Top 20 Coolest Firetruck Toys for Sale

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Under $250

20. Rollplay GMC Yukon Denali Fire Rescue SUV

At the highest end of firetruck toys comes the GMC Yukon Denali Fire Rescue SUV by Rollplay. With dimensions of the Rescue SUV counting in at 47 x 22.5 x 23.5 inches and weight capacity of 77 pounds, ages 3 to 8 are best suited for operation of the product. With 2.5 MPH achievable both forwards and backwards, the Yukon Denali Fire Rescue SUV creates a great middle ground between fun speed and safe speed. With functional dashboard lighting and functional horn, user can get a feel of realism when they are behind the wheel. The Fire Rescue SUV boasts two opening doors and MP3 connector with speakers. If you need to take some extra resources to the mission, just pop open to working trunk and stow all of it in there. With a full charge, kids can run the Fire Rescue SUV for up to 2 hours, giving plenty of time for the most adventurous kids to accomplish the task at hand. With all the bells and whistles strapped on to a very realistic GMC modeled Yukon, kids can put out fires while riding in style. The Denali Fire Rescue stands with a commendable 4 star average on Amazon.

Under $100

19. Schylling Metal Speedster Fire Truck

The Schylling Metal Speedster Fire Truck is a steel frame, red finished ride on top for kids 1 to 3 years old. The steel body is complemented nicely by white wheels, black seat, chrome bell and grille, and wooden ladders attachable to the back. With a functional horn, users can make sure the road is cleared for the fire engine coming down the road. With a classic fire engine look, users gain both a nostalgic but realistic experience through the Schylling Fire Truck. The Schylling Metal Speedster Fire Truck is a very durable product and that makes it very competitive in knowing it can be passed on to multiple kids when the previous rider outgrows it. With 100 Amazon reviews amassed, the Schylling boasts an astounding 4.4 average star review.

18. Radio Flyer Battery Operated Fire Truck

For those looking for a lower priced automatic fire engine, the Radio Flyer might be the way to go. The Radio Flyer Fire Engine achieves speeds of up to 2 MPH for safe and fun entertainment, and even has enough room for two riders! With working lights and sounds, kids can feel like they are behind the wheel of a real fire engine. Underseat storage makes it easy to bring along resources needed for the journey. With an easy charge function, the Radio Flyer doesn’t stay sidelined for long. Recommended ages are a year and up. The Radio Flyer Battery Operated Fire Truck has an excellent 4.4 star average star review on Amazon.

17.Bruder Toys MAN Fire Engine

The Bruder Man Fire Engine is produced of some of the highest quality components. It is made from ABS plastic with no glue or screws, ensuring that it is safe for child usage. The Bruder MAN Fire Engine is a smooth looking fire engine with realistic features for kids that enjoy the realism aspect when it comes to their toys. With attachable stabilizing legs and a crankable crane, users can move heavier objects that most fire truck toys. The cranking feature also allows for users to get their bucket where they need to in combination with a 360 degree rotation ability fight fires most effectively. On top of this, the Bruder MAN Fire Engine has a hook locking mechanism, increasing its stability and lift power. Throw in the light and sound aspect produced from the Bruder and the fire engine is one of the most realistic on the market. The Bruder MAN Fire Engine is a durable toy that is guaranteed to last and bring countless hours of fun. With over 300 Amazon reviews, the Bruder MAN Fire Engine has a incredibly impressive 4.6 average star review.

Under $50

16. Little Tikes Spray and Rescue Fire Truck

From the big name Little Tikes comes a fire truck toy that kids can actually get behind the wheel of. With dimensions of 31 x 17 x 16 inches, young children have ample room to take the Spray and Rescue Fire Truck for a spin. The recommended ages for this product are 1.5 years to 5 years, but the durable Little Tikes Spray and Rescue Fire truck will be of good use to you as long as there is a suitable sized driver. With foot to floor design, the Spray and Rescue Fire Truck keeps kids inside the vehicle through tough conditions and allows kids to power the car as much as they want. With an inviting cartoon appearance and smooth red finish, the fire truck integrates classic fire engine with young child appeal. With an easily removable and attachable water tank, kids can fill up with the most important fire truck resource with ease. The water pump allows for users to have pressurized water to shoot from their fire truck, giving you the ability to douse the flames with power. With over 400 Amazon reviews, the Little Tikes Spray and Rescue Fire Truck stands very proudly with a 4.2 average star rating.

15. Playhut Fire Engine Vehicle

The Playhut Fire Engine Vehicle is a different type of fire engine toy in that instead of being a small toy car you can hold in your hand, it is a playhut that can hold you! With durable and soft material composing the exterior of the fire engine, users can be confident in knowing the Playhut Fire Engine is both long lasting and safe. With a slip in the side, kids can easily enter into the engine and be on their way to their mission. With an opening for the windshield, kids can get behind the wheel just as real fire engine operators do. A tunnel port system is implemented for easy navigation with the Playhut, so you don’t have to worry about knocking it over every time someone goes in or out. Being behind the wheel of the Playhut Fire Engine gives kids the most creative and imaginative ability. With Twist and Fold technology, the Playhut Fire Engine is portable and can be brought with you wherever you need. The Playhut Engine is best used for ages 3 to 5, as its portability makes it smaller in design. With over 100 Amazon reviews, the Playhut Fire Engine Vehicle has a respectable 3.4 average star rating.

14. Daron FDNY Ladder Truck

New York has one of the most famous police and fire divisions respectively, so it is no surprise to see Daron enter in a toy model based on the FDNY’s fire truck. With official licensing, the FDNY Ladder truck gets an authentic feel for exactly what an FDNY fire truck is. This makes the FDNY Ladder Truck a collectible for many types of people including fire truck enthusiasts, fans of New York City, or a kid who simply loves cool fire trucks! With installed lights and sounds, the user gets can put themselves in the shoes of those who hear and see the firetrucks everyday. With a 13 inch extendable ladder, users get an even more realistic experience from the Daron FDNY Ladder Truck. With 3 AAA batteries required and included, the Daron FDNY Ladder Truck is ready to go right from the start. The durable Daron FDNY Ladder Truck ensure a long lasting product that survives countless hours of fire rescue. With almost 200 Amazon reviews, the Daron FDNY holds a respectable 3.9 average star rating.

13. Vokodo Remote Control Fire Truck

The Remote Control Fire Truck by Vokodo is a great option for those looking for a fire truck they can control even further than a traditional fire truck toy. With motorized forward and backward power, this RC fire truck can navigate some of the toughest conditions to get to the destination. With working front headlights, the Vokodo fire truck can travel at ease in dark conditions. Powered by AA batteries, the Vokodo RC truck doesn’t require any charge time, giving you as much play time as you have batteries. With a steering wheel remote control design, users can feel that they are behind the wheel of a real fire engine. While the Vokodo RC Truck is blazing down the road, make sure to blast some tunes from the fire engine to keep the fire crew entertained. The Vokodo RC fire truck is a bargain price for remote control technology. With a 4.2 average star rating on Amazon, the Vokodo RC Fire Truck stands with a nice reputation amongst buyers.

Under $25

12. Fisher-Price Disney’s Mickey’s Fire Truck

From the notable toy brand Fisher-Price, the Mickey Fire Truck gives users the ability to use a fan favorite Mickey Mouse to fight fires.With the Mickey button, users get awesome firetruck sounds. The truck features a cherry picker basket, in which Mickey can be placed in and out of for whatever users need Mickey to do. The included Mickey comes with an Mickey exclusive fireman suit to protect him from the danger. When the truck is in motion, fire sirens are released so that Mickey can get to where he needs to in a hurry. The MIckey Truck is designed for kids ages 2 to 5, but the product adds popularity for Disney fans, especially Mickey ones. With a distinguishable Mickey themed fire truck, citizens know they are in good hands when the ever dependable Mickey Mouse comes down the lane to douse the flame. The Mickey Mouse Fire Truck is one of the most commonly purchased fire truck toys on Amazon. With over 250 Amazon reviews, the Mickey Fire Truck has an excellent average star rating of 4.3.

11. Lego DUPLO Town 10592 Fire Truck Building Kit

Lego is undoubtedly one of the most famous toy lines, and their Fire Truck Building Kit provides an awesome creativity aspect on top of being able to have a shiny new fire truck toy! With the token Lego bricks, users have an easy but enjoyable time creating whatever type Lego Fire Truck they can imagine. With a retractable hose and rotating crane and ladder, users can access any flame they need to douse quickly and do just that. With an included Lego fireman, kids can create their own fire rescue hero and take him on countless missions. Completely combinable with Lego Fire Boat and Fire Station, buyers can complete the ultimate Lego fire-fighting sequence. Recommend ages are 2 to 5 years due to small pieces posing a choking hazard. Lego has a great reputation of producing top quality products, and just under 100 reviews on Amazon for the Fire Truck Building Kit attribute to that reputation showing an average star rating of 4.7.

10. Fisher-Price Little People Lift ‘n Lower Fire Truck

From one of the most infamous infant and toddler toy companies comes a high quality and safe fire truck toy guaranteed to bring loads of fun. With a driver seat button that produces various phrases, the kids will always love to hear the fire chief telling the crew to load up the truck. The Lift n Lower truck plays easy to learn sing-along songs as well as phrases that teach colors, making it a great addition for anyone who is looking for educational toys. Moving the ladder combined with a press of the driver’s seat produces over 25 different phrases and sounds, meaning that kids will not become easily bored with this product. Not only does the Lift n Lower produce some awesome firetruck sounds, but it also adds to its flare through its fire truck lights! With two included firefighter figures and one dog mascot figure, kids can imagine themselves as the figures or make up their own heroes. Recommended age for this particular product 1 to 5 years, so there is a pretty decent span of usability for younger kids. Fisher-Price stands as one of the most popular toy brands for younger kids, so it is no surprise that we see a 4.8 average star rating on Amazon for the Lift n Lower Fire Truck.

9. Green Toys Fire Truck

The Green Toys Fire Truck has the competitive advantage of being made completely from 100% recycled plastic, in the USA, with no BPA or PVC. For those are intent on using materials that help the green agenda or for those that love to shop domestically produced product, the Green Toys Fire Truck is a great option. The Green Toys Fire Truck has no external paints or dyes, making the toy completely safe for kids of all ages. With the classic red engine finish and 360 degree rotating and extendable ladder, the Green Toys Fire Truck is a sharp looking toy while being safe. The Green Toys Fire Truck is ready for use either indoors and outdoors, and is completely dishwasher safe if you want to get your clean red look back after a hard day of firefighting. With accolades earned such as Dr. Toy Best Children’s Products and Best Socially Responsible Products, the Green Toys Fire truck adds a great reference to its product quality. The Green Toys Fire Truck has an almost flawless reputation, checking in with a 4.8 average star rating on Amazon from a total of almost 600 reviews.

8. WolVol Electric Fire Truck Toy with 3D Lights

This fire truck toy from WolVol provides an awesome time for kids who love cool looking lights. Featuring Bump and Go action, the Wolvol Fire Truck automatically changes direction when it bumps into anything and stays on its ride, making it an extensive source of entertainment. Strapped with LED flashing lights, the WolVol truck is a sight to behold on its way to its mission. When the WolVol fire truck produces realistic fire truck sounds, users get the authentic feel and sound of a real fire truck. The WolVol Fire Truck is a bigger and more durable fire truck toy, making it an option for even the youngest of children. With bright headlights, the WolVol fire truck can navigate its way through dark areas without getting lost. The WolVol 3D Light Fire Truck is one of the most popular fire trucks purchased on Amazon with over 1,000 reviews. Through that large number of feedback forms, the WolVol Fire Truck stands strong with a 3.5 average star rating.

7. Toystate Rush and Rescue Police and Fire – Hook and Ladder Fire Truck

The Toystate Rush and Rescue Hook and Ladder Fire Truck is a realistic looking fire truck toy that allows users to get the unique fireman feel. With a recommended age usage spanning from 3 to 15 years, the Hook and Ladder Fire Truck is an easy but great gift option. With the Hook and Ladder Fire Truck, users can get the feel that firemen have when they need to reach a high point. With motorized forward drive, buyers can experience the Hook and Ladder Fire Truck zoom across the ground to the rescue. The Hook and Ladder furthers its realism approach through implemented engine and rescue sounds. With an extending and swiveling ladder, the Hook and Ladder Truck gives you the ability to use the ladder just as you like for whatever you like. With flashing lights and siren, other cars will know to get out of the way on your way to your rescue. The Hook and Ladder Fire Truck is a smaller product with dimensions of 14 x 6 x 5 inches, making it a toy readily available on the go. The Hook and Ladder has a great reputation on Amazon, with over 600 reviews accounting for its 4.4 average star rating.

6. ToyZe Fire Truck with Water Pump

One thing that the ToyZe Fire Truck has that many other fire truck toys doesn’t have is an actual water-propelling feature. Every good firefighter needs water at their disposal, and the ToyZe Fire Truck provides it. With an automatic redirection feature, the ToyZe Fire Truck reroutes once it comes in contact with anything. With a classic red finish, and flashing red and blue lights, the ToyZe fire truck gives user that distinguished fire truck look. Featuring an extendable one foot ladder that rotates 360 degrees, users can reach any point they need from the top of their fire truck. Within the ladder is the water hose which shoots water up to 6 feet, which provides an even more realistic experience of those that fight fires. Recommended age for the Toyze Fire Truck is 5 and above. The ToyZe Fire Truck has a commendable average star rating on Amazon, checking in at a 4.1 out of 5.

5. WolVol Electric Fire Engine Truck Toy

The WolVol Electric Fire Engine Truck Toy is a small but appealing fire truck toy for even the youngest of children. As an educational resource, the this particular truck teaches names of fireman, policeman, and ambulanceman at the push of a button. Other button features produce the sound of various emergency vehicles such as police, ambulance, and helicopter. With language features including English and Spanish, the WolVol fire truck is a great resource for speakers of both languages. Although the WolVol fire truck aesthetically looks like just a friendly toy posing as a fire truck, its adjustable ladder gives the user a sense of realism for the fire truck feel. With the Bump and Go feature, users can turn the WolVol fire truck’s switch on and let it ride. When the fire truck bumps into something, it automatically changes direction and stays on its ride. With sounds and lights installed, an added aspect of realism is added to the WolVol fire truck. Sounds can be turned off, making this fire truck a suitable means of quieter entertainment. At a low price, the Wolvol does exactly what it aims to do in providing fun with a mix of education. The WolVol fire truck has a solid 4 star rating on Amazon from over 50 reviews.

4. DICKIE TOYS 12” Light and Sound SOS Fire Engine Vehicle

The Dickie Toys Fire Engine Vehicle is designed for ages 3-6, but is one of the most realistic looking and functioning fire truck toys on the market. Featuring blue lights and sound effects, the user gets the real effect of the fire rescue squad rushing to their mission. For times that sounds and lights aren’t appropriate, they can simply be switched off which is a major advantage over some other popular fire truck toys. With a working water pump, the water hose can be utilized to douse the flames. A bucket crane attached gives users to use their favorite action figure as the hands on firefighter from any angle accessible. With a realistic fire engine composed of working parts, kids can gain an appreciation for the often undervalued heroes that fight fires. Considering all the moving parts and add in the fact you can get it for a bargain price, and the DICKIE TOY Fire Engine Vehicle is a great value. With over 40 reviews on Amazon, this particular Fire Engine has a very commendable 4.5 average star rating.

3. VTech Crawl & Cuddle Fire Truck

The VTech Crawl & Cuddle Fire Truck is a great product for kids 3 and under. Its super soft design and motorized wobbling makes it a very appealing toy for younger kids. As it wobbles along the ground, it encourages young children to do the same, meaning it could be great for children just learning to crawl. With a windshield button, the Crawl and Cuddle Truck plays back various phrases, music, and educational content such as letters. Because the Crawl & Cuddle is a plush design, it can be used daily as a toy but nightly as a pillow. With a movable ladder, kids can enjoy using the Crawl & Cuddle Fire Truck in whatever way they want. The Crawl & Cuddle Truck is a popular product among buyers, with an average star rating of 4.6 on Amazon.

2. Paw Patrol Marshall’s Fire Fightin’ Truck

Paw Patrol is one of the most popular kids TV shows airing today, and so it is no surprise to see each dog’s signature vehicle become available to consumers. Among the dogs is Marshall, the firefighter dalmation, who sports a sleek red fire engine. With real working wheels, users can send Marshall in on his fire engine to the scene of need where he can extinguish the heat. At a very affordable price, kids can play as their TV hero, and can even gather the whole team together for even more adventure. This particular set includes one Marshall figurine, who is attachable to the fire engine. As one of the most popular fire truck toys on Amazon with over 500 reviews, Marshall and his Fire Fightin’ Truck boast an amazing 4.5 average star rating.

  1. FUNERICA Toy Fire Truck

The FUNERICA Toy Fire Truck compiles some of the best features when it comes to fire truck toys and sets them at a bargain price. The FUNERCIA truck has a good sense of realism through its flashing lights, interior lights, sound effects, and extending ladder. With a push and go feature, the FUNERICA truck zips across hard surfaces for incredible enjoyment. What the FUNERICA offers that many fire truck toys don’t is its included full 5 man crew! With this many included figures, a group of friends can team up to save the day or you can create your own firefighting dream team! Designate your 5 figures in whichever way you want, but you can guarantee the best results with a full squad. With included batteries, the FUNERICA is ready to go right out of the box. The FUNERICA Toy Fire Truck holds an exceptional 4.5 average star rating on Amazon.

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