Top 3 Best Alternatives To Evoice Virtual Phone System

Are you unhappy with Evoice, or simply looking for a service just like Evoice at a better price point? In this article, we’re going to review some competitors to Evoice, and even through in a few VoIP services that are similar to Evoice. (still come with a free smartphone app, business sms, professional voicemail greetings, unlimited extensions, etc…)

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to decide which Evoice alternative is right for you. If you have any questions, ask them in the comment system at the bottom of this page.

>> Looking for the best alternative to Evoice? This is it!

*note – if you want an office desk phone, I really like for their cheap plans (that you can upgrade later)

Comparing The Best Evoice Alternatives

You might see some crazy stuff when looking at Evoice reviews, but the bottom line that most people don’t know, is that they’re comparing a forwarding service to business voip services. Forwarding services are meant to be a BYOD service (bring your own device), and give you a professional business line on your cell phone. A business voip service is meant to be flexible enough to completely replace a landline system, and typically does everything the forwarding services do as well as all the extras.

Below, we’ll compare a couple of the most popular virtual phone forwarding services, in case you’re just looking to find a different provider than Evoice… in the event that you’re unhappy with the service, or it doesn’t do something you want. I’ll also throw in a couple more voip oriented services, in case you want the ability to add an office desk phone that’s hardwired like a landline… but don’t want to fool with phone adapters when you do it.

Grasshopper Phone Service: The Perfect Evoice Alternative Replacement Provider

Evoice VS Google Voice

I view Evoice and Google Voice as much the same under the hood. They’re both number forwarding services, and both deliver your business calls to your cell via call forwarding or the free smartphone app.

The one added benefit to Evoice that stands out to me, is that you can choose between a local or toll free line, and as of right now, Google Voice does not offer 800 numbers. This is what drove me to use and Grasshopper in the past, plus I like owning my business numbers.

Evoice VS Grasshopper Phone Service

Grasshopper and Evoice are essentially the same thing under the hood, but I prefer Grasshopper because they’re more of a mainstream brand now that they’ve been acquired by Citrix in my opinion. Does this matter? Not really, but since they’re the same price pretty much, and the features are almost identical except for a few differences here and there, I’d prefer to trust my business lines with Grasshopper over Evoice personally. Again, there’s I see that’s inherently wrong with Evoice, but given the choice for an alternative, I’d pick Grasshopper or for their true voip business phone line features.

Evoice VS Ringcentral

This is where things start to really change, both in price, and in features. Ringcentral has an office package that will let you do much more advanced things like: virtual conference calling, connect multiple locations, setup a softphone app to let you take and make calls from any computer with a usb mic, etc…

While this is great for replacing landline systems, and rivals other companies like Nextiva, Vonage, Centurylink, and so on, the price also goes up if you’re looking for a budget virtual number provider. Most people comparing Evoice to other phone services, usually want something similar just a bit better, and not necessarily a full blown multi-line business phone system with video conference capabilities. (usually most people do not use half of the features.) With pricing starting at $25/mo, it’s about double the cost of Evoice if you don’t need those features right away. Not to mention, a bit like comparing apples to oranges.

Evoice VS

Which Alternative To Evoice Should You Go With?

If you just want a business line on your cell, and want a reliable number forwarding service, go with Grasshopper. If you think you may want to add a desk phone, or do things like call tracking, go with

The best choices I recommend, are described here in more detail.

You may also be wondering if Evoice is legit, and if their service is any good…

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