Swagbucks Review: Is Swagbucks Legit?

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Swagbucks Review: Is Swagbucks Safe?

Everyday most of us who do anything online or offline probably are participating in some kind of rewards program. That is exactly what Swagbucks is, except they reward you points that you can turn in for gift cards to places like Amazon, Paypal, and Walmart. However, we will be asking the question, “Is SwagBucks Worth Your Time”? We will also be discovering if there are better alternatives, and if they are a scam company. Readers beware, most websites like Swagbucks reward you very little, and usually to earn the big points you have to sign up for specific services, and it will end up costing you money someway, somehow.

How Exactly Does SwagBucks Work?

This company operates on the premise of helping you earn something called Swagbucks, or SB points. Right now there are several ways to earn these points and hopefully collect enough to cash them in for different kinds of gift cards. The first way you can earn SB points is by shopping through their website, or by clicking a link called Discover Offers. When you try to earn Swagbucks this way you will be spending your own cash in order to try to obtain a gift card for a lot less than what you originally spent. In my opinion, unless you are swimming in money, or you are a compulsive online shopper, this is definitely the worst way to try to earn these points on their website.

Swagbucks Signup Codes

However, you can earn a few points by using their Yahoo powered search engine via their website, and all you have to do is search for what you are looking for. Not sure how many points you really earn doing this, but it is probably a lot less than if you sign up for one of their bogus discounted offers. Swagbucks also claims you can earn more SB points by just watching videos, or taking their surveys, but due to the reviews you will be reading in the next section, I doubt you will have much luck finding any surveys you can take, and they probably will take you almost an hour to finish. This is not looking like something that you want to be doing. They do also offer you the options of making some Swagbucks by playing games, but that isn’t really how you will be earning them, because you have to make purchases through companies like GSN to once again be eligible. If you want to make some decent coin through Swagbucks, you won’t and I suggest clicking off of their website and never look back.

Is Swagbucks a Scam?

To answer this question I dug around the black hole of what we know as the internet and checked out a website called Reviewopedia.com. What I specifically did was I scrolled down to see what members of this website are saying, and by what I am seeing, it is definitely not positive.

For instance, the very first review I seen was by a young lady named Karen who has been just trying to unsubscribe her email from their website, and apparently she keeps receiving an error message stating that she is entering the wrong email. This reminds me of telemarketers years ago when you would ask them to remove your phone number from their list and they would say no problem, but you would receive the same phone call the very next day. Basically, Swagbucks is trying to keep their former customers hooked and they don’t want to let them go without a real fight.

Moving on, let’s talk about another individual named Philip and see what he had to say about this company. Philip stated that years ago the company would award a decent amount of cash per month for participating, but now it is just not worth your time. For good measure, I want to give you guys a few more customer reviews to support my opinion and my opinion is STAY AWAY from SWAGBUCKS. The third review comes from a woman named Sarah who says she only makes between twenty five and fifty dollars per month, and Philip stated specifically that is about what he makes, so the question remains, how much do you really have to do to earn fifty bucks from these guys?

Well, I am guessing it is not easy and on Reviewopedia.com this company has only received three out of five stars. The final review we will be looking at comes from another lady named Dawn and she said their webpage constantly crash, they promote fake advertising on their website banners, and you make only about three cents an hour for watching videos. Also, remember how we said you have to sign up for different services? If you forget to cancel these services that you signed up for it could potentially cost your credit cards big time, so I think this site is DEFINITELY a scam. I won’t go into anymore specifics regarding the reviews; however, many people also claim that their surveys take way longer than what is expected and by the time you are finished with most of their questions the website throws you out of the survey and states that you are ineligible to make any Swagbucks. These kinds of things are posted all over Reviewopedia, and honestly, I wouldn’t trust these guys one bit. I also think Swagbucks has paid several foreigners to write their good reviews on Reviewopeida, because on many of these reviews there will be replies by someone with an American name; however, if you read closely, it is mostly broken English about how Swagbucks doesn’t scam users and it is a reliable company. I think we may have busted these guys and I am glad, because money is money, and you guys shouldn’t be tricked into thinking you will be getting something when in reality you won’t.

Are There Any Good Alternatives To Swagbucks To Earn Money With The Highest Paying App?

Finding alternatives to rewards sites can be a difficult struggle, even for the seasoned user. It takes a great deal of time to read and wade through reviews to find a reputable website, and I won’t lie to you, they are few and far between. The more and more I read about these so called “reward” sites, it becomes clear that they all come with the same one or two problems. Get ready for the big one folks, and sorry, you’re not going to like what I have to say. These websites try to get you to search the internet using their search engines, watch their videos, try and complete their surveys, or signup for crap with your credit card and probably get kicked in the teeth for it.

However, that being said, that isn’t the problem. The problem is that most of them refuse to pay you, or you get conned into giving out your information and you still won’t receive any credit for doing so. Also, most of these websites don’t have a phone number, but they will provide you with their support e-mail. Don’t get excited, from the looks of it, they don’t like to respond to angry customers through e-mail either. Anyhow, coming later on in this article will be my reviews on GiftHulk, Publishers Clearing House, and if I recommend any of these websites.


I took a peek at Gifthulk, and unfortunately I am seeing the same kind of problems, but they actually took the time to write them out on their frequently asked questions page, so maybe they are more on the up and up than Swagbucks. If you happen to check this portion of their website out you will see under the survey section that sometimes you will not be able to finish a survey due to demographic purposes, and this is just a complicated way to say, more often than not, you will get screwed over from earning coins on GiftHulk. Also, if you try using their search engine, but if you don’t click on the results and try to earn extra coins by just searching, you will be banned. I guess this is fair, and they tell you in fine print, so okay I can deal with that I guess.

Moving on, you can also earn coins from Gifthulk by watching videos and shopping online similar to Swagbucks, but we need to know if this is the same dog and pony show that Swagbucks offers, and I believe it is. I checked out some of the reviews on this company too, and they aren’t much better, if not worse than Swagbucks. That is hard to beat, but we know that the world is full of surprises, especially the bad ones. Just from browsing two review pages on Surveypolice.com it looks like Gifthulk is no longer payout out their promised loot for you spending countless hours filling out their meaningless crap. I should also say that I also read a review that states this company basically “PIMPS OUT” your information to tons of other companies and you can look forward to seeing that spam folder in your e-mail fill up real quick. Looks like we’re never going to find a decent website that wants to give us some sweet rewards for doing stuff online, or will we?

Publishers Clearing House

I know you all have heard of the Publishers Clearing House. If you haven’t, they are the people that show up to your house with a giant check if you get selected in one of their multi- million dollar drawings. Too bad that can’t happen to all of us! Anyhow, they too have a website where you can earn rewards, and usually these rewards come in the form of real money. What is even better is that you have a chance at winning money by playing their games, and there is usually chances every day for you to win! I have personally used their website, and I do know that this company does pay out, and I am sure they would get into deep dog crap if they didn’t. There are tons of different games on their website and if you manage to enter their tournament games and get a high score, you will be getting paid some good money! You can also take surveys and watch videos like Swagbucks and Gifthulk, but they do take some time to watch.

However, if you are planning to use this on your down time to try to earn some extra cash please know that their website is extremely slow, and bogged down with a ton of advertisements. None the less, I believe this is the best option thus far if you are trying to find an alternative to these different reward sites. The best part about this website is it is absolutely free and you are not forced to spend a dime on trying to accumulate reward points.

Treasure Trooper

Treasure trooper is a site similar to Publishers Clearing House, but you have both the options of making money through using their search engines, taking surveys, and playing different mini games. However, this website comes with a little bit of a twist. When you play their mini games you can collect gems and gold coins in order to exchange them for other prizes that the website is offering. I also checked out some reviews on the site and most of them are very good, and they even have their own forums to communicate with other members and staff. I give this site +1 rep over Swagbucks any day. Also, if you get your friends and family to signup and play on Treasure Trooper you will be awarded 20% of what they earn through the site and 5% through the people they refer. If you know a ton of people who are willing to use this site often, then this might be the site for you. I also want to commend Treasure Trooper for being one of the few legit reward sites out there, great job!

Should You Use These Types of Websites Like Swagbucks?

With all due respect to Publishers Clearing House, I believe many of these sites are just a plain waste of time. Sure, if you want to fiddle around on the internet and you have nothing better to do, then go for it; however, if you are looking for a way to get rich quick, this isn’t the way to go and you will probably be scammed more than you will be paid if you use sites like Swagbucks, or Gifthulk. If you are looking to use some of these websites to find cheap offers for certain items I would advise you to just call the companies themselves and see if they can give you a discount on their retailed items or services. If I have to make a recommendation I am going to give it to Publishers Clearing House, and this is because this website has so many different ways and chances for you to earn some extra cash that you are bound to one day if you keep playing enough. Just try not to mind the massive advertisements though!

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