The Top 10 Best Gaming PC’s Under $1000 (and which one is the #1 top rated machine for the money!)

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Written and Researched by: Lauren Petlock

Hello gamers and geeks alike, we proudly present to you another one of our Top Ten lists. In this article we will be covering all of the best gaming computers that come in for under $1000. At the end of our overview, we will also be presenting our Editor’s choice winner; the computer we believe to be the absolute best for under $1000. The computers in this list are all going to be pre-built by the manufacturer, so that there is no confusion. While you can build a great gaming machine for under $1000 by yourself, we feel that within the last year or so prebuilts have gotten a lot better. Without further ado, let’s get started!

The right machine for you

Entering the world of PC gaming can be a very daunting task. There are so many options for gaming computers, that even veterans like us, may get confused at points. The purpose of this list is to eliminate that confusion for our readers and provide an easy to follow set of recommendations. Prices and deals fluctuate constantly, so there is no guarantee that these will still be the best deals when you read this article. At the current time we are presenting you with the best of the best though, and we hope you enjoy.


When buying any item (not just gaming computers) the price to performance ratio is important. This simple formula takes the price of any given item and compares it to the actual performance you are getting out of it. This allows the customer to find not only the best deal, but the best contender in that price range. Using the newfound Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card as an example we will demonstrate this ratio to you. A new GTX 1080 has average price of around $600. The average framecount for this graphics card playing Fallout 4 with ultra settings comes in at around 134FPS. This means that you are paying around $4.47 per FPS, which is NOT a good deal. For a good ratio we’ll take a look at the AMD RX 480 graphics card. With a price around $250 it is a very affordable card. The average framerate in Fallout 4 at 1080p with ultra settings is in the ballpark of 86 FPS. That translates to a total cost of $2.90 per frame. Now I am no Mathematician, but it seems as if AMD totally has the better option here if you are looking for the best performance for your dollar. The reason I brought up this topic is that we take it into quite a bit of consideration when find computers to put on this list. It is also a good tool for any gamer to have, as it allows us to save money when finding out which components will be best for our setup.

*I would like to note that this list has no specific order up until our editors choice section, which has our personal favorite pc for under $1000. All of the computers on this list are phenomenal in their own rights, and we felt no need to diminish the value of one over another.

The Top 10 Best Gaming PC’s Under $1000 (and which one is the #1 top rated machine for the money!)

1. CybertronPC Rhodium R9-X8

The CybertronPC Rhodium R9-X8 is a fantastic example of what AMD has to offer. In the past AMD has generally offered cheaper prices with similar results compared to its direct competitor Nvidia. In a world where everyone is not a millionaire with money to throw around at expensive gaming rigs, AMD offers an attractive business model. This gaming desktop follows the same ideal and comes in at under $800 while still boasting respectable performance.

Design and Features

The Rhodium R9-X8 is housed in a beautiful mid-tower case. Something can be said for CybertronPC’s attention to making a beautiful product for an affordable price. The alternating colors of black, white, and red do a very good job of making this thing look awesome. You can also see that it has a plexiglass window on the side of the case to show off it’s beefy hardware. With the addition of some led lights on the inside of the case, this thing would look seriously awesome, if even a little intimidating!

The case doesn’t just serve as pleasing eye-candy either. It is built with cybertrons’s own Cooling system, and does a good job of keeping your components cool and running smoothly. This case is also large enough to support a huge list of future upgrades if one desired to do so. It has a full range of IO ports on the back including a massive amount of USB ports. With a total of 6 USB 2.0 ports and 3 USB 3.0 ports you should never have to worry about plugging in that extra accessory.

Hardware and Software

The Rhodium R9-X8 Comes preinstalled with a full windows 10 64-bit operating system. This feature by itself is saving you upwards of $100 and is highly appreciated. On top of windows 10 sits AMD’s own software such as AMD Catalyst Control Center and AMD Overdrive, which allow the user to boost their experience by fine tuning their device.

The R9-X8 comes with a ton of power under its hood starting off with it’s AMD FX 8300 Octo-Core processor clocked at 3.30 GHz. This seriously powerful CPU should be more than enough for most gamers, allowing a large amount of multi-tasking and even some 3-D modeling if that is your thing. It also houses an AMD R9 380 graphics card. The R9 380 has around 4GB of GDDR5 onboard video memory and is clocked at 970 MHz. Coming packaged with 16GB of DDR3 RAM the R9-X8 can handle anything you can throw at it, and is semi-future proof as well.


Overall Cybertron’s R9-X8 is an awesome beginner computer for anyone getting into gaming. With a good price of under $800 and coming shipped with windows 10 it’s value can’t go unnoticed. For the newbie and veteran alike, the R9-X8 get my vote as one seriously powerful computer to take your game to the next level.

2. Acer Predator AG3-710-UR53

Acer Claims that this desktop is for the universal gamer, meaning it was designed for everyone. Although that may not be entirely true, Acer has made a seriously awesome computer and I don’t think anyone can disagree. With many features allowing the new gamer to feel comfortable, and with specs that us veterans love, the Predator fills a hole that we just didn’t know existed.

Design and Features

Okay we just have to start off with the case design, there isn’t an way around the fact that this thing looks awesome. With an almost armor-like appearance, the Predator looks like it is ready to lead you into battle. From an aesthetic point Acer nailed this one, and for a reasonable price of under $800. The tank tread design on the Acer Predator AG3-710-UR53 may not be for everyone though, as some gamers prefer a more subtle design.

The predator has a multitude of features including 6 USB 3.0 ports. It has 2 More USB 2.0 ports located on the back alongside an HDMI output port, a display port, and two dedicated DVI ports. I personally love to see a multitude of video output ports on a device as it gives the user more options, and options are always good. The Predator gets my approval in the design and features aspect, and I think many would agree.

Hardware and Software

The Predator comes shipped with windows pre-installed for that plug-in and play experience, and we appreciate it. The addition of Acer’s own Predator G3 Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 2 with EAX 5.0, ensures that you will have an amazing audio experience as well. Besides that, there is little to talk about in the software department.

Having a large amount of storage now-a-days is a necessity and with a 1TB SATA hard drive, most customers will be satisfied. The predator falls a little short with it’s graphics card as it is only a GTX 950 with 2GB of VRAM. We can understand acer’s short-falling considering the price of this computer, but it would have been really nice to see at least a GTX 960 in here with a little more video memory. On the other hand the Predator’s CPU is outstanding with a 6th Generation Intel Core i7-6700 Processor clocked at3.4GHz with Turbo Boost Technology to let it get up to 4.0GHz.


The Acer Predator AG3-710-UR53 is an outstanding piece of machinery, and it isn’t afraid to show off a little bit. It has a very rugged case design, that will appeal to a lot of gamers though some may not like it. It comes shipped with windows 10, which is a huge money saver. I just can’t get past the lowly GTX 950 hiding under its beautiful case. Two years ago this wouldn’t have been an issue, but in modern games it just won’t hold up as well. It is still an amazing PC, which is why it ended up on our list.

3. ASUS G11CD-US009T

The Asus G11CD-US009T is a sexy computer with a sleek design and hardware under its hood to back up its looks. It will appeal to many gamers who are looking to upgrade their rig with a flashier and more powerful option. With a price range of anywhere for $800-$1000 it all comes down to who has the best deal at the given time, and makes this a coveted computer.

Design and Features

Asus decided to forgo the commonly accepted “norm” with the design of the G11CD-US009T and I love it. It has a modern sleekness to it that is hard to ignore, and is subtle enough that the more conservative gamers can still feel comfortable. With a smooth grey and red design feature this computer looks the part of a powerful gaming desktop.

It comes packed with IO ports such as an SD card reader and an HDMI output port. It also includes 4 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, a single USB 3.1 port, and a DVI 3 port. Users will have no shortage of options when it comes to accessories for this gaming beast.

Hardware and Software

The graphics card is arguably one of the most important components when it comes to a gaming computer. With a Nvidia GTX 960 hiding inside of this desktop, you will never be behind in a gaming environment. The GTX 960 is an awesome Graphics card for the price, allowing for a good 720p to 1080p gaming experience. The G11CD-US009T is also packing an Intel Core i5-6400 central processing unit inside of it, which is nothing to scoff at. This computer is somewhat lacking RAM though with only 8GB of DDR4. While DDR4 does boost performance time and usability, this rig could have benefited from 16GB which would have made it more future-proof.

Shipped with windows 10 the G11CD-US009T gets an extra point on its roster, for being usable right out of the box. Windows 10 is also highly optimized for gaming, so that’s a plus as well. Asus included its very own Aegis II software with this computer. The Aegis II software allows the user to monitor and tweak their system, as well as alter the lighting effects of the case. We love to see multi function applications like this, and the ability to change the LED lighting on your computer ensures that no two systems will be the same.


The Asus G11CD-US009T is a wonderful budget computer, that is highly customizable. I absolutely love the aesthetic of the case, and it lends a lot to the desktops overall appeal. The GTX 960 inside allows for this desktop to handle most, if not all, of the modern AAA titles as well as more casual games with respectable frame rates. The inclusion of an extra 8GB of RAM would have been welcome, however in this day and age is not completely necessary. The added functionality of being able to alter the lighting effect on the case itself is also a very welcome feature, and adds just a little bit more value to this already outstanding computer.

4. IBuyPower AM-FX06W

Generally speaking, newer companies have to offer quite a bit to be recognized in today’s market. IBuyPower has all of it’s bases covered with its outstanding desktop computers. With the AM-FX06W commonly listed for a price under $800 it is an excellent budget gaming computer with a lot to offer.

Design and Features

With many gaming computers stick with the common black and (insert color here) trend that seems to be so popular, it is refreshing to see the IBuyPower’s AM-FX06W offer a different color scheme. The smooth white glossy case with its blue led lighting look fantastic, and remind the user that their PC is unique. The side mounted plexiglass window also offers an inside look at the AM-FX06W’s impressive hardware.

The IBuyPower’s AM-FX06W is lacking IO ports severely and it lowers the overall value of the computer. With only a measly 2 USB 3.0 ports, it leaves a lot to be desired from this mid-tower desktop. The inclusion of an HDMI output port is nice, put pales in comparison to the usefulness of more USB ports.

Hardware and Software

The AM-FX06W comes pre-installed with the full version of Windows 10 home edition. The added benefit of having an operating system already on the device when you open the package is often overlooked. The ability to literally plug in your new computer and start gaming right away is a huge benefit, and shouldn’t go unnoticed by gamers and casual users alike.

We see another addition of the wonderful GTX 960 in the AM-FX06W, a budget Graphics card with a lot of power. It makes a lot of sense in this build, as to not bottleneck itself or the CPU. Speaking of the processor, the AM-FX06W has an AMD FX CPU running at 3.30 GHz. IBuyPower doesn’t offer a lot of details o its processor, which may raise a few eyebrows. It has a 1TB hard drive, which is capable of storing a large amount of data and files.


IBuyPower is a new company, and as such have less trust then an established company such as Dell with their Alienware products. Not giving information on your parts is kind of shady, and may turn off quite a few potential customers. Privacy problems aside, this is a fantastic gaming computer that is deserving of a spot in your gaming setup. The beautiful aesthetic and pure raw power this machine has are very respectable. Maybe not for everyone, but for the gamer who wants something that will stand out, and game excellently as well, the AM-FX06W could be a solid choice.

5. Dell XPS x8900-944BLK

For those who would prefer to purchase their gaming computer from a more reputable brand, there is also an option. The Dell XPS x8900-944BLK is not the best option in terms of the performance you are getting for the price, but it offer the unique quality and polish that Dell provides.

Design and Features

I have personally never been a fan of Dell’s design mentality, but I seem to be the minority in this preference. From a technical standpoint Dell’s computers ARE beautiful. They offer a streamlined and simple design with an all black glossy finish. This computer follows that design to a tee, and pulls it off in a very professional and elegant manner.

The Dell XPS x8900-944BLK also offers a huge variety in IO ports and video output ports. It has four USB 3.0 ports, and two USB 2.0 ports making this a very versatile computer with many accessory options. It also includes an HDMI output port, a dedicated DVI port, And several display ports. An SD card reader is sported on the front of the device as well, which is useful for copying content onto your computer from a device like your mobile phone or camera.

Hardware and Software

Dell is a company know for its software optimization, and that aspect shines through in this computer. It comes shipped with a copy of Windows 10 High end Home edition, an awesome addition I might add. Windows and Dell have an expansive history behind them, and it shows by packing in this $200 feature in for free with the XPS x8900-944BLK. All windows based software will be highly optimized for any dell computer as well, including this one.

The XPS x8900-944BLK isnt exactly a powerhouse in the hardware department though. With its several generation old Nvidia GTX 745 graphics card with 4GB of dedicated video RAM, this computer will have trouble playing modern high end games. That simply isn’t what this desktop is designed to do. This PC is more tailored for productivity, with gaming set as an afterthought. You will still be able to play older AAA titles, and casual games though, so fear not. The XPS x8900-944BLK only has 8GB of DDR4 RAM as well (2 x 4GB sticks), but that should be more than enough for what the manufacturer intended for this computer. Thankfully Dell has included a massive 1TB hard drive with up to 6GB/s transfer rate in this device, making moving files around a breeze.


Dell has managed to produce a very efficient, and productive computer with the XPS x8900-944BLK. My own personal opinions aside about the design, it is a very minimalistic and beautiful desktop. The wide range of IO ports is also a welcome addition, and ensure that the user has all of the connectivity options they desire. The graphics card isn’t the greatest, but it will still blow casual games out of the water with ease and can manage some older high-end games with respectable frame rates. Dell’s XPS x8900-944BLK is a very well balanced computer that can also put in some good gaming experiences, earning it a spot on our list.

6. Lenovo Erazer X315

When Lenovo first came to our attention, it wasn’t as reputable gaming computer designers. They started out making excellent productivity machines, and have since evolved, creating some of the best gaming desktops on the market. One of their more recent PC’s the Lenovo Erazer X315 is a solid gaming beast, with a focus on budget oriented customers.

Design and Features

I love the other-worldly design that the Erazer X315 has. It looks as if it has taken a lot of design elements from the popular Alienware computers, and the Erazer pulled it off. With an edgy futuristic look, the X315 makes a fashion statement in what a computer design for gaming should look like. The subtle lighting under the front-facing fins makes it look like piece of forgotten alien technology, while providing a pleasing aesthetic appeal. Overall Lenovo did an excellent job on creating the case for this computer, for that, we thank them.

The Erazer X315 isnt just an edgy lit-up case though, providing an ample amount of IO ports to complement it’s design. It includes four USB 3.0 ports, which should allow for a moderate amount of accessories to be hooked up. The Erazer also features a nice range of display ports such as an HDMI output port, and several dedicated DVI ports. This give the user the ability to hook multiple displays at once, and make a very attractive gaming setup.

Hardware and Software

Lenovo has always loved to make versatile machines with the ability to handle workload and gaming alike. This tends to make their computers very universal in design, and allows the user to have a do-it-all machine. The processor in the Erazer X315 proves this point, and allows for a plethora of multi-tasking capabilities. Sporting an AMD FX 4 core processing chip capable of running at 3.4 GHz the Erazer brings you the latest and greatest from the red team at an affordable price. The Graphics card is an AMD ATI Radeon R9 and is also very respectable as well. Any card from AMD’s R9 series is focused towards gaming capabilities, and they are standard in many of today’s gaming computers.

Unfortunately, the Erazer X315 doesn’t impress us as much in the software department. While it does come shipped with a windows operating system, it is only Windows 8.1. It makes one question the thought process of Lenovo for using an older generation of windows on this gaming powerhouse. Windows 8.1 is still a very capable OS though, and should be able to please most customers, however it is not as well optimized as its newer counterparts.


The Lenovo Erazer X315 is an immensely powerful machine, with a beautiful casing to complement its cutting edge hardware. Coming in at just under $1000, the Erazer is a serious competitor in this list. Although it only comes shipped with the older Windows 8.1, it can still compete in today’s gaming atmosphere. With the powerful Processing chipset, and gaming geared graphics card, the Erazer X315 is a powerful computer with an affordable price.

7. Alienware X51 R3

It is almost impossible to make a top ten list without an Alienware computer being somewhere in it. With one of their most recent iterations, the Alienware X51 R3 continues it’s predecessors one of excellent gaming performance and deep customization. Alienware has always had a knack for making outstanding gaming computers, regardless of the price range. The X51 R3 is no exception and delivers awesome performance for under $1000.

Design and Features

The Alienware line is known for making beautifully sleek and customizable gaming rigs. The X51 R3 is encased in a smooth black shell, that even the most conservative gamer will love. It also has the added feature of three different fully customizable LED RGB lit areas. There are over 64,000 different lighting effects and options to choose from, ensuring that your computer will always look EXACTLY how you want it to. The X51’s case is also highly optimized for cooling purposes, and as such you will never have to deal with heat and ventilation problems.

With a total of 8 USB ports, the X51 R3 has you covered on all of you gaming peripheral needs. The benefit of a high number of USB ports goes largely unspoken for, but with the number of gaming accessories always rising, the need for more IO increases a well. This computer also features a large amount of video output ports as well including several HDMI ports, and DVI ports. Alienware has also included their very own Graphics Amplifier port, which can be hooked up to an external graphics card for a boost in performance and visual prowess.

Hardware and Software

The Alienware X51 R3 will come shipped with Windows 10 home edition, meaning that there is a need to buy an operating system. Windows 10 home edition aims to improve general usability of the device it is on, as well as increasisng speed and gaming performance. The X51 also comes packaged with the brand new DirectX 12, which eliminated the lengthy download to acquire it by standard means. The DirectX 12 driver system is the cutting edge in gaming driver software, and claims to improve overall gaming performance and boosting frame per second scores across the board. As you can see, this computer has no shortage of useful software pre-installed.

The X51 R3 is packing some serious heat with is overclocked central processing unit, the coveted Intel Core i5-6400 with 6MB Cache and up to 3.3GHz with Alienware’s Turbo Boost Technology. Did we mention that this version of the Intel Core I5-6400 is hyperthreaded to massively increase speed and performance? The graphics card in this gaming computer SERIOUSLY let us down through, with it only being a GTX 745. Why alienware? Why would you drop the ball so hard when it comes to your single most important component? To sweeten the sour taste the X51 has left us, Alienware included the 4GB of VRAM model. This graphics card is capable of playing older AAA titles and general casual gaming, but can’t handle any of the newer titles while keeping a good average FPS.


The Alienware X51 R3 Is a fantastic machine with only one serious drawback. It comes shipped with the very useful addition of Windows 10 home edition, and boasts a phenomenal CPU that is not only hyperthreaded, but overclocked as well. This only makes the downfall hurt that much more. Why alienware decided to put such a lackluster graphics card inside of their flagship X51 R3 model, we will never know. However if you can get past this, and still enjoy all of the other premium features that are sprinkled throughout, then the Alienware X51 r3 may be the gaming computer fr you.

8. Syber Vapor Pro

Syber Vapor’s Pro is one of the best mini gaming computers on the market. It is designed with gaming console in mind such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in mind, and could easily replace either in your current gaming set-up. It packs a ton of power inside of an extremely small form factor, and can take any gaming console on a run for its money.

Design and Features

The Syber Vapor Pro displays how far computer gaming has come since it’s inception. It manages to seamlessly pull off the transition from a fully-fledged gaming desktop, into a gaming console with an astounding elegance. Comparable to alienware’s Alpha series of mini ITX gaming rigs, this computer has all of the benefits of a standalone gaming machine in a tiny form factor. With the rise in popularity in central media hubs and mini computers taking the place of consoles in the living room, this contender has seen a lot of well deserved attention.

Although it is small, the Syber Vapor Pro has a wide array of IO ports crammed into this tiny machine. Boasting six USB ports, two of which being USB 3.0 ports and the other four being standard USB 2.0 ports, the Syber Pro can hold host to a large amount of gaming accessories. It also includes an HDMI output port and standard VGA port for connecting any display that suits you. Fitting all of these IO ports on such a small device is no small feat, and Syber Vapor pulled it off effortlessly.

Hardware and Software

The Syber Vapor Pro come preinstalled with windows 10 and Steam’s Big Picture mode. Having Windows 10 installed means that this tiny PC can still function as your daily desktop workstation, and can perform as a normal computer would. Steam’s big picture mode allows the use of the Steam game library in a format designed to have a console-like experience. You can still browse their thousands of games available for download, just in a more streamlines and user friendly format. Steam’s big picture mode is still constantly receiving updates, and continues to improve its general usability and effectiveness at replacing console marketplaces.

The Syber Vapor Pro did not have to sacrifice any of it’s power to fit into a small size either. Hosting a good amount of very respectable components, the Vapor Pro can stand toe-to-toe with the big boys. Inside of the tiny chassis is the cutting edge Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card, which just released this year. This graphics card is capable of a phenomenal 1080p gaming experience and can play games at 4K resolutions as well. The central processing unit is very respectable as well and is the Intel Core Processor i5-7600 which is able to clock up to 3.50GHz and has 6MB of Intel Smart Cache. Unfortunately the Vapor Pro only has 8GB of DDR4 memory, which holds it back from being the best pc in it’s class. The RAM can be upgraded in the future if you decide to though, so not all is lost.


The Syber Vapor Pro is a seriously powerful mini ITX gaming machine, and is setting the standard for all of those who come behind it. With an insanely small form factor, it can fit just about anywhere that a gaming console would. Steam’s big picture mode helps this computer feel different from many other desktop’s, and lends to it’s console-like experience. The Syber Vapor Pro doesn’t fall behind in the hardware department either, and is able to squeeze in a GTX 1060 enthusiast grade graphics card into its tiny chassis. This computer is for anyone looking for a smaller option, or possibly a replacement for their dusty PlayStation 4. Whatever the reason, you would be wise in choosing the Syber Vapor Pro as your next gaming computer.

9. Digital Storm Vanquish 4

If you are looking for one of the best deals in today’s market for computers under $1000 Digital Storm’s Vanquish 4 may be the computer for you. Packing in some very respectable hardware at an affordable price, makes this one of the best value budget PCs available. Although Digital Storm is a newer company, it aims to impress with its line of Vanquish computers.

Design and Features

The Digital Storm Vanquish 4 may not be the most beautiful gaming computer, but is definitely not the worst looking either. The gun-metal grey case has a very neutral tone that can fit easily into most gaming set-ups, without lashing too harshly. It also has a full set of RGB LED lighting on the inside, which is customizable to fit the user’s personal tastes. RGB LED lighting has seen a lot of popularity over the last few years, as it should, for being able to take your gaming area to the next level with cool lighting effects and ominous hues. There also lies a small plexi-glass window on the right hand side for easy viewing of your internal components.

The Vanquish 4 offers your standard IO ports, which is welcome at such an affordable price. It houses six separate USB ports, with two of them being USB 3.0 and the others being USB 2.0. Being able to connect as many devices as the user needs to is very important, and the Vanquish 4 realizes that fact. It also host an assorted selection of display IO ports, including an HDMI output port and several others. The Vanquish 4 doesn’t implement any crazy innovations when it comes to it’s features and ports, which allows the user to feel more comfortable and at home with this budget gaming computer.

Hardware and Software

The Vanquish 4 comes pre-installed with window 10 64 bit, which is a welcome feature on any prebuilt gaming computer. Having It already installed save the user a lot of headache with the lengthy download and install process, as well as quite a bit of money. Windows operating systems are known for their excellence and Microsoft charges a premium for them. Windows 10 often averages in price for around $100, so it s a nice feature to include in a budget computer.

The Intel core I5-6500 powering the Vanquish 4 is a very capable central processing unit, and is seen in many gaming desktops. It can be clocked up to 4.3GHz for an unparalleled experience when it comes to driving your applications. The vanquish 4 also includes the beefy Nvidia GTX 1050TI graphics card with 4 GB of dedicated video memory. This powerful graphics processor is able to run most modern high-end games at very high settings, all while retaining very respectable frame rates and keeping your games running smoothly. It also includes not only a huge 1TB hard drive for storing all of your main media files and games, but an added 120GB solid state drive for important applications such as your operating system.


The Digital Storm Vanquish 4 is an immensely powerful gaming rig for a very affordable price. It doesn’t break ay boundaries with it’s design or IO ports, but provides everything the average user could want. It has a full array of RGB LED lighting, which is always a plus, for that extra bit of added customization. With a powerful GTX 1050TI under its hood, the Vanquish 4 will be able to play most games with little to no lag. Overall this is a very well built machine, and a good choice for anyone interested in computer gaming, newbie and veteran alike.

*Editor’s Choice Award goes to:

CybertronPC Palladium 950Z

This immensely powerful gaming desktop stood out to us as the absolute best computer you can buy for under $1000. The CybertronPC Palladium 950Z Touches down on all of the necessary bases for an outstanding gaming PC, and holds no punches when it comes to it’s outstanding components. With a beautiful design, and more power than any average user could need the Palladium took the stage as the clear winner in this top ten list.

Design And Features

The CybertronPC Palladium is a remarkably beautiful piece of technology, and it deserves recognition for that. It has a very intense aesthetic that almost resembles a storm cloud; alive with electricity and lightning. It has a very aggressive style, that beats out most of the other RGB dependent cases that we have seen. It is also housed in a corsair case, so there are no worries when it comes to the quality and longevity of the computer. There is a large plexiglass window on the sie for showing off all of those beautiful RGB lighting effects and powerful components. When you have a computer this cutting edge, t is always good for it to look the part.

The Palladium has an immense variety of standard IO ports, allowing any number of gaming accessories to be connected at once. With two USB 3.0 ports for blazing fast transfer speed, and four more USB 2.0 ports for peripherals, you will never run out of options. This computer also come with the normal array of video output ports, such as an HDMI output port for connecting to a TV, and two VGA output ports for separate monitors. With the large amount of video output ports, you should be able to customize your gaming set-up with as many screen as you would like.

Hardware and Software

The Palladium comes shipped standard with a complete version of Windows 10 home edition; a slim and expansive operating system. Windows 10 not only allow for more freedom inside of the computer itself, but also offer many optimizations for gamers as well. A good operating system just ties a well built machine together, and in the Palladium’s case it showcases a beautiful blend of hardware and software.

The CybertronPC Palladium 950Z is stowing away some seriously powerful hardware behind it’s walls. It has the amazing Intel core I7-6700k central processing unit serving as the brains behind all of the power. The Intel Core I7-6700k is one of the hottest processors on the market right now, and for good reason. Even if you are playing highly CPU intensive games the 6700k has your back, with it’s highly optimized construction, focused on gamers. You also get the extremely powerful Nvidia GTX 950 with 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM to power the games you love with this package. While it isn’t the best graphics card on the market, it is more than enough to power some of today’s most demanding titles on high to ultra settings. It is hard to beat the Palladium in the hardware department, with it’s highly optimized gaming oriented components.


The CybertronPC Palladium 950Z is what we consider to be the absolute best for under $1000, without a doubt. It manages to not only fill the role of a top of the line gaming computer, but as a powerful work and productivity station as well. The general design of this machine makes it stand far out from the crowd, and being backed by corsair means that the case will last for many years to come. With the intense I7-6700k running the show behind the hardware, there is nothing to fear as it is a more than capable CPU. Even though the GTX 950 is a little behind some of the other competition, it fits so well into this build. The GTX 950 is still a highly respected graphics card today for its general gaming prowess and power. Overall, the CybertronPC Palladium 950Z is the perfect computer for anyone who is just getting into gaming, and serious gamers alike. You would be hard pressed to find a more impressive gaming computer for under $1000

So there it is guys, our personal list of all of the best gaming computers under $1000. We hope you enjoyed reading through our opinions on the subject, and learned a few things along the way. This isn’t a definitive guide by any means, but is intended to serve more as a guideline for what to look out for when purchasing your very own gaming computer. Good luck!


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