to break down. It can be overwhelming to pick out a good sauna without knowing what these terms mean, and how the sauna technology might otherwise impact your body and your health. In this section, we go over what makes a sauna safe so that you can feel comfortable picking out the best sauna for your needs.The quality and quantity of infrared matters. Most saunas utilize high heat. Sunlighten saunas differ in that they pay attention to black body temperature. In replicating the sun’s effects, the sauna technology meets certain surface temperatures, emissivity, and total surface area standards. For optimal results, the surface temperature of the heater must be controlled. In other words, more infrared is produced the cooler the surface of the heater is, to reach the optimal wavelength of 9.4 microns.Emissivity is how well a body can absorb or emit energy. In order for infrared saunas to be effective, heaters must have a high emissivity level (perfect black bodies emit 100% of infrared energy, and have an emmisitivty of 1). Therefore, a high temperature sauna will not be nearly as effective, as what matters most is the emissivity.Finally, the total surface area also impacts peak wavelengths. The larger the heater, the lower the temperature of the overall heater’s surface area will be.

How to Make your Selection

Choosing the best sauna for your needs is a process that should be taken seriously. There are many great options available, and it is very possible to find the perfect sauna that fits your budget. We now list some important things to consider when you go to pick out your sauna.

Number One: decide between full spectrum and 3-in-1 infrared

For saunas to provide optimal healing, the three wavelengths should be evenly emitted. That being said, it is impossible to deliver the three infrared spectrums at their peak wavelengths from one light source. A lot of sauna companies will advertise “full spectrum,” but the saunas will only have one or two heaters. Without three separate heaters, it is impossible for there to be an even distribution of spectral energy. Sunlighten’s patented Solocarbon technology emits the three infrared spectrums at their peak wavelengths, which creates an even distribution of the energy inside the sauna. The 3-in-1 heaters are designed with three distinct components, within one panel, in order to deliver near, mid, and far infrared wavelengths evenly, efficiently, and optimally.When looking at saunas, it is also important to understand that the “full spectrum” marketing more than likely means that the light source delivers light that includes all wavelengths that are essential to life, not that mid, near, and far are distributed equally.

Number Two: know the materials used in the sauna’s construction

Saunas operate under high heat and should therefore be equipped with the technology that prevents toxic gas and chemicals from leaking out of the structure. This would essentially defeat the purpose of a sauna. When looking for a sauna, try to determine what type of wood is being used. Hemlock, spruce, and pine are all known to warp under high heat. In addition, some woods may have been treated with chemicals. Sunlighten saunas are made from eucalyptus, cedar, or hypoallergenic basswood that is also sustainably sourced. Sunlighten’s saunas are also third-party tested. The patented Solocarbon heaters are made from FDA approved materials. In addition, the heaters are heat sealed. This is a great feature because it means that heat will not affect the structure’s design, compared to glue or wiring that might release chemicals and toxins the more that heat is applied.

Number Three: be aware of the sauna company’s safety certifications

You want to be sure that the sauna has a safety agency mark. As with all electronic appliances, like refrigerators, washing machines, drying machines, and dishwashers, the safety mark means that the product passed electrical standards. This is especially important to consider when purchasing a sauna.

Number Four: be clear on the purpose and intent of buying a residential sauna

Knowing why you are buying a sauna will help significantly in narrowing down your choices. Are you looking for a longer term health care solution? Are you looking for the luxury of exfoliation? Would you want to invite friends and family to your residential sauna? Do you want to bring a sauna with you on your travels? If you are looking for a health care solution, it would be wise to select a sauna that is built to last, uses quality materials in its construction, is doctor recommended, and has pre-programmed settings that are conducive to your health issues. This would leave you feeling safe and confident that the sauna is helping to heal you, and not contributing to a more stressful environment.If you want a sauna for relaxation, you might focus more on the select features that a sauna has, such as lighting and ambiance factors, like music and background noise. In addition, different models and sizes make certain saunas more appropriate for the single person versus a small party. A more relaxing sauna will also have more comfortable temperatures, while still delivering optimal therapeutic results.And finally, a portable sauna can check many boxes for those who have ailments and travel, or those who have limited space in their home. Portable saunas are small in design, and, depending on the person, they can have next to zero compromises on therapeutic results.

Number Five: establish your budget

Getting clear on your budget is very important. Buying a sauna is a huge investment, but one that should be done right. You could easily opt for the cheaper choice only to realize that you made the wrong decision later on down the road. In this case, you would end up spending more if you decide to buy another sauna that actually meets all of your needs and expectations. In addition, cheaper sauna companies may not offer the most advanced or safest technology on the market, and this is something to consider, as the purpose of having a sauna is to care for your body. While Sunlighten saunas are on the pricier end, their patenteded technology can easily make the purchase more affordable in the long run when it comes to added savings on health bills.

Number Six: talk to friends and your doctor

Before making a final decision, we recommend that you talk to people you know who have a sauna, and especially talk to your doctor. Your acquaintances can tell you the pros and cons of their sauna, and why they would or would not recommend it. You can even try out their sauna before buying your own. It is also a very good idea to talk to your doctor. He or she will provide insight onto whether or not the sauna’s technology could improve your health condition. At the end of the day though, the choice is yours, and you should be feeling confident about the type of sauna that you want, and why.

Number Seven: research any unclear terminology and technology

If you still have uncertainties, then Google is your best friend, as are the sauna companies, and review articles. Come up with a list of questions to look into, and be sure to be consistent in gathering your information. Some things you might want to better understand include:

1. Wattages

Contrary to popular belief, high heater wattage is not an advantage when it comes to a good sauna. This is because the energy should be focused not on the intense heat, but on the micron output. Sauna companies that advertise, for instance, 20 times the power with 450 watts per heater, will yield mainly just high temperatures. High temperatures do not mean great therapeutic treatment.Saunas should be comfortable, and the optimal temperature for infrared saunas is around 130-140 degrees. What makes Sunlighten so advantageous is their patented technology, which enables them to produce low-level heath environments with the optimal therapeutic wavelengths. Since it is patented, other companies cannot use or advertise. Therefore, these other sauna companies tend to boast higher heat, which is not indicative of therapeutic wavelengths. For more information on how emission levels are directly correlated to heat levels, check out the Sunlighten website for a complete chart.

2. Shedding Light on Near Infrared

In order for near infrared light (NIR) therapy to work, it must be delivered at NIR wavelengths between 700 and 1200 nanometers. Only then can the energy reach the cells to promote cell health, tissue growth, wound healing, and skin renewal.


Finally, take a look at the company’s sauna warranties. A big investment should come with a guarantee that the sauna works properly, or that the sauna can be replaced if defects are make themselves known.


Saunas have long been known to produce great health results, due to their ability to stimulate the body to release toxins through sweat. There are clearly better saunas than others, with infrared saunas being one of the better choices. Though, certain infrared technologies are better than others, due to the ability ton more evenly distributed infrared wavelengths at peak levels. Hopefully this article helped clear up some common misconceptions about saunas and how they can help or hurt the body in its healing process. Sunlighten is just one such company, though their history and patented technology make them a reputable source. The next step is to start narrowing down your options based off of your expectations, budget, and reviews of your selected sauna. Only then can you determine whether or not you have found the sauna that is a good fit for you.

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32 thoughts on “Sunlighten Infrared Sauna Review – EMF Levels – M Pulse VS Signature – Max Detox Potential”

  1. I was wondering where I could find your findings on the EMF levels in the Enlighten Saunas. I have heavy metal toxicity and mold in my body from breast implants (they are removed but trying to heal.) Would love any feedback. Thanks, Jess

  2. Matt, sorry. I made a mistake. I meant Sunlighten Select II series, sorry 🙁 Do you happen to know the EMF’s? I bought one on craigslist and of course called the manufacturer and they said very little to no EMF’s but I read your blog that perhaps you actually tested the EMF’s yourself and was just curious. Thank for any feedback. I really appreciate it. Jess

    • Hey Jess,

      No worries, it happens just didn’t know what you meant. (actually turned up google results for Enlighten saunas lol, looks like a POS btw, so I didn’t want to comment yet)

      Well if you were my mother, sister, or wife, I’d tell you to enjoy it and don’t worry about it. You already have it, and it’s low enough to where the benefits far outweigh any emf exposure for that sauna. It’s very low at under 5mg throughout… If you needed to buy a new sauna today, I’d recommend something else for other reasons, but no way if you’ve already got it… Stick with it, and love it!

      Some people are frequently lied to when asking these questions, like in the sauna detox fb group… just so you’ll get rid of it and buy a Clearlight. Those people should be shot, and are a disservice to the entire community. The model you bought will work great, and I would personally use it myself. Happy sauna’ing!! 😉

  3. Matt, thank you very much for your feedback, I really appreciate it. I will be removing all my metal fillings soon from a biological dentist so hoping that paired with the fact I got those darn breast implants out almost a year ago I can dig deeper with detoxing and healing. I had used a far infrared sauna at my naturopaths office a few times and felt better than I have in a long time after so that is what led me to buy one. My naturopath has a Rocky Mountain far infrared and said the wires are trippled wrapped and have zero emf’s but who really knows, they are also charging for the service so…ya know. I found this Sunlighten Select II series on craigslist and got it for 450.00 and it works perfect so glad to hear it has at least low emf’s. Unfortunately with all the money spent on healing I could not afford a brand new sauna. Again, thank you for your knowledge and feedback.

    • Anytime, sounds like you’re on the right track.

      Haha, there is no such thing as zero emf. 🙂 If it plugs into a wall, it has some type of emf… but clever sales tactic nonetheless.
      I hear you! That’s what stopped me from buying a more expensive sauna… too many other things I needed to buy.
      You’re very welcome!

  4. Matt, I have the opportunity to buy a second hand Sunlighten mPulse Conquer for $1000 from a friend. She paid close to $6000 but said she never uses it. I’m worried about EMF levels as I believe you have pointed out that the mPulse series has higher EMF than the Signature series. If you were in my position, would you buy it and feel safe in it? Also, because it might have higher EMF levels, if I do get it, should I limit my time in it each session?

    • Hi Marisa,

      Hmmm, tough question to answer. If that’s all I could afford, it would be better than not sweating at all. If you’re just buying it because it’s a good deal, I would probably get something else depending on what your budget is. It is one of the better constructed saunas out there, from a cabinet build quality standpoint, the magnetic fields are just higher than I’d like for a $5k + sauna.

  5. Hi Matt,
    I see both Marisa and I are asking the same question just finding this post at different times 🙂 Would you mind sharing what EMF readings you found in them? I wouldn’t want to have unhealthy levels. The conquer series is a 3 person one and I am wondering if a 3 person is safer than a one person.

    • Hi Marissa,

      I have one sitting in the shipping room, but I haven’t unboxed it yet. Alicia from Sunlighten has been super good to me, totally my fault that the Solo hasn’t been reviewed yet. When I get back from Maine, I’ll get it done.

  6. Hi Matt,
    Thanks for your sauna project adventures! I recently purchased a sunlighten signature III, but have stalled the actual shipment of the product because we haven’t been ready to accommodate it (there was an end of year special). However…I was very impressed with your radiant health sauna review and am now considering cancelling my order if I want to switch paths after I reach Randy. I really like that there are several different size models. I might have to pay a fee, but it’s a large purchase. I realize you haven’t experienced a signature but I figured I’d see if you have any thoughts. Thanks

    • Hi Alison,

      I generally do not advise people to cancel orders or get rid of saunas, unless you happen to get one from the “do not buy” list that is really bad. Sunlighten is not on that list, and they make a quality product.

      I’m stating it this way, because we’ve got people in facebook detox group, that are telling people to sell their Sunlighten (and other brands) to buy a Clearlight. I think this is wrong, and these people should be hog tied and beat with a wiffle bat. ( <--- hope you get my humor)

      Point being, I want to be sure no one is using any fake scare tactics on you, and I don’t personally want to be a part of any of that nonsense.

      That said, it depends on what you’re looking for. You don’t see Sunlighten on the Certified Sauna list, because they’re not normally focused on mitigating electric fields. Doesn’t mean it’a bad sauna, just not in line with what we’re going for here. I would say a Signature is very similar to the Radiant Health, Clearlight Premier, etc… but may have slightly higher electric fields and body voltage. Price should all be in line with each other. Value should be similar…

      Not sure what your most important criteria is?

  7. Hi Matt,
    I appreciate your quick reply. Totally understand your reasoning and I would not actually consider it if the product had already shipped. I’m pretty much in line with your thoughts on emf (avoid moderate-high levels, ok with low levels). I honestly liked what I heard about radiant health and appreciated their variety of sizes. I don’t think Sunlighten makes a cancellation very easy on the customer so I will probably stick with it. Let me know if you end up spending time in a Sunlighten signature!
    Thank you,

  8. Yes, Matt, I would love to know the scoop on the Sunlighten Solo sauna. I have one that I bought in 2009. I love it but would love to see how safe it is.
    Thanks for your good work.

  9. Hi Matt,
    First thanks so much for your honest reviews on infrared sauna. It really opened my perspective to getting something that looked attractively priced. I now understand that there is real science to this therapy and would not want to compromise the healing effects by getting something cheap which I almost did.
    My question is would you kindly explain the difference between the Jacuzzi model with true wave technology patent versus Sunlighten. I am really confused between the two companies and its unnerving me as I can’t seem to make a decision. I am NOT AN EXPERT AND BOTH SALES TEAMS ARE PITCHING THEIR PATENTS AND WHY THEY ARE BETTER TECHNOLOGIES IN THE HEATING ELEMENTS ( ITS FAR-INFRARED AND NOT FULL SPECTRUM THAT I WANT TO INVEST IN. THE NEAR INFRARED WILL BE GENERATED WITH A HANDHELD DEVICE OR WRAP AROUND RED LED LIGHTS BY A COMPANY CELLUMA

    It’s truly a great service that you are providing to people interested in true wellness. I will host family and friends in this sauna as well and really want the best quality as far as healing, though dont want to pay more just for the name. and marketing pitches.

    I thank you in advance for your effort and time.

    Toby Bruan

    • Hi Toby,

      You’re probably not gonna like my answer: don’t bother with a full spectrum sauna, and just buy a far infrared. I’ll have to make a video explaining why, it’ll be too long to type.

      • Is your video explaining why one would buy a far infrared over a full spectrum sauna available. This difference seems to be one of the major ones for me between Sunlighten’s Signature and Clearlight’s Sanctuary Model and I’m also having trouble choosing between these two models.

        • Yes, there are a bunch on YouTube. You’re not going to get much near infrared from a set of LED’s sitting behind a grill. Of course this is my opinion, the marketing material from each will tell you otherwise. I would suggest going to a few local spas and paying to use different types of saunas like I did… nothing like seat of the pants comparison.

  10. Thanks for this site. It is helping me a bit, but wow, this is confusing!!! Wish there was a bottom line answer somewhere. I’m looking for a one person infrared sauna that is about 48″ wide (the 36″ make me claustrophobic), low, low EMF, medical grade, non-toxic wood that have been third party tested. Would also like to spend less than $5,000.00 including tax and shipping. Could you steer me toward one or two good ones to look into further? Thank you so, so much for your time!

  11. Matt, do you have any recent data for EMFs for the Sunlighten Pulse series this year? I asked the Sunlighen rep who said they are very low now. Just wondering if you have tested the EMFs.

  12. Have you had a chance to watch/review the video Sunlighten posted in January showing live EMF third party testing of saunas in use? Thoughts on whether this addressed some of your concerns?

    I had a Clearlight Sanctuary on order but frankly, after delays, I was not confident it would ever be delivered. I found a Sunlighten Amplify 3 in stock and pulled the trigger on that. I know it’s smaller, which I’m good with. It also saved me about $1400. Have you had a chance to test a Sunlighten Signature or Amplify (basically a signature with two ‘full spectrum’ heaters)? Thoughts?

    First sauna purchase, hoping I didn’t over value availability.

  13. Great videos, site and information. I heard that the newest Sunlighten MPulse (2021 model?) was tested for EMF inside of the unit while running (by Sunlighten tester) and it came to .5 or something along those lines. Have you seen this? Just wanted to get your opinion and see if this indeed has been improved upon by Sunlighten. Thanks!

  14. Hi,
    I don’t have a question. I think you’re videos and blogs are pretty clear. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate this service!


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