Top 3 Best Rated Snowmobile Boots This Year On Sale! (Klim vs FXR vs HMK gear)

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I just picked up my first snowmobile, and started looking around for some matching snowmobile boots. While I’m not a newcomer to snowmobiling (been sledding for over a decade), I never actually invested in a good pair of snowmobile specific boots. I usually wear an older version of the Sorel’s when they weren’t made by Columbia and were of good quality. But now, with all the new technology in waterproofing and whatnot, these new boots are badass! I’m always looking for a good deal on high quality snowmobile gear, but you never want to sacrifice quality for price when it comes to your hands and feet! If you’ve never been cold out on the trail, I hope you never are! There are some great values from Klim, FXR, and HMK if you happen to catch them on sale, or even a discount clearance special. Here’s what I found:

Checkout The Best Deals I Found On Snowmobile Boots (some are on clearance or cheap discount sales)

Cheapest Price

Baffin Snowmobile Boots
Baffin Snowmobile Boots

Best Value

FXR Snowmobile Boots
FXR Snowmobile Boots

Best Quality

Klim Snowmobile Boots
Klim Snowmobile Boots

Klim Snowmobile Boots Compared To FXR Boots (Klim VS FXR)

Klim snowmobile boots are the most well known pack leader in the quality snowmobile gear/boots category, and everyone agrees from all the reviews surveyed that you can never go wrong with Klim. However, be prepared to break out your wallet… This is definitely a case of you get what you pay for!

While being the most expensive snowmobile gear manufacturer on a lot of gear, the R&D that goes into their products is second to none. If you’re hardcore sledder, or a year round rider that lives in a Northern climate, this is a good investment to ensure you have the best experience out on the trails.

For someone like me who live sin Florida, and only rides a couple weeks out of the year, it’s hard to justify the price of some of the Klim gear. The FXR is almost as good, it just just doesn’t last as long and some of the creature comforts are missing. Still really good quality, will keep you warm, just may not last as long. But for the amount I ride, I’ll probably get many many years out of the FXR gear, and I consider it one of the best values for high end gear substitutes.

Good Klim Snowmobile Boot Models To Look At Varying In Price (On Clearance From $150 Regularly $200 – $300 +)

Klim Arctic GTX Snowmobile Boots


Quick Specs:

  • New Lighter Weight
  • Fits The Same As The Adrenaline
  • Guaranteed To Keep You Dry®
  • Gore-Tex® Insulated Comfort Footwear Technology
  • 1200 Grams Of 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation Delivers Maximum Warmth In The Most Extreme Cold Conditions
  • Thinsulate™ Located Inside Gore-Tex® Membrane For Maximum Warmth
  • 600 Grams Of 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation Embedded In Mid-Sole
  • 400 Grams Of 3M™  Thinsulate™ Insulation Laminated Into Removable Insole
  • Dual Durometer Sole For Max Traction In Varied Conditions/Temperatures
  • Kicker Toe Piece Resists Wear From Tunnel Bolts
  • Stiff Durable Board Disperses Shock And Protects Bottom Of Foot
  • Multi-Layer Substructure Constructed From Perforated Materials To Increase Overall Breathability
  • Moisture-Wicking Liner Plush Liner Materials
  • Ankle Cutout Promotes Forward Flex
  • High Quality, Anti-Slip, Moisture-Resistant Laces
  • Internal Eva Foam Cushions Top And Tips Of Toes
  • Anchored Lace Loops For Serious Cinch-Down Power
  • Half Size Insert Included

The warmest high-performance structured boot in KLIM®’s lineup has strongly supported highly active riders across severely cold-weather terrain for years. Now, Arctic brings an improved, more comfortable fit, higher levels of durability and lighter weight straight from our backcountry Adrenaline Boot technology. Arctic weighs in up to a half-pound lighter per pair.
When the best-fitting and warmest performance boot is a must, Arctic is the choice.

Klim Arctic GTX Boot Review

Klim Adrenaline GTX BOA Boot

klim-adrenaline-gtx-snowmobile-bootsThe Adrenaline Boot began the revolution in technical sled-based footwear. Featuring the latest in GORE-TEX® and 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation technology, the Adrenaline offers the highest-activity rider total comfort. 600 Grams of 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation delivers optimum warmth levels for active days on and off the machine. Adrenaline users constitute the largest population of riders on the snow–riders who demand footwear that keeps their feet dry, comfortable and secure across a wide range of conditions without impeding their freedom of movement.

Quick Specs:

  • Guaranteed To Keep You Dry®
  • Gore-Tex® Insulated Comfort Footwear Technology
  • 600 Grams Of 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation Delivers Optimum Warmth For The Most Conditions
  • Insulation Is Engineered To Be Inside Gore-Tex® Membrane Ensuring A Dry Thermal Layer
  • Extremely Durable High-Grip Outsole
  • Pu Mid Sole Adds Cushion And Resists Packing Out
  • Removable Moisture-Wicking Perforated Insole
  • Kicker Toe Piece Resists Wear From Tunnel Bolts
  • Stiff Durable Board Disperses Shock And Protects Bottom Of Foot
  • Multi-Layer Substructure Constructed From Perforated Materials To Increase Overall Breathability
  • Moisture-Wicking Liner Plush Liner Materials
  • Ankle Cutout Promotes Forward Flex
  • High Quality, Anti-Slip, Moisture-Resistant Laces
  • Internal Eva Foam Cushions Top And Tips Of Toes
  • Offset Lacing System Provides Maximum Security While Protecting Laces From Abrasion
  • Anchored Lace Loops For Serious Cinch-Down Power
  • Use Of A Technical Sock Is Required To Ensure Gore-Tex® Footwear Top Performance
  • Replacement Laces Available
  • Half Size Fit Created With Included Insole Insert
Klim Adrenaline GTX Boot Review

Klim Radium GTX Snowmobile Boots

klim-radium-snowmobile-bootsThe original two-piece structured snowmobiling boot. With a durable insulated foam inner liner and highly reinforced exterior frame, the ultra-stable Radium GTX Boot provides maximum support for big jump landings and high-impact stresses. with full GORE-TEX® GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® waterproof and breathable footwear technology built in, feet remain comfortably dry even in the heat of race-day battle. Radium boot users demand ultimate support, substantial warmth and the convenience of a two-part boot for drying between rides.

Quick Specs:

  • Guaranteed To Keep You Dry®
  • Gore-Tex® Insulated Comfort Footwear Technology
  • Two-Part Liner/Shell Design Offers Maximum Stiffness
  • Rider Specific Forward Flex With Rigid Side-To-Side Support
  • Exclusive Dual Durometer Outsole Provides Superior Traction On Running Boards And The Snow
  • Encapsulated Eva Foam Mid-Sole And Stiff Board Disperses Shock And Protects Feet
  • Kicker Toe Piece Resists Wear From Tunnel Bolts And Other Abrasion
  • Rubberized Spine And Heel Aids In Support, Controls Flex, Resists Abrasion
  • Zonal Lacing System Keeps Laces Tight While Tying
  • Hinged Tongue Makes For Easy Entry
  • Outer Boot Made With Military Grade Leather
  • Replacement Laces Available
  • Slip Pad Bottom For Easy Entry
  • Non-Slip Heel Patch Keeps Liner Locked In Place
  • Exo-Lacing System With Center Pull Tightening
  • Breathable, Insulating Foam Construction
  • Padded Toe Box Comforts And Protects Toes
  • Replacement Laces Available
  • Removable Liner
  • Slip Pad Bottom For Easy Entry
  • Non-Slip Heel Patch Keeps Liner Locked In Place
  • Exo-Lacing System With Center Pull Tightening
  • Breathable, Insulating Foam Construction
  • Padded Toe Box Is Comfortable And Provides Cushioning
  • Replacement Laces Available
  • Half Sizes Can Be Created With Included Sole Insert
Klim Radium GTX Boot Review

Discount Klim Snowmobile Boots & Gear On Clearance At

Amazon frequently has closeout gear at steep discounts from 15% – 70% off listed in the Amazon warehouse section, even though most people don’t know the warehouse deals exist. Clearance inventory goes quick so the cheap gear sizes available are always changing, and they’re not technically “clearance” in the traditional sense since so many vendors sell on Amazon… Still good deals to be had though!


FXR Snowmobile Boots

FXR Racing X-Cross Snowmobile Boots Black/Orange Mens


Quick Specs:


  • BOA® Single Reel Tensioning System BOA
  • M3 Mid Strength Reel lace Ankle


  • Fixed Liner
  • BTO Thermostatic Midsole Insert
  • FXR High Traction Outsole
  • Toe Kick – Clean Snow And Ice With Ease
  • Diamond Grid Genuine Rubber Inserts
  • Webbing Pull Strap
  • Fur Lining

FXR X-Cross Snowmobile Boots Review

New FXR Snow Elevation Lite SL Boot

fxr-elevation-lite-sl-snowmobile-bootsQuick Specs:


  • Single Anti-Slip Lace Integrated With Molded Lace Sliders For Easy Tie & Go Use


  • Molded Inner Heel Flex Insert For Improved Backward Flex Without Crumpling Or Creating Pressure Points
  • Molded Ultra-Low Profile Toe
  • Box Front & Rear Cuff Attachment System
  • Heavy Duty 2mm Genuine Rubber Reinforcements
  • Fixed Liner
  • FXR High Traction Outsole With Toe And Heel Kick
  • EVA Midsole
  • Stiff Upper Reinforcements
  • Achilles And Calf Cushion Support
  • Micro Fur Lining

Snowmobile Boot Review Comparison: Klim VS MotorFist VS FXR VS Castle

Men’s FXR X-Cross Snowmobile Camo Boots, AP SNOW, 10\12

fxr-x-cross-camo-snowmobile-bootsQuick Specs:

  • FXR’s best selling boot platform, the X-Cross offers enough warmth and support for trail riding but is soft/flexible enough for casual and everyday use
  • Updated tongue design for better fit/lace tightening
  • Revised materials and pattern for increased durability
  • Ankle lace lock secure system
  • BTO thermostatic midsole insert

FXR X-Cross Snowmobile Boots. On the “hoof” or on your sled… the right Boot for all your snowy day adventures! Compact, but amazingly thick, warm and comfortable… the X-Cross Boot is loaded with features. Webbing pull strap lace system makes getting the perfect fit simple and easy. The outsole has been technically designed for maximum traction and features a toe kick for cleaning running boards with ease. The BTO thermoplastic midsole insert provides warmth and impact protection, while a low stiffness rating makes the X-Cross Boot is perfect for all-terrain, long distance walking. More: Moderate activity rating -40 degrees F; Toe kick… clean snow and ice with ease; Highly water-resistant outer construction; 100% seam-sealed inner lining; Synthetic fur lining; FXR High Traction outsole; Fixed liner; BTO Thermostatic midsole insert; Diamond grid genuine rubber inserts; Webbing pull strap; Boot stiffness: 5/10; Boot warmth: 6/10.

2016 Men’s & Women’s FXR Black Excursion Snowmobile Winter Boots Sizes 8-12

2016-mens-and-womens-fxr-black-excursion-snowmobile-bootsQuick Specs:

  • Moderate activity rating -40oC -Fixed liner
  • Highly water-resistant outer construction – 100% seam-sealed inner lining
  • FXR High Traction outsole – Toe kick – clean snow and ice with ease
  • BTO Thermostatic midsole insert – Diamond grid genuine rubber inserts
  • Fur lining – Slip on for convenience – Webbing pull strap – Shock cord at top

The FXR Excursion Boot is back for another year, this time uniting the affordability of a slip-on boot with faux fur style for women and even a Realtree� version for the outdoor enthusiast. Its fixed lower lining has micro fur insulation for comfort and warmth, while its tough exterior guarantees traction and durability. With a low boot stiffness rating and lightweight construction, the Excursion brings winter boots to a whole new level of comfort and mobility.

FXR Excursion Sled Boot Review

2016 FXR White Men’s 8 & Women’s 10 X-Cross Snowmobile Winter Boots


Quick Specs:

  • Moderate activity rating -40oC – Toe kick – clean snow and ice with ease
  • Highly water-resistant outer construction – 100% seam-sealed inner lining
  • Fur lining – FXR High Traction outsole – Fixed liner
  • BTO Thermostatic midsole insert – Diamond grid genuine rubber inserts
  • Webbing pull strap

Compact, but amazingly thick, warm and comfortable, the X-Cross boot is the perfect all around boot. With a low stiffness rating and availability in Realtree™ options, the X-Cross boot is perfect for all-terrain, long distance walking. The outsole has been technically designed for maximum traction and features a toe kick for cleaning running boards with ease. The BTO Thermoplastic midsole insert provides warmth and impact perfection for all your outdoor adventures.

FXR X Cross Boot Review

FXR Backshift BOA H3 Snowmobile Boots

fxr-backshift-snowmobile-bootsQuick Specs:

FXR Backshift BOA H3 Boots. “Dial-in” the perfect fit for trail and touring! Warm, waterproof and the perfect fit! What else do you need for those long days on the sled? The Backshift BOA Boot uses the BOA H3 Coiler single reel tensioning system for expert, micro-adjustable lace tightening. The lace is comprised of aircraft-grade stainless steel for long lasting durability, while the H3 Coiler reel automatically takes up cable slack when tightening for speed and convenience. The Backshift Series Boot is a premium adventure / power touring Boot that provides outstanding protection from the elements and uncompromising comfort. A 100% seam-sealed waterproof inner liner keeps things dry, while the slip-on fur-lined removable liner will keep your feet warm in the coldest conditions. Built with heavy-duty world-class materials, the Backshift is extremely durable, yet flexible and comfortable. A thick EVA midsole cushions impacts while the FXR high-traction outsole, with toe and heel kick, was designed specifically for running board stability and durability. More: BOA Single reel tensioning system; H3 Coiler reel with 4:1 mechanical ratio; Moderate activity rating -103 degrees F; Removable liner; 100% seam-sealed inner lining; Highly water-resistant outer construction; Toe and heel kick-clean snow and ice with ease; Achilles support inserts; FXR high traction outsole; Synthetic fur lining; EVA midsole; Boot stiffness: 7/10; Boot warmth: 10/10.

FXR Backshift Boot Review

Best Value FXR Snowbile Boots For The Money

There are frequently Amazon Warehouse deals on FXR boots, and at the time of this publishing there are 7 sizes that range from 15% – 70% off you can find here. The FXR Backshift boots seem to be really popular with aggressive riders, since they’re like a motocross boot, whereas rec riders find them a little too stiff.

Snowmobile Boots On Closeout & Clearance Sale (50% OFF Or More!)

Amazon warehouse deals have several brands on sale at over 50% off, including HJC, HMK, Kamic, and more. Click the button below to check the latest sales in the clearance section of (I already set the search up to filter everything over 50% off so you don’t have to… there are extra goodies like googles and accessories thrown in too from time to time if you happen to need a set of those to go with your new boots)

The Best Snowmobile Boot Brands


Klim snowmobile boots and other gear like jackets and bibs, are well known for handling the toughest conditions, whether it be mud, snow, sun, or rain, your feet will be warm.Their boots feature a breathable waterproof Gore-Tex liner for all day warmth, and they developed the industry’s first powersports specific snowmobile boot. Their non bulky insulated boots will withstand the lowest of temperatures out on the trail, and are “guaranteed to keep your feet dry.”


Castle snowmobile boots offer an exceptionally high quality for the money, and in a lot of reviews and testing they come out on top of much more expensive boots… Sometimes even the Klim’s above. The majority of their boots feature a 3 layer blend of insulation, with a wicking air mesh layer, and a perforated foam that traps air. The Castle DRY-X waterproof membrane can be found in their medium to high end lineup of snowmobile boots. Most are rated down to -60F.


FXR snowmobile boots offer the best blend of styling, affordability, and quality in my opinion. They have all the creature comforts of the more expensive brands, but without the big brand price tag. They may not last as many years as some of the other brands like Klim, but they also normally cost about half or two thirds of a comparable model.


HMK snowmobile boots are well known in the powersports industry for providing high performance gear suitable for riders on the track, trail, or backcountry. They’re known as the gear that does it all… They have a patented waterproof barrier called SympaTex, which is comparable to GoreTex to keep you not only warm and dry, but well supported if you happen to be riding hard that day. Versatility is the name of the game for HMK, with a good blend of comfort, performance, and functionality.


HJC snowmobile boots are another manufacturer that I would consider a good performer in the value lineup. HJC is well known in the motorcycle and powersports industries for producing good quality DOT approved helmets and riding gear, and they offer an exceptional value in their snowmobile boots as far as cost versus performance. With some of their boots rated down to -68F, they are definitely a contender for someone looking for an affordable set of snowmobile boots for a trip or seasonal use. I wouldn’t consider them to be the highest quality out of all the manufacturers when comparing build quality, but value wise they’re hard to beat!


Baffin snowmobile boots are a brand I’m not that familiar with, but they have really good reviews on a number of their snowmobile boot models. The construction reminds me of my Sorels, which aren’t really snowmobile specific, but work well at keeping your feet warm and dry in any conditions… even deep snow.

Sled Brand Specific Boots

Polaris Snowmobile Boots

Polaris Switchback Snowmobile Boots

polaris-switchback-snowmobile-bootsQuick Specs:

Out on the trail in the dead of winter, you want to know your snowmobile gear will deliver. Polaris has you covered. Our Switchback Boot features ice-lock technology that provides traction on icy surfaces. And our lace-lock system allows you to tighten the lower laces, lock them, and then tighten the upper portion keeping you dry longer. Mother Nature never knew what hit her. The ultimate in comfort with articulated ankles and forward flex Increased protection with durable leather reinforcements in the sides and heel reinforced rubber toe cap featuring Dri-Lex moisture management fabrics, 600 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation, and Scotchlite reflective pull tabs on the tongue and back of boot for ease of getting your feet in and out.

Polaris Engineered Switchback Boot Review – By Polaris Snowmobiles

Skidoo Snowmobile Boots

Ski-Doo Men’s Tec+ Boots

skidoo-snowmobile-bootsQuick Specs:

  • Leather outer layer incorporates COSMO™ HydroGuard™ waterproof membrane
  • 600g PrimaLoft® ECO FOOTWEAR insulation for maximum comfort.
  • Use of a technical sock is recommended for best performance.
  • PoRon® XRD® extreme impact protection in tongue for lower shin.
  • Kevlar® reinforced laces.
Skidoo Tec+ Snowmobile Boot Review

Women’s Snowmobile Boots

Klim Aurora GTX Womens Snowmobile Boots

klim-aurora-gtx-womens-snowmobile-bootsThe all-new Aurora GTX® Boot from KLIM is exactly what serious women riders have been asking for: a real performance-driven boot in women’s sizing and styling that doesn’t compromise on any performance factors. Using the same technology as the proven and popular men’s Adrenaline GTX® Boot, the Aurora brings proven GORE-TEX® and 3M™ Thinsulate™ footwear technology to the female rider.  Cold, wet feet are non-existent with the Aurora.

Quick Specs:

  • 600 Grams Of 3M™ Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation For Maximum Warmth
  • High-Tech Locking Eyelet Lace System Allows Custom Lower And Upper Boot Lace Tension For Maximum Comfort
  • Female-Specific Gray Colorway Three Klim-Women’S Product-Coordinating Colors Of Boot Laces Included
  • Guaranteed To Keep You Dry®
  • Gore-Tex® Insulated Comfort Footwear Technology
  • 600 Grams Of 3M™ Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation For Maximum Warmth
  • Insulation Is Positioned Inside Gore-Tex® Membrane To Guarantee Consistently Dry Insulation Performance
  • Heavy Duty 2.0Mm Heavy Rubber At Toe Cap To Resist Hardware In Foot Tunnels
  • Main Exterior Material Is Durable Nylon With Dwr For Lighter Weight And Increased Water Shedding Performance
  • Heel Counter Is 1.4Mm Thick Rubber For Lighter Weight Yet Remains Durrable
    Synthetic Leather Reinforcement At Eyelets
  • Dual Durometer Outsole For Maximum Traction And Abrasion Resistance
  • Stiff Durable Footbed Board Disperses Shock And Protects The Bottom Of Foot, And Reduces Fatigue
  • Moisture Wicking Liner To Keep Feet Dry And Promote Evaporation Through The Gore-Tex®
    High Quality Non-Wicking Laces (speaking of keeping you dry… You may want to pack a survival tomahawk on your sled along with your new boots!)
  • Locking Eyelet To Allow For Custom Tension Of Lower And Upper Boot
  • Comes With 3 Color Options For Laces: Gray, Purple, And Blue
Klim Aurora Women’s Snowmobile Boot Review

Conclusion from all the Snowmobile Boot Reviews

The consensus seems to be about the same everywhere: Klim makes the best quality, FXR makes the best value, and Castle, HMK, and HJC are all an excellent mid grade choice, but may lack a bit of modern styling on some older models. Baffin boots are also a contender in the reviews, and any of these boots will keep you nice and warm for a weekend snowmobiling trip… But if you’re a year round rider, or want snomwmobile gear that will last for the next 10 years, you’ll want to look at Klim, Castle, HMK, and FXR.

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klim = less bulk. Ive had klim and fxr, fxr is great quality no doubt, and is very warm, just heavier and bulier. It half the price though – DitchDooer


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