The 7 Most Popular (and reliable) Used Skid Steer Models for Sale

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Skid steer loaders are fantastic machines which are a great combination of lifting force, versatility and compact size, which makes them ideal to handle the toughest of jobs. With innumerable attachment options, skid steer loaders can do varied tasks on different kinds of job sites.

From excavation, earthmoving, landscaping, demolition, lifting jobs to removal of debris, a skid steer loader is indeed a “jack of all trades.” And, the compact size of the machine makes it extremely useful for indoor use and for applications in several applications where it the use of large-sized equipment is extremely difficult. In this article, we will be discussing some of the most popular models of skid steer loaders.

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Top Skid Steer Loader Models

Bobcat S650

Bobcat Company is among the leaders in the compact equipment industry. The company was founded over 55 years ago when the founders, who were blacksmiths designed and developed a small-sized loader with 3 wheels to clean turkey barns. Today, Bobcat has expanded its portfolio to include 12 skid steer loader models.


The S650 is Bobcat’s most popular skid steer loader model. Weighing around 8,300 lbs, the S650 is a vertical-lift loader. The S650 benefits from a higher lift and dump height and the biggest plus of this model is its 74 HP diesel-powered engine. And, although the S650 is quite compact in terms of the size, it has a very powerful performance without the need for additional emission mechanisms like diesel particle filters or exhaust fluid.


The S650 is very popular because of its compact build, which enables it to be maneuvered in extremely tight spaces and be used in several compact machinery applications and settings including industries such as construction, utility, agriculture, grounds and buildings work, etc. The S650 has enhanced features such as automatic ride control that helps to reduce bouncing and material spills and the Advanced Control System that makes use of a hydraulic pump and reduces the effort of the operator in moving the levers of the loader.


The loader has a hydraulic assist, which helps to reduce the operators’ fatigue, especially during long work shifts. The white and orange colored skid steer falls midway in the Bobcat line up, thereby appealing to the buyers looking for a mid-sized skid steer loader.


John Deere 332G

The most popular model in the John Deere skid steer line-up is the 332G. It is the largest skid steer in the product portfolio and has an operating capacity of over 3,150 lbs. The 332G has become very popular with contractors who find that larger-sized machines are helping to transform the productivity on construction sites.


The 332G is equipped with a diesel engine which produces around 100 HP, and therefore ample power, yet can comfortably fit into tight spaces, enabling operators to achieve a lot more. The large-sized heavy machine can be paired with heavy-duty attachments like hydraulic hammers too.


With the 332G, contractors are discovering that they can get plenty of work done at a comparatively lower price. So, if you’re looking for a skid steer loader that offers greater performance and productivity with simplified service, then the 332G is probably the right machine to consider.

Case Construction Equipment SV280

Case skid steer loaders are manufactured in Wichita, Kansas. The most popular loader in the Case portfolio is the SV280, which is rated as among the strongest, medium-sized skid steers. Although the size of the machine is compact, its performance is surprisingly big. With a rated operating capacity of 2,800 lbs, the SV 280 offers the best-in-class bucket breakout, torque and hydraulic flow and offers the strength that you require.

The optional high-flow hydraulics of the SV280 can force out 38 GPM at 3,000 PSI at 100% efficiency and the loader features a 74 HP diesel engine. The SV280 offers user-friendly features and offers 360o visibility, which makes it very easy to see. At full height, the loader’s vertical lifting offers maximum reach and the Tier 4 Final solution ensures that it meets all the regulations. The Ride Control, EZ-EH controls and other features make the SV280 ideal for all types of jobs.

The compact size of the skid steer loader makes it easy to transport. The SV280 is extremely versatile and is popularly used in several applications and industries such as landscaping, snow removal, material handling, residential construction, agriculture, etc.

Caterpillar 262D

The Cat 262D is Caterpillar’s top-selling and most popular skid steer model. The Cat 262D is equipped with a 74 HP engine and the rated operating capacity of the Cat 262D is 2,700 lbs, which enables it to lift most pallet loads. The skid steer loader has a vertical lift design which provides extended reach and the lift height for easy and quick truck loading.

The lifting performance and the stability of the Cat 262D offer great material handling capability. The Cat 262D also offers high hydraulic power, which is the key factor to measure performance and this makes the machine an excellent choice for contractors who are looking for high-productivity hydro-mechanical tools. The Cat 262D features an XPS hydraulic system that delivers high pressure as well as high flow, making it ideal to run a cold planer or a wheel saw or use it to mill concrete or asphalt.

Kubota SSV75

Although Kubota has been around for over 45 years, it made its entry into the skid steer market around 3 years back. The SSV75 from Kubota is among the most popular skid steers. The large-sized machine has a higher lifting capacity, around 2,690 lbs and it features a 74 HP engine, which keeps it below the emissions threshold.

The SSV75 features a vertical lift design that delivers an exceptional reach of around 930mm and a high hinge pin height that allows easy lifting and dumping. The SSV75 is equipped with the slide-up, front-entry door, which rises upwards, instead of swinging outwards, which allows the operator to open the door of the loader irrespective of its position. And, this allows the operator to exit or enter the loader even if it is in a narrow space.

The SSV75 also features a pressurized cabin which is dust-resistant, spacious and has a climate control system. The loader is equipped with side lights that offer better visibility at dusk. The superior comfort, excellent performance, superior durability and easy-to-maintain features of the SSV 75 makes it an excellent skid steer loader perfect for its job.


Skid steer loaders were introduced by ASV in the year 2015 and currently, the portfolio includes 3 sizes of loaders. The VS-75 model is a large-sized vertical loader. It has good lift arm rating and a breakout force of around 5,900 lbs. Equipped with a 74 HP engine, the loader has an operating capacity of 8,740 lbs, making it among the most capable and productive skid steers on the market.

The VS-75 offers a 10.5” ground clearance, which is over 2” more than other loaders in the same category. The chassis of the machine offers a 24o departure angle, making it suitable for a wider range of jobs. The cooling system and the door which swings out opens quickly and helps to expose the filters, engine and other parts and facilitates easy maintenance. Overall, the VS-75 is strong and durable and its performance, power and serviceability make it among the most versatile side steer loaders.

Mustang 2700V NXT2

Started as Owatonna Manufacturing Company, the manufacturer of agricultural implements, Mustang is the 2nd oldest manufacturer of skid steer loaders and it built the first skid steer in the year 1965. Today, Mustang by Manitou has a product portfolio range that has 11 models. The hallmark of a Mustang skid steer loader is high-torque and high-output engines that produce raw power.


The 2700V NXT2 from Mustang by Manitou is powered by a 70.7 HP Yanmar Tier 4 engine and it has an operating capacity of around 2,700 lbs. The vertical boom of the loader offers enhanced stability and over 130” of lifting height. The loader has a thick steel plating, long wheelbase and heavy-duty bushings and pins. The loader features auxiliary hydraulic flow.


The cabin of the 2700V NXT2 is very roomy and quiet and can be configured as per the preference of the operator via air conditioning and heating. The 2700V NXT2 feature universal quick-attach plates that accept a wide range of attachments making the loader suitable for any type of project requirement.


Where to Buy Used Skid Steer Loaders

Skid steer loaders can be used for a wide variety of applications and are widely used in several industries. Buying a used skid steer loader is a cheaper and more cost-effective option when compared to buying a brand new machine or renting one. Here are some places where you can buy used skid steer loaders:

As we have already discussed, skid steer loaders are compact machines, that are extremely agile and versatile and are ideal for several projects. A single skid steer loader can accommodate a wide assortment of attachments and tools enabling it to perform the role of several machines and as a result, you can save a lot of money for your company, especially if you buy a used machine instead of a new one.


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