The Top 14 Best Caterpillar Ride On Toys for Kids In 2017

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Ride on toys have been a staple of childhood throughout generations of youngsters. Despite technology being used to create more dynamic toys and toys that are capable of interaction, the ride on toy is the best at keeping children busy, active, and learning. The simplicity of a ride on toy adds to the charm. All children are able to use a ride on toy and the toy may be used indoors or outdoors depending upon season. Children beginning at age one are able to ride on the toy themselves, build balance, coordination, and motor skills all while enjoying the independence of the ride along. Modern toys that light up, speak to you, and ‘play’ do not serve as much benefit to the growing mind like a ride on toy.

With the advent of toys becoming more technological, many families are inching away from the standard toys of modern generation and escaping back to the simple toys of their childhood. A toy that does not speaking, bright light, apps or require reading, and a toy that invokes imagination. The ride on toy sparks joy and fun in most all children and can be enjoyed for years. The ride on toy is not a throw away toy used for a short time. The ride on toy is wonderful in its continued relevance to children and usefulness to the family.

Riding toys come in all shapes, sizes, and themes. Lucky for parents, the riding toy also comes in a wide array of budgets to suit your preference. Listed below are a variety of toys within the caterpillar brand theme, broken down by the best toy within each budget category. Caterpillar ride ons are gender neutral and loved by everyone. Caterpillars are in many stories and movies and are relatable to children in a basic way. Having a ride on toy that is comparable to a real caterpillar truck, excavator, or back hoe is an easy and fun way in which children can exercise and play while emulating their construction heroes.

Reading through the list of the best caterpillar ride on toys for kids in 2017, you are sure to find a caterpillar ride on toy that suits your child’s needs and your budget.

Under $50

Mega Bloks Ride On Caterpillar with Excavator

This truck is affordable, durable, and sturdy enough for even the roughest play! The Mega Blox brand not only allows for the truck to be a ride on, but also be of use with the Mega Blox brand and blocks. The truck may be used inside or outside, with blocks or without! The truck makes real truck sounds and the excavator arm moves all the way around for added flexibility of the toy.

Under $100

Kid Trax CAT 6V Quad Ride On

This Caterpillar quad is one of the best quad driving toys there are available for your favorite child! This quad runs on a 6 volt battery and moves at 2 ½ miles per hour. While your child may be going fast, you will not have to use your own quad to keep up. The Caterpillar quad ride on is good for 18 months and up but can be used for up to age 4. The weight of the quad is 13.7 pounds, just heavy enough to be sturdy, but light enough for to carry home if needed.

rolly toys CAT Construction Ride-On: Front-Tipping/Dumping Tractor, Youth Ages 1.5+

The rolly brand tipper is a great ride on toy for anyone looking to ride, collect, and dump. This toy can be used by those one and half years to five years old and is able to carry 75 pounds of weight should your child wish to carry along their finds in the front loader area. The tread on the tires of this Caterpillar ride on are well made and with traction to better provide a smooth ride for your little driver! There is a horn on the ride on, as well as sit or scoot option.

Megabloks CAT 3in1 Ride On Truck


Recommended for ages 1 years and up, the 3 in 1 ride on truck is always a good option for the beginner to the ride on realm of riding larger toys. This Caterpillar ride on offers the ability to walk, ride, or push as well as store Mega Blox and use in conjuction with other Caterpillar Mega Blox themed toys. The truck makes actual truck sounds-sure to please your little driver! The tools box is removable, adding to the flexibilty of this toy in many ways!

Under $150

Mega Bloks Cat 3 – In – 1 Ride – On Dump Truck

This Mega Cat 3 in 1 truck is able to be used as a push behind, a scooter, or a ride on! The ride on is good for developing motor skills, balance, and imagination building. The strong truck may be used in many different avenues of play, both inside and out, or in wet or dry conditions. This toy is versatile and long lasting, making the price point budget friendly allows this ride on to be deemed one of the best for value and quality.

Kid Trax Caterpillar 12V Power Quad Ride On, Yellow


Power quads are amazing ride on toys for the children in your life! This power quad ride on toy is one designed to resemble actual Caterpillar brand machinery the big boys use. You littlest family members can feel like grown ups racing their power quads, going from between 2 ½ to 5 miles per hour. The tires have traction, the foot pedals control the speed, and there is a 12 volt battery and charger to keep the quad running.

Under $200

Kidtrax CAT Bulldozer/Tractor 6V Battery Powered Ride-On, Yellow


This Caterpillar ride on is actually a bulldozer powered by a 6 volt battery! Who needs a simple ride on toy when a ride on toy with a bulldozer can be found? Your children will have hours of entertainment and imaginative play scooping, digging, carrying and dumping with their very own bulldozer! This version of the Caterpiller 6 volt bulldozer comes with a recommendation of usage for ages 3 and up. The speed is 2 ½ mph, with foot petal usage and traction on the tires.


Caterpillar 4-Wheel Digger Classic Hand Powered Ride On

The 4 wheel digger Caterpillar ride on is fun, study, and light weight to allow your child the maximum abilty of safety and security during play. The ride on digger has a large shovel that is hand powered and there is no need for a battery or electricty to power! The digger rotates all the way around and spinning is easy-just like with the pros! The digger has dimesions of 28″L x 18″W x 31″H and can withstand weight of 50 pounds.

Caterpillar ride on back hoe

For children ages 3-6 years, this Caterpillar ride on is high in price at $249, but high in quality and capability as well. What child would not love their very own back hoe? This back hoe can provide much more fun and activity than a simple shovel and pail in the sandbox.


This Caterpillar back hoe ride on has a fully functional digger, able to move, carry, and dump most anything! The toy is a ride on that requires the rider to pedal, which is an added bonus in that there is not any battery or motor to care for or depend upon. The front hood of the ride on opens and is able to be used for most any aspect of your child’s imagination.

Rolly Toys CAT Kid Dumper

The Caterpillar ride on toy designed to look like a dumpster is made for ages 2.5 and up, with the average age of use at 3 years old. The dumpster works by using a pedaling motion rather than utilizing a battery and electricity. The pedaling motion must be done to move the ride on forward, therefore only those children who are tall enough (and coordinated enough) are able to actually ride the dumpster.

Kettler Cat Kid Tractor

The front loader style of Caterpillar ride on toys is one of the very best that Caterpillar offers. The front loader acts truly as a front loader, able to scoop and carry large mounds of dirt, snow, debris, toys, or whatever your child wishes to haul. The front loader is powered not by a battery, but by your child pedaling. Your little driver will not only be having fun and practicing imaginative play, but also exercising and strengthening their motor skills. Recommended age is 3 to 6 years old.


Kid Trax CAT Bulldozer 12-Volt Battery Powered Ride-On

The Caterpillar bulldozer just may be a dream come true for a construction obsessed child! The bulldozer pictured her comes with a hard hat and plastic rocks to further encourage dramatic play in your child as well as offer the satisfaction of moving and building. The Caterpillar ride on moves at a speed of 2.5 mph on a 12 volt battery. The bulldozer even make sounds similar to a real construction site!

Sturdy and Heavy Duty Kettler CAT Metal Digger 360 Degrees 75 lbs Weight Capacity Swivel Ride-On with Dual Action Lever for Full Control of Digging, Dumping Gravel, Sand, Snow and for Building

The Caterpillar ride on designed to resemble a digger is one of the top of the line toys offered in this genre. The digger can be used for dirt, snow, sand, rocks, or anything your child wishes to move and dump. The digger spins all the way around to offer a life like resemblence. The ride on toy is made with a steel frame and track wheels to allow for the ultimate in safety and the life like experience.

Rolly Toys CAT Kid Tractor with Backhoe

The backhoe digger is the ultimate in a Caterpillar ride on toys experience! The backhoe digger is a backhoe-and a digger! The backhoe and front loader are all fully functional and designed akin to the actual machinery used in the work sites. The front hood lifts and closes and can be ‘worked on’ when needed by the driver. There are large tires with tread on the backhoe digger, further securing the safety of the driver and the stability of the ride on.

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