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In my quest to find the best mountain bike for a few hundreds dollars, so I wouldn’t get upset if it got stolen from leaving it outside on the porch, I ended up buying the Merax Finiss mountain bike from Amazon. Below you can read about my experience looking for cheap used mountain bikes at a pawn shop, and ultimately decided against it since the Merax Finiss was so affordable and brand new. In my final Merax Finiss review, you can see why I think it’s the best mountain bike under $200 dollars for the money, and much better than the cheap bikes you find at Walmart or Target. Sure it has a couple quirks like the seat kept coming loose without loctite, and the brakes aren’t the best disk brakes on the planet, but what do you expect from a couple hundred bucks! Read the posts below to see my assembly videos, first ride, and final review video that covers everything you need to know before purchasing the bike.