Top 20 Coolest Toy Workbenches & Tool Sets For Kids

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Imaginative playtime for children is not only fun for them but beneficial to the development of their young minds since it encourages creative thinking and aspired dreaming. For any boys and girls aspiring to be construction workers, handy-helpers, or just general fixer-uppers around the house like Dad, the best toy you could possibly get them is their very own workbench and tool set.

The workbenches featured on this list vary in size and price with some having basic fundamentals and others getting elaborate with their structures. They all have one thing in common though, they allow children to fully step into the role of the tool-man (or woman) in your house, making it an absolute hit for youngsters.

Step2 Deluxe Workshop

Let’s kick off the list with one of the bestselling, highest rated and elaborate workbenches featured here. Step2, a popular toy brand for young children’s imaginative play things, has a few different options for workbenches and toolsets, but one available for purchase on Amazon (and probably the one that’ll give you the most features all in one) is the Deluxe Workshop.

This incredible set includes anything and everything your child will need in his wood-working, handy-man role. With 50 accessories in the original purchase, it will keep your child busy for days as they build with “wooden” pieces to actually create things like birdhouses. Although these 17 pieces actually look like wood to allow your child a realistic workshop experience, they are actually made of Durafoam to make them more durable and safe for play in little hands. There are four sets of building instructions to allow your child the opportunity to actually create something in their workshop with these safe to handle “wood” pieces all by themselves.

The 50 accessories include all the toys any handyman needs like an electric drill with two drill bits and eight screws/nuts, a saw, a hammer, pliers, an adjustable wrench and a basic screw driver. All of these tools can be easily stowed away and organized with several different clearly-labeled drawers. The labels are actually pictures so even those toddlers who can’t read will be able to quickly find the necessary tool to get the job done.

More than just ample storage space, the actual workbench has several realistic features to help your child in his or her handywork. There is a peg board for hanging accessories and jars, a spring-action vice and a simulated shop vac so your toddler can pretend to clean up after their wood working. Also, on this model is an actual overhead light, just like a real workshop bench, to help your little one clearly see their project.

We definitely started the list off with one of the finest toy workbenches out there. At more than 40 inches high and 34 inches wide, it is also one of the largest. With the size and incredible package of accessories and features included, this toy is also one of the priciest at over $125. But with so much included a recommended age range of up to 7 years old, this toy is one your child will absolutely love for a long time.

Theo Klein Bosch Mini Junior Workbench

From one of the most elaborate to one of the most simple, this small workbench is only one of several offered by the European toy company Theo Klein Bosch. The Mini Junior Workbench is one of their smallest and cheapest at less than $40.

The simple design is great for toddlers since it allows them a work area similar to a real handyman and includes several toys and accessories perfectly-sized for their tiny hands. The high-quality plastic assembly is durable and sleek looking at the same time. Best of all, it’s safe and easy for youngsters.

Accessories include a hammer and nails, screwdriver and screws/nuts, pliers, saw and a built-in vice on the workbench. This set even includes a plastic hard hat unlike most of the other workbench sets on this list.

One important thing to keep in mind with this set is the size of some of the toys, especially the nuts. This workbench is definitely one of the smaller ones on our list at only 21 inches high and 19 inches wide which would make it the perfect size for smaller toddlers. The manufacturer has a suggested age of 2 years old and up but Amazon’s is over 36 months due to the choking hazards included in this set. Either way, because it is a workbench clearly designed for the younger children, parents just need to be aware when allowing their toddlers to play on this set. Minus the smaller accessories, all the larger tools and the high-quality, safe design of the workbench itself are great for your young aspiring handy workers.

Theo Klein Bosch Adjustable Height Toy Workbench With Sound

As we said, Theo Klein has several varieties of the workbench to best fit your budget and the age of your child. If you’re looking for something a little more advanced and larger in size, consider their Adjustable Height Toy Workbench With Sound. The awesome thing about this workbench is that it can grow with your little one up to three feet in height, maximizing the use of your purchase of less than $100.

It is more costly than the previous workbench not just because of its size but the numerous accessories included. It even features construction sounds from the workbench and some tools. Tools include a saw, electric drill with bit, wrench, pliers, hammer, screwdriver, nails and screws with nuts. There is also a hand cranked vise on the workbench much like previous models on our list.

There is a cork board on the back and storage space underneath the work area to keep tools organized. It also comes with a couple faux-wood pieces so your child can practice putting them together with the nails or screws. And we couldn’t wrap up this particular toy without mentioning, just like Theo Klein Bosch’s previous model on here, the exceptional craftsmanship and high quality design of these toys. The durable, sleek build are great for rough and tough little boys.

Step2 Handy Helper’s Workbench

Here is another great workbench from Step2, but for much cheaper. The simple design and handful of accessories make this one go for just over $50 (a little bit more on Amazon), making this an affordable option for those looking to start their kids off with something more basic.

Although it is a little more basic, this workbench still includes some of the essential features in your typical workbench like a peg board above the work area for neatly hanging your tools and some storage space underneath. There is also a vice attached to one side and a ruler across the front to help children measure out their work before cutting with the saw included in the tool set.

Other tools in the set are an electric drill, hammer, wrench, screwdriver and bolts with accompanying nuts. Just like previous toy sets on this list, there are a couple “wooden” pieces made of foam that children can practice their building skills on. The worktable even includes built in holes to help your little engineer practice lining up the wood pieces for easy assembly. These easy and fun actions help build your toddler’s hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

There is some assembly required but when put together, this sturdy workbench stands at about two feet high and is small enough to easily fit in whatever bedroom or playroom.

KidKraft Deluxe Wooden Workbench

This is the only workbench on this list from KidKraft, a toy company specializing in unique, elaborate wooden toy sets. Their motto is “inspiring young imaginations through innovation and exploration” and they do just that with this realistic workbench and tool set.

At first glance, this workbench appears simpler than the previous toys on our list, but that is only because it lacks the plastic pizazz and non-essential light and sound features seen in many toys now. KidKraft believes in true imaginative play and interactive building fundamentals so this toy offers more in the construction aspect of playtime than glitz and glam.

The workbench doesn’t just include a fully-functional vice like other toys on this list but a built-in pretend power saw with an actual rotating blade is also included in the work area. Holes in the work area and peg board allow your child to practice their building skills by constructing things on the bench and practice their organizational skills by neatly hanging their tools up on the board. There are also bins underneath the bench area to neatly stow the dozens of accessories included with this play set.

Made all of composite wood, the tool set includes a wrench, straight edge, hammer, screwdriver, and various bolts and nuts. There are also different size wooden pieces for your child to use in their very own construction projects.

There is some assembly required. When constructed, this workbench is about 32 inches tall and more than 21 inches wide, room enough for more than one child to play at the same time. At a little more than 50 or 60 dollars, this toy is a great option for someone looking for a larger, more realistic workbench that will truly encourage building fundamentals.

AZ PS181 Toy Tool Set Workbench Kids Workshop Tool Bench

At under 40 bucks this workbench and tool set is certainly one of the most affordable ones on our list. AZ Importer’s Toy Tool Set Workbench is unique from those on this list in the fact that it actually folds up into a suitcase for easy mobility. Your little construction worker can get their job done on the go! It only weighs about five pounds, making it easy to transport.

When set up, this workbench stands at over three feet high. It’s only about a foot and half wide, allowing it to easily fit in small rooms. The work area has holes for easy construction. Little hands can build with the multi-tool set which includes an electric drill, screwdriver, saw, wrench, pliers, hammer, straight edge and bolts with nuts.

The reason this toy is one of the cheapest on our list, other than being one of the most compact, is the fact that it is all plastic and lacking some of the more elaborate features of the other models like lights and sounds, included vice, and excess storage space. It also only includes two small faux-wood pieces to practice construction with. However, with what it lacks, I think the very fair price and the portability of this toy make it a definite hit among kids and parents alike.

Howa Wood Toy Workbench Playset

This German designed toy is finely and durably built like other European toys on this list. Like KidKraft’s workbench, this toy is built from high-quality wood to make it strong and durable to last your child a long time. This workbench is even more realistic than KidKraft’s with a design that allows your child to focus solely on playing the role of handyman and wood-worker.

Because of the strong structure, realistic design, and unique build of this toy, it is one of the more expensive workbenches on our list at more than $100. It is also pricey because of its very large accessory kit that comes included. There are five tools including a saw, hammer, screwdriver, wrench and straight edge. But there are more than 70 small pieces to use in construction of projects including small wooden pieces, nails, screws, nuts and bolts. With so many pieces, your child will be able to build for hours and assemble elaborate projects as they build their creativity and handiness.

The workbench stands at approximately two feet and includes a twistable vice, a peg board above the work area to hang tools, a slot on the size to place smaller tools, and a large storage area underneath the work surface to store the 80-piece accessory kit. This workbench will surely encourage your child’s interest in handyman work and build imagination while teaching them organization and hand-eye coordination.

Jupiter Workshops Tool Station – Small

Another realistic and sturdy wooden workbench comes from Jupiter Workshops. This is the cheapest wooden workbench we’ve seen so far at less than $50 for the whole set. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack as much fun into the bundle as previous toys.

Although this workbench has a slightly smaller work area and less accessories than the previous wooden models on this list, there are some fun features unique to the toy. There is a chalkboard included where your child can write out an agenda for their projects. There is also a pretend clock which is not only fun since they can pretend to clock in for the day like a real worker, but extremely educational as it adds one more thing to the imaginative playset, the time-keeping element.

Tools included in this set are a handsaw, hammer, screwdrivers and nuts and bolts. There is a hand-cranked vice on the workbench as well as ample storage space to encourage organization skills. This workbench has the most storage space than any other on our list so far with two small canister areas and a drawer on the work area, hanging slots above the work area, and a drawer and two shelves underneath the work area.

As if all these special features aren’t enough to make this workbench worth the very reasonable price, it’s actually on wheels for easy maneuvering with necessary movement arises. There is some assembly required but when put together, your child will be able to play with this toy for hours on end.

Little Tikes Tough Workshop

Are you looking for something even more affordable for your young, rough-n-tumble toddlers? Little Tikes offers a great workbench for young hands at less than $40. Standing at less than two feet high and with few very small accessories, this is a great option for the youngest toddlers and even infants.

The smallest accessories included are the pegs which parents should place themselves on the peg board above the work area so children don’t have to worry about them. There are no nuts with the two screws or any other tiny pieces. The other tools included in the set area a wrench, screwdriver and hammer.

One of the cool things about this workbench is that it not only includes a workable vice like most of the other toys on the list, but it has a pretend saw built in that can simulate cutting through the faux-wood pieces included with the set. These features are bound to excite your youngsters, encouraging imaginative play and creativity.

There is more tool-storage area than just the peg board with a sliding drawer underneath the work area. Because the doors slide, shut, it maintains a neat and orderly appearance even during playtime.

American Plastic Toy’s My Very Own Workbench Playset

The next workbench on our list comes from American Plastic Toy and is a good mid-size style for parents to consider, especially considering the very fair price of less than $30. Obviously made of plastic this toy has a unique build that makes it stand out from the rest. With no peg board, the entire back board area is actually a chalkboard that your child can use to keep track of any notes or measurements necessary for their job.

With more than 30 accessories included with this workbench, there is plenty there to keep your child’s attention. Not only do they have the typical hammer, wrench, screwdriver, nails and bolts but it actually has a pretend cell phone so your youngster can really play like a handyman, busy with business and getting the job done.

Some of the things lacking in this cheaper model are storage space, extra tools and accessories, and of course light and sound features. However, considering the price, this workbench could definitely be a good toy for young boys who just want to play around a little with construction without getting too serious.

Talentstar Toy Tool Set Workbench

Another workbench for a similar price, around $30, is Talentstar’s Toy Tool Set Workbench which also happens to be another collapsible toy. This workbench folds down into a real-looking tool case that your child can transport around with them. It even weights a little less than the previous collapsible toy from AZ Importers at only approximately four pounds.

When set up into a bench, the work area is fairly small and there is also no storage space on this toy (other than when it is folded into a case obviously) but these are the only things lacking in this neat workbench. The tools are extremely realistic looking and include a handsaw, hammer, wrenches, screwdriver, straightedge, electric drill and even more. The twistable vice included on the workbench area is perhaps the most real looking one we’ve seen so far.

There is also a peg board area over the work surface to hang tools like most of the benches on this list. The area can also come in handy when keeping your tools organized while the toy is folded down into a tool box for carrying.

With a lot of great features packed into a little case, this easily affordable option will not disappoint your young handyman in the making!

Maxx Action 55-piece Deluxe Power Tool Toy Workshop

Next on our list is another collapsible workbench, however this toy is much wider and will weigh approximately nine pounds, making it a less ideal option if you’re looking for something truly mobile. That being said, the Maxx Action Deluxe Power Tool Toy Workshop has almost all of the great features we’ve seen on the previous toys, all wrapped up into one package.

When set up, this bench stands at almost three feet high and more than a foot wide with ample space in front and around the bench to work so that more than one child can play at a time. It offers even more tools than the other sets with a screwdriver, level, pliers, wrench, hammer, straight edge, plenty of nuts and bolts, and this set even includes a pair of safety goggles to help your child learn safe wood-working practices early.

On the workbench is an adjustable vice and a pretend electric saw with a rotating blade and realistic sounds to enhance your child’s experience. The tools fit nicely in the peg board above the work surface or the two small bins attached to the sides. There is also a large storage area underneath the work bench, making this toy the best collapsible option as far as storage space for your tools goes.

Finally, this workbench even features a small shop light that actually works, an item most of our workbenches on this list don’t include. For less than $75, there is enough action-packed, fun-enhancing embellishments to this workbench to make it well worth the purchase.

Toy Do It Yourself Tool Bench With Tools Workshop

If you’re looking for a cheaper option without losing the numerous tools and accessories, the Do It Yourself Tool Bench from ‘L and A’ has all the wood working essentials. There is a handsaw, hammer, screwdriver, wrench and plenty of nails, bolts and nuts to get your kiddo’s job done. There is also an electric drill actually attached to the backboard to make the drilling even easier for young hands since they just have to simply lower it with the handle instead of maneuver the whole drill. The adjustable vice can easily hold the included pieces of “wood” while your child works on them.

The peg board above and angled drawer space underneath the bench provide more than enough space to easily stow away tools and accessories while keeping them in sight for quick finding during playtime. This cheaper bench is made of plastic which makes it extremely light and easy to assemble. The simple tools are great for really young hands but parents must keep in mind the same thing as previous toddler toys on our list, the small size of some of the nuts included in the set.

This tool set is less than $50 which makes it another affordable option for parents looking to start their kids off with a more simple kit to build their creativity and love for woodworking.

Kaplan Early Learning Company Wooden Workbench With Vise

It doesn’t get any more realistic than this large, wooden workbench from Kaplan Early Learning Company. This storable table is built of high-quality wood and not only clearly resembles an adult-size workbench, but can actually function as your child’s first woodworking station in real life. The durable structure, large size and clean, safe work space can allow your older child (under adult supervision) to work with real tools on an actual project.

A few downfalls to this workbench is that it doesn’t include any accessories other than the workable vice attached to the side and the very high price of more than $300. However, if your child is actually serious about wanting to work with real tools and possibly do early woodworking projects, this is the only table on our list made for that kind of work. The bench might not come with any pretend tools, but if Dad is considering getting new tools (hint, hint), this could be a good opportunity to pass some old ones on to the next generation!

The workbench is about three feet tall with the peg board and shelf area on the top. The peg board comes with eight hooks so your child can easily organize whatever tools you decide to give them. The work area is large enough for more than one child to play and learn together and is made with an easy-to-clean protective finish to help keep it looking like new longer.

Step2 The Home Depot Handyman Workbench

Step2 took the inherited love for Home Depot that so many boys get from their dads and used it as an opportunity to let those little kids get to play just like dad and other handymen with this workbench that has the beloved Home Depot logo clearly displayed on it.

With more than enough space for two children to play with, young handymen in the making can use the handsaw, screwdriver, wrench, hammer, electric drill with bits, and bolts. They can even use the included transportable work light to clearly see whatever they’re working on. The light and power drill actually work to enhance your child’s playtime experience.

To help your child learn how to work with their tools, several faux wood pieces are included with project ideas to help them assemble actual objects like a small dump truck. With the projects and endless possibilities from their imagination, this workbench will keep youngsters busy for hours on end.

After playtime is over, children can easily store and organize their tools and accessories in the hooks on the peg board, several small plastic bins, sliding plastic drawer and bottom shelf underneath the working area. At less than $100, this workbench offers enough features and accessories to make it well worth the purchase price.

Berry Toys Workbench and Tools Play Set

Berry Toys offers a few options for the younger children as far as workbench and tool sets go. This basic workbench is really great for young toddlers since it is safe and includes large, easy to handle toys with non-toxic plastic. Although there are a few small bolts and nuts to be aware of with this set as well. It is also a perfect size for the younger ones at about two feet high and a foot and a half wide.

The set includes several tools like the handsaw, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches and hammer. It also comes with a hard hat to teach your child safety first. The adjustable vise grip on the bench can hold the included “wood” pieces in place while being worked on and there are various size gears intertwined and attached to the work surface which can turn with a simple handle on one and watch as it moves the whole chain. This set offers excellent features for the younger children to build hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

Black And Decker Junior Power Tool Workshop

Coming from an actual company that produces tools, you know this Junior Power Tool Workshop is bound to look and feel like the real deal. It includes construction-themed lights and sounds and more than 50 accessories. Your child won’t even know the difference between his toys and Dad’s.

The tools in the set include a handsaw, hammer, wrench, screwdriver, several nails, bolts and nuts. There is even a small “wood” tool box for your child to keep the essentials in while working on a project. The tool box is actually a project itself as it comes in easy to assemble pieces for your child to put together their first usable object. When not being used, tools and accessories can be stowed away on the peg board above or angled storage bins underneath the workbench.

The bench itself has several unique features aside from the workable vice like almost all the workbenches. There is a drill attached to the back which children can raise and lower to drill whatever they need to. A miter saw is also included which raises and lowers so your child can pretend to cut through fake wood. It operates and sounds like a real saw with even an added safety feature the plastic covering over the perfectly safe plastic saw blade.

This workbench stands at more than three feet tall and is big and elaborate enough for even older children to have plenty of fun with. At about $50, this workbench is one of the best options for parents who don’t want to break the bank in order to give their child a very realistic experience in wood working fun.

American Plastic Toys 38 Piece Deluxe Workbench

Back so something more basic, American Plastic Toys offers an affordable option at less than $50 that is great for young toddlers to get them started playing with easy to handle tools. The simple bench has several storage areas above and below the work surface to organize the included tools.

Tools and accessories included in this purchase are a pretend electric drill, wrench, screwdriver, hammer, nails, bolts and interlocking gears your children can place together to form a turning chain. There is also a small pretend cell phone for children to get to play the on-call handyman.

It stands at a little less than three feet tall and is made of safe plastic pieces for little hands. Because it is lacking some of the more elaborate features or realistic style tools, this bench and tool set is a perfect fit for younger toddlers or those who want something cheaper and not as long-lasting.

Step2 Real Projects Workshop and Tool Bench

Unlike the previous toy on our list, this workbench offers children a very realistic wood-working experience with several projects included that allow them to build their own toys! Step2 has had some great hits on this list but this one offers even more “wood” pieces and projects than previous versions. This workbench really focuses on the wood-working side of handy work and the entire bench actually looks like wood, although it is made of safe non-toxic plastic to make it a more fair price and safe, easy-to-clean option.

Aside from the vice grip attached to the bench, this set includes a hammer, electric drill with various bits, handsaw and several bolts and nuts. There are dozens of “wood” pieces of different shapes and sizes for your child to use in their projects. The projects are definitely the highlight of this great workbench and include a tool box, different vehicles, doll-size bird house and bookshelf, and more. Your child will be busy for hours assembling, breaking apart and reassembling little toys.

This workbench doesn’t have a peg board like most of the other toys on this list because it features a clear display on the back of the different projects to make it easy for children to view as they’re working. But there are other options for toy organization and storage including the tool box kids get to assemble themselves, a sliding drawer under the work area and a shelf on the very bottom.

This is one of Step2’s mid-range benches at about $100 but because of the durable structure and endless building possibilities, it will keep your child’s attention long enough and build their imagination great enough to make this workbench well worth the price.

Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Project Workbench Play Building Set

We’ll wrap up our list with another high-quality wooden workbench that looks and acts like a real workshop bench. It is less than $100 depending on where you purchase it, making it one of the more affordable wooden workbenches on our list.

The bench itself includes a fully operating vice like most workbenches. Instead of a peg board on the back there is a simple tool rack with slots for children to place their tools in while not in use, still maintaining the same organized appearance. The work surface is large enough for more than one child to work at a time with the included wooden pieces.

Similar to Step2’s workbenches, this set comes with project blueprints that your child can use to assemble toys with actual wooden pieces. Some of the projects are elaborate enough that parents are encouraged to work with their children together to assemble them, allowing parents and kids a fun way to spend time together learning.

Included in the set are a handsaw, hammer, screwdriver, and wrench. There is also a storage shelf underneath the work space to keep wood pieces and blueprints.

There is some assembly required but detailed instruction and safe pieces make it quick and easy. After it is fully assembled, it stands at about 26 inches high and 24 inches wide. It is strong and durable enough to last your child years of woodworking fun time.

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