My Eurotech Review: The #1 Best Tall Chair For Standing Desks (better than a wobble stool!!!)

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If you’re anything like me and you work at your desk for long hours, you already know the drill here. Lower back pain from sitting. Then you build a standing desk. Then you discover over the next two month what ankle pain is. Sure, your back straightens itself out, but after a month or two, you find yourself leaning on your elbows on your standing desk, putting more weight on one leg and not even realizing it, and just in general go back to having bad posture and body mechanics. New aches and pains begin to set in. You have this realization that maybe a SIT/STAND operation is best for you… especially if you do A LOT of computer work like I do. Only trouble is, you build that badass standing desk, and almost every chair on the market only goes up to 28 – 32″ or so. Newsflash brah, you need a couple extra inches. (yeah, I heard that’s what she said, but I was wearing earplugs that night. ;))

If you’re not getting the picture already, this was me a couple years ago. I searched high and low for a tall drafting type chair, that would go up high enough to allow me to sit comfortably at my standing desk when my ankles got tired. I went through a number of chairs, and finally found one with the right requirements: 1) foot supports that are adjustable, so when sitting up high, you keep good posture without your feet dangling, and 2) a damn chair that goes up high enough to match a standing desk height!

Enter >>The Eurotech Apollo Drafting Stool<< – The Greatest Thing Ever Invented For Standing Desk Workers That Get Sore Ankles From Standing Way Too Long

Is It Really The Best Drafting Chair For Standing Desks?

This is hands down, the best drafting chair for standing desk users who are tired of standing all day. If you’re anything like me, standing is awesome, but when it comes time to do your most creative work like graphic design or writing, sitting is a must for a short while.

Having two desks in my tiny office was simply not an option. And I had already gone through the trouble of building an Ikea standing desk before they ever started selling them. (not to mention I like MY SETUP waaaaay better!)

BS Drafting Chair Reviews Leading Me Down An Architects Path (which I am not!)

After reading tons and tons of drafting chair reviews, it became clear to me that almost every tall chair on the market with a mesh back (something that’s critical if you don’t like sweating your ass off after being the computer all day), most all of them only go up to around 30″. Well, if you’re measuring to the bottom of your elbow when standing like you’re supposed to when you build your standing desk, even if you’re 5’10 it’s still not high enough.

Getting A Tall Chair For Your Standing Desk Can Be A Beeeeeeyatch!

If you scour amazon enough, you’ll see some chairs that LOOK like they will work.. but after you order them, assemble them, and sit in them, you will be sorely disappointing.

Here’s why:

The #1 Thing No One Tells You About Getting A Standing Desk Chair That’s The Right Height!!!

Almost all of these fucking chairs have weak springs in them. So not only are they not high enough to start with, no one tells you that you have to account for some sag just from your own weight of sitting in the damn thing. Top that off with non adjustable arm rests, and you sir have a recipe for a motherfucking disaster. A chair disaster that is. (yes, I preferred to just kick mine down the stairs instead of packaging it back up to return ship to Amazon yet again)

But this wasn’t the first alternative chair I tried for my desk…

Wobble Stool VS Standing Desk Chair: Which Is Better?

standing desk stool
high chair for standing desk

What really matters

foot rest
max height
adjustable arms rests so your arms can line up the your desk height
mesh back from good breath-ability (so you don’t get hot)
somewhat ergonomic

The Eurotech Chair Is Better Than A Drafting Stool For Doing Computer Work At Your Standing Desk

a standing desk WILL fix your lower back pain (but you may develop another problem)
the only problem with standing all day after a couple months
most comfortable solution to sit and stand all day
standing tasks

These Tall Office Chairs That Are Being Marketed As A “Standing Desk Chair” Are Piles Of Shit!

I searched and searched and searched for a chair that would rise to 36″ or higher, but would also go low enough to use if I decided to use a Varidesk. What I found is that, the most critical part is having an adjustable footrest, and knowing your body measurements inside and out so you know what you’re getting into.

Why I Ended Up Not Liking Leaning Chairs Even Though The Idea Seems Cool

leaning chair for standing desk?

My Eurotech Chair Review: The Only Tall Standing Desk Chair That’s High Enough To Use Sitting Or Standing (with a foot rest/support, so your legs don’t fall asleep from dangling all the time)

I tried to get a standing task chair from ikea to match my ikea standing desk (but no cigar) – more like having a pogo stick shoved up your ass!


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