Top 10 Best Lego Sets (that kids and adults will love!)

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Legos are a timeless toy that everyone from one to ninety-nine will enjoy time and time again.

After over 50 years of toys, LEGO is still releasing new sets every year, in fact, just this year over 300 new sets were released. Let’s face it, kids and adults alike are enjoying them on a daily basis. The popularity and quality of this company was displayed when LEGO was welcomed as one of the original toys to grace the walls of the National Toy Hall of Fame.

Adding to the media, the company has been responsible for creating multiple games based on the toys. Some which have reached the top of the charts on multiple bases. Not just that, but The Lego Movie has been incredibly popular across the world and received many five star reviews. This has helped LEGO revitalize their already ever-growing business.

So yeah, LEGO is a household name and not many childhoods would be complete without them. Today there are even LEGO houses, dresses, and specializing artists. Did you know that the first legos will still work with today’s sets? That’s some architecture!

What about the benefits, eh? Well, Legos have been known to improve your child’s eye-hand coordination, cognitive skills, socialization, and help form them into who they were meant to be by allowing their creativity to be released, thus giving them the mind to create who they want to be before they even reach first grade.

All this aside, today, with the smell of cedar in the air and a cup of hot chocolate in our hands, it’s time to go Christmas shopping. If you have many people to buy for, there is a good chance a LEGO set will satisfy someone. I know there are seemingly endless sets available, but that’s where I come in. Let’s take a look at some of our best options from 2016.

LEGO Sets Under $25

Many times we simply don’t have the money to buy the nicest toys out there. But with LEGO, that isn’t necessary, there are plenty of cheap sets that will make almost anyone happy. These include vehicles, small buildings, and occupational sets. Whether it’s due to the fact that you have so many people on your lists, you are on a tight budget this year, or you need to pick up a small gift for a friend’s friend’s kid’s cousin’s brother. Either way, there is usually a need for a cheap gift, but with LEGO, inexpensive doesn’t mean cheaply made. After all, it isn’t the money that makes the gift, but the heart and thought put into it. With that said, let’s start off with our top two choices for inexpensive LEGO gifts.

LEGO Minecraft The Cave 21113

Pieces: 249


In 2011, Minecraft was released for the PC, and since then it has reached fourteen platforms. To this day, it is one of the most popular video games available. Kids and adults of all ages enjoy Minecraft, so why wouldn’t they enjoy a Minecraft LEGO set?

There are quite a few Minecraft sets, so what makes this one special? Aside from its thriftiness, The Cave takes the player into the world of Minecraft where you can join Steve, zombies, and giant spiders! The spider even has pegs which allow Steve and the zombie to ride him or lets this arachnid carry anything he wants. Who said spiders can’t mine?

For a small set, it is packed with loads of fun as you are allowed to mine coal, iron, redstone, gold, and obsidian. Not only that, but you can dig your way all the way down to the lava near the Earth’s crust or stay on the surface with waterfalls! Can’t reach the lava with a pickaxe alone? Fear not, this TNT is packed with power! You can keep your findings in a chest along with your other belongings.

This set also comes with an “inspiration book” as opposed to an instruction manual, which encourages kids to personalize their creations rather than follow a step-by-step guide.

One of the things that make Minecraft such a hit with LEGOS is the synergy that the two have. What do you do in Minecraft? Build, create, protect, imagine. What do you do with legos? Exactly!

Pick yours up today: The Cave

LEGO Star Wars 75074 Snowspeeder

Pieces: 97

Star wars will forever be one of the best franchises to ever hit LEGO toys. They make new sets every year. In fact, Star Wars was the first intellectual property licensing for LEGOS, and the originally licensing for Star Wars was only supposed to last ten years. But the widespread Star Wars LEGOS sold so quickly that LEGO decided to give them another ten years.

LEGO Star Wars is so popular that they in themselves, released five video games and as well as several films and series.

One unique set that hit the shelves this year is the Snowspeeder. This small set contains a fighter pilot, who has a beautifully designed suit, to control this aircraft which will zoom over Hoth to take down AT-ATs! (also a great set available online) With his detailed missiles, this pilot can blast anything that gets in his way! With rotating wings, this speeder has a flying mode and a landing mode, so you’ll be ready for anything. To add an interesting touch, this pilot’s very happy face can turn around…literally…take off his helmet and you can rotate his head to sport a serious, determined face for those bad days or when he is in the heat of action!

With less than 100 pieces and a simple design, this snowspeeder will take less than 20 minutes to build for children and less for adults. You’ll be amazed that this set is so inexpensive! The thriftiness will give you extra cash for other Star Wars Legos that will go perfectly with it!

Pick yours up today: Snowspeeder

Lego Sets $25-$50

This price range is one of the most common for gift-giving. It’s enough to say you care, yet also not enough to break the bank. In most cases, this is the perfect price to spend on that LEGO fan on your mind. Not to mention it’s a wonderful add-on price to finish up that special kid’s (or adult’s) list with a grand surprise they won’t expect but will surely appreciate. This range includes small city sets, aircraft, chess sets, and some popular Ninjago toys. Some of the greatest Disney and construction sets also come from this category. So don’t feel bad about spending this price on anyone who happens to be on your list. LEGO maintains quality and uniqueness for all budgets!

LEGO STAR WARS Rebel U-Wing Fighter 75155

Pieces: 659

Another great Star Wars addition is this U-Wing Fighter. This rather elegant model is complete with four engines, a cockpit with a realistic window, side guns, and wings that sling back. Another thing that makes this set so great is the interactive parts. These include the wings, working guns, cockpit, and more! The wings are one of the most eye-catching features for this aircraft. The mobility in itself is beautiful, but the size for such fragile-looking pieces is astounding. The internal space in the Fighter is enough for two mini-figures to join together and man the side guns, and the cockpit is both meticulous and easily-accessible. If you’ll look underneath, you can also see a window that leads to the cockpit in delightful clarity. This allows your pilot a good view of the landing zone!

If you’re not convinced, then check out the detailed mini-figures included. This inexpensive set is a good way to impress your friends with its enormity as the U-wing Pilot will fly your craft while Bistan (who has exquisite facial features), Jyn Erso (complete with headset and cloth shawl), Cassian Andor (whose facial hair and outfit are painstakingly intricate) and a Rebel Trooper (to add to your trooper collection) help you live out your favorite scenes from Star War’s newest movie! These figures are currently exclusive and have amazing quality along with facial options, weapons, and an incredibly unique wardrobe.

One thing that adds to the sentimentality of this new set is that it takes us back to 1999 when the first Star Wars LEGO set was released, the X-Wing. In comparison to that nostalgic-filled beauty of 263 pieces, this updated version has over twice as many pieces and is amazingly detailed.

Pick yours up today: U-Wing Fighter

LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box 10698

Pieces: 790

LEGO never ceases to add classic sets each year. This universal set is probably one of the most prevalent choices in stores. It is one of the only sets that truly reach out to every genre, interest, age, gender, and mind capacity. No one would be disappointed with this set that brings the whole family together and lets your creative juices flow as you each work side-by-side and with your own mind to bring out the architect in yourself!

You remember being a kid and playing with the simple, plain LEGOS that opened a whole new world inside your mind? Hence the name, the Creative Brick Box sets allow you to relive those moments and share them with your children. Although they come with instructions for simple structures, these toys encourage users to branch out and treat these blocks as they were originally meant to be treated, not as a model-building kit. These sets truly bring back the basics of LEGOS and help children to focus on building not only LEGO creations, but motor skills, problem solving-skills, and social interactions. As we age, these will naturally develop, but with a little push from a simple design, it can blossom! Also, as we age, we will lose much of these traits, as well as much of our child-like creativity and imagination. In many ways, playing with LEGOS, even under the disguise of helping your children, can help you, as an adult, exponentially.

The Creative Brick Boxes are like a fun grab bag of assorted pieces in an enormous amount of colors. The building ideas include castles, houses, cameras, construction trucks and other vehicles, animals, and an adorable teddy bear!

Pick yours up today: Brick Box

LEGO Sets $50-$150

We finally reach the price range for those serious buyers who only want the best for their receiver. These sets are definitely more advanced than the cheaper sets, but also more elaborate. These gifts are not for someone who doesn’t appreciate a good LEGO set. These are for enthusiasts, kids, teachers, collectors, and any other human that enjoys a good LEGO session! Some of our most famous legos come from this category. There are police and fire stations, large vehicles, and the larger classic brick boxes.

LEGO Minecraft 21127 The Fortress Building Kit

Pieces: 984

In this large set, we once again see Minecraft’s prevalence and influence. Everyone love’s “castle” building sets, and here is a top quality option. The Fortress has to be one of Minecraft’s nicest LEGO sets to-date. This fantastic set includes not only Steve (with exclusive gold pants), but horses (which have a new build, mane, and movable head), sheep, skeletons (with their own armor and weapons), and red creeper banners. You can build your mansion to protect your animals with doors, trees, walls, towers, windows, pins, and even more! Everyone knows that you can’t fend off skeletons without torches! But what if something sneaks up on you? Defend yourself with swords (wooden, gold, stone, iron, and…wait for it…diamond), bows, and golden armor. If you get in the mood to create more, simply head over to your crafting table which is also included.

With the Fortress, we once again step into the world of the ever-popular game of Minecraft. In this set, you are allowed to ward your kingdom, that you’ve built with your own two hands (or hopefully more), off from skeletons! Or if paired with other Minecraft sets: creepers, spiders, blaze, and more!

Another thing that makes this set so unique and incredible is a pop function, such as a button that slams open the wooden gate and grey tower doors. There are also missiles that you can use to physically shoot down skeletons that approach your domain!

As Minecraft opens up the realm of creativity for the user, let The Fortress do the same! This set is probably the most personable than any other Minecraft set available. You will feel as though you are creating your own fortress in the game. What you don’t see in store is that you can not only build a classic fortress with this, but may other options, including a tall watch tower!

Pick yours up today: The Fortress

LEGO Super Heroes Attack on Avengers Tower 76038

Pieces: 515

This set lets Marvel shine as it takes on one of the most popular movies of the decade. Fight with Thor and Iron Man to protect the city and your tower from Ultron. This detailed set lets you care for the injured in the sick bay, or talk to JARVIS in the control room. You can even open up the balcony platform to reveal missiles used to protect the Avengers Tower.

There are over twenty accessories for your heroes to use, including Loki’s infamous scepter and Thor’s hammer, where Tony can take this once in a lifetime chance and lift it. This gives so many possibilities as you travel around this four-story tower fighting bad guys and taking care of superhero business.

Every kid and most adults are fans of Marvel and especially The Avengers. When you can’t visit the real Avengers tower, you really need something to take its place. That’s where this tower can shine. Its near-replica style allows you to travel to Manhattan where you must protect the headquarters from Ultron.

Tony Stark may have constructed the real thing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show off your architectural skills with this engaging set. The tower has many rooms that Thor, Iron Man, and your other figures can interact with. Perhaps Ultron will infiltrate your base and steal Loki’s scepter, or take control over the Iron Legion!

Pick up yours today: Avenger’s Tower

LEGO Sets $150-$250

Things are starting to get real. This range is for those who take toys seriously. Those who grew up (or are growing up) dreaming of building immaculate pieces! With 1000+ pieces it is imperative that you are willing to take the time and dedication it requires to finish these works of incredibly-joyous arts! Now these are for when you want to get something very special for your loved one. Please, check into these slightly expensive sets. These will usually include multiple mini-figures, many accessories, and at least a thousand pieces. You will be astounded by the detail and realistic features that these sets will have that you will have them opened before wrapping them up. Forget the kids, these toys rock!

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105 

Pieces: 1329

This complex set is great for kids and their parents. Any Star Wars enthusiast will fall in love with this Millennium Falcon. In fact, anyone who isn’t a fan of the movie series will seek a marathon after taking on this project. This isn’t the first Falcon from LEGO, but it is definitely the most meticulous. LEGO has updated this model to be an impeccable replica of the Falcon from The Force Awakens. But of course, we can’t fly this version of the Millennium Falcon without Rey, Finn, Han Solo, and Chewbacca complete with more than five weapons. But that isn’t all; this set comes with Tasu Leech, a Kanjiklub Gang Member, and a BB-8 Astromech Droid. These figures are some of the highest quality, relatable, and genuine of all Star Wars minis!

The detachable double cockpit and movable turrets make this spacecraft unlike any other! It even adds a realistic flair with a ramp that allows passenger easy access! Though the outside is spot-on, the inside is just as great with secret compartments, cargo, and extra ammo! You will love shooting projectiles with great force!

There are so many movable parts here, the Millennium Falcon can close up to portray the classic compact aircraft or open up each individual panel to reveal the internal vehicle’s control room, tables, turrets, an a realistic cockpit, .

One thing to note here is that this is the biggest Star Wars set to date and it can take children 6+ hours to complete. It is recommended that an adult assists.

No Star Wars set is complete without any and every Millennium Falcon in existence. One of the most iconic symbols for Star Wars is not to be left out when it comes to amazing LEGO toys!

Pick yours up today: Millennium Falcon

LEGO 10214 Tower Bridge

Pieces: 4295

LEGO really knows what they are doing with these Creator sets. While seeking help with these complicated toys, kids will wonder just what these places are and where to find them. The re-boxing of the Tower Bridge is one of the largest sets of the year with over 4000 pieces. As you piece together this landmark “brick by brick” you will feel as though you have been transported back to 1894 when the bridge was built in London. To amp up the English background, this historical set is complete with a London taxi, double-decker bus, and various cars. After starting your architectural trek, you soon find out that the bridge truly opens and closes to allow boats easy passage underneath!

Tower Bridge is one of the most precise and intricate of all LEGO sets. It is also one of the largest at 40” long and 17” high. It is very impressive that LEGO achieved building a bridge. The architecture of a bridge just doesn’t make sense for a Lego creation. But they did it by making the Tower Bridge, which sports two large towers connected by a drawbridge for cars and walkway at the top.

To make this massive piece even more impressive, after construction, it is able to come apart in sections, allowing easy mobility. This bridge has over 80 windows, multiple arches, and hundreds of bricks, both angular and straight. This perfect set is a must-have for collectors and kids under parental supervision alike!

Pick yours up today: Tower Bridge

LEGO Sets $250+

If the last price range scared you, then look no further, these sets are for those who live, sleep, eat, and breathe LEGO, or simply have the extra $250 to impress a loved one. Like 5000 piece puzzles that take weeks to finish and require you to glue together and frame due to your pride after finishing, these sets are so awesome that they could hardly be called toys. Nearly all of these will contain at least 3000 pieces. With sets like the Hogwarts castle, the Bat Tank, and the Sandcrawler, these “toys” are sure to drop the jaw of even the Scroogiest of skeptics.

Lego Death Star 75159

Pieces: 4016

Due to its outstanding price, many have given this set a bad reputation. This is unfortunate, for those who have the money to splurge on a LEGO set, this is an amazing choice. It is simply the price you pay for such complexity. This set is complete with everything a Death Star should be; control room, conference chamber, hangar bay, throne room, maintenance room, and much, much more.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of mini-figures that reside in the Death Star! Could twenty-three Jedi’s, troopers, and all of your favorite Star War’s characters along with twenty weapons really fit inside this massive weapon? I guess we’ll have to find out.

This phenomenal version of the Death Star is not one for unsupervised children. But it is one that many children will enjoy with parents and siblings. For the parents who have always wanted a chance to share their love of Star Wars with their kids, now is your chance. You will love to guide your young ones on a journey though the Death Star as you explain to them what each room is used for, how to find all of its secrets, and introduce them to each and every character included in the set. But please, heed this warning: your child will ask to watch the movies, so bring make sure you keep those on hand and get ready for a fantastic night bonding with your family!

Pick yours up today: Death Star

LEGO Creator Expert 10253 Big Ben

Pieces: 4163

This very complex Creator set is the perfect option for older LEGO enthusiasts or those looking for a challenge. Besides, who doesn’t want to say, “I built Big Ben”, eh?

If you think Big Ben is immaculate in real life, wait till you see this LEGO set up close and personal. Even looking at the picture you can get confused. After building this historical landmark, complete with the famous bell, clock, water, trees, multiple statues, as well as other structures, all you can do is sit back and stare in awe. The tallest tower has seven stories and just like the real thing it is complete by containing sections of Westminster Palace and Elizabeth Tower. You won’t believe that this set is nearly two feet tall when put together! The small details such as trees, flowers, sidewalks, and perfectly placed water patches make this design a replica of the original allowing you to picture the exact location of Big Ben himself!

It’s amazing how the Creator sets allow us to have fun, challenge our brains, and take a look at a bit of Earth’s history. Out of all of the LEGO sets this year, Big Ben is arguably the number one must-have. This is due to the immense detail, challenging feat it requires, and historical element it adds to your collection. Kids will definitely want more info on this unmistakable landmark, and let’s face it. Anything that gets kids to ask questions that will further their education in our history is a wonderful thing.

Pick yours up today: Big Ben

An End Note

There are thousands more where these came from, especially if you have a targeted demographic. Say you are buying for a toddler, well then Duplo is a great place to start. Have a girly-girl on your list, well any little girl would be happy with LEGO Friends or Disney Princess sets. What about someone who wants one of the biggest challenges of 2016? Well, the Taj Mahal is the biggest LEGO set ever released by the company to date.

LEGO lets us dive into our favorite games or movies, to live in a world of dragons or superheroes. They encourage us to use our imagination to create our own world and bond with others. Whether we want to dive under the sea with kraken and mermaids, live in a castle with royalty, or travel to the old west and duel with the greatest legends of the 1800s. LEGO lets you travel anywhere you want. The Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower, or African safaris are at the tip of our fingers. Not only do we get to travel across the globe, but across the timeline, to the days of cavemen or pioneers.

But one of the most influential goals of LEGO is to guide kids to their dreams. LEGO is full of occupational sets, from firefighters, policemen, and soldiers, to doctors, EMTs, and pilots.

Whatever the occupation, city, date, or make believe world, there is a set that will lead you to your dreams!

Bottom line is, legos are for everyone, and you can bet that you can find the perfect set for anyone on your list! So let’s all just let go of “propriety” and simply ignore all of what society has to say. There’s no reason we can’t all join together and celebrate on of the greatest toy companies of the century! When else can you say Rome was in fact built in a day?

Still not feeling confident? Well, if you can dress like a celebrity, then you can play like one too. The extraordinary David Beckman releases stress after a game by tinkering with his large collection of Legos, including some from this list! The distinguished Brad Pitt is also known to entertain his kids (but most himself) with Legos on a regular basis! Even Black-Eyed Peas Fergie and Will.I.Am have both have been caught proudly wearing Lego-fashion clothing and accessories!

These are just the ones who are open about their enthusiasm! Now there’s something to give you a gentle nudge in the right direction!

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