The Vlog Camera Every YouTuber DREAMS Of Having (8k video!!)

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Ever seen a YouTube vlog video shot with an 8k vlog camera?  Me either!  Every now and then, we come across something that is truly astonishing in the vlogging world. Most of us are limited to starting out vlogs with a Canon G7X or an RX100 Mark v… but powerhouse YouTubers with millions of subscribers have been able to get their hands on one hell of a camera setup that’s for sure. In the video above, MKBHD walks us through what it’s like to test out the almost $80k (yes, you read that right…. $80,000.00 DOLLARS!) Red Weapon. With an 8k camera, almost everything looks super super crisp. I just don’t know how in the hell you’d be able to store all those super large video files without a Terramaster.

The Red: Weapon (enter, the badest youtube camera on the planet!)

How Much Is It?

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