The Top 10 Polaris Ranger Accessories to Make Your Ranger More Trail Friendly

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So I was looking at buying a Polaris Ranger, after my aunt and uncle bought a Honda Pioneer. As most of you know, I bought a 2016 Polaris Sportsman 570 and love the plush ride and power over a comparably priced Honda model. But there have been a few things along that way that I noticed Polaris doesn’t do as well as Honda. Some of the thing I’ve had to fix like the torn rear boot on the left side, and the handle bar squeak from the lack of a grease fitting on the steering stem, can be rectified easily with some accessories. Now don’t get me wrong, for a $7k dollar machine, we as ATV owners shouldn’t have to do any of this stuff. But at the end of the day, the Polaris is more fun to ride than a comparable Honda model, even though the Honda’s are built better and have better attention to detail on the fit and finish usually.

So I thought I would put together a list of the most popular accessories for the Polaris Ranger, and see what you guys had to say about them. I did something similar with the Sportsman 570 Accessories, and I contributed a few helpful tips for buyers to know before they buy. In the comments, we exchanged some good dialog that was both helpful for me to tweak the bike to my liking, and I was able to help out a few prospective buyers get the model that would suit them best since I had already owned mine for a year or two. I lvoe ATV’s, and have been riding since I was a kid, and just love talking about them with riding buddies. As always, if you have any opinions on these models, let me know in the comments below!! Also if you think I should get a RZR or Honda Pioneer instead of this Ranger, tell me your thoughts too, I’d love to hear them!

If you’re a ranger owner, you probably enjoy going off-road every chance you get. But not every experience is optimum. While you may enjoy being on the trails, there could be room for improvement still. The following are 10 accessories from Polaris Ranger that are bound to make your ranger more trail friendly. Take a look:

Tires and Wheels

When you’re navigating a tough terrain, what could be more important than the tires your ranger is depending on for support? The Pro Armor® series from Polaris Ranger offers a variety of tires and wheels for a great and safe off-road experience. The series is known to offer tires built specifically for powerful rangers. These products have superior durability which enhances the performance of the ranger while navigating difficult terrain. It’s developed with great care and the technology is tested by Polaris® Engineers, ensuring that the product has the perfect fit on the vehicle and that it encourages the ranger to deliver the best performance.


If you’re riding in rough weather, you need a durable roof over your head. There are several Polaris Engineered options that are tailor-made to enhance your experience with the ranger. You can choose between poly (lightweight and impact-resistance), steel (strong, 12-gauge steel construction gives your cab the ultimate protection) and canvas (lightweight, easy to store and built with UV inhibitors).

Other than these three options, there are also sound-absorbing roofs for you to enjoy a quiet experience while you’re out off-roading. If the cab is idle, the roof can eliminate in-cab noise by 60 percent and by 40 percent if the cab is going at 20 mph. Many of these roof options come with integrated roof water channels which ensures water and moisture keep moving and don’t log on the roof.

Rear Panels

Jazz up your ranger further by installing a Polaris rear panel. The rear panel is essential since it puts a tight seal on the cab and protects you from the dust swirl while you’re on track. Especially if you only have a windshield and no rear panel, the dust and off-road elements tend to swirl into the cab from the rear with greater force.

You can get an in-frame installation, which doesn’t need any exterior accessories or extra work. Plus, you can enjoy your off-road experience without compromising on rearward visibility. The rear panels are easy to install and lock into place securely using Polaris’ Lock & Ride® technology. It also comes with 360° airtight gasket seal, which ensures the cab remains protected from dust, draft, as well as moisture. This is also a major boon for long-term maintenance of your cab.

Cab Heaters

Install a heater and defroster system in your cab for ultimate comfort. If you’re riding during the fall or simply want to extend your riding season into colder weather, this system is perfect for you. There are several Heater & Defrost Kits you can choose from. These help control the climate inside your cab and keep you warm on a cold day. The defrost system also has windshield directed ducts which keep the windshield from frosting on a cold day. You can get more riding done in the day now without having to worry about tough weather conditions.

The new 8-Vent Heater & Defrost System could also be something you may want to consider. The multiple-vent system uses the heat from the engine to keep you comfortable in even sub-zero temperatures. If it’s too hot outside, there are three different fan speeds to keep you and the interiors of your cab cool. All vents can be manually opened and closed.


If you’re snowed in, you obviously can’t go out to ride. But with the Polaris® UTV snow plow kits, you can move heavy snow off the road, all while sitting in the comfort of your ranger. The plow kits are durable and will last you season after season. The snow plows are specifically designed to prevent snow spilling over the top of the plow, making the process far more efficient and quicker. To make it a complete set, you will need four extra components: a mount, a push frame, a lift method winch and a plow blade.


If you’re off-road in a difficult terrain, it’s imperative you go prepared with reinforcements for any kind of emergency. A winch comes highly handy in several situations. If the road is sludgy from the rain, you can winch yourself forward. If your ranger has broken down, another vehicle can pull you forward using the winch too.

The Polaris® PRO HD 4,500 lb winch has an incredible pulling power and also acts a lot faster than an average winch, owing to its new Rapid Rope Recovery technology. This technology allows you to pull back excess cable five times faster than before. The winch dial can be set on three settings – ‘free spool’, to attach the winch hook; ‘pull’ for winch mode and ‘rapid rope recovery’ for faster re-spooling. In addition, the Auto Stop Technology stops the winch when the hook reaches the fairlead, saving a lot of time and preventing the rope from over-spooling. The pre-wired winch and contactor can be easily installed in 30 minutes or less! What’s even more exciting is that it comes with a wireless remote which works within a 50 metres range!

Cargo and Bed Storage

You may want to keep some extra cargo or perhaps even a tent if you’re going riding for a few days. The Polaris Lock & Ride® storage series has much to offer you. Whether it’s some extra tools for the way or heavy gear, the storage options will keep your things safe and accessible. You can install or remove the boxes easily, without any extra hardware or tools. Most of the options also come with oversized hinged lids so you can access your cargo easily. The box is also made of a durable polyethylene construction.

You can even go for a cargo box lift, which raises and lowers your cargo box with the push of a button. A heavy-duty actuator raises or lowers the cargo box. It can be easily installed, plus it includes all the hardware in the kit and comes with a dash-mounted switch. Put dirt, sand or heavy-duty equipment, the cargo boxes can endure it all.


Try the Lock & Ride® windshields for your ranger. The windshields are easy to install and can be locked securely in place using the Lock & Ride® technology. The 360° airtight gasket seals into the cab frame, without any exterior framework, giving the rider complete visibility.

The material is of a laminated safety glass variety which protects the surface from scratches and ensures visibility even after long periods of use. The automotive-style curved glass offers a snug fit and also cancels noise from outside. You can also select a scratch-resistant hard coat poly windshield which is 30 times more scratch resistant than regular poly and endures even a rough ride.


Get the utmost comfort in your ranger by adding doors. Increase protection from off-road elements like dust and gravel, cut down interior noise levels and generally enjoy a more comfortable experience. Every rider may enjoy a different kind of door. There’s an easy to install option for everyone.

Poly doors, for example, are suitable for all seasons. They keep the rain, snow, dust as well as debris out. Their heavy-duty tube frame construction with hard molded shells protect the interiors of your cab for several years.

Then there are canvas doors, which are made with a UV protected vinyl material. They have an adjustable zipper for ventilation and a see-through bottom panel.

Aluminium doors are another variety you can try. They are great to keep dust and gravel outside while at the same time maintaining an open-air riding experience. The heavy-duty steel frame with slam latch sits perfectly into the chassis.

You can even choose through multiple window options, such as power, hinged and fixed windows according to the kind of ventilation you’re looking for. The Lock & Ride® Pro Fit technology makes it incredibly easy to install the door. You literally only have to drop them into the chassis and pull them off when you don’t need them. It only takes a few seconds.

Portable Power

If you’re going to be off-road for a few days, you may want to keep some power backup. The Polaris® P1000i is a compact and portable power system. It comes with two handles which were installed specifically so the unit could be easily lifted and transported. Extremely fuel efficient, a single tank of glass allows it to run for 10 hours at 25 percent load. It is the perfect addition to your ranger to power small electronics.

There are several other portable power units you can try from the Polaris Ranger store.

Final Thoughts

You may love your ranger but there are ways to take your experience several notches higher with these Polaris Ranger accessories. It could be to enhance comfort or give you a smoother ride. Try out these 10 accessories and change your riding experience forever!


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