Talkroute VS Grasshopper: Which Is The Better Virtual Phone System For Small Business?

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Can’t decide between Talkroute VS Grasshopper for your your virtual business line? Looking for a VoIP line to use for your startup or side business perhaps? In this comparison of Grasshopper and Talkroute, we take a look at the similarities and differences between these two virtual call forwarding providers. (and also provide some alternative options if neither are what you’re looking for, since some business owners want to be able to add office desk phones later on without switching providers.) By the end of this article, you will be able to decide which is the best phone service for your needs. Within the article, we’ve also linked up our other business phone guides, in case you’re looking for something specific like an 800 number, or how to add a toll free number to your cell phone.

Inbound VS Outbound Calls (and how to know which provider is the most affordable for your use-age)

Knowing how you plan to use your business line, will easily allow you calculate your expected costs and determine which provider is cheaper for your needs. Most business phone services like Vonage, have different amounts of minutes allocated to inbound and outbound bucket plans. Most all of the VoIP providers have higher tiered plans that get close to what you’d call an unlimited minute plan, but typically fall into what’s considered “fair use” instead of true unlimited.

For the average small business, this is fine. Where you’d want to be concerned, is if you’re going to be making an absolute ton of outbound calls, since you’d be both using your mobile plan’s minutes, AND using up the minutes on your business line plan as well. (this is assuming you’re using a call forwarding service with a mobile app like Talkroute or Grasshopper would give you) So for example, if you had a business that has a retail location with one employee, and that employee is doing followup all day, a phone forwarding service is not the best option for you… You’d want to look at something like in my opinion.

So Which Is Cheaper: Talkroute or Grasshopper?

You can get started with Grasshopper for a little over $10 bucks a month, and Talkroute plans start at $20ish.  While Grasshopper may be cheaper to start out with, depending on how you much you will use this business line (and how, like we talked about above) Talkroute might be cheaper in the long run for you depending on what features you need.

Comparing Grasshopper To Talkroute: Which One Is The Best Option For Call Forwarding Business Phone Service?

In my opinion, these are both call forwarding services, and work the same. You can find some information on Talkroute being a PSTN that doesn’t use VoIP exclusively, but I think that info is false and both providers provide the same connectivity and call quality based on their respective system type. The same goes for their smartphone app… They both allow you to integrate your business line to your mobile phones in the same manner, and I think what people are really looking for when comparing Talkroute to Grasshopper, is which one is most like a landline provider? The answer is neither, and if you want to go that route, you’d be better off with a provider like, Nextiva, Vonage, etc…

Similarities Across Talkroute Reviews VS RingCentral’s Virtual Phone System

In recent years, you can see from most of the Talkroute reviews and comparisons from actual customers of RingCentral, that a lot of users are moving away from fully featured VoIP business phone systems. In this review on Reddit, you can see that one customer is saving $900 a year by leaving RingCentral, and going with a virtual call forwarding provider like Talkroute, Grasshopper, Line2, MightyCall, etc…

While I also recommend RingCentral to business owners who want features like video conferencing, connecting multiple office locations with physical phone hardware (without using poor quality phone adapters!), and call recording options, for most customers those needs are just over the top for the average small business. I think this is where the disconnect comes in, and people are saying that some of the virtual business phone services are overpriced… But they’re not actually comparing apples to apples here either.

If you look at my other article on the 3 best virtual business phone services, I that explain the difference between a call forwarding service, and a fully featured VoIP business phone service, which will help you begin to see the differences under the hood between virtual phone services.

So what does this mean for you? Well it’s simple really after you look at the options. I broke down who should choose what service based on your own needs in the phone guide on affordable voip solutions, but in a nutshell, here are my top 3 recommendations of voip providers for small business:

My 2 Most Recommended Virtual Business Line Providers For Small Businesses

  1. Grasshopper – use this if you want a portable business line on your cell phone that you can take with you and use anywhere
    • Grasshopper helps you separate your personal and business life
    • lets you sound more professional
    • will keep your personal or home caller id private, even if you use your mobile for business
  2. – use this if you want future virtual business line expansion into physical office phones, or want the ability to record calls for call tracking
    • helps you get setup on the cheap, but gives you the most affordable flexibility later on with the option to lease phone hardware instead of buying an expensive phone system
    • way more advanced features, but most people do not need them

* both offer custom vanity and 800 numbers

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