The 3 Best Talkroute Alternatives (for anyone looking for a similar number forwarding phone service for business)

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Are you looking for a reliable alternative to Talkroute number forwarding service? I’ve used several virtual phone solutions, and have recommendations based on how you want to use your business phone system. Maybe you’re already a customer of Talkroute, and you’re just looking for something a bit cheaper than $20 bucks a month? (tip: Grasshopper starts at $9.99/mo for the same features) Or perhaps you’re doing research and trying to find a good reliable number forwarding service, and checking out some voip reviews? Either way, in this article, we’ll go over several business phone services that are similar to Talkroute, and by the end of this article, you’ll be able to decide which is the best Talkroute alternative for you.


I added a quick cliff notes section here, so if you’re in a hurry and just want to know which virtual phone number services are good replacements for Talkroute, here’s a short synopsis for each:

  • Grasshopper – 50% less than Talkroute’s cheapest plan, #1 rated alternative phone forwarding service
    • Pros: backed by Cisco, excellent reliability and easy to use custom greetings
    • Cons: doesn’t have unlimited minutes
  • – also cheaper than Talkroute, allows you to add phone hardware
    • Pros: more advanced features for call tracking, higher end phone system
    • Cons: hardly any, this is my #1 recommendation for most business owners for it’s ultimate flexibility
  • RingCentral – a business voip phone system
    • Pros: lets you support multiple locations, with office desk phone
    • Cons: pricing starts at $25/mo

Talkroute Reviews

Talkroute is relatively new to the voip space in the last several years, and from I can tell most of their reviews are positive in nature. Capterra, Quora, Freshy, Reddit, Mobilized, and Quora2 had good things to say about the service in general, but the one thing that none of the reviewed addressed, is the fact that people who are looking for a landline like service, are going to be disappointed by a number forwarding service.

This is the elephant in the room no one seems to be addressing, though I’m not sure why. Since this article is about alternatives to Talkroute, I’ll just assume you’re either unhappy with the service, or you’re looking for something that better suits your needs.

That said, the biggest distinction in choosing a virtual phone service, is knowing how you intend to use it. For example, if you never want an office desk phone like a typical landline service, then a number forwarding service is perfect for you. All the BYOD providers (bring your own device), are mostly the same under the hood, with minor differences in pricing and plan features which I’ll talk about below.

Talkroute Vs Grasshopper

Talkroute and Grasshopper are both number forwarding services, which to me are extremely similar under the hood. I’ve personally recommended Grasshopper to friends and family, and they loved the service and it’s been reliable and easy to use.

Talkroute Pricing Comparison

The biggest difference to me between Grasshopper and Talkroute, is in the plans and pricing. Talkroute offers unlimited minutes on their virtual phone service plans, but they start at $20 dollars a month. Whereas both Grasshopper and are cheaper at around $10 bucks a month, and you pay as you go so you’re only paying for more minutes as you need them.

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Other Virtual Phone System Options (with forwarding number services)

There literally tons of business phone provider options out there these days, and I have several other guides on how to choose the best ones for your needs. Below you will find additional resources for toll free numbers, vanity numbers, landline replacements, phone adapters, etc… is my number one recommendation for a flexible business phone service. It does everything all the number forwarding services do, but if you ever want to add a physical phone or office phone hardware, you don’t have to switch providers to do so! They also have a full suite of ways you can connect your phone system, including a free softphone app.


Mightycall is just like the other hosted number solutions, and is also a BYOD service that requires you to have an existing line in order to use. I talk about this in more detail here.


Google Voice

Google Voice is really in a different category here, wouldn’t be a fair comparison since we’re mentioning toll free numbers. Currently, Google Voice does not offer 800 numbers, and you can find suitable alternatives here.


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